Heat in dogs

When choosing a female dog as a pet, owners should preferably be prepared for the periods of estrus and know how they manifest themselves. First, instability and deviations from the norm can signal that the pet has health problems; secondly, special alertness is needed at this time to avoid unplanned offspring, or, conversely, to organize planned breeding. And if the owner is aware of the physiological characteristics of his animal, he will know in time when the estrus begins in dogs, and if anything else, contact the veterinary clinic for help.


When the dog begins the first heat

Heat in dogs

If we talk in general about estrus in dogs, then usually this period is quite recognizable by certain signs. As for the first heat, it has its own individual characteristics. In most cases, the dog's estrus begins after the teeth have changed, but it will not be possible to calculate more accurately.

In dogs of small size, the period of the first estrus falls on the age from six months to 10 months and is accompanied by characteristic features. In the representatives of medium and large breeds under normal development, the first estrus in dogs can begin in the period from 6 to 13 months.

There are situations when the first estrus passes unnoticed (hidden vestige) - the allocation is very meager, and the males do not show proper interest. However, vigilance should not be lost, since such a heat is full. The duration of the first heat is much shorter than the following.

In bitches, the development of which is close to puberty, there may be a false estrus. If there is a mating during this period, the estrus may stop without the process of ovulation. But after a few days the bitch can again flow, but with the release of the ovum from the ovary and the possibility of fertilization.

If the owner expects to receive an offspring from his dog in the future, he must fix the time of the first heat and the next. The best time for the first knitting is the third cycle.

The main signs of estrus in dogs

The main signs of estrus

How does the estrus manifest? First of all, to determine the estrus in a dog, you can by its behavior, but it changes significantly. The female increases activity, she becomes overly playful and can ignore the team. This is all the result of a hormonal surge. Among the main signs of estrus can be noted the following:

  • the dog begins to sit down more often to urinate (in fact, she marks the territory so that potential gentlemen are aware that she is ready to take courtship);
  • spotting bleeds from the loop;
  • she often lick the place under the tail;
  • the bitch starts to flirt with the males, in turn they show active interest;
  • it is often preceded by a molting .

At first, dogs do not admit representatives of the opposite sex, they can even show aggression for too intrusive courtship, as their body is not yet ready for mating .

After one and a half to two weeks, the structure of the discharge changes in the dog, they become like yellowish mucus. During this period, the female senses a strong sexual attraction, especially if she notices nearby males, while her tail is moved to the side, and the body takes the necessary stance for the sexual act. The loop significantly increases in size.

In such an excited state, the bitch can be from 5 to 7 days. If the owner wants to tie a dog, then he should celebrate these days. The most suitable time for mating is 9-17 days, less often for 21st. But in this case everything is individual and depends on the breed of the pet.

Step-by-step passage of estrus or how long does the estrus in dogs

The entire cycle of the animal is divided into four stages:

  • Proestrus (or it is called a forerunner). Duration 1-1,5 weeks. At this time, the blood circulation process in the genital area is significantly increased, the loop swells, the first, initially scarce, bloody discharge appears. During this period, the dog is not yet ready for mating, since ovulation does not occur yet. But external signs are already there - it becomes playful, may not obey the master, run away. On the ground more time spends on sniffing around and constantly crouching to leave marks. Males already have a heightened interest, however, when trying to mate, the bitch growls and snaps.
  • Estrus (active sexual hunting). For this period of time, more precisely the first two days, the process of ovulation is necessary. But the bitch can keep the knights out for a few more days. A little later, at the sight of a potential groom, the female lifts the back of the body, pulls up the loop and removes the tail to ease the process of penetration. At the same time, she freezes and patiently waits for the dog to act. Allocations from the loop can be different, but the normal period for mating is normal when they become a light pink shade or completely disappear. In addition, the vulva swells considerably.
  • Metaestrus (the final stage of estrus). The duration of this period is several days. Allocations cease, the loop assumes its previous dimensions, the bitch again does not admit cavaliers to himself. If fertilization does not occur, then the female again becomes calm. However, the dog still has hormonal changes - the level of progesterone increases, which is not without reason called the hormone of pregnancy. And it happens regardless of whether the female has become pregnant, or not. A similar state and becomes the cause of such a phenomenon as a false pregnancy, which basically passes without outside help and negative consequences.
  • Anestros (phase of sexual tranquility). The duration of this stage is approximately 100-150 days and allows the animal's organism to recover before the next heat.

The frequency of estrus in dogs can vary due to some attendant factors. For example, in domestic dogs, it happens twice a year - in the autumn and in the end of winter. In some cases, the ghost is limited to once a year.

Dogs that are kept outdoors, including pets from the north, flow once a year in early spring to give birth to puppies in the warm season.

What to do to avoid mating

Dog on the Walk

This is the question most often asked by owners of dogs who do not plan binding. But people who keep pedigree dogs are not strangers, because unplanned mating can be an unpleasant surprise.

The main condition is to closely monitor the dog on the walk, do not let go of the leash and do not allow extraneous dogs to significantly approach.

In addition, you can purchase a special tool in veterinary pharmacies or pet stores, destroying the smell, attracting the male dogs. It processes the back of the pet's body before each walk.

What to do to get offspring

If the pet is thoroughbred and in the plans of the owners to get a good offspring, then as soon as the period of sexual hunting comes, one can carry out knitting. By this time, a suitable gentleman should be picked up and you can go with the "bride" to the mating. It will be better if the case takes place on the territory of the male.

Features for caring for a bitch

On the eve of the first heat in the female, there may be discharge from the loop, the so-called juvenile vaginitis containing a small amount of pus in its composition. Do not worry, because this phenomenon is quite normal. Everything is normal as soon as the estrus has passed. If this did not happen, then it is necessary to pass a survey to identify various pathologies.

To make the estrus period more hygienic (especially in the case of estrus in dogs kept in an apartment), you can purchase special elastic panties for single use. They will allow the dog not to leave spotty spots around the house. But still you should not wear them all the time, because veterinarians advise to let the female remove the secretions themselves, licking them.

At the first estrus the dog can not understand how to behave, therefore it is necessary to accustom it to clean up the spots. And for this it is necessary to remove carpets and carpets from the floor.

During estrus the dog requires special care:

  • It is worthwhile to avoid long walks in the cold season so that the pet does not catch cold ;
  • You do not need to take it to the place where other dogs are clustered;
  • walks should be conducted strictly on a leash.

If suddenly it was not possible to prevent undesirable mating, it is strictly forbidden to give the dog the means that contribute to the termination of pregnancy. This can cause significant health problems to the pet, which often lead to infertility of the dog.

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