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According to one of the legends, it was the Canaan dog that sat at the foot of the throne of Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab. This breed has been inhabiting the Middle East for hundreds of years before specialists took it to breeding. But nature itself awarded these dogs with excellent qualities and a certain charisma. Yes, the breed is rare, but it has fans among domestic and foreign dog breeders. What is known about the modern Canaan dog, and what does it attract the attention of connoisseurs?


Origin of the breed

The goal-oriented selection of Canaan dogs was first taken by the cynologist Rudolfina Menzel in the early 30s of the 20th century. She also became the creator of the first school, preparing official dogs in Israeli territory. Canaan Dog

Being an excellent specialist in the field of cynology, she took into account the local half-wild dogs that led a vagabond way of life, and decided on their basis to create a new service breed. Its representatives were to be suitable for military service, work in search and rescue brigades, be able to look for firearms and narcotic substances. In addition, from these dogs should be obtained excellent guide dogs for blind and visually impaired people.

What attracted the attention of Rudolphins stray dogs from the North African and Middle Eastern territories? They were maximally adapted to the local climate of the deserts, had endurance and increased capacity for work. To date, the Canaanite dog has become a national breed of Israel, and in 1966 it was recognized throughout the world.

Breed description

According to the official description, it has not changed since it was approved. Dogs of medium height, proportionally composed, not heavy, but not too refined. Harmoniously stacked, especially noticeable when the animal moves. Runs dog of this breed easily, gracefully, without fussiness.

Males are different from bitches - they are stronger, larger. Growth varies from 50 to 60 cm, maximum - 61 cm, weighs about 18-25 kg, individuals with a weight of 16 kg are allowed, but not less.

Canaan dogs are distinguished by high endurance and easily adapt to the requirements of owners, do not need special conditions, unpretentious. The standard specifies the following description of the appearance of the breed:

  1. Head . Proportional, strong, length medium, with a broad, almost flat forehead. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is not pronounced, smooth. The muzzle is wide, the dorsum of the nose is even, the jaws are well developed, with dense, thin lips that conceal the lower jaw and dentition. The teeth of the dog are full set, they are large, white, creating the right bite.
  2. The nose of the nose is broad, mobile, the pigmentation is exceptionally black. The eyes are small, oval, with an expressive, intelligent look, the corners are slightly lowered. Iris can be painted in a brown, dark brown tone. It is believed that the darker the eyes, the better. Eyes have closely fitting eyelids of black color.
  3. The auricles are thick, broad at the base, widely spaced. They have vertical mounting, at the ends of the rounding. Canaan Dog breed description
  4. Torso . Dogs have a downed, muscular body, a body of almost square format. The neck is oval, with developed muscles, is placed vertically. The withers are clearly defined, the thorax is deep, of medium width. The back is straight, short, with a convex loin. Inguinal line tightened.
  5. Extremities elongate, with well-defined, strong bone, oval, medium-thick paws. Hind legs are set wider than the forelegs, medium-thigh, with good musculature. Hock joints are high, not heavy, they are flexible. Extremities with small, round brushes, strong, arched toes, strong, dark claws and bulging, firm pads.
  6. The tail is not too thick, with a good, abundant fringe. When the dog moves, the tail is located over the back, folded into a tightly compressed ring.

Quality of the coat and colors

Canaan Dog is a unique animal with double wool and at the same time it tolerates heat and high humidity. The length of the hanging hair may fluctuate, but it is always even, stiff. In individuals with semi-long hair, there are noticeable contrasts in the length of the outer hair in the area of ​​the body, paws, and head.

All thoroughbred representatives have on the neck a collar. In individuals with a short coat, it is presented in the form of an elongated coat on the neck and chest. The density of the undercoat depends on the climate in which the dog lives. It can resemble felt or be underdeveloped.

In color there are monophonic dogs and bicolor - with wool of two colors. In the first case, animals with white or chocolate wool can have a dark mask, this standard is quite acceptable. But black individuals can only be monophonic, without any impurity. In bicolour dogs the main tone is black or brown, additional - white.

Character of Canaan Dog

This breed is considered true, created by nature itself. Its representatives have developed intelligence, differ loyalty and devotion to their master.

Such a pet very quickly becomes attached to all household members, as well as to people who often enter the house. But to unfamiliar pets are wary, with suspicion. Canaanas can be excellent, sensitive watchmen, for one minus - they bark a lot and quite loudly. Canaan dog muzzle

Long loneliness is not for them, they are bored, longing and can entertain themselves independently, not in favor of the owner. Canaan dog gets along well with children, especially over 7 years old, their joint games can be long and active. But, if there are kids in the house, it is better to refuse from such a pet - because of loud barking, certain problems can arise.

Another nuance - the Canaanites do not get along very well with themselves, especially, dogs of the same sex, cats, rodents. Too long they had to live, independently obtaining food, and after - guarding and herding herds, so their hunting and pastoral instincts are too strong.

The Canaan dog is a moving, active animal, therefore it is not suitable for homebodies. In addition, the owner may have difficulties with the training of the pet, since it is quite independent and too stubborn.


First of all, experts warn - the breed is aboriginal, therefore its representatives are of an independent character. Representatives in some way are wayward and quite late turn into adult dogs. And this means that for training you need an owner with experience and an instructor-cynologist familiar with the characteristics of this breed.

Dogs of the Canaanite breed need early socialization, and it is desirable to pass the OKP, the general course of obedience, with the pet. You can not use rough, despotic methods during dressing, but the owner must demonstrate to the dog that he is the leader.

During the training it is important to observe consistency, to show patience and not to demand from the animal more than he can. Also, it is necessary to design classes in such a way that they are as varied as possible, a bored dog can quickly lose interest in what is happening and will not repeat the same thing many times.

Maintenance and care

The contents of the Canaan dog in the apartment are allowed, but it is not considered the best option. Representatives of the breed are quite freedom-loving, which means they will have a better life in the local area. But this is not a chain and not an open-air dog - ideal is free walking in the yard.

No matter where the dog is, it requires daily exercise, regardless of the weather conditions. It is best to display the pet twice - in the morning and in the evening, the minimum duration of each walk is 1 hour. Since the Canaanites, especially males, are able to get involved in fights, it is recommended to drive the pet on a leash.

The dog's coat protects them from the heat and warms them with frosty nights. The minus of such a wool is a profuse seasonal molt, and between them hair falls out, but not so strong.

To maintain the coat of your pet in order, it is enough to comb it out weekly, using a brush with stiff bristles. And during the rulers you will need a daily repetition of the procedure and it is better to use a special puerper. You should regularly examine the nose, mouth, ears and paw pads for damage, redness, and rash.

Another important measure is tooth cleaning, which is recommended to be taught from puppyhood. It is recommended to spend every 3-4 days. And if a tartar was found in the pet, then it is worth to go to the veterinary clinic, here it will be removed.

Canaan Dog Health

Dogs of this breed live, on average, 12-15 years. Among the main health problems specialists distinguish epilepsy, this ailment is usually manifested in young individuals aged 2-4 years. Canaan dog lies

Doctors have not avoided these diseases, the most common of them is lymphosarcoma. But as for the frequent problems with large joints, then Canaan dogs dysplasia and other violations are diagnosed rather rarely.

Relatively rare in the representatives of this breed are the following diseases and pathological conditions:

  • allergy (usually in the "Canaan" it is accompanied by itching and there are risks of developing bacterial infections);
  • hypothyroidism (reduction of the thyroid hormone);
  • progressive degeneration of the retina;
  • patella (the patella drops out);
  • hemolytic anemia of autoimmune origin;
  • diabetes;
  • inflammation of the pancreas;
  • Myelopathy in a degenerative form.

Some diseases are related to genetic disorders and are transmitted from generation to generation. Their appearance among representatives of this breed is mostly associated with unreasonable methods of breeding. Other diseases occur under the influence of external factors, often the result of improper maintenance, care and feeding of a four-legged friend.


If the owner of the pet decides to feed the pet with natural food, the diet should be made in such a way that its basis is meat. Also useful sources of animal protein are offal, fish, eggs. By replacing meat with by-products, the size of the portion should be increased, since they are less caloric and less nutritious.

Eggs are given to the dog not more often 1-2 times a week and not more than 2 pieces. Every 3-4 days it is recommended to treat the pet with kefir, yogurt or other sour-milk product without additives.

Carbohydrates to animals are also needed, their dog receives from croup. But give porridge should not be every day, rice, buckwheat fits best. Vegetables can be given to the dog daily, in a raw and boiled form, they are perfectly combined with meat. Canaan Dog in the Mountains

To normalize the work of the intestine, the dog is useful vegetable oils. You can season the warm food with fresh herbs and a spoonful of vegetable oil. Tissue and cartilage tissues are rich in useful substances, they should be included in the ration of the animal. From the menu of the pet it is desirable to exclude sweet, flour, potatoes, beans, smoked and spicy food.

With natural feeding, dogs need additional sources of vitamins and trace elements. On this issue it is better to consult a veterinarian, he will recommend a suitable multivitamin complex.

Owners who choose dry diets as food for their pets are advised to give preference to high-quality premium and super-premium products. They have a balanced composition and a large number of meat ingredients.

Producers of feed on the packaging indicate the daily rate of the product, so pick up the size of the portion will not be difficult. If the dog is kept on the street, then during frost it is increased, and in hot weather is reduced.

The number of feedings depends on various factors: the puppies are given food more often, depending on the age, to the service dogs 3-4 times a day. A pet, leading a passive lifestyle, it is enough to feed twice a day - in the morning and evening hours.

Canaans need a lot of water, so you should take care that your pet has a 24-hour access to it. That there were no problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, after a meal the dog should necessarily rest.

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Video about the Canaan dog

Cost and nursery

The cost of puppies from the nursery or from well-known breeders is about 45,000-60000 rubles. Future owners have the opportunity to save money - to get a Canaan dog puppy from the hands or on the bird market. But in this case, there is a risk of acquiring a non-thoroughbred pet or having a genetic deviation. Responsible breeders do not allow the breeding of individuals with genetic disorders.

The price is influenced by various factors: color, how much the puppy corresponds to the standard, sex, the presence or absence of working qualities. Naturally, offspring from dogs-champions are much more expensive than from individuals who do not have them.

The Canaan dog is a simple-minded animal with a kind eye, making its eyes almost human. About the dogs of this ancient breed there is mention in the Bible, in addition, it is the only Israeli breed recognized at the world level. Buying a puppy of the Canaan dog, a person acquires a faithful and loyal friend.

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