The dog's eyes fester. What to do

The eyes are a rather tender organ, both in humans and animals. Dogs often have tearing or even festering in their eyes. Naturally, this phenomenon causes panic among the owners. But you should not panic, because it is important to find out what the reason for the formation of pus is and to give your pet emergency help at home. In such a situation, it is recommended to consult a specialist, as festering eyes can be a symptom of a serious disease. What to do if a dog's eyes fester?


Allergic pus

The dog's eyes fester. What to do

Allergy is an unpleasant disease, which is caused by a variety of pathogens - from parasites (fleas, dust mites, etc.) to microscopic particles of household chemicals. One of the signs of an allergic reaction is the appearance of tears and purulent discharge from the eyes. Often this symptom accompanies food allergies.

The illness begins with a profuse tearing, which occurs constantly, and moist drocha are formed on the dog's face. Dampness and heat - an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Initially, the immune system fights with their growth, but when it is weakened and cannot suppress them, purulent discharges appear. Often, an allergic reaction is accompanied by other signs - swelling of the nose, lips, paw pads, the pet is worried about itching, he often sneezes for a long time. Severe symptoms include pulmonary edema, bronchial spasms.

Allergy is an insidious disease and can lead to suffocation, especially if the dog continues to contact with the allergenic substance. In this case, it is important to promptly seek help from the veterinary service.

Eye suppuration caused by bacteria or fungi

Infectious diseases of a similar nature can affect locally, or the entire body. There are no single symptoms, each pathogenic pathogen has a different effect on the animal's body.

If a pet has pus in his eyes, he has lost interest in food, the temperature has risen, the animal is sluggish, lies more - it means that it is still a bacterial infection. The most severe sign of the disease can be sepsis, leading to death. This happens when the pathogenic bacteria enter the blood circulation system.

Fungal pathogens in general can doze off for a few years in the body and suddenly manifest as severe symptoms.

Such conditions require emergency treatment. By laboratory tests, a type of bacteria or fungus is detected, appropriate antibiotics or antifungal drugs are prescribed. If you treat yourself without the help of a veterinarian, trying different medicines, the treatment can last more than one year and will seriously undermine the health of the four-legged friend.

The virus is the cause of pus in the eyes

Virus in dogs with pus in the eyes

If the suppuration of the eyes is of viral origin, then any delay can be fatal. As long as the owner goes through possible causes in his mind, the virus can weaken the body of even a young, hardy animal in a few hours. Puppies are often killed during this period.

Viral infections (plague of carnivores, adenovirosis, infectious hepatitis, etc.) are accompanied by a wide variety of symptoms. Each type of virus has its own characteristics. But, in any case, the state of the animal deteriorates sharply: the dog refuses to eat, a sharp increase in temperature is observed. On the part of the respiratory system may appear wheezing, heavy breathing, dry cough , frequent sneezing. Often viral intoxication leads to upset gastrointestinal tract - loose stools , gagging .

There are a number of viruses that lead to ailments in a hidden form. In this case, the disease can give a cough after exercise, weakness, purulent discharge from the eyes, for nasal discharge. Veterinarians warn that self-treatment for viral ailments is useless. Time does not wait, so you should show your pet to a doctor as soon as possible.

Pus due to injury

Dogs - creatures are very active, so often because of this, the organs of sight suffer. Century tissue or the cornea can be damaged by a sprig, a dry blade of grass, when playing with your relatives, meeting a cat, etc. Naturally, the owner cannot foresee such situations.

If the damage occurred in front of the owner, he can consult a veterinary pharmacy pharmacist and purchase drugs that can heal the damage quickly. These products include: Lacrimine aseptic, Bars drops, Dezacid, Iris drops, Misofen ointment, etc. This option is suitable if the damage is minor.

In most cases, after the injury, the pet suppresses one damaged eye. The second eye remains clean, without discharge. If the animal has hit its head, tearing and the flow of pus can occur from both eyes. If there is the slightest suspicion of injury, it is recommended to contact a veterinarian, as the pet may have serious hidden damage.

Tearing and pus during corneal irritation

Tear and pus in the dog's eyes

The cause of the reddened cornea and the appearance of pus may be that the sensitive skin of the eyes was in contact with caustic volatile substances. Dogs that are sensitive to household chemicals can “cry” from the fumes of chlorine-containing agents, powder suspension, etc. If contact with substances is rare, then everything is limited to tearing, only with regular contact of the substances on the cornea, pus is formed.

Often the cause of conjunctivitis is the animal's own hair - bangs, a beard that constantly penetrates the eyes. It can also be provoked by the ingress of particles of dust, sand, smoke.

Parasitic insects - the cause of pus in the eyes

Dogs are affected by a variety of parasites - helminths, fleas, ticks that can cause the formation of pus in the eyes. Often they provoke an allergic reaction when it enters the visual organs, as well as when combing auricles, the dog may inadvertently touch the eyes. In this situation, the most important event is to rid the dog of parasites.

Formation of pus in chronic ailments

Chronic pathologies are the most common and frequently encountered factors that can cause suppuration in the eyes. It may be a blockage of the tear duct, congenital or traumatic reversal of the eyelid, diseases of the internal systems and organs.

Often, to identify the causes of a pet requires a comprehensive diagnosis. This is very important if we are talking about an elderly animal - during the aging period, the immunity weakens, and age-related illnesses develop. There is an exacerbation of chronic diseases. The urogenital system, gastrointestinal tract, and kidneys are most often affected.

What you can do yourself

If the dog's eyes are very festering, it can be treated as follows:

  • Rinse gently with herbal tea. Chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula. For these purposes, the solution furatsillina.
  • Rinse with a cotton pad or swab dipped in liquid. Starting to hold the disc is necessary from the inner corner of the eye.
  • It is necessary to follow the rule - to treat each eye with a separate swab.
  • After thorough treatment, excess moisture should be wetted with a dry cloth.
  • It is recommended to have tetracycline ointment 1% in the first-aid kit. It imposes on the inside of the eyelids. For application you need to delay the pet's lower eyelid, put the ointment. Then close your eyelids and gently massage.
  • To show the effect, you need to prevent eye friction paws. To do this, you can caress your pet, stroke, distract.

Video about the first signs of eye disease

Preventive measures

To prevent the formation of pus in the eyes, experts recommend the following:

  • inspect the dog's eyes every day, remove as necessary if necessary, bury from dryness;
  • keep a pet in suitable conditions, timely clean the bed or bedding ;
  • take care of timely vaccination of the animal ;
  • adhere to a suitable full diet ;
  • immediately treat a pet, including for inflammation and suppuration of the eyes.

Prevention should be carried out based on the characteristics of the breed, age, health. Pets with multiple folds require processing in the eye area too. If a dog has long hair on its face, then it must be trimmed so that it does not affect the vision.

If conjunctivitis or pus struck one puppy, all pets will have to process and bury their eyes, since the disease can be transmitted.

Veterinarians are advised to have in a pharmacy special prophylactic means for treating the eyes, also painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Dogs with bulging eyes (Pekingese, Japanese hinam, pugs) require daily eye treatment with the help of artificial tears.

If you follow the rules of hygiene (inspection, processing, hygienic haircut), then the risk of suppuration of the eyes is significantly reduced. But at the first sign of eye disease it is still recommended to seek help from a doctor. I hope we answered the question: “Why do dogs have eyes fester?”.

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