South African Boerboel

The breed, which was never recognized by the International Cynological Organization, but received the highest rating from the breeders and owners - the South African Boerboel. Until now, do not stop the debate about these dogs, for some they are half-breeds, tailless mastiffs, for others - real kings in the canine world. Why did the dogs find themselves in this position and what are notable?


Origin of the breed

Close relatives of Boerboels are really mastiffs , besides the breed is an African Molossian line. But there is no reason to call these dogs mestizos, since South African Boerboels are a full breed with a long, interesting history.

South African Boerboel

The researchers suggest that the ancestors of these dogs are not from Africa, but from Asia. Later, they landed on the territory of Ancient Egypt, from where, thanks to Alexander the Great, dogs penetrated into European countries. Here their further history is lost, however, there is an opinion that dogs are the founders of almost all European breeds.

But there is another theory: dogs from Europe have penetrated the African continent and their mixing with local dogs has occurred. But in any case, there is no doubt that the breed was formed by natural selection. Their external and characteristic qualities did not practically change over time. This origin has contributed to the fact that today the South African Boerboel is famous for its excellent health, endurance and power.

In the 17th century, Boerboels were recreated from the rocks of Europe. For residents of the Cape of Good Hope, they have become reliable assistants in farming. They turned out to be excellent defenders, guards and hunters. In the 20th century, the need for such qualities of dogs decreased, and the number of breeds decreased significantly.

The next revival of the breed dates back to the 80th years of the 20th century, and it took place on the territory of Africa and was a success. South African Boerboels and to this day can be found in different parts of the world. Including they received recognition in the territory of Russia.

What does the South African Boerboel look like?

The breed, although not recognized in the international ring, but receives support from the Dog Club of South Africa. It was here that the standard of its representatives was defined.

The dogs clearly discern the sex difference - the bitches are more compact, graceful physique, they better go on contact. Although females look no less formidable than males. The parameters of body weight and size are quite different and are estimated only in a complex, an important condition is the observance of the proportions of growth and weight.


The body weight varies from 60 to 90 kg, the minimum growth of males is 60 cm (66 cm preferred), the bough is 55 cm (61 cm preferred).

From the general description can be identified that the Boerboel - a large dog with a developed muscular corset and a strong bone:

  • The head of dogs is proportional to the trunk, if you look at the profile, its shape is rectangular, top and full face - square. The frontal bone of the dogs is wide, in the middle there is a shallow groove. In the region of the bridge of the nose, the skin forms folds, which are more pronounced in moments of concentration of the animal. Even on the muzzle of the dog there is a muscular relief. The muzzle is wide, but narrows toward the end of the nose. The lips are dry, fleshy, the upper closes the lower one, but does not reach the chin. Dogs have a flechet, but not much hanging, excessive formation is attributed to the shortcomings of the breed.
  • The jaws of the dogs are powerful, strong, with a strong grip. Teeth are complete, large. Typically, a scissors bite, but allowed a small snack - a straight or bulldog. The nose and lower jaw must be strictly aligned. The nostril is large, has a regular shape and wide open nostrils.
  • Eyes should be brown, preferably darker shades. They are round, widely spaced, the lids are compacted, with black pigmentation.
  • Ears are triangular in shape, small in size, have a high fit and are widely spaced when the dog is calm - hang down and do not fit too close to the muzzle. If the dog is alert or interested, they rise slightly in the base area.
  • The trunk at the Boerboel is powerful, strong, the back is even without bends, the shoulders are wide. The withers stand out a little, there is a smooth transition to the neck. In this area, folds may be present.
  • Chest in dogs is very wide, with pronounced musculature. Extremities - both the posterior and anterior, even, joints are large. Pets with straight knees or hocks do not fit the requirements of the standard.
  • Paws large, with collected pads, covered with a thick skin of dark color. The tail has a high setting and a natural bend. It is thick, thick, it reaches the hock in length, it stops in the area of ​​3 and 4 vertebrae.
  • The coat of Boerboels is short, close to the body, the outer hair is soft and elastic. The skin of the nose, the palate, the lips, and the groin area have exceptionally black pigmentation. Black is the paws and claws.

The mask can be present in dogs of any color and does not belong to the disadvantages or advantages of a representative of the breed. Color of the wool is standard for mastiffs, there are tiger, red, fawn Boerboel. Also, the standard allows dogs that have white spots in the chest area and paws, but with the proviso that they are not recommended for breeding.

The Moros of Boerboels

Appearance in dogs of this breed is quite aggressive and bellicose, but does the character correspond to this kind? In a sense, yes. Given their origins, one can understand why these dogs have a strong desire to dominate. In the genes, the characteristics of the nature of farm dogs were firmly entrenched - to subdue the inhabitants of the farm and protect them from any danger. And at that time, not only the fox could encroach on the chicken coop, but also the lion to wander beyond the exotic inhabitants of the farmstead - deer, antelope.

The Moros of Boerboels

Such living conditions led to the fact that dogs had to grow up early. Already in 3-4 months the puppies had the discretion and ability to make their own decisions, otherwise it was extremely difficult for them to survive. Therefore, if the crumb begins to guard the owner, it should not be surprised. It is important for him, as soon as possible to find out who is "his", get acquainted with the territory, this will allow him to prioritize and further grow an adequate dog.

Boerbul is positive about younger family members, but sometimes foreign children can perceive for small predators. Seriously, he will not attack, but can at least frighten, max push out and thereby cause minor injuries. Therefore it is important to acquaint the dog with strangers before they invade the territory.

The Boerboel is able to protect his family, in a literal sense, not for life, but for death. At the same time, the decision is made independently, and no commands will work. Knowing that he will perish, the dog will certainly try to take with him the abuser.

How to care for a pet

The coat of purebred dogs does not require special care. It is enough to comb out the pet periodically with a special massage brush or a rubber glove. Such actions will improve the cutaneous blood flow, relieve the animal from dead cells of the epidermis and wool. In times of moulting, it is worth doing this somewhat more often.

How to care for Boerboel

South African Boerboel in the photo

Representatives of this breed are prone to hypothermia, so it is not recommended to bathe often. If possible, bathing procedures should be avoided in the winter, and dirt should be removed with a cloth or dry shampoos should be used . It is acceptable to wipe the pet with pure snow. Boerboel enough two swimming in the year, you should definitely avoid drafts and walking to complete drying.

Ears of dogs of similar breeds should be cleaned 1-2 times a month, using a cotton swab. But they should be inspected regularly, especially after walks in the forest zone. Healthy ears from the inside are smooth, a light gray shade, odorless. Any discharge with an unpleasant odor is the reason for seeking consultation with a veterinarian.

The eyes of a healthy dog ​​are clean, without tears and discharge. To exclude the development of infections, it is required to wipe them every 3-4 days with a swab soaked in chamomile broth. The owner should alarm redness of the proteins, abundant flow of tears, rapid blinking - these are the primary signs of eye ailments.

Care Bobrulom

Breed of dogs South African Boerboel on photo

Boerboels are best suited for keeping in an enclosure with the obligatory presence of a warmed booth. This is due to their love for large spaces, but the territory should be limited. However, in the apartment the dog feels well, only if it is provided with the necessary physical loads. At home, he behaves perfectly, because he likes to sleep and can do it most of the day.

The pet requires a two-time walk, the duration of each should be at least 40 minutes. It is advisable to walk fast, if possible, run and play with a pet.

More information about Boerboel feeding:

Features of education and training

The enemy of educating the Boerboel is an atmosphere of permissiveness, the dog can grow self-willed and impudent. To prevent this from happening, you need a strong hand and strong character of the owner. All attempts at domination must be immediately stopped, as well as manifestations of excessive self-confidence.

Stiffness is required, but not cruelty. The pet should learn several prohibitions:

  • Under no circumstances should you bite the master, even during games;
  • pulling the leash is strictly prohibited;
  • stand up, leaning on people's paws, does not follow, because dogs are quite heavy;
  • pick up garbage from the floor is forbidden, this is especially important for Boerboels, since they tend to "collect";
  • any conflicts with their own kind are immediately stopped, as the dogs of this breed like to lead and are able to prove this not in the most humane ways; more often this quality is manifested in males.

The dog should be taught as early as possible to obedience, acquainted with the basic prohibitions and teach the main commands. All this can be learned by the dog by the 4th month, since it was already noted their early maturation.

Photo Boerboels

Boerboel puppies

Puppies of South African Boerboel

Boerboel on the bedPowerful BoerboelBeautiful BoerboelBoerboel is running aroundBoerboel with the owner

Video about Boerboel and the child

Cost of puppies of South African Boerboel

You can buy a pet from your hands without documents, and for 5000, only experts do not recommend buying a puppy of such a serious breed where there is no normal selection. The average cost of a purebred puppy from a nursery is 40000-50000 rubles.

South African Boerboel is a dedicated dog, allowing owners to not lock the doors even at night. But they need attention, care and excellent training.

Kennels of Boerboels

Kennel Boerboel in Moscow: http://www.boerboels.ru

Kennel in St. Petersburg: http://boerboel-star.ru/mydogs/myboels

Cattery in Ukraine: http://boerboels.com.ua

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