Education and training puppy Husky

Huskies are unusual dogs, and once domesticated wolves, which are fundamentally different from most of their kind, because life in the northern regions and special duties made them indispensable helpers of man who are able to make independent decisions. Therefore, the upbringing and training of the Husky puppy proceeds according to another program, which must take into account their pedigree characteristics.


Species features of dogs Husky

Before you begin to teach and educate your new, still unintelligent pet, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the breed and understand why the husky behave differently in this or that situation. For example, why such a dog will not guard the house or be a nanny for the child? husky puppy

Of them, guards do not work, because in the northern boundless regions they live freely, perceiving everything around as their property - without fences and fences. In addition, husky - these are schooling animals, who understand that it is impossible to survive alone under such conditions.

And the most powerful being, who helps in all matters, is a person, and he needs to provide all kinds of help. Naturally, dwelling outside such conditions imposes its imprint on the breed, but is not able to completely eradicate their habits, which for a long time took root at the genetic level.

All the representatives of the sled breeds, including the Huskies, were given a lot of freedom, but it also requires great responsibility: the leader of the pack must independently determine the road, without waiting for advice from the owner and not being afraid of obstacles that arise in the way.

The rest of the team has another task - to drag the tracks, without getting off the general rhythm and not stop without a serious need - the one who knocks down the pace, immediately be punished by the rest of the team. Long centuries of such a life have developed in dogs a certain behavioral line - to work, applying all the forces, while evaluating the efforts of others and to seek their way to the goal. husky puppy lies

Husky has good hunting instincts, but not like other hunting breeds, but as his wild ancestor has a wolf. For such dogs, all extraneous creatures, except humans, can be considered as prey. Therefore, a dog who lives in a house or apartment can "hunt" neighbor cats or other domestic animals without any qualms of conscience. If the puppy of the husky has got into the house where there is already a cat, then on the street he is also not interested in such animals.

To a man, these dogs are treated differently - they often changed owners and moved from team to harness, so they do not have the habit of choosing one owner for life. Huskies are not able to distinguish extraneous, that is, they consider others only as a potential threat to themselves, but not for owner's housing and property.

On the part of people, attempts were made to instill aggression skills to people driving dogs, but they did not lead to anything good. The dogs did not correctly accept the messages and tried, in order to please the owner, to destroy all who are weaker.

Husky in apartment and open-air conditions

Buying a Husky puppy for maintenance in an apartment, the family should be ready for the following "tricks" of a four-legged friend:

  1. The puppy as if "badly" hears the tasks that the owner gives him, his own feelings are more important for him than what the person says.
  2. Husks are very inquisitive - the kid will try a lot "in the teeth", and no punishments will not change this behavior until the puppy grows up.
  3. Dogs of this breed tend to dominate - the dog can bite the household, growl at them - these are his ways to demonstrate his own superiority and attempts to "educate" others. husky puppy jumping
  4. The pet is able to make decisions on his own, and, more often than not, he does this without regard to the opinion of people or other animals.
  5. Husky will not tolerate a bad attitude and remain loyal to the master, who could not prove to him his leadership - he can change the flock himself or find another, more generous family.

To influence the behavior of the pet, the owner has two options: to identify the dog in an enclosure with a concrete floor or still turn into a leader of a pack and provide a four-legged companion with a job that will enable him to feel needed.

Fundamentals of the educational process

Breeders with experience of working with dogs of this breed, note that this is one of the most fearless dogs, therefore use of threats or physical influence during training is highly discouraged. In addition, during the work they drew attention to one nuance - the husky adore monkeys. Pets are able to adopt the habits of other dogs, for example, those that are contained with them in the same aviary. husky-the best dogs

It is undesirable, if the husky begins to borrow the behavior of service dogs - do not forget that this is only an imitation of behavior unusual for the driving dogs. But for the training of such dogs training is used, the basis of which are two methods - imitation and encouragement. In addition, it includes the methods of punishment, but mostly not painful, but those that can subordinate:

  • a strict, calm voice, without high notes;
  • confident movement;
  • sequence;
  • The host should not retreat if the dog "experiences" patience and does not aspire to perform tasks.

With this approach, owners can get the best result from training, because they helped dogs during nomadic habitation.

How to curb a wayward pet

Among Siberian domesticated wolves, there are no obstinacy among the main traits of character: they simply go very persistently towards the desired goal. But they are able to obey other, more powerful rivals, only if they understand that the advantages are not on their side.

The owner must take care that the intensity of the loads is constantly increasing, this will allow not only the pet to show their capabilities, but also the owner to show will. For example, you can force a dog to run until he can do it, or offer him to climb to a height that the dog is afraid of, to overcome fear. You can conduct training with the use of stairs and exercises at height. Puppies of the Siberian Husky

If you can not subjugate the dog with such techniques, you can apply a more radical method - limiting freedom of movement. For example, grab the pet by the withers, press it to the ground and hold it until the dog stops resisting.

Often the owners have no choice but to plant a wayward pet on a leash or place in a not too spacious aviary. The only nuance - it is important that the dog does not cheat, because the method does not work if the husky breaks off the leash or makes a tunnel and takes a victorious look away.

Important aspects of education

As soon as the puppy crossed the threshold of the house, the owner should immediately begin to educate him:

  • First of all, it is necessary to determine the place for his four-legged friend, and not change it with time;
  • Show the baby what it can play, and what is taboo; naturally, a dog should have his own toys, and the list of bans includes shoes, furniture, and more;
  • should immediately accustom the pet to the toilet;
  • Enter the feeding regime from the first day, depending on the age;
  • prohibit everyone around him, and, first of all, to treat himself to the puppy from his hands and even more so from his desk.

For the Husky it is important to feel the dependence on the leader of the pack. To begin with, the puppy must learn to respond to his nickname, and also to cope with the need in the allotted place. On the paddock, the dog should walk next to the master, get used to the collar and leash. It is necessary to accustom the pet to the muzzle. husks at home

Husks are very pedantic, although this quality applies to other animals, for them the monotony in behavior, environment and events is important. It is easier for them to learn the skills of proper behavior, if the host reinforces the process by encouraging: caress, yummy or benevolent tone.

The pet will be able to understand that he has blundered somewhere, if the owner immediately reacts to undesirable behavior. Otherwise, the punishment will not bring results, and the dog will sincerely perplex, not understanding, in what he guilty.

Experts recommend that the training be conducted in such a way that inadvertently it does not disturb the psyche of its four-fingered pet, making it malicious or, on the contrary, cowardly. And for this it is necessary to remember stability. Using the same voice intonations, gestures and commands will make the learning process more comfortable for the animal. Husky puppy on the grass

Another feature - the mode of employment. It is worth highlighting certain days and times for them. But active games with or without inventory can be carried out when the soul desires. Husky never again refuses to frolic.

With what it is better to begin

Primary skills representatives of the breed acquire fairly well, especially if you take into account some of the subtleties:

  • the puppy learns his nickname faster, if it is used, beckoning to a bowl of food;
  • the command "to me" is better perceived if to support it with encouragement - affectionate intonations, a toy, and here delicacies in this case is used rarely;
  • Huskies are more focused on their own worldview than on human requirements, it can not be changed, but you can correct behavior by using role training - the host is hiding, and the dog should find it by voice; nice little husky puppies
  • To teach a child to go to the toilet in the same place, it is recommended that it be lured to the desired place in a quarter of an hour after a meal with a toy or a delicious food.

Husky - dogs of incredible beauty, grace and power, undoubtedly attracting the attention of dog lovers. But before you start such an extraordinary pet, you should evaluate your own strengths. Not only is Husky puppies a pleasure not from cheap, so it will still take a lot of effort, time and patience to curb this unruly northern dog.

Owners should understand that the sledge dog will not get a watchman or a guard, and her freedom of love does not exclude the craving for escapes. Husky - dogs are not for everyone, and it is better if the dog will perform his usual work, instead of idly sitting in 4 walls, spoiling the property and howling from boredom.

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