Wolf's dog Sarlos

People more than once, and not two made attempts to cross the dog and the wolf. In fact, these two species are quite close, but more often the results of such experiments were not encouraging. As it turned out, to get offspring from such a pair is not difficult, but will it meet expectations? In most cases, no. But still managed to withdraw two stable breeds that were recognized, and one of them - the sarlosian wolf dog or in another way - the wolf dog of Sarlos. To meet such an original hybrid on the street is a great success, and if you are lucky enough, it is important to understand immediately that you are not a wolf, but a dog.


History of origin

In 25 g of the last century breeder from the Netherlands L.Sarlos managed to get a hybrid litter from the mating of a she-wolf and a male of a German shepherd. Despite the fact that the she-wolf was tamed and spent her whole life in the zoo, the puppies were shy, aggressive and antisocial. Wolf Dog of Sarlos read the article

However, the breeder did not drop his hands, he did not just repeat the experience, but devoted his entire life to work. In the future, Sarlos continued to select strong, enduring hybrid dogs that did not show signs of degeneration.

When the breeder did not, the family continued the matter, they maximally improved the breed, which recognized the Dutch kennel club. In 1962 the wolf dog of Sarlos was included in the register of the International Cynological Association. Today the breed is rare, specific and intended not for everyone.

Description of the breed wolf dog of Sarlos

Purebred representatives are rather strong, proportionally and harmoniously composed animals. Outwardly they are very similar to their wild parent - the type of coat, movements, physique.

With regard to character, wolf dogs are energetic, active, independent and proud. These are rather tall dogs, the growth of males at the withers varies from 64 to 76 cm, they weigh 36-42 kg, females - from 59 to 69.5 cm, with a body weight of 35-37 kg. In accordance with the standard, Sarlos' pets look like this:

  1. The head is wedge-shaped, moderately broad, with a flattened forehead and not a pronounced divisional furrow. Superciliary arches are almost not visible.
  2. Muzzle elongated, rectangular format, to the nose narrows. The bridge of the nose is straight, even. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle in the form of a smooth line. Jaws are strong, well developed, well overlapping each other, with large, white teeth that close into a regular, scissor bite.
  3. Nose large, black or brown, nostrils wide, well open.
  4. The eyes are almond-shaped, preferably they are amber-yellow. Planted with a slight inclination. Eyelids pigmented, tightly fitting. The dog watches cautiously, attentively, but at the same time it's not worrying, but interest. Eyes are attributed to the characteristic breed characteristics, giving the sarlosian dogs a wolfish appearance. Some individuals with age, the iris becomes darker, but it remains yellow. The predisposition to brown color is undesirable. The line of the eye sockets smoothly continues the line of the cranium. Wolf's dog Sarlos description of the breed
  5. Ears are dense, thick, medium in size, in the form of triangles with rounded tips. Located at the eye level, the inner surface is covered with a woolly covering. They are hybrid in hybrid dogs, and in their movements one can understand the feelings and experiences of the animal. Undesirable are the ears, which are placed above or below the prescribed level and having too sharp tips.
  6. The neck is of medium size and is planted, covered with a dry muscle tissue. The body is rather dry, strong, elongated, with a wide, well developed thorax.
  7. The back is moderately long, without slouching. Ribs are allocated, but very little. The lumbar region is sturdy, moving into a somewhat sloping croup. The line of the peritoneum is slightly elevated, the abdomen on the sides slightly sinks.
  8. The tail of natural length, with a slight bend, is low, lower than that of representatives of other breeds. Fully covered with abundant, dense woolly covering.
  9. The forelimbs are elongated, parallel and approximately to each other. The hindquarters are firmer, well muscled, with long hips. Paws small, collected in a lump, front slightly turned outward.

The wolf's dog is trotting, it is enduring and tireless, covers huge distances tirelessly. Breeders note a distinctive feature - an easy "wolf" tread. The lynx of the sarlosian dogs is not sweeping, harmonious, allows the animal to consume less energy.

Coat and possible colors

Hybrid dogs are covered with dense, thick wool, the outer hair is straight, rigid. There is a compact, soft undercoat. In the neck, peritoneum, thighs and tail, it is thicker and longer.

Often there are individuals with wolf-gray, zonal color, the wool of different tones is distributed in the form of rings of various shades. In addition, there are dogs with blue, pale, black, silvery with graying and white hair.

Characteristics of temperament and temperament

From the sarlosian dogs are obtained excellent rescuers, thanks to their activity, vigilance and unique endurance. In addition, they are independent and can make their own decisions.

From the wolves they were given the ability of careful, easy movement, dogs are perfectly oriented even in unfamiliar terrain, they will necessarily find a safe path. Similar properties allow the use of dogs for lead work.

Sarlos dogs are immensely loyal to their owner, but, unlike other dogs, they are more reserved in terms of emotion. That is, they will be glad to the returning owner, but squeal and stormy joy from them he is unlikely to wait.

Of course, some animal instincts for these dogs have come from a wild ancestor, but the breed's representatives are not devoid of canine sociability. They do not have an innate aggression directed at the person. There is not a single recorded case of the attack of the Sarlos dog on people without any reasons, from fear or incomprehensible dislike. Wolf's dog Sarlosa is a beautiful breed

Most often these dogs try to stay away from strangers and treat them not viciously, but cautiously. As for the brothers, the instinct of the schooling animal works here. Individuals who appeared at the dawn of the development of the breed had rather low intellectual abilities. However, the more germs of German shepherds were poured during selection and the selection was more carefully selected, the higher this indicator turned out to be.

At home, in Holland and other European countries, wolf dogs are used as guides for people with visual problems, in rescue activities, but this ends their official practice. For another service, dogs are not very suitable because of the predominance of the instincts of wild relatives.

Representatives of the breed can bark, like other dogs, but, as a rule, they prefer to worm the wolf. Dogs have excellent hunting instincts, they have the ability to work as part of a pack in their blood. Pursue the game dog can with the help of smell and "sighted" method.

Education and training of a hybrid pet

Specialists unanimously assert that the Sarlos dogs have a complex character, because in some ways they are close in spirit with tamed, wild animals.

Submission of such a pet is not an easy task, the owner must have iron restraint and certain experience of working with such large, freedom-loving dogs. Beginners and lover of decorative rocks like this can not do.

Stubbornness and independence of these animals do not occupy, so it is very important for a person to become a true leader for a pet - a strong, incorruptible, respected. Such a dog immediately takes leadership, it is not necessary to teach it - he was born to live in a pack.

Patience and composure of the teacher will help in training. But we should not forget that classes should be interesting, diverse. The pet will bring the object once, two, three, and the fourth can get bored, obstinate, and already nothing will force him to get involved in the work.

That the dog turned out to be an excellent, sensitive guide, it must be taught long and carefully. In this case, professionals can not do without. Purchasing a sarlotian dog as a pet, the owner must take into account that education and training will take longer than the training of the most stubborn dog that does not have wolf blood.

However, with a competent approach, the family gets a faithful, faithful friend, balanced and calm. He will communicate perfectly with children and all household members. But living together with other animals - cats, ferrets, etc., can be very dangerous for the latter, the dog is a bounty hunter.

Care and health

On unpretentiousness it is difficult to find a competitor to these dogs. Their fur coat does not require any care, claws are stitched naturally, teeth white and strong by nature. They bathe a wolf dog rarely, not more than once in a half-year, or even less often.

Breeding diseases

It is believed that the breeder Sarlos during the breeding of a new breed raised the question of improving the health of German shepherds. And to achieve this he succeeded - dogs have strong immunity and are not prone to genetic diseases.

Hybrid dogs can live up to 16-18 years, which is considered very high, almost unattainable, among large breeds. According to theoretical calculations, the life span of sarlosian dogs can be much longer. Wolf dog Sarlos in the snow

Such pets suffer extremely seldom, but their diseases are associated with some difficulties. For example, taking antibacterial drugs often causes complications in severe form. Use of anesthesia and other medications requires caution, usually prescribed half of the usual dosage.

Sarlos dogs are very patient, they are able to endure for a long time, not showing anything that is uncomfortable. Therefore, the owner should be more attentive to the behavior of the pet. These dogs are very hard to tolerate travel in a variety of transport, especially this applies to puppies and adolescents. If you want to carry the animal for a long distance, you will need to immerse it in a mild anesthesia.

How and what to feed hybrid dogs

Owners of the hybrid dog are less fortunate than the owners of ordinary dogs, since it is impossible to feed this large animal with ready-made, industrial feeds, no matter how high-quality they are.

And this means that the pet needs to prepare a balanced, fresh food daily. It is recommended to cook nutritious cereals on meat broths, adding boiled meat, offal, greens, vegetable oils to them.

But the basis of the diet should be raw meat - a source of proteins, vitamins and trace elements. In addition, the dog can be given sea boiled fish, kefir, eggs, yogurt, vegetables and fruits. The dog should consume more protein than carbohydrates and fats.

Conditions of detention

No matter how much a person wants, it is not recommended to have a wolf sheepdog for living in an apartment. Even living in the countryside, the dog will need regular, long walks. Representatives of this breed need intensive physical exertion.

Ideal group content is considered - thus pets do not get bored, adapt faster to new conditions, learn to interact with their own kind. Wolf dogs need early socialization, it is recommended to appear with a pet more often in crowded, noisy places. This will allow the pet to quickly get used to living in society.

The dog needs a spacious house area on which a well-enclosed enclosure is equipped. It can be allowed into the house, but still more often the dog should be on the street. Wool with a thick undercoat protects the animal from severe frosts, winds and heat. This litter is given a hard loneliness, so a puppy should be taught to him from an early age.

The Wolf Shepherd is not suitable for chain maintenance, with restriction of movement, perhaps clouding the mind, often dogs become ill or begin to behave inadequately. In addition, the dog begins to wail for a long time and sadly.

The mating season in hybrid dogs is quite active. Keep the pet on the site, and sometimes in the enclosure, it is very difficult, the dogs make a dig and wiggle through the highest barriers. If the owner takes a puppy with a prospect for breeding, then he should first learn about many subtleties. For example, often the males of a given breed select certain females and do not react to others. Bitches usually flow only once a year.

Photo of the wolf dog Sarlos The wolf dog of Sarlos in the holeWolf Dogs of Sarlosbeautiful Wolf Dogs of SarlosWolf's dog in winterWolf's dog Sarlos in the waterWolf's dog Sarlos in the mountains

Video about the wolf dog of Sarlos

Buying a puppy

Only a person who understands the nature and behavior of hybrid dogs can acquire such a puppy. Acquiring a pet will cause a number of difficulties - finding a nursery or a private breeder offering offspring with documents can take a long time.

It is absolutely not recommended to buy a representative of such a complex breed from casual sellers. An animal may have an unstable psyche and not be subjected to training, which in future promises a lot of problems.

The wolf dog of Sarlossa is unique in many respects, because most of the experiments on crossing dogs and wolves proved to be a failure. But this does not negate the complexity of the breed - hybrids are unique and fit only a certain type of people.

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