The dog has watery eyes. What to do

Tearing does not so rarely disturb the friends of our four-legged. Sometimes it's just the body's reaction to the ingress of dust into the eyes. But increased lacrimation can be a symptom of the disease. There are breeds prone to eye diseases , and timely prevention is important for them. Why does the dog watery eyes, and what to do with the pet in this condition?


Causes of lachrymation in dogs

The dog has watery eyes. What to do

Tears play a very important role - they purify the eyes, protect against penetration of foreign objects, dust, pathogenic microflora. Lacrimal liquid has antibacterial properties, washing away all unnecessary. However, the increase in tear is not the norm, this condition is due to the following reasons:

  • Increased volume of tears. Thus, the body tries to get rid of eyes from foreign bodies, for example, hairs. If the tears in the puppy flow transparent, without any impurities, then this may be a sign of an allergic reaction or a cilium.
  • Deformation or change in the condition of the lacrimal canal. This can happen for various reasons - due to eye injury, congenital pathology of the canal, or due to infection of an infectious agent. Often there is a blockage of the lacrimal canal or inflammation occurs. This provokes the allocation of a large amount of tear fluid, which can be cloudy, have a yellowish-greenish tinge, and the eyes themselves turn red.
  • If pus appears in the tear fluid, it acquires an unhealthy yellow or green color, which means, most likely, the dog develops an eye infection. In such a situation, it is not necessary to act independently, it is better to seek the advice of a veterinarian to find out what caused the inflammatory process.

What diseases are accompanied by lacrimation

Eye infections can lead to irreversible consequences - the dog may go blind or lose sight directly, so it is necessary to start therapy immediately. More often than not, the abundant discharge of tears is accompanied by the following ailments:

  • Conjunctivitis . It can cause an allergic reaction to feed or natural product, household chemicals, eye trauma, as well as deformation of the tear duct of the pet. The disease is accompanied by the flow from the eyes of mucous secretions, yellow-green pus. The dog's eyes turn red, the animal starts blinking often, squinting, or completely squinting.
  • An inflamed gland of Gardner ( third eyelid ). Animals that have cats that have dogs have a third eyelid that protects the cornea from external threats. On examination, this condition is easily identified. If in the third century a foci of inflammation forms, it swells up, turns red, around it there is a cluster of yellow mucus.
  • Injury. Most dogs by nature are curious and thrust muzzles at times where not to be. In this case, it is very easy to get an eye injury from an angry cat, be scratched by wire or other unsafe objects. Damage can touch both eyes, and eyelids or areas near the eyeball. Injuries in most cases lead to the development of inflammation.

When the help of a veterinarian is not required

A veterinarian's help in eye diseases in dogs

Often, the dog's tears flow due to certain conditions, and the situation does not require recourse for professional help. This can happen in the following cases:

  • When a small stimulus enters the eye - grains of sand, wool, etc. The structure of the dog's eye differs little from the human, so this happens quite often.
  • Another reason for strong lachrymation is dry air in the room. If there is no possibility to increase the humidity, then it is necessary to instill the eyes of the pet with special moisturizers - Artificial Tear, Hypromellose, Dacrolux, Lacrisifi, etc. They have a lubricating and softening effect, they protect the eyes instead of teardrops.

If the dog has a prolonged time of profuse lacrimation, it is still worthwhile to show the pet to an experienced veterinarian, you may need treatment.

Drops for the treatment of eye diseases in dogs

Almost always for the treatment of the eyes of animals, special preparations are prescribed in the form of eye drops or ointments. Among the most common means, the most popular ones are:

  • Cyprovet . Drops for the eyes with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Effective against both gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms - staphylococcus , chlamydia, mycoplasma. The active substance of the drug Ziprovet destroys the DNA of pathogenic pathogens. It is prescribed for common eye diseases of dogs - conjunctivitis, blepharitis, ulcerous formations on the cornea, keratitis .
  • Bars . Eye drops, which have an action similar to the drug Ziprovet. Active components of the drug are levomycetin and furatsilin, their properties allow the use of drops for the treatment and prevention of the following ailments: conjunctivitis, keratoconjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, and also for therapy with eye injuries.
  • Tsiprolet . The drug in the form of drops for the eyes, the main active substance is an aqueous solution of ciproflaxacin. It has efficacy against pathogens of streptococcal infection, chlamydia, listeriosis. Does not affect the fungus, the causative agent of syphilis - treponemu and bacteroides.
  • Diamond eyes . Prophylactic drops, which include succinic acid, chlorooxydin, taurine. Such a drug is used for daily care of the eyes of the pet, with its help it is possible to remove the dried formations in the corners of the eyes. Applied with a plentiful flow of tears, an inflammatory process on the mucous eyes, to prevent the development of conjunctivitis, with age-related changes in corneal conditions, damage to the eye, cataracts .
  • Optimum . The product is available in the form of ointments for the eyes and drops, helps restore the process of lacrimation. Effective to eliminate the "dry eye syndrome", as well as for the treatment of keratoveitis, scleritis, keratitis. Do not use against diseases caused by fungi.
  • Tobrex . The drug is in the form of eye drops, which acts against various external infections that affect not only the eyes, but also the tissues around them caused by pathogens that are sensitive to tobramycin.

Methods for eliminating tear

Treatment of tear in the eyes of dogs

It is not enough to acquire a suitable remedy, you should also know how to apply it correctly:

  1. Before applying eye preparations, you need to wash your hands to prevent dirt and infection.
  2. Carefully with a cotton swab soaked in warm water, you need to clean the coat around the eyes and the eyelids.
  3. To get the drops into the eyes, it is better to take the pet's head back and fix the position with one hand. It will require a confident movement and a strong grip, otherwise the dog can break out sharply and get injured while digging.
  4. Ointments are laid, like a person - in a conjunctival sac. For this, the eyelid is a little delayed, and the remedy is squeezed out into the pocket, which turned out. To the drug spread, the eyes of the pet should be briefly closed (three to four seconds will be enough).
  5. Any agent for the treatment or prevention of eye diseases is used in both eyes, even if the lesion is only on one.

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Prevention of eye diseases

There are a number of reasons why animals can often suffer from eye ailments:

  • In many long-haired breeds, frequent copious lacrimation is associated with the ingress of cilia and wool into the eyes. To avoid this, it is necessary to remove hair from the eye area with an accessory - elastic bands, hair clips (the option is suitable for decorative rocks), or cut off long hair on the head and slightly shorten the length of the eyelashes. If you do not have the skills to do it yourself, you can turn to a groomer specialist.
  • A strong flow of tears due to malnutrition or changes in diet can be eliminated by analyzing the pet's menu and eliminating the products that caused this condition. In any case - sweets, baked goods, fat and fried not a place in the dog diet.
  • If tears are accompanied by more serious symptoms - the course of pus , refusal of food , lethargy, etc., do not experiment with drugs, but it is better to immediately go to the vet.

The dog should always be kept clean, when washing, care should be taken to ensure that detergents do not get into the eyes, and even more so if they are shampoos from fleas , ticks and other parasites.

It should be noted that in the representatives of dwarf ornamental rocks ( Yorkshire terriers , dwarf poodles, toy terriers, etc.), a small selection of tears is normal. But only if the tears are transparent and do not flow in streams. As soon as they were painted, they began to flow abundantly over the coat, which means that it is necessary to go to the veterinary clinic.

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