Wet dog food

Today, a lot of disputes are being held around the proper nutrition of pets. Some owners advocate for natural feeding, others - for the use of production rations. And what place does wet food for dogs occupy in this issue? About such food is not so much information as dry food, and not all owners know how to give the dog canned food and, most importantly, how to choose the best quality.


Features of wet food

Wet dog food

Canine canned food is a universal product that can be of interest to dog owners on any food. It is recommended to give it as a treat, add to natural food, offer to dogs who eat dry food for a variety of diets. But it is not recommended to feed a pet with exceptionally wet canned food, unless there is a special medical indication for this.

What are the advantages of wet dog food? You can note the most important:

  • good quality canned food is the source of protein, which is more in them than in the dry diet;
  • in the highest quality food contains less carbohydrates;
  • such conservation occurs without artificial preserving agents, stabilizers;
  • if the wet food is made of meat, then it has a natural flavor and taste - and every dog ​​is just happy to get a piece of meat;
  • This is an excellent option for older animals having problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary system, teeth;
  • an excellent road option, manufacturers produce different volumes of the product and you can choose a single portion, based on the needs of the dog;
  • when feeding this type of food the dog gets moisture, which means there is no need to monitor his drinking.

As you can see, most of the benefits directly depend on the quality, but how to choose a product that will bring only a favor to the four-footed pet?

The composition of the quality product

A lot of wet forages, different in packing type, name, and, most importantly, composition, is produced. What should a full-value canned diet consist of?

As in canned food for people, here the amount of meat is valued, the higher it is, the more nutritious the product is. Do not read the advertising slogans of the producers and pay attention to the attractiveness of the design - you need to study the composition before buying.

In the stern of the highest category, the first is meat, with a mandatory indication of the species and variety. In the stern of the category a little lower can be used with meat and offal, but, again, their indication should be in the first place.

In cans of medium quality, there may be leftovers of meat production in the composition - offal not of the highest quality - veins, tails, scar and meat-and-bone meal.

If, on the jar of canned meat, cereals are indicated, and already after the meat ingredients, it is a product of inferior quality, an unpleasant food for the dog, and often, thanks to artificial flavors and flavor enhancers, is also harmful.

It is not recommended to give dogs, suffering from allergic manifestations, wet food, which does not specify the type of meat. The most hypoallergenic product in this class is canned meat from lamb.

Feeding rules for canned food

In most cases, wet food for an animal is more desirable than dry, or natural food. But do not pay attention to acts of protest - yet this product is an addition to the diet, and not its basis.

It is worth knowing that for the overall pets will require a large portion of the product, since it contains a lot of moisture. That is why, to saturate the dog, you can add canned food to the usual food or give it together with dry food.

Wet food is an excellent treat for dressing, although it should be borne in mind that it is not as convenient to offer it to a pet as dry pieces.

It is recommended to feed canned food during the rehabilitation period by a weakened animal who underwent surgery or a serious illness.

Rating of wet dog food

Rating of wet dog food

To understand the abundance of food, you can rely on the existing ratings of wet dog food, especially if independent experts and professional breeders participate in their development. Some independent associations offer the following option for evaluating canned canines, denoting the best quality by a large number of stars:

Six stars

This category includes only those products that are made from ingredients suitable for human nutrition. Moreover, the food must be produced exclusively from meat, without inclusion in the composition of cereal crops. These are very high requirements, therefore, to this level, not all the rulers of even worthy brands hold out, among them the following can be noted:

  • Innova evo Red meat (USA);
  • Barking Heads Bad Hair Day (Adult Lamb Wet) (Great Britain);
  • Evangers Classic (USA) - 100% and premium lines.

Five Stars

On average, the meat portion in this diet is 70%, in addition to meat and high-quality by-products, broth, vegetables, oils, vitamin supplements can be found in the composition. If added flavors and dyes, then only natural. In this category were the following brands of well-known manufacturers:

  • Innova EVO (USA);
  • Innova Puppy Food (USA);
  • MERRICK (USA) - Puppy Plate (for puppies), Turducken, Campfire Trout Feast, Thanksgiving Day Dinner;
  • Instinct (New Zealand) - formulas - beef, duck, chicken,

Four stars

A high-quality product, but in the production of mostly used by-products, to a lesser extent - meat. In this group, you can find the following products:

  • Canidae (USA): Chicken & Rice (chicken-rice), Chicken, Lamb & Fish (chicken, lamb, fish), Lamb & Rice (lamb-rice);
  • Chicken Soup (USA): For The Dog Lover's Soul, For The Dog Lover's Soul Senior, For The Puppy Lover's Soul (for puppies);
  • Merrick (USA) - Mediterranean Banquet, Wilderness Blend, Napa Valley Picnic;
  • Eagle Pack holistic (USA) - almost all wet forages of this brand belong to this category;

Three stars

A fairly wide group of canned canned dogs, which, thanks to the taste enhancers very much like the four-legged ghosts. Meat in them on the average 25-30%, also includes plant components, cereals:

  • Pro Plan (France) - product lines Classic, Extra Care, Puppy;
  • Eukanuba (USA-Holland);
  • Max (Russia);
  • Gourmet (Russia);
  • Hill's (USA, Holland, Czech Republic).

Two stars

The producers of this practically vegetable product know how to make food for predators out of 10-15% of the meat part (not meat, but waste - guts and other giblets), just adding to it grain, vegetables, various artificial additives. This group includes the following brands:

  • Meal (Russia, Denmark);
  • Vaska (Russia);
  • Friskies (Russia);
  • May Lord, May Lady (Germany).

One star

This category includes the most substandard wet dog food that, at best, will not harm the pet, although some of them are not inferior in value to quite decent brands:

  • Pedigree (Russia);
  • Chappi (Russia).

Naturally, this is not the whole list, and information can vary, but, nevertheless, the owners have what to choose the most suitable food for their pet.

Reviews of wet dog food

Wet dog food reviews

The opinions of the owners about this product are different, but more positive.

Yevgeny Kupriyanov, Mukacheve: We keep two working husbies of the Husky breed - 2 and 2.8 years old, they get a decent load, that's why a full protein is required. With half a year they switched to dry food, but canned food, which was used for natural feeding as an additive - Innova EVO, was left. The composition is good, and the dogs eat well. Now we give them as a promotion, during periods of moulting, very good support during the change of wool. Food is not cheap and it is a pity that you can not always buy.

Nelli Martynova, Chelyabinsk: So it turned out that we bought a not quite healthy dog ​​shih-tzu. Allergies, problems with the stool (often swallowing the hair, which leads to constipation), flow from the eyes, all these problems led to the fact that we were recommended to feed our fuzzy with exceptionally wet fodders of the highest category. After selection, they settled on the American MERRICK. Whatever you say is expensive, but it's even more expensive to treat a pet. The food is so good that it, in my opinion, people can eat - in a piece of meat with an appetizing broth. Plus there is a line for allergenic dogs. My handsome boy feels great, leaving behind all the health problems.

Sergei Chesnokov, St. Petersburg : We keep Russian hounds. Dogs are very intelligent and fastidious in eating. It happens that they refuse to eat dry food, they are hungry for several days, which immediately reflects on them, and so slender, complexion, and the coat becomes dull. We found a way out, we add Barking to the can of canned food. I do not know what attracts them (no sharp smell, no flavor additives), but they sweep away everything, and the hunger strike eventually vanishes. Now one of our babes is waiting for the offspring, again we indulge in Barking, and the wool is normal, and there is no fatigue.

According to veterinarians and breeders, high-quality moist feeds are quite suitable for feeding dogs.

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