Dry food for small dogs

The owners of four-legged pets have a choice than to feed them - natural food or ready-made dry food. And today, people are increasingly inclined to the second option. Moreover, the producers produce a lot of production rations that meet the various needs of dogs. In the lines you can find food for animals suffering from allergies, intolerance to any components, etc. So is it worth it to feed your little friends with "drying"?


The advantages of dry feed

Who would not say anything, but it does not make sense to deny the convenience of this type of feeding. Pour into a bowl of food - it is incomparably faster than cooking, cooling and giving a pet. And it should be done daily. Dry food is an excellent travel option that does not deteriorate as it does not require refrigerated storage.

Dry food for small dogs

A dog's diet includes certain ingredients that are very difficult to calculate when combining different foods. For example, under certain conditions, the dog needs an increased amount of protein, while for others - carbohydrates. With feeds, everything is simple - you just need to choose a suitable diet, with natural food - review the entire menu and make it up again.

Another caveat - when feeding a ready-made feed, a pet will not need additional vitamin supplements, since all manufacturers of a quality product include them. Indisputable advantages include the fact that a dog will never become infected with parasites by eating dry food, but when feeding with raw meat such a risk is always present. The same can be said about infectious pathogens.

What types of feed are

All ready rations are divided into several classes:

  • economy class;
  • regular (suitable for continuous feeding);
  • premium;
  • super premium .

The basis of this classification is the quality of feed and raw materials from which it was made. The cheapest are economy class feed. According to experts, these rations are not very useful for dogs, and with regular use can lead to serious health problems of the four-legged friend.

The fact is that not meat is included in their composition, but only meat and bone meal and by-products are far from being of the highest quality. And they are not the main components, but may constitute only a small part of the product. But in the composition can be found in the first place cereals - corn, soybeans, wheat, which are not very suitable for feeding carnivorous animals, which dogs are.

In addition, to make “waste” attractive for pets, manufacturers include artificial additives such as flavorings, flavor enhancers.

Experts recommend owners of small pets to look at the nutrition of the highest class - holistic, premium and super-premium, as they relate to products of higher quality and as close as possible to a diet suitable for healthy doggies.

Holistik contain a high percentage of meat (up to 80%), and offal in their manufacture are not used. Herbal ingredients - vegetables, berries, herbs, fruits are included as additives. The basis of these rations in the premium category is high-quality meat, and you can find beef, veal, lamb and poultry in the composition. The meat portion should be at least 50%. Also required ingredients are cereals and chicken eggs.

All products are selected based on the parameters of the dog - size, age and health features. Rations of this class do not contain by-products. Another advantage of premium feed is their economical consumption. Due to the balance, it was possible to reduce the portion sufficient for feeding.

As for premium rations, they include only the highest quality ingredients. They include only pure meat, without pruning, heads, tails and other parts. Such food as close as possible to the ideal dog diet. As a rule, they do not contain grain elements, preservatives, vegetable proteins, modified foods, and therefore belong to the safest diet.

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The nuances of feeding dry food

Deciding to feed your pet ready rations, it is recommended to consider some rules:

  • You need to choose food that fits the size, age and physiological characteristics of the pet. For example, for small breeds, the diet consists of small granules and includes all the necessary components.
  • Manufacturers indicate on the packaging the dosage of food, which should be followed.
  • When giving food to a dog for the first time, it is worthwhile to trace how his pet perceived it. If he has diarrhea, constipation, lacrimation and other signs, it means that this diet does not suit your little pet.
  • It is not recommended to change the brand of feed, unless there are good reasons for this. A complete, balanced diet is what a pet needs, and frequent changes can cause stress to the dog.
  • It is important to provide the animal with constant access to fresh and clean water.
  • In most cases, mixing food with natural food is not recommended.

Rating of dry food for small dogs with prices

Rating dry food for small dogs

Despite the great variety of industrial feeds there is a rating of the highest quality rations suitable for feeding small pets:

  • I place - holistic feed from Canadian producers - Asan. Differs in high quality, suitable for pets of any age. It does not contain preservatives and other chemical additives. According to numerous reviews of the owners who fed their dogs Akana, the quality of wool was improved and the activity increased. The cost of Akana's bag varies from 3,000 to 4,000 rubles.
  • II place - Artemis, made in the USA. Like the previous product, refers to the holistic class. He earned his trust from pet owners who actively participate in mass events - shows, exhibitions and competitions. Consists of natural ingredients and does not contain artificial additives. The cost of a bag of Artemis varies from 3,000 to 4,000 rubles.
  • III place - Canidae, high-class food from the United States. It is made from natural meat and other high-quality products. In the line you can find a diet for pets of any size and age. The cost of a bag Kanide ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 rubles.

Having finished with the best holistic feeds of the class, it is worth considering the best super premium diets:

  • IV place - Italian product Almo Natur of excellent quality, but inferior to the holistics. Does not harm the health of the pet, but in the composition you can find unnatural components. The cost of Almo Nature - from 2500 to 3000 rubles.
  • V place - Arden Grange from the English manufacturer. Many diets of this brand are produced, some are focused on individual breeds. The cost of Arden Grange is 3000-3500 rubles.
  • 6th place - 1stchoice - Canadian product. In the line there are rations for puppies, small dogs, elderly animals. The composition of the feed is very good. The cost of the bag Fest Choice is 2500-3000 rubles.

Then the rating closes the products belonging to the premium class. But the economy class feeds do not fall into this rating at all, since they do not meet the requirements:

  • VII place - ANF from the American manufacturer. Differs average quality and is used as a feed for dogs that are on natural food. Not very healthy for dogs, it is often used as food for dogs in shelters. The cost of feed ANF is from 2,000 to 2,500 rubles.
  • VIII place - Happy Dog from the German manufacturer. Quite common food, which is often found on the shelves. This is a cheap diet, however, having a good composition. It is used both for daily feeding, and as a supplement with a natural diet. The cost of a bag Happy Dog - 1000 rubles.
  • IX place - Royal Canin. There are three production of this product - French, Polish and Russian. This ration, positioned as a premium, has not quite a qualitative composition. Experts do not recommend using it for constant feeding of a pet. The cost of Royal Canina is about 600-700 rubles.
  • X place - Britpremium, product of Czech production. Among the above feed, this one has the lowest quality. Veterinarians warn that with a regular use of Brit premium food, a dog may experience health problems. The price of the product is too high and ranges from 1000 to 1300 rubles.

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Reviews on feeding dry types of feed

Some owners, having tried all sorts of rations, opted for finished dry products of the highest quality.

Julia, St. Petersburg : We are the owners of two miniature pets - West Highland White Terrier and Chihuahua . It so happened that the first dog was a terrible allergy. For several years, we methodically selected suitable food, and among the many, Hills approached her. We stopped at it, and we are not at risk of replacing it with anything. But the Chihuahua we eat Akana, which is perfect for her. And among many of my friends this brand is trusted. So here everything is individual and even for problem dogs you can pick up a dry diet.

Svetlana, Nizhny Novgorod : My minions are eating ProFormance, I take the one that is intended for small puppies. However, adult dogs and offspring are eating it at me. To make it more profitable, I immediately order a bag of 15 kg and have never been disappointed. When they begin to eat with less enthusiasm, soak some water or kefir, my appetite returns. Between feeding, I treat my little pets with cheese, fresh vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese. Less often, they fall into lean beef, chicken, but this is more like an exception.

Alexandra, Moscow: We have a French girl, and the first time we fed her natural food. Then there was a long pick a suitable feed. We stopped at Royal Canin, as it has the most suitable composition for our breed, especially the combination of fats and proteins. After they began to feed them, the dog has improved health, got rid of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, rashes and bald spots and completely forgotten. As a supplement I give raw veal. So, I think, an indicator of the quality of the feed is a healthy and cheerful pet.

When choosing food for your small pet, you need to consider the quality of the purchased products, the characteristics of the breed and the individual characteristics of the pet.

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