Welsh Corgi

If we take into account that the majority of sheep dogs are large, severe dogs, the welsh corgi are noticeably knocked out of this range. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, these milfas are actually the most, that neither is, real sheepdogs. Moreover, the history of the breed has gone so far into centuries that many representatives of legends and legends hang around its representatives. It is worth a look under the veil and find out what kind of dog?


Interesting facts about the birth of the breed

Welsh Corgi are small shepherd dogs and belong to the family of sheep-dogs. Their appearance is associated with Wales - the ancient Celtic land and date this event X century. A small size and excellent physical form served a good service in hard shepherd's work - the dogs skillfully dodged the horns and limbs of cattle. Welsh-croaks were entrusted with grazing not only sheep, but also large horned animals, small horses - ponies. The dogs bitten the legs of the animal entrusted to them, thereby preventing them from dispensing and driving back into the herd.

Welsh Corgi

Until now, the origin of the name of the breed has not been determined exactly. But there are two unofficial theories. One welsh corgi is translated as "dwarf dog", on the other - "guard dog".

As for the legends, according to one of them, these dogs were given to people by fairies and elves of the foggy Albion, who used them for driving. In confirmation of this, some representatives of the breed have traces - bright lines on the muzzle and back, reminiscent of the harness.

But the real story is somewhat different. Images of dogs similar to corgi, were still among the Celts of Britain - the Britons. And the age of these data is quite impressive - 1500 years before our era. There is an opinion that it was these tribes who brought the dogs to the territory of the state, where they subsequently took shape.

However, scientists do not reject the possibility that the corgi were originally inhabited in Wales, even before the arrival of the Celts. There is also the possibility that the breed was formed in the Stone Age, when the inhabitants of the island were fed by sea inhabitants and birds. Then the dogs were used to search for game - birds on rocks and animals in dense bushes.

Dog welsh corgi

The Celts who came to the islands were cattle-breeders, and they found another use for the welsh-bark. Despite the compact size and complete absence of aggression, the shepherds turned out to be excellent shepherds. They were able not only to herd the flocks themselves, but also to guard it from predatory animals, to drive away foreign cattle from the occupied territory. The difference between the breed lies in their silence during work, but in everyday life it's very sociable pets.

Already in those days, welsh corgi were used as defenders of younger family members and other pets. At the Welsh exhibition, the dogs were in 1925, at least the date is documented. But being working animals, did not make a furor among more spectacular individuals.

Nevertheless, work on the breed continued and in its welsh-corgi became more popular and in demand. The division of the two subspecies of corgs into breeds - the pembroke and cardigan - occurred in 1934 from the American Kennel Club.

Dogs became even more popular when the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II herself had several representatives of this breed. Moreover, she is still devoted to their fan.

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How Welsh Corgi Looks

These dogs are the smallest of the shepherds' breeds. They have a long, stocky body and short, but very strong limbs. Such a constitution allows animals to be fairly quick and active. Given that there are two breeds of welsh corgi, it will be correct to consider representatives of both species.

The size of the welsh corgi pembroke is somewhat more compact than that of the cardigan - the growth varies in the area of ​​25-30 cm, weight from 10 to 13 kg. Welsh corgi cardigan weighs a bit more - 14-15 kg, height at the withers - 30 cm. Both names of breeds originated from the names of the counties of Wales, the dogs themselves differ slightly from each other.

Welsh corgi cardigan. As already noted, cardigans are larger, they are distinguished by large ears of rounded shape, wide chest. They have a straight back and a long tail. Their paws are somewhat higher than those of pembrokes. The standard allows for a variety of colors, but there are limitations, for example, a blemish is the predominance in the color of white wool. The coat is dense, two-layered. Above, the wool is of medium length, and the undercoat is short and very soft. Cardigans are distinguished by a noble appearance, and the character is matched to him - balanced, cause respect.

Welsh Corgi cardigan

Welsh Corgi cardigan

Welsh corgi pembroke. But the pembrokes are real positives and cause exclusively affection. Their sharpened muzzles and big pointed ears make dogs like chanterelles. Velvety brown eyes with a good-natured look, an amazing smile, a mischievous look - have melted not one heart. Becoming pembrokes is more elegant than that of cardigans. Their paws are shorter, they are shorter.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

The tail is short, this is the result of breeding or cupping. Animals are not decorative sissies, they are very strong, hardy and have a sharp mind and ingenuity.

The wool of the Pembroke corgi is remarkable - thick, shiny, medium in length, silky to the touch.

Welsh Corgi color

Among the common colors of corgi, the following can be noted:

  • red and white; Welsh Corgi red with white
  • tricolor (blackhead, red headed, deep); Welsh Corgi tricolor
  • deer; Welsh corgi reindeer
  • black (is rare). Welsh Corgi Black

There are cardigans of brindle color and with black spots on a gray background (blue-merle). The standard allows the presence of a white collar, spots of light color in the head, paws and abdomen. Pembroke fur on the ears and head is slightly lighter than on other parts of the body.

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What is the nature of welsh corgi

In the breed standard, you can meet the amazing qualities of this breed. For example, they are intelligent, sympathetic, have an excellent sense of humor! Does every dog ​​deserve this description?

Dogs are very mobile and treat with sympathy for others. Balanced psyche, which is characteristic of pedigree animals, allows you to keep these pets at the same time as other animals, children. Often, the owners, charmed by the welsh-bark, bring in several pets of this breed. This is a good option, because historically, their loyalty to their own kind is embedded.

Dogs are distinguished by devotion. Being attached to their master, they show love to all members of the family. But there is a nuance, during the game welsh corgi can guide the movement of the child, biting his feet. Therefore, it is better to have a dog when the baby grows up.

Character of welsh corgi

Breed of welsh corgi dogs in the photo

Dogs differ in correct behavior. No mood from the owner? The dog will not be imposed and quietly retired. But at the first whistle it will be brought and here it is impossible to do without tenderness! And their appearance, rich facial expressions are able to evoke a smile at first sight.

Welsh corgi are excellent companions. They can accompany the owner anywhere, they are not afraid of new places and are loyal to strangers and animals. Like all shepherd dogs, they need long walks, energetic and fun games.

At home, the dog behaves calmly, does not interfere with the legs and does not require increased attention. And corgi very often relate to the master's furniture, preferring to stretch out in a cooler place. Despite the compact size, the dog has protective qualities. As the strangers approach, he will bark loudly and protect family members, regardless of the size of the attackers.

Welsh Corgi, thanks to their remarkable intelligence and ingenuity, quickly realize that their appearance gives certain advantages. In this case, they can try to manipulate the owner in their favor. This can be corrected through proper education and training. Such qualities as dirty and rancorous are absolutely not peculiar to the representatives of this breed.

Dogs are easily socialized and trained. But in this case it should be borne in mind that the intellect does not allow executing commands thoughtlessly. Here, cardigans are more reasonable and calm character. Pembrokes are more impulsive and active.

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How to care for and feed welsh cargians

The dog does not require special care. Her fur coat can be combed 1-2 times a week by a special brush, in seasonal molt more often, to reduce the amount of wool in the house and speed up the process of changing it. Ears and eyes are desirable to inspect after walking. Once a week, ears should be cleaned and wiped with a cotton swab, and you need to clean your teeth.

The eyes are washed out if necessary. Frequent bathing is not recommended, enough to wash your pet 3 times a year, and as necessary. Apply better special high-quality detergents.

How to care for welsh corgi

Photos - Puppy welsh corgi

Welsh Corgi are distinguished by their activity and mobility, it is important for them to splash out excess energy. They are suitable for street maintenance, but provided a spacious enclosure and a warm booth. But in the apartment these dogs feel comfortable, only it is important to make regular long walks.

Pet is an adherent of everything new, Corgi will be delighted with unexplored places, fragrances. Therefore, it is desirable to periodically change the place for walking.

In dogs, a special constitution is an elongated, heavy body on short legs, so representatives of such breeds are not recommended to overweight. This phenomenon threatens with problems with the spine and apathetic condition. Also, pet jumping is not recommended, since there is a risk of damage to the vertebrae or limbs.

You should carefully select the diet, taking into account the size, age and activity of the dog. Corgi has a sin - they are very fond of eating and include all their charm in order to get some goodies. In this case, it is necessary to "educate" all family members. This is especially true of the "compassionate" of its representatives, ready to "melt" under the eyes of the beloved beggar. Go on about the clever doggy in no case impossible, otherwise after a while the animal from the mobile and active will turn into a clumsy, fat creature with a constantly bad mood.

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Photo of welsh corgi

Welsh corgi posingWelsh corgi on stoneBreed of welsh corgi dogsWelsh Corgi funnyWelsh corgi in the grassBeautiful welsh corgi

Video about welsh corgi

Price for Welsh Corgi puppies

The breed is quite popular, so purchasing a puppy is not difficult. Many famous people have such a pet in pets, so a cargos puppy will cost around 20000-45000 rubles. Welsh Corgi - good-natured, obedient, active, playful - an excellent choice as a pet.

Kennels Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi catteries in:

  • Moscow: http://ksaro-corgi.ru
  • In Kiev: http://corgi.ua

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