Dog body temperature

As in humans, the body temperature in dogs is considered the main indicator of well-being. Significant deviations signal that not all is well with the pet. The temperature norm most often is an indicator of the excellent health of the animal. Every pet owner should know the temperature standards for dogs, as well as the rules for its measurement.

Dog body temperature


Normal dog temperature

Many owners believe that their pet's body temperature is normally 36.6 ° C, but this is fundamentally wrong. For a dog, these figures range from 37.5-39 ° C. In addition, numbers may vary, depending on some factors:

  • belonging to a particular breed;
  • sex;
  • physiological features;
  • age;
  • individual properties of the organism.

For example, in puppies of dwarf breeds, the temperature is normally kept around 39 ° C, and in large-sized adult pets, this figure is much lower.

The body temperature of the dogs may increase during the heat, after intense training, active games, when the animal feels anxiety, panic or fear. In females, bitches are also possible.

There are a number of specific standards that you should rely on when measuring the temperature of a pet:

  • puppies of small and dwarf breeds - from 38.6 to 39.3 ° C;
  • adult small breeds - from 38.5 to 39 ° C;
  • adult representatives of medium-sized breeds - from 37.5 to 39 ° C;
  • puppies of large breed dogs - from 38, 2 to 39 ° C;
  • large adult dogs - from 37.4 to 38.3 ° C.

Thus, it becomes obvious that the temperature in dogs is not a general, but rather an individual indicator.

In what cases is it necessary to measure the temperature of a pet?

If the dog has no health problems, then there is no special need for daily measurements. It is only important to know what it is normal in this particular pet.

Pedigree puppies with good health indicators are recommended to regularly measure body temperature index, starting from the very birth. For this there are special graphics.

In a pregnant bitch, the temperature is measured, as before the birth (this indicator indicates how soon the dog becomes numb) and after the puppies are born. In dogs, before childbirth temperature indicators are significantly reduced. Before vaccination, it is also necessary to measure the temperature.

If the pet is sick, then measurements are taken twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. It is advisable to fix the data in the notebook.

When you need to measure the body temperature of the dog

Causes of change in body temperature in dogs

You should not rely on the popular method - determining the condition of a dog by its nose. According to this method, it turns out that if the pet's nose is hot and dry, it means that he is sick. This information is irrelevant to the truth, since it is this nose for any healthy animal during sleep, because the sleeping pet does not lick while sleeping. Dry nasal lobe is not a reason to panic and seek help from a veterinarian.

If the pet is cheerful, has a normal reaction to the environment, has a good appetite, plays briskly, its wool has a shine and a tight fit to the body, which means that he has no health problems. The sick pet has the opposite of the described condition:

  • the dog refuses food for more than a day;
  • looks lethargic, tired;
  • shows anxiety unreasonable at first glance (a sign that the animal feels pain);
  • excessive salivation (symptom of nausea) with subsequent vomiting ;
  • upset stool;
  • muscle contraction;
  • heart palpitations and breathing.

If these symptoms are present, then temperature measurement is a mandatory procedure and must be carried out before the pet is examined by a veterinarian.

The cause of changes in indicators may be inflammation, various infections. Increased body temperature in dogs is observed with distemper , endometritis , heat stroke, piroplasmosis.

The temperature decreases if the pet has parvovirus enteritis , infection with worms and other illnesses.

How to measure the temperature of a dog

How is the temperature measured in dogs

To measure using a conventional thermometer, you can take both mercury and modern electronic. The latter option is more welcome, since the measurement will occur in a shorter time - one to one and a half minutes, and with a mercury thermometer you will have to wait for the result from three to five minutes.

Favorite pet deserves to have its own thermometer, and other family members, for hygiene, should not use it for their own needs.

Before measuring the temperature in a dog, it is necessary to lubricate the tip of the thermometer with a fat baby cream, or petroleum jelly, for a more comfortable introduction.

Traditionally, the measurement is performed rectally (through the anus), so you need to be prepared for the fact that such a procedure most likely will not please your pet. During the measurement, it is necessary to calm the four-legged friend, gently talk, iron, and if the state is not critical, then give something tasty.

It is possible to introduce a thermometer when the dog is in a standing position, or lies on its side. The second option is suitable for those owners of dogs who have no experience in this matter. While the dog is lying, it is necessary for him to raise the tail and introduce a thermometer a couple of centimeters.

Standing is recommended to measure the temperature of those who have already done it and more than once. Veterinarians use the same method.

Often the dogs get scared of the upcoming manipulations, they start hiding, especially if they do it for the first time. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure peace and quiet during the measurement. When the thermometer is just introduced, it is imperative to hold the dog so that it does not twitch, does not break the thermometer and does not hurt itself.

After the pet endured, it is necessary to encourage him with a delicacy and praise him for his patience.

Immediately after the procedure, the thermometer should be washed with soap and disinfected with a special agent or regular alcohol. This also needs to be done with your own hands.

If there is a desire, then a puppy can be taught to the team, with the help of which the dog will calmly take measurements - these can be the words “Heal!”, “Thermometer!”, “Go measure!”. Hearing this, the dog will quietly wait for the procedure to end, without interfering with the process.

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Actions when the temperature changes

As in humans, in dogs, a rise in temperature signals not only the presence of the disease, but also that the body itself is struggling with the causes of the disease and pathological symptoms.

When a decrease or increase is detected, nothing needs to be done. Since the result will be only bringing the temperature back to normal, but does not affect the development of the disease, and can even aggravate the condition.

The first thing the owner of the dog need to seek qualified assistance in the veterinary clinic or call the veterinarian at home. In some cases, the delay can cost the pet a life, so it is impossible to delay in such situations.

If it is necessary to transport a pet with a high temperature (above 40 ° C), then during transportation it is possible to apply cool objects to the dog’s body. But in this situation it is important to ensure that the animal does not get hypothermia.

At low rates (below 36.6 ° C), you can use a heating pad and warm blankets to warm your pet.

In no case the owner should not panic, as well as try to cure the dog yourself. Taking medications without the necessary diagnosis can not only worsen the condition of the sick animal, but also lead to its death. The causes of changes in body temperature are viral, bacterial pathogens, oncological formations, endocrine disruption, toxic effects on the body, and therefore there is no single cure for all ailments.

Only experienced veterinarians will be able to adequately assess the condition of the dog, make a diagnosis and prescribe a suitable therapy. In this case, the owner must strictly adhere to the recommendations, do not cancel medication without medical advice, even if the pet's condition has stabilized and outwardly it looks completely healthy.

It may be necessary to monitor the body temperature for some time, and the readings will have to be recorded, but with certain knowledge the process will run smoothly, and the skill will surely appear with time.

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