The dog's eyes are festering. What to do

Eyes - a fairly tender body, both in humans and animals. The dogs often have watery eyes, or even suppuration in the eyes. Naturally, this phenomenon causes panic among the owners. But do not panic, because it is important to understand what is the reason for the formation of pus and provide an ambulance ambulance at home. In such a situation it is recommended to seek the advice of a specialist, since suppurating eyes can be a symptom of a serious illness. What should I do if my dog's eyes fester?


Pus allergic

The dog's eyes are festering. What to do

Allergy is an unpleasant disease that is caused by a variety of pathogens - from parasites (fleas, dust mites, etc.), to microscopic particles of household chemicals. One of the signs of an allergic reaction is the appearance of lacrimal and purulent discharge from the eyes. Often such a symptom accompanies food allergy.

The disease begins with profuse lachrymation, which occurs constantly, on the muzzle of the dog formed wet droshky. Dampness and heat are an ideal place for the reproduction of bacteria. Initially, with their growth, the immune system fights, but when it is weakened and can not suppress them, there are purulent discharge. Often, the allergic reaction is accompanied by other signs - the swelling of the nose, lips, paws, the pet is troubled by itching, it often sneezes . Among the severe symptoms can be noted pulmonary edema, bronchial spasms.

Allergies are an insidious disease and can lead to suffocation, especially if the dog continues to come into contact with an allergenic substance. In this case, it is important to apply for help to the veterinary service in a timely manner.

Suppuration of eyes caused by bacteria or fungi

Infectious diseases of a similar nature can affect the local, or the entire body. There are no single symptoms, each pathogenic agent has a different effect on the animal's organism.

If the pet appeared in the eyes of pus, he lost interest in food, the temperature rose, the animal languid, more lies - it means that it is still a bacterial infection. The most serious sign of the disease may be sepsis, leading to death. This occurs when pathogens penetrate the circulatory system.

Fungal pathogens in general can be dormant for several years in the body and suddenly manifest as severe symptoms.

Such conditions require emergency treatment. By laboratory tests, the type of bacteria or fungus is detected, appropriate antibiotics or antifungal agents are prescribed. If you treat yourself without the help of a veterinarian, trying various medications, the treatment can last for more than one year and will seriously undermine the health of a four-footed friend.

The virus is the cause of pus in the eyes

Virus in dogs with pus in the eyes

If the suppuration of the eyes is of a viral origin, then any delay can lead to a fatal outcome. As long as the host in his mind sorts out the possible causes, the virus can weaken the organism in a few hours even for a young, hardy animal. Puppies often die during this period.

Viral infections (carnivore plague, adenovirus, infectious hepatitis, etc.) are accompanied by a wide variety of symptoms. Each type of virus has its own characteristics. But, in any case, the condition of the animal deteriorates sharply: the dog refuses food, there is a sharp increase in temperature. On the part of the respiratory system, wheezing, heavy breathing, dry cough , frequent sneezing may occur. Often the virus intoxication leads to a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract - a liquid stool , vomiting .

There are a number of viruses that lead to ailments in a latent form. In this case, the disease can give a cough after physical exertion, weakness, purulent discharge from the eyes, flow of discharge from the nose. Veterinarians warn that self-treatment for viral diseases is useless. Time does not wait, so it should be as soon as possible to show the pet to the doctor.

Pus after injury

Dogs are very active creatures, so often because of this, the organs of vision suffer. The tissues of the eyelid or the cornea can be damaged by twigs, dry grass, when playing with their relatives, meeting with a cat, etc. Naturally, the owner can not foresee such situations.

If the damage occurred in front of the owner, he can seek advice from a veterinarian pharmacist and purchase drugs that can quickly heal the damage. These drugs include: Lacrimin Aseptic, Bars drops, Dezacide, Iris drops, Mizofen ointment, etc. This option is suitable if the damage is insignificant.

In most cases, after the injury, the pet has a suppuration of one damaged eye. The second eye remains clean, without excretions. If the animal struck his head, then lacrimation and the course of pus can occur from both eyes. If there is a slightest suspicion of injury, it is recommended that you contact the veterinarian, as the pet can have serious hidden damage.

Tear and pus with irritation of the cornea

Tear and pus in the eyes of a dog

The cause of the reddened cornea and the appearance of pus may be that the sensitive skin of the eye has come into contact with caustic volatile substances. Dogs sensitive to household chemicals can "cry" from the evaporations of chlorine-containing substances, powder suspensions, etc. If contact with substances is rare, then everything is limited to lacrimation, only with the regular ingestion of substances on the cornea is the formation of pus.

Often the cause of conjunctivitis is the animal's own coat - a bang, a beard that constantly penetrates into the eyes. It can also be triggered by particles of dust, sand, smoke.

Parasitic insects - the cause of pus in the eyes

Dogs are affected by a variety of parasites - helminths, fleas, ticks, which can cause the formation of pus in the eyes. Often, they provoke the appearance of an allergic reaction when entering the visual organs, as well as when combing the auricles, the dog may accidentally touch the eyes. In this situation, the most important activity is getting rid of the dog from parasites.

Pus formation in chronic ailments

Chronic pathologies are the most common and frequently occurring factors that can cause suppuration in the eyes. This can be a plugging of the tear duct, a congenital or traumatic reversal of the eyelid, diseases of internal systems and organs.

Often, to identify the causes of the pet requires a comprehensive diagnosis. This is very important if we are talking about an elderly animal - in the period of aging immunity weakens, "age" ailments develop. There is an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Most often the urogenital system, the digestive tract, and the kidneys suffer.

What can I do by myself

If the dog's eyes are very festering, you can treat it like this:

  • Gently wash eyes with herbal decoction. Suitable camomile, St. John's wort, calendula. For the same purpose, a solution of furacillin is used.
  • Wash with a cotton swab or a swab moistened with water. To start to spend a disk it is necessary from an internal corner of an eye.
  • It is necessary to observe the rule - to treat each eye with a separate tampon.
  • After careful treatment, excess moisture should be soaked with a dry cloth.
  • It is recommended to have a tetracycline ointment in the medicine cabinet 1%. It is applied to the inner part of the eyelids. To apply, you need to pull the lower eyelid of the pet, place the ointment. Then close your eyelids and gently massage.
  • To have an effect, it is necessary to prevent rubbing of the eyes with the paws. To do this, you can pet your pet, pat, distract.

Video about the first signs of eye disease

Preventive measures

To prevent the formation of pus in the eyes, experts recommend the following:

  • daily examine the eyes of the dog, if necessary remove the formation, bury from dryness;
  • Keep the pet in suitable conditions, clean the litter or bedding in good time;
  • take care of timely vaccination of the animal ;
  • adhere to a suitable full-fledged diet ;
  • immediately treat a pet, including from inflammation and suppuration of the eyes.

Prevention should be carried out, based on the characteristics of the breed, age, health. Pets with many folds require their treatment in the eye area, too. If the dog has a long coat on the muzzle, then it must be sheared so that it does not affect the sight.

If conjunctivitis or pus has infected one puppy, all pets will have to process and bury their eyes, as the disease can be transmitted.

Veterinarians advise to have in the pharmacy special preventive means for eye treatment, also anesthetizing and anti-inflammatory.

Dogs with bulging eyes (Pekingese, Japanese chinas, pugs) require daily eye treatment with artificial tears.

If you follow the rules of hygiene (inspection, treatment, hygienic haircut), then the risks of suppuration of the eyes will be significantly reduced. But at the first sign of eye diseases it is still recommended to seek medical help from a doctor. I hope we answered the question: "Why does the dog's eyes fester?".

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