Welsh terrier

The original purpose of these small, funny dogs is catching a normal beast. And the doggies possess all the qualities that make them excellent hunters. When, in time, people became less and less in need of such services, the Welsh terriers did not have to re-qualify themselves as companion dogs - affectionate, gay, positive, but not devoid of activity. Who is a modern welsh terrier, and what future owners should know about it before the pet crosses the threshold of the house?


History of the breed

The native land of the breed is England. According to one version, the ancestor of these dogs was the Old English black and tan terrier, once used for the extermination of rodents, hunting for normal animals. In addition, he was an excellent guard of farmland. At that time, the terriers were not just involved in popular fun-catching rats, but also showed excellent results. Welsh terrier read the article

The breeding of the pure breed of welshterriers was done by breeders in the 19th century. In 1885, an approved standard appeared, and a year later the first club of rock lovers opened. After 13 years at the Liverpool exhibition, a little less than a hundred individuals were provided to the public. This became an indicator of the confident growth in the popularity of the welsh terriers, although outside the country this happened only in the 1970s.

Description of breed welsh terrier

These dogs are small in size, endowed with strength and endurance. The welsh have high resistance to the teeth of wild animals, their powerful bone is entirely covered with developed musculature. The coat is hard, resembles a wire, it perfectly performs its functions - it protects the animal from the weather and external damages.

The appearance of these dogs is deceptive - they are light, elegant, it seems that such a dog can lie on a cushion, but it has an incredible power, it is very mobile and spoonful. As for the sexual type, it is slightly expressed, the appearance depends more on the "hairstyle" than on the addition.

The maximum weight of the puppy is 9-10 kg, the height of the males at the withers does not exceed 39 cm, the bitches are somewhat smaller and more compact. The breed standard as follows describes the representatives:

  1. Head in the form of a square, clearly outlined, with a flat, strong forehead, not convex. The stop is weakly expressed, passes into a straight, even back of the nose. The format of the muzzle is emphasized by the trimming of the beard. Cheeks at welsh terriers are dryish, lips closely adhere, like gums, pigmented in black.
  2. Jaws are equipped with a number of strong, white teeth of medium size, which tightly close into a scissor bite. The standard allows for a direct bite, but it is undesirable.
  3. Nose is classical, square, intensely colored in black, nostrils widely open.
  4. Eyes small, glossy, look alive, intelligent, interested. Are located low.
  5. Ears are triangular in shape, with a kink, when the dog is calm, the tips hang down to the outer corners of the eyes. In concentrated welshter they rise on the cartilage and move forward.
  6. The body is square, frying, physical potential is immediately noticeable. The dog is always in a state of tension, and even when it seems that the dog is relaxed and tight, it can fall off in a second. Welsh terrier description of the breed
  7. The neck is proportional to the body, an oval shape with "dry" muscles, narrow at the head, widening to the shoulders, has an elegant bend. The withers are strong, the back is straight, of medium length. The thorax is deep, down to the elbows, with an even keel. Ribs well rounded, springy.
  8. The limbs are located under the body, parallel to each other, have strong, dry joints and pronounced bends of the knees. The hind legs are better muscled.
  9. Brushes of medium size, collected by a lump, with not too long fingers, bent like a cat, strong claws. Pillows are covered with black, strong, but rough skin.
  10. The tail is quite high. The standard allows it both in natural and docked form. With classic cupping, the length reaches the back of the head, which emphasizes the square shape of the body.

Quality of the coat and colors

Welsh terriers have a very conservative color, which is called a cap (shirt or jacket). With an external examination, it seems that the red dog put on a black shirt and only buttoned the top button.

The cover itself is hard, if the dog pat, then it immediately takes on the original form. Welsh terriers have a full, dense undercoat, but during the seasonal moult the individuals are almost completely discarded, especially bitches.

It may seem that the guard hair of the representatives of this breed is curly, but it is rather curled, in the form of a spiral with one turn. The standard specifies strict requirements for color, and any deviations refer to shortcomings.

The advantage is a rich, deep shade of wool, but among the champions you can find individuals with almost gray tan. The shirt should be black, small gray hair or the presence of red hairs.

Tan marks should be evenly outlined, they cover the area of ​​muzzle, ears, chin, sternum, fore and hind paws and lower abdomen.

The owner, who wants to buy a puppy for an exhibition career, should pay attention to some flaws in color that will not be a disadvantage, but they are not particularly welcomed:

  • The presence of an open shirt, that is, only red hair on the sternum;
  • the presence of a white patch on the breast (if the mark covers most of the chest, then the representative of the breed is discarded - it is not suitable for exhibitions and breeding);
  • white markings covering the feet, brushes;
  • presence of black marks on the hands or extremities, below the hock;
  • black marks on the ears - inside or outside.

The disadvantage can damage the exhibition career, such a person will not be able to get the title of champion and promising litter.


If three words describe the temperament welshterrier, then we can say that this is a fidget, a reactive and positive animal. In the genes of the dog, the qualities of his working ancestors are present, he is energetic, passionate, able to make his own decisions without regard to the owner. The latter is due to his hunting roots.

The owner will not be able to jump out for 5 minutes to walk his four-legged friend. This little terrier needs full, long promenades, with games and fun. In the park, this pet can run for an hour, imitating a hunt, tirelessly carrying a stick or a ball.

Welsh terrier is very ambitious, when meeting with his brethren he expects compliance. And the size of the dog does not really bother him, welsh will definitely try to show his superiority when disobeying. Therefore, if on the way meets no less than a snooty individual, the master should take his pet away.

If a family game is conceived, it is unlikely to manage without a small terrier. The enthusiasm and interest of this dog can only be envied. It is worth considering that the terrier loves to participate in garden and garden affairs. Naturally, this is not about help, but about real wrecking. All that will be planted, can be dug. Welsh terrier with toy

Meeting welshterrier with small animals can end sadly for the latter, if the dog does not catch, then necessarily drive the animal. It is almost impossible to distract the dog from this occupation. The hunting call of these dogs often wakes up and in the conditions of an apartment. Due to the acute scent, the pet is able to detect delicacies even in hard-to-reach places.

Loneliness terriers are badly tolerated, if the owner is constantly on the road, then it is not recommended to start a similar four-legged friend. The representative of this breed is very goal-oriented - having set a goal, he will certainly develop and implement a strategy that will lead a restless terrier to it. This quality is highly appreciated by hunters - the dog can solve the task assigned to it in two counts.

The future owner should understand that it is impossible to eradicate the instincts of such a dog, and even from educated welsh terriers, one can expect various kinds of pranks. What can be done? Only understand, forgive and love. In this case, the family acquires a cheerful, positive friend. In good hands the dog will try in every possible way to please his beloved master.

Education and training of welshterrier

The dogs of this breed are pretty clever, therefore, even a small puppy is able to absorb basic knowledge and skills. If you offer a pet training in a game form, he will be happy to join the process and become actively involved in it.

Among the welsh terriers there are quite stubborn individuals, in this case the owner should have patience and insist on demanding his own. More often than not, a strict voice and a displeased look are enough for the "student" to understand that his behavior is not pleasing to the owner.

These modest sized pesiki are very dominant creatures, which means that they will obey only the leader. A person needs to become a leader for his pet, gain authority. An effective method of training in working with this breed is positive reinforcement.

Such a doggie does not differ modesty and is always happy to boast of his abilities before the public. Welshterrier's imagination allows him to bring up a real helper from him - he can bring slippers, a newspaper, collect toys in a basket and so on. From the dog can get a home circus artist - he successfully performs various tricks.

Given his hunting habits and curiosity, it is desirable to train a pet indoors. Otherwise, he will be distracted by extraneous sounds and movements, and behind the running cat, he will undoubtedly go in pursuit, completely forgetting about the obligations.

Welsh terrier with gratitude perceives the deserved praise and encouragement, and if he is constantly scolded and punished, this will for a long time repel the dog's desire to learn and simply interact.

Care and health

Welsh terrier is a short-haired dog that does not drop its own hair. On the one hand - this is an excellent quality for the dog contained in the apartment, on the other - there is a need for regular tweaking of dead hairs - trimming. It is carried out at least once a year, in zoosalons, but the owner can independently master the procedure. Naturally, the owner of the pet, participating in exhibitions, without professional services can not do.

The dog is combed out by a puffer, during the shift of the undercoat it is desirable to do this daily. Welsh terriers do not shear, as this negatively affects the quality of the coat. It is recommended only hygienic haircut - the removal of overgrown hair between the fingers. Bathe dogs every 2 weeks, using animal remedies with tough hair. After washing the pet should be soaked with a towel. Welsh terrier muzzle

The owner should buy a special paste and brush, to brush your pet every 2-3 days. This will save them from the formation of plaque and stones. In addition, the dog will be happy to chew a dentist's wand or toy, which is an excellent preventive tool.

Eyes should be inspected regularly and periodically wiped with a wet swab. Movements start from the outer corner of the eye, and end at the inner corner. To improve the ventilation of the air in the auricles, the wool in them is trimming. Experts recommend that they be cleaned with a sulfur-softening agent.

If self-clamping of the claws does not occur, then they should be undercut by a file or cut with a claw-nail.

Breeding diseases

Welshterriers were withdrawn as working dogs, which means that strong health was laid in the binding qualities of the breed. Dogs have a strong immune system and are not painful. Rarely in such dogs, the following pathologies can be diagnosed:

  • epilepsy;
  • eye diseases - cataract, glaucoma;
  • thyroid disorders;
  • atopy.

The weak point of these terriers are the eyes, you need to watch them carefully.

How and what to feed welsh terrier

These dogs are not fit, so almost everything that gets them into a bowl will be eaten. The owner can feed the pet with quality dry food or natural products. In the latter case, baked goods and baked goods are baked and potatoes. Welsh terrier for a walk

If necessary, the dog can be transferred from one type of feeding to another, but it is often not recommended to do it without a reason. When feeding normal food, the dog should additionally be given vitamin supplementation or complexes, which the veterinarian will help to select.

Dog content

Welsh terrier is intended for living in a house or apartment, the presence of a fenced house territory is welcomed. But even in a busy city the dog can live if it is provided with sufficient physical exertion.

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Where to buy a puppy

On the territory of Russia this breed was appreciated, and the confirmation of this was the opening of the National Club of breeders. However, dogs are still rare, nurseries and breeders are rather few, so their search and expectation of offspring may take some time. The cost of puppies varies from 10,000 to 30,000 rubles.

In Moscow there is one kennel "From Wales" (welsh terriers, border terriers) https://izvelsa.ru/contacts/.

Welsh terrier is a dog for active, cheerful people who lead an active lifestyle. Wherever the host goes, the pet will be immensely happy to accompany him. As for small shortcomings ... And who does not have them?

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