Dog toilet: which one to choose

Dog tray? Not so long ago we did not even think about such know-how. This attribute was exclusively feline, but more often dwarf breed pets began to appear, dogs without hair and owners began to think. Today you will not surprise anyone with a dog tray, moreover, they are successfully used in a variety of situations that are not always related to the size of the pet. If there is a dilemma about what amenities to choose for a dog, it is worth considering the available options, their disadvantages and advantages.


What situations require a dog tray

Most owners of tiny dogs ask themselves: “Is it necessary to regularly walk their dear little ones, if they are much smaller than a cat?” Naturally, such pets are more sensitive to temperature extremes, often freeze and can not stand the heat. It is quite advisable to install a house of trays and walk with a dog only under suitable weather conditions. It is worth emphasizing that walking cannot be completely replaced by home amenities.

For almost all breeds, sooner or later, the need for a home toilet arises. Of course, for large dogs the tray is not an option, for everyone else a good way out. This may be due to the following situations:

  • puppies before vaccinations and some time after vaccination can not be taken outside;
  • the weather does not allow walking puppies, hairless, short-haired dogs;
  • the owner is sick and cannot physically walk with the pet (the tray, for all reasons, is much better than self-walking);
  • work does not allow you to walk the dog two or three times daily (of course, if this does not happen every day, otherwise you should not make a four-legged friend);
  • the pet is sick, undergoing rehabilitation after surgery;
  • the dog is elderly and does not always endure walking (smart pets are very experiencing such embarrassments, and the backup option will save the pet from remorse, and the owner from an unpleasant surprise).

There can be a lot of situations and if it happened, it is worth considering the available options for toilets.

Varieties of "home amenities" for dogs

Manufacturers of various accessories for animals have taken care, and in the windows of pet stores you can find the most diverse designs of dog toilets. It is worth considering the most common of them:

  • Toilet with removable column. The design is quite ordinary, consisting of a pallet and placed on top of the grill. An additional detail is a column, designed for males to cope with the need for a familiar physiological posture - with their paws lifted. The trays are made of non-toxic materials, absolutely harmless, both for dogs and others. It is necessary to wash the toilet at least once a day. The contents of the tray are removed and rinsed. If the dog is only in the process of training, do not use detergents so as not to completely discourage the smell of excrement (read why the dog eats excrement ). Dog toilet with removable column
  • Tray equipped with a collector. Despite the name, the tray is quite simple. The kit includes a container and a durable mesh that is very easy to clean. Alternatively, a mat can be placed in such a tray and filled with a special absorbent filler. To prevent unpleasant odors, a disposable diaper is placed under the net. Dog Tray with Collector
  • Absorbent toilet. Such a toilet is similar to the one described above, only there is no grid in it. A filler is placed in the tray, at the discretion of the owner or pet preference. All fillers on the market absorb liquids and fight odors. Such a toilet is convenient, but there is one significant drawback - often dogs swallow various inedible objects, including filler. And puppies do it all the time. If a dog has noticed such a sinner in order to avoid poisoning, it is better to choose a filler made from natural materials (wood) or completely abandon this option. Absorbent Dog Toilet
  • Diaper tray. This option is quite common. In addition, dogs quickly get used to doing their "affairs" on a diaper. But if earlier a disposable or reusable diaper was placed on the floor or in an ordinary tray, today you can buy special pallets that have mounts for diapers. This is a great option, allowing you to quickly accustom your pet to the toilet and protect the flooring. Reusable diapers are now available that are easy to wash and reapply. If you don’t want to bother or don’t have time, you can choose a disposable diaper option. The pallet itself is easy to clean and does not absorb odors. Dog tray with diaper
  • Tray with lawn grass. Pretty original multi-level toilet for dogs. Below is a roomy pallet. The middle level has a protective function against contact with the deck. Top layer - imitation of lawn. The fluid flows through the grassy layer and is retained in the container. The tray is very bulky, so you can clean it after the pet only every 6-7 days. Do not be afraid of an unpleasant odor, since the technology of "locking" the smell is used in the manufacture of this toilet. It is convenient to use a tray with a lawn at home, on the street, it is quite portable. Its large capacity solves the issue of leaving for several days, if it becomes necessary to leave the pet at home. The toilet is adapted to any temperature changes, easy to use and clean. Dog toilet with grass
  • Toilet box for dogs. Externally, the design resembles a plastic carrying house. A tray is placed inside, and the entrance is equipped so that the dog can freely enter and leave the toilet. The box is suitable for shy pets of dwarf breeds and puppies, whom everything around them distracts from business. Toilet box for dogs

Choosing the right toilet, you need to focus on the size of the dog. On sale you can find trays and containers of various parameters and shapes. Most often, rectangular trays are used, but you can also choose a convenient angular model that can save space.

Common but unsuccessful dog toilets

Many, for economic reasons, use cat litter options for dogs, which, now, even for cats, are rarely used:

  • A basin filled with sand . No doubt - simple, but not hygienic. You can make it yourself - a bowl or bowl is filled with sand. The very design of the container will create difficulties for the small pet to penetrate the toilet, the sides will be too high. Most likely, the pet will like the filler, and he will be happy to dig into it, falling asleep all around and distributing grains of sand throughout the house. In addition to clutter, such a toilet will “smell”, as the sand does not absorb odors. Sand filled basin for dogs
  • Double bottom tray . Economy option among dog toilets. There is no need to purchase special fillers, and the tray itself is inexpensive. The disadvantages include the fact that not all four-legged comrades want to use it. And, in addition, trays are made of plastic that perfectly absorb odors. Even with regular cleaning and washing, an unpleasant odor will appear and it will be possible to get rid of it only with a tray. Double bottom toilet for dogs

How to teach a dog to go to the toilet

Of course, dogs are very intelligent creatures, but nevertheless, meeting the needs of the house is unusual for them. In order for the dog to quickly understand what they want from him, the following measures must be taken:

  • you need to choose a suitable place for the future toilet and put a piece of cloth or a diaper there, a little soaked in the urine of the pet;
  • if the animal is trying to cope with any inappropriate places for this, they can be treated with special deterrents;
  • when catching a pet “at the crime scene”, it is necessary to take it and put it in the toilet;
  • puddles in the wrong places are wiped, the place can be treated with a solution of vinegar to discourage the dog from wanting to walk here again;
  • apply a system of encouragement and punishment, good moments are obligatory, marked with praise and reward, unsuccessful ones - with discontent and censure;
  • if the pet resists and continues to mark the entire territory, it is worth restricting its movement, placing it in an enclosed space, along with a toilet tray; the dog understood what was required of him - he received a mandatory reward.

Read more: how to train a puppy to the toilet .

What experts recommend

First of all, experienced people unanimously say that the dog should still walk. If you want to have a large or medium sized pet, but there is no time for walking, then you should abandon the venture until more suitable times.

The tray is suitable for permanent use only for small dogs, for other breeds this is a necessary measure. Moreover, not small pets can even get used to household amenities, then far from small mountains of feces will have to be cleaned daily.

Veterinarians warn against cleaning household trays with chlorine-based products. The dog may refuse to use the toilet or, in general, lose the smell.

To accustom a pet to a tray, it will take a lot of patience and endurance. The use of force in punishment is not permissible!

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