Miscarriage in a dog

If the dog is young and does not have health problems, spontaneous abortion is unlikely to occur. However, the current trends towards uncontrolled breeding of dogs have unfortunately led to the spread of this pathological phenomenon. If there is a desire to tie your pet, and experience in this matter there, it is recommended to get recommendations from professional breeders or veterinarians who are able to give advice during the entire period of bearing the offspring of the dog.


Causes of miscarriage in dogs

Miscarriage in a dog

The reasons for that there is a spontaneous miscarriage, in fact a lot, but among the most common are the following:

  • Abnormal development of puppies . In dogs, puppies with physical disabilities or genetic abnormalities are not so often born on time. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the body tries, as early as possible, to detach pathological embryos. There are also cases when a partial fading of pregnancy occurs, then only those fruits that have deficiencies cease to develop, while others grow and are born on time. In this case, the female needs regular monitoring of the fruit with ultrasound.
  • Pathological development of the uterus . Defect of the body can be both congenital and acquired. In the first case, this occurs even during intrauterine growth of the dog, in the second cause can serve as trauma, infectious diseases, chronic ailments that affect internal organs, etc. In serious pathologies of the uterus, the female is recommended to sterilize .
  • Diseases caused by infections . Infectious agents are the most common cause of abortion or the appearance of an unviable droppings. Therefore, specialists prior to mating recommend a diagnostic study of future parents. Also timely vaccination of the pet is important.
  • Parasitic insects and worms . According to statistical data, worms, fleas or mites are found in 70% of dogs. They also affect the body with toxic substances that negatively affect the intrauterine development of offspring. It is necessary to knead the animal before knitting and treat it with ticks and fleas.
  • Shortage or excess weight . A dog that soon becomes a mother must have an excellent physical shape. In an exhausted or, conversely, obese animal, miscarriages occur much more often. In most cases, a pregnant bitch has an excellent appetite throughout pregnancy, so her refusal to eat is an alarm bell.
  • Unsuccessful age for procreation . Often in dogs, miscarriage occurs when the matings are too early or late. These indicators are individual for each breed, but in any case it is not necessary to knit a bitch at the first estrus.
  • Injury of the animal or excessive physical activity . The dog "in position" needs long walks, but they must pass at a calm pace, without active games and training. Also, you should take care that the animal is not injured in everyday life.
  • Taking medications . During gestation, the use of most medicines is contraindicated, but if their use is necessary, then they should be taken only after consultation of the veterinarian.

Symptoms of miscarriage in dogs

The dog does not eat with a miscarriage

Usually, the forthcoming abortion is accompanied by a number of symptoms that can be recognized if one observes the condition of the pet:

  • The bitch is sluggish, quickly tired;
  • eats poorly or completely from eating ;
  • possibly a rise in body temperature ;
  • vomiting attacks;
  • if pain in the abdomen is painful, then the animal begins to arch its back.

In some cases, during miscarriage, the animal has a pathological exudate - bloody, with pus, dark green or black, with a fetid odor. There are also cases when only a part of nonviable fetuses comes out, and the rest remain in the uterus and continue to grow and develop.

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What to do when a miscarriage in a dog

If we talk about first aid, then at the slightest sign of abnormal pregnancy, the dog should be taken to a medical facility. This is the first thing the dog owner should take care of. In clinical conditions, the future mom will be examined, take a series of tests - biochemistry, thyroid hormone assay, general urine and blood tests, and carry out serological testing.

What to do when a miscarriage in a dog

It is important to exclude physical activity in case of a threat of breakdown. And if the cause of malaise are infectious agents, then the therapy includes taking antibiotics. The dog should be in the clinic if abortion has already occurred, because it is necessary to find out whether all the puppies left, and whether the placenta has remained in the uterus. Usually this is determined by X-ray and ultrasound.

If an infection has entered the uterus, then antibacterial agents and prostaglandins are prescribed. In the event that the owners are not going to continue to receive offspring from their dogs, removal of the uterus and ovaries is recommended.

However, when it comes to a pedigree dog intended for the further reproduction of offspring, it is important to establish what triggered the miscarriage. In this situation, a number of tests are performed on bacteria and viruses, and cytological examination of the vaginal material is performed.

Miscarriage in a dog is a serious pathology, but with the right approach, complications can be avoided.

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