Hovawart is a breed of guard and driven dogs, dating back about 7 centuries. Almost disappearing in the XIX century, the breed was revived, and today it is gaining popularity in Europe and the USA. Due to his character, wit, intelligence and devotion, Hovawart is not only a wonderful watchman, but also an amusing, cute companion.


History of origin

The first mention of the Hovawarts refer to the XIII century. The documents described the case, as a brave dog selflessly defended their owners during the robbery of the estate. Hovawart read the article

And on the famous engraving of the German graphic artist and painter Alfred Durer “Knight, Death and the Devil”, dated by the beginning of the 16th century, a dog resembling a Hovawart rushes at the foot of a brave Knight's horse. Perhaps it was this engraving on copper that gave reason to believe that the Hovawarts were used to accompany and protect the troops. They were bred and kept only medieval aristocrats.

But there is another opinion. According to studies, these dogs could accompany nomadic tribes of militant Germans, protecting them from the attack of large predators and helping in the hunt.

At the end of the 19th century, famous zoologists and genetics Bertram and Kurt Keninga decided to restore the livestock of this universal long-haired dog. The first Hovawart litter was obtained in the nursery of Bertram Koening’s son in 1922. He made a brief description of the standard.

In Germany, divided after World War II, the breed began to be divided into clearly distinguishable types:

  • Berlin;
  • Hamburg;
  • Coburg;
  • oldenburg

In 1972, the breed was officially recognized by FCI. And in 1984 the International Hovawart Federation (IHF) was created.

Description of the Hovawart breed

The recreation of the breed involved not only Hovawarts, but also:

  • Newfoundland;
  • Leonbergers;
  • kuvasy;
  • German Shepherd Dogs;
  • African hounds.

They influenced the formation of the appearance of the Hovawart. According to the FCI standard, the Hovawart is a medium sized dog. The height at the withers of a dog is 63-70 cm, and the weight is 30-40 kg. Sexual dimorphism is clearly pronounced - bitch of smaller size (58-65 cm) and weight (25-35 kg). Pets look like this:

  1. The skull is rounded with a wide frontal part and tapering to the nasal lobe in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Stop well pronounced. Brow arc and cheekbones are mild. The transition from the frontal bone to the nose is somewhat smoothed.
  2. Nose with a well-developed loin, colored dark, or with a bright overall color to match the color of the coat. Nostrils open, well pronounced.
  3. The jaws with white teeth have a scissor bite, but a pincer-shaped one is allowed. The lips are thin, dry, dark-colored, tight to the teeth.
  4. The eyes are medium, oval. The color of the iris varies from black to light brown. Eyelids tightly closed, pigmented edge black.
  5. The ears hang freely on cartilage, have the shape of a triangle. Due to the high position and location from the sides of the head, the frontal part seems to be visually wider. The bottom edge of the ear comes to the corner of the eyes, rounded. In alert condition, the ears are raised and directed forward.
  6. The neck is strong, but not thick, conical in shape and of medium length.
  7. The trunk is strong, with well developed muscles, but not massive. Somewhat elongated - in length more than 10-15% in height. Hovawart breed description
  8. The chest is deep, oval, with well-developed muscles. Belly picked up.
  9. The back is straight, strong. The body narrows somewhat towards the tail. The loin is convex.
  10. The limbs are of medium length, parallel to each other, with good muscles and pronounced angles of the joints. Paw with tightly pressed toes, arched. The color of the claws depends on the basic coat color.
  11. The tail is long and falls below the hock, covered with elongated restroom hair. The tail is an indicator of a doggie's mood - it rises up above the back or falls down. At the base it is thicker, tapers towards the tip.

Hovawart has a long, wavy coat, but curls are considered a disqualifying sign. Its length is longer on the ears, tail, back of the front paws. On the back of the front limbs there are tow. The undercoat is small. The coat is shiny, it is hard or soft, it fits snugly to the body.


Since many dogs of different types of color took part in recreating the breed, the Hovawart can also have wool:

  • black; Hovawart black
  • black with golden tan; Hovawart black with golden burners
  • fawn. Hovawart Pale

In Hovawart of solid black color, white small spots are possible, located on the chest, tail tip, toes. In black and tan dogs, the main background is black. The fizzers are not too saturated in color and have a different arrangement:

  • two small fawn specks above the eyes;
  • a spot starting on the lower jaw and reaching the throat;
  • two spots on the chest that should not merge;
  • light spots from the back and the inside of the paws;
  • mark from the bottom of the root of the tail.

Black and tan dogs are also allowed to have separate white hairs located on the chest, legs, tail.

The fawn-colored dogs have a slightly lighter coat on the inside of the thighs, belly and tail. Separate small white specks or hairs in the chest and paw area are also permissible. But in any color paw pads should be black.


Owners of dogs of this breed say very affectionate, loving, but not obsessive nature of the dog. A dog can be so strongly attached to its owner that it will never get used to a completely different owner. Brave "guard" once and for all hands his heart.

The main feature of the haravarta is the ability to make independent decisions, the speed of reaction to changing circumstances.

Another feature of the Hovawart is a long period of maturation. This puppy is a funny, mischievous, funny dog ​​that stays up to three years. The dog loves children, travel, games, fun on the water. Hovawart is much more important than the presence of a beloved owner, with whom he is ready to go to the end of the world, than comfort, a familiar corner in the house and a favorite toy.

Hovawart is touchy, but not vindictive. If he feels that he was wrong, then he will be the first to seek understanding and forgiveness. But if the master is to blame, then he will have to look for ways to reconciliation.

Hovawart is a leader always and in everything. If other dogs live in the family, they will be subordinate to Hovawart, as he believes that he is responsible for the condition and safety not only of the owners and their property, but of the whole family, including pets.

During the walk, the dog will watch over the children, “recount” them and protect them. A non-aggressive dog at the slightest threat to any member of the family rushes to his defense, acting swiftly, decisively and resourcefully.


Hovawart is very well trained, and the “girls” learn more quickly and master more teams, and the “boys” perform them more thoroughly and conscientiously. Some owners of these dogs believe that if you instil in children obedience and norms of behavior, then this will be enough, since everything else will make the character laid down genetically.

He does not need to "train" to protect people and territory. He himself knows how and what to do. A strong, loud voice of Hovawart can cause confusion and panic. But the dog gives a voice only, wanting to communicate something to the owner - the dog is not "talkative." Hovawart runs

Because of the long period of maturity and independence, training and education should be started as early as possible in order not to get a fluffy tyrant instead of a friend.

Some teams Hovawart performs with reluctance. The command to “lie down” for a dog is difficult to master, as he perceives it as complete obedience. And the command "Near" requires constant repetitions. Without them, the dog refuses to fulfill the requirements.

Dog training must be entrusted to a professional. Possessing the character of a leader, the dog must understand "who is the boss in the house." Therefore, education should be solid, consistent, but not cruel.

Care and health

The one who sees this shiny, gorgeous long hair for the first time believes that the dog requires special care. But wool has water-repellent properties, almost never gets wet and does not get dirty. Therefore, do not bathe the dog too often. This can ruin the coat and dry out the skin.

Hovawart is washed as it gets dirty or when an unpleasant smell starts to emanate from the dog. For washing use special shampoos for long-haired dogs. Breeders are advised to gradually wet the dog's coat, wetting it to the full depth. So you can inspect and examine the dog for the presence of parasites, injuries, bites or inflammations. After the shampoo is thoroughly washed off, you need to use your hands to remove excess water from the wool and dry it with a towel.

Does not require thorough care and wool. So that she does not stray into the mats, it is enough to comb it 1-2 times a week. During the molting period, combing of the wool should be carried out daily. Hovawart does not shed much and is suitable for maintenance in a city apartment.

Regular care and inspection require the ears and teeth of a dog. For cleaning use paste and brush for dogs teeth. Veterinarians and experienced breeders believe that cleaning a healthy dog’s ears is enough every 2-3 weeks. Hovawart ears that hang freely should be regularly examined for the presence of ear parasites. If an unpleasant smell emanates from a pet's ear, then this is a reason to seek professional help.

From childhood, you need to teach a puppy to cut nails. Hovawart's long hard claws can hurt the owners or injure the dog itself.

Hovawart is an active and energetic dog that requires walking for at least 1-2 hours. He will gladly run in the park, near the river or on a special dog playground. Hovawart is not afraid of either snow or heat. The only condition for a winter walk should be taking care of the dog's paws. Because of the long hair between the fingers in the winter snow can stick there. To prevent pet inconvenience during winter walks, it is necessary to cut the hair between the fingers of the dog.

Breed diseases

Due to the strict observance of the rules of crossing, the creators of the breed remove to overcome such a characteristic disease of large dogs as:

  • hip dysplasia;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • hereditary heart disease;
  • eye disease.

Hovawart simply radiates health. With proper care, a balanced diet and proper maintenance of a dog can live 15-17 years. Genetics have proven that to avoid breed diseases is real, if you properly approach the selection of manufacturers.


Hovawart is a large dog that grows rapidly. To do this, it needs good nutrition, supplying the body with proteins, carbohydrates, fats. You can make a diet of natural products - meat, offal, cereals and vegetables. Hovawart beautiful photo

The daily amount of food is calculated based on the physical activity of the dog. If it is active for at least 3 hours, the diet is increased by 40%. The diet of pregnant and lactating bitches is increased 1.5 times.

Food growing puppy at 30-40% should consist of protein foods. In an adult dog, the proportion of proteins decreases. If Hovawart eats homemade food, then it must be supplemented with vitamins for the growth and strength of bones, beautiful and silky wool.

All the elements are present in the finished dry food, so the additional introduction of mineral and vitamin supplements is not necessary. An active dog should always have fresh water. Even going for a walk, the owner should take a container with water to water the playing Hovawart.

Hovawart loves to eat, so you need to monitor his diet and weight control. So that the dog does not have obesity, it is enough to feel its ribs. They should be easily defined, but not bulged excessively.

Dog content

Hovawart is well accustomed in the apartment, provided sufficient physical exercise. Ideal conditions for keeping a dog are a private house with a large walking area. On the chain of this proud dog to hold is not recommended. In order for the dog to feel happy and emotionally balanced, he must be with the beloved master for a long time.

Hovawart, which is not given enough attention, grows irritable and naughty. The dog is an excellent guard, so it must have the opportunity to realize innate skills - a place to patrol the territory, free range. But the brave guard is better to keep a high fence. Hovawart perfectly jumps and promptly attacks the violator.

The dog must have its place where it can relax and feel surrounded by care. This may be a soft mattress or a mini-sofa, but it should be located in a sheltered and sheltered place of the apartment. The dog's jaws will instantly turn the toy into fragments, therefore the breeders advise pets to buy strong toys that do not contain stuffing.

Photo Hovawart Hovawart muzzleHovawart TrioHovawart is watchingHovawarts areHovawartsHovawart in nature

Video about Hovawart

Where to buy a puppy

Today, the popularity of the breed continues to grow. Cute puppies can be purchased not only abroad, but also in Russia, Ukraine. Puppies are not cheap. The price of the exhibition copy can reach 1000 dollars.

There is no monobreed kennels in Ukraine yet, except for Kharkov and Zaporizhia, so it’s more realistic to buy a puppy from private breeders.

Hovawart is a very balanced dog, prudent, but first of all he is a friend, not a servant. Therefore, the relationship requires appropriate.

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