Bag for dogs: making the right choice

There is a widespread belief that carrying bags are an accessory for cats or small dogs, and that is necessary only occasionally. In fact, this is a very convenient device for transporting an animal, which is often required for larger representatives. What bags carry for dogs exist, when there is a need for them and how to choose?


When do you need a carrier for dogs

Bag-carrying more often, of course, is used for small breeds of dogs. After all, they are often shy, and traveling for them can be exciting. But also for transportation of medium-sized pets - spaniel , poodle, french bulldog and other dogs of similar dimensions, it is also possible to use a carrying bag.

Bag for dogs

Carriers can perform the following functions:

  • It is convenient to take your companion doggie literally everywhere, since it is more convenient than carrying it in your hands, and does not deliver any discomfort to those around you.
  • A good device for dogs, which frolic on a walk so that they return back only on the master's handles.
  • A visit to health facilities is one of the most popular uses of the bag for medium and tiny pets.
  • Application for a physically defective pet - partially or completely paralyzed dogs require more care than healthy pets. The most humane way to transport or transport them is to use a carry.
  • The trip - according to the established rules, the dog is in the cabin of the aircraft, train, bus when it is not dangerous for people, that is, it is in a muzzle. Otherwise, pets are transported in the baggage compartment. Not every dog ​​will wear a muzzle, and not every crumb owner will agree to check in the luggage. Therefore, in this case will help bag-carrying, which is an excellent option for both the dog, the owner and others.
  • The exhibition - when the pet was carefully prepared for the event, combed, laid, as they say "hair to hair, wool to wool", the question of careful transportation is very serious. And the bag-carrying is the most successful option.
  • A place to sleep - today you can buy a multifunctional carrier, which can serve as a home for your pet. At home, a dog will rest in it, and outside it will move around. And for shy individuals, “going in an unknown direction” is much calmer on its own territory.
  • Use for decorative dogs with a weak nervous system - if a dog shakes with fear at the sight of other four-legged, active children, people of a strange look, if he starts to whine and beg his hands at heart, it is better to immediately identify him in a bag and let him go only “by need”.

There is one nuance: in dogs, as in humans, there are various kinds of phobias, and claustrophobia (fear of confined or cramped space) is not a rare condition.

Dog in carry

Before you buy a carrier should see how the pet will behave, placed in an ordinary bag or box, with a hole in it for the head. If he is very worried, makes all sorts of sounds - from whining to loud howling , trying to toss, then you should either refuse to buy, or get ready to exercise all patience for a long habituation.

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Varieties of dog carriers

First of all, on sale you can find bags of various sizes, but, for representatives of decorative rocks, the range of models is much wider. If the owners of the dog follow fashion trends, then they have the opportunity to purchase a carrier, made in the form of branded handbags, equipped with branded logos. With such an accessory, decorated with rhinestones, fringe, lace and other relevant materials that do not have any functionality, it is not a shame to go out.

For medium-sized dogs, bags with a skeleton are released. The main types include the following:

  • Bag for carrying on the shoulder - the carrier looks like an ordinary handbag, but it has a hole in which the pet sticks its head out. Equipped with a zipper bag, there are quite short straps for carrying the dog under the arm. This model is not particularly convenient, as the dog is not able to change position freely and there is no free access to air if the dog is in the prone position. Among these, the most successful option is a model made by the beach type. Bag for dogs on the shoulder
  • Box - available in two types - frame and without it. The walls of the product are made of transparent materials, so that the animal has the opportunity to watch what is happening around and get oxygen. Most often, the owners choose a carrier for their pets, made in the form of a bag for travel, in the form of a soft cozy cottage, or a covered cage with special compartments for dog things. The last two options can serve as a full bed. Bag carrying box for dogs
  • Slings and ergonomic backpacks - all parents of young children dream of such an accessory, but today manufacturers of accessories for animals adopted this idea. In this case, the pet is always in the chest area of ​​the owner, this area is considered as the safest place for children and small dogs. And the owner is always free hands and the correct distribution of the load on the spine. You can purchase both an open model and a closed one. In the closed backpack the pet sits, and in a sling it can assume a lying posture. For the wearer, the ergo-backpack is the most convenient, as its design exerts less strain on the back. Bag sling for dogs
  • "Trolley" - made in the form of boxes on wheels. A good type for miniature and medium pets, constantly accompanying the owner. The downside is that the shy little dog does not feel protected separately from the owner and seeing the constant flickering of someone's legs. Bag trolley for dogs

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Useful recommendations

Before buying it is necessary to evaluate all the pros and cons of devices, based on the needs, the nature of the pet and their own preferences. If one option of carrying is better for traveling, it may not be the best option for daily use.

If the journey is coming, then it is worth asking the transportation company what devices can be used to transport the animal, so that later there are no unforeseen difficulties. It is not necessary for the test to take the bag from the owners of another animal, the dogs have a very sharp scent and will feel a strange smell, even after washing.

If the accessory got from someone else's pet, you need to wash it several times, in each case drying it out in the sun. Be sure to treat it from the parasites, put there favorite toys of the pet, the fabric on which the dog was lying. So the dog will be easier to get used to a new subject for it. And be sure when choosing you need to think about the comfort of a pet, and not about the beauty of the device.

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