Tablets of worms for dogs

Worms - parasites, completely protect from which your dog is almost unreal. After all, these pets are characterized by increased activity, they regularly go out into the street, at the same time they delight in digging in the ground, sniff at other people's feces and often eat something of little edible. Therefore, the use of anthelmintic drugs. They relieve dogs of parasites without harming the animal. How to choose the most suitable worms tablets for dogs, and what features of the reception exist?


What to look for when choosing

Veterinary pharmacy pharmacists can offer a fairly wide range of anthelmintic pills, but how to make the right choice? You can follow these guidelines:

  1. There are drugs that eliminate only adult worms, but there are drugs that eliminate parasites at all stages of development. The latter are more effective.
  2. The drug should not only destroy the "guests", but also ensure their removal from the body, as well as remove their metabolic products that poison the pet's body. This action eliminates the likelihood of toxic poisoning and secondary infection.
  3. Not only pills are available on the market - preparations are produced in the form of solutions, suspensions, drops, and even pieces of sugar. You can choose the one that is easiest to apply.
  4. Manufacturers produce medicines intended for animals of different sizes - here it should be taken into account whether the pet belongs to large, medium or small breeds. There is also an age division - for puppies, adult or older dogs.

Often, the owners have a question: “Is the human antihelmintic drug suitable for dogs?” Veterinarians are categorically against such treatment, because with helminthic invasion, the dosage of the active ingredient is adjusted depending on the weight of the animal, and in the case of drugs for people it is very difficult to make an exact calculation. little dog in nature

Therefore, in order to rid the pet of parasites, it is better to purchase a special remedy in a veterinary pharmacy, especially since most drugs in this category have an affordable price.

The most popular medications for large and medium sized dogs

The release of anthelmintic agents are engaged in both domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. Selection of the dose in all is focused on the body weight of the animal. Drug antiparasitic drugs have a similar effect - they have a paralyzing effect on the worms, destroying their shell and leading to subsequent death.

The manual necessarily contains information as to whether the remedy removes dead worms or their larvae and eggs, otherwise if they become excessively infected, there is a possibility of toxins poisoning the body.

Drugs that are in demand and often prescribed by veterinarians include:

  1. Azinoks and Azinoks Plus . The drug affects flatworms, no matter what stage they develop, and is also an effective prophylactic agent. Due to the cestodocidal effect, helminth death occurs and their subsequent elimination. The dose is calculated simply - 1 tablet of the drug per 10 kg of body weight. A single dose is enough to protect the animal from helminthic invasion for 3.5-4 months.
  2. Pratel . Effectively copes with cestodoses and nematodes, successfully used for prophylactic purposes against intestinal parasitic infections. The dose is calculated as in the previous medication (1 tab / 10kg). The death of worms occurs within 12-16 hours, after the use of Pratel.
  3. Febtal The active component of the drug is fenbendazol, because of its action eggs, larvae and mature individuals of cestodes and nematodes are killed. A single dosage is 1 tab. 1.5 kg dog weight. The tablet should be given at morning feeding, combining with food, the duration of the course is 3 days.
  4. Envier The structure includes 3 main components - febantel, praziquantel and embonat. Due to their action, the death of helminths at any stage of development occurs within 15-18 hours. The dosage is as follows - 1 tab. / 10 kg of a pet.
  5. Drontal Plus . This medication is trusted by dog ​​breeders and veterinarians. It has a complex effect, which allows to eliminate worms of any type and Giardia. The active ingredients are the same as those of Envir, and they are almost not absorbed into the intestines. The tool is produced in pill form, having the appearance of pits and having a pleasant meat taste, which will appeal to almost any fastidious person. Take 1 tablet, corresponding to 4 kg of the dog.
  6. Dirofen . Contains pyrantel pamoatom and fenbendazol, substances that paralyze worms, cause the destruction of their protective shells, also save the animal from the larvae and eggs of parasites. After death, the parasites are digested by the intestines and excreted from the body naturally. The dosage is calculated on the basis of 1 tab. to 5 kg of weight.
  7. Milbemaks . The substance, which is a part (milbemycin), destroys the membranes of worms, as a result of which they die, and their digestion by the digestive organs takes place. 1 capsule is designed for 7 kg of dog's weight, but a single dosage should not exceed 3 tablets. In order to prevent Milbemaks should be watered pet quarterly.
  8. Cannavtel and Cannavtel Plus XL . Universal antihelminthic medicine, which is given to a pet once in the morning before feeding, the drug can be mixed with some delicacy. One Canquantel tablet is used for 10 kg of weight, Caniquantel Plus - for 20 kg.

Popular antihelminthic drugs for small breeds

Some preparations for pets with miniature sizes are often suitable for puppy babies. As a rule, this information is available in the attached application annotation. First of all, the following preparations are recommended for small dogs:

  1. Prazitel . It is made in the form of a suspension containing the same active substances as tablets for large dogs. The drug acts on the helminths at all stages of development. The dose is 1 ml of the drug per 1 kg of weight. Suspension is sometimes prescribed to puppies older than 3 weeks and females bearing the offspring, but no later than 21 days before the intended delivery.
  2. Prazitsid . Combined antihelmintic drug, eliminating worms, larvae and eggs of nematodes and cystodes, has a pleasant taste and smell for dogs. It is enough to give a pet once.
  3. Helminthal Universal anthelmintic agent with high efficiency. Available in bottles with syringes with dispenser. The medicine is taken one-time, but you need to repeat the reception after a week and a half.
  4. Dirofen . The composition contains pumpkin oil - a natural antihelminthic substance. The tool enhances local immunity, normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminates inflammation. It is quite enough to take medicine 1 time to get rid of helminthiasis. But with a strong worm infestation, experts advise to repeat the course in 1-2 weeks.
  5. Febtal and Febtal Combo . Combined medication that eliminates tape and roundworms. It is given to a pet once, to fix the result, you can repeat the method after 7-14 days.
  6. Celandine Glistogon . The agent with pyrantel and praziquantel in the composition is characterized by a wide range of effects. Destroys most species of nematodes and cystodes, and is also effective as a prophylactic drug.

Choosing a drug for deworming pet, it is best to consult with a veterinarian. Of course, you can buy the medicine yourself, after examining the data specified in the instructions. However, only after the diagnosis has been carried out, it is possible to establish the type of parasitic worm in the pet, and already on the basis of the diagnosis it is possible to select the appropriate means.

Rules of application

The hardest thing is to feed the dog with pills. The most convenient is the liquid form of the drug - suspension or drops, poured into the pet directly into the mouth, if he does not want to drink them voluntarily. Tablets can be pre-crushed and mixed with a small portion of delicious food. Tablets of worms for dogs

Regardless of the form of the drug, it should be given in the morning before feeding. If the dog still does not want to eat "doubtful", from his point of view, food, you can mix the crushed pill with a small amount of water, place the liquid in a syringe without a needle and introduce it into the throat.

How often do you need anthelmintic

Traditionally, "anthelmintic" is carried out every 3-4 months. and always before you do vaccination, for 1.5-2 weeks. Otherwise, the effectiveness of vaccination will lose its meaning - the body weakened by parasites is not able to produce the necessary immunity. Before determining the required dosage pet necessarily weighed.

The owner should be aware that an overdose of antihelminthic drugs can adversely affect the health of the animal, since most of them are quite toxic. This especially applies to puppies under the age of 12 months.

The most active reproduction of parasites occurs in February-March, so it makes sense to plan the reception of anthelmintic drugs for this period. If several pets live in one house, then it is desirable to anthelmintic them all at the same time.

Another situation when anthelmintic intake is required is preparation for mating. This is necessary in order to save future offspring from the negative influence of the worm infestation. If the expectant mother is infected with parasites, then there is a risk of miscarriage, the emergence of dead or sick puppies with various developmental disabilities. In addition, the male participating in mating also needs deworming.

De-worming is a mandatory event that is part of comprehensive pet care, along with flea treatment, vaccination, and other procedures. Infection with worms can significantly undermine the health of a pet, so the owner should not forget to give the dog anthelmintic agent in a timely manner.

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