Dry food for large dogs

When a large, barking pet appears in the house, the owners have many questions. And one of them is what to feed the baby to make it grow and grow. After all, to grow a large healthy dog ​​is not an easy task. Moreover, a full-fledged diet should be provided throughout life. Most owners prefer ready-made dry diets, so what is their advantage and what kind of dry food for large dogs to choose?


Advantages of dry food

Dry food for large dogs

Having a large dog, the owners often face the problem of feeding it. After all, such pets eat a lot, moreover, they need to cook daily. In addition, you should take into account the needs of the pet in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and it is also important to get acquainted with the list of products that the dog menu does not belong in. Complicated? For most people going to work in the morning and returning in the evening, very much. That's why most owners of four-legged friends are beginning to be interested in ready-made diets, because they have a lot of advantages:

  • dry food is characterized by long storage, but not at the expense of preservatives, but due to evaporation of excessive moisture and the addition of natural vitamin and antioxidant supplements;
  • convenient dosage - just look at the table indicated on the package and calculate the portion based on the weight of the pet (this is a very important aspect, since many croups, for example, labradors, are prone to overeating and obesity);
  • dry diets are economical, since half a bowl of granules can replace three such volumes of cereals with meat;
  • one can not but notice a clear advantage over natural food - the master does not need to be engaged in cooking;
  • in forages the balance of various components is taken into account, which is extremely difficult to achieve with natural feeding;
  • you can pour the food in a bowl and, without waiting for the pet to get enough, go to work, the food will not spoil;
  • feeds are used as incentives for training, and when the pet is left alone, pellets can be filled into special dispensers designed for games;
  • it is a solid food, when eating which the dog does not form tartar , there are no problems with the teeth and gums; in addition to mechanical cleaning, during the eating of food, the dog stimulates the process of salivary fluid production, which is necessary for a full-fledged digestive process.

However, when feeding with dry fodders, the owners should take into account one thing - the pet should have constant access to clean drinking water.

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4 classes of dry food

Dog food super-premium

Choosing food for your pet, experts recommend not considering the most advertised products, but those that contain the most useful ingredients. There are 4 classes of feeds on the Russian market:

They differ, first of all, in quality. In cheaper diets, the presence of various chemical additives (naturally, not the most useful for the body of pets) is allowed, in expensive there are no additional artificial components. In addition, the main difference between top-quality products is that the feed is based on meat, quality offal or slaughterhouse waste. It is worth every class to consider separately.

Korma from the economy class category

Among the advantages of these products, one can note their low price and availability, as for such a food you can not go to a specialized store, but buy in the nearest market near the house. However, their cheapness is due to the fact that for the production of feeds the raw material is of the lowest quality, and to make such waste pleasantly, flavor enhancers and flavors are added to the composition.

After the owners feed the dog with cheap fodder, and then try to transfer to a product of higher quality, their pet can refuse food. It's not at all the quality of the newly acquired menu, but in the absence of chemical components in it, which arouse appetite, to which animals quickly become accustomed.

And yes, there is no meat in them, but only a low percentage of meat-and-bone meal and low-grade offal. Of course, no manufacturer will tell the truth about the fact that its products include bird feathers, tails, skins and the like, although in most cases this is the case.

Another nuance, important for large and very large dogs. Since representatives of such breeds most often suffer from problems with joints and bone apparatus, such food for them is fatal. After meat and bone meal contains a high amount of phosphorus and calcium, and their overabundance leads to brittleness of bone tissues and problems with cartilage in the joints.

Feed Premium

Not so long ago, many dog ​​owners were sure that only those dogs for whom appearance is important in quality nutrition are needed. That is, they are participants in exhibitions, competitions, business pets, etc. However, today this view has radically changed, and it became important for owners even of companion dogs to provide the pet with full-fledged rations. That is why today premium food is in great demand.

They include quality products: meat, cereals, vegetables. Used by-products are quality internal parts - heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, which contain useful microelements and vitamins. And the meat part is not less than 50%, which is important for carnivorous animals such as dogs. In addition, the composition should not include flavors and other additives, as well as soy and corn, as a source of cheap protein.

Almost all manufacturers take care of the balance of their diets and enrich them with useful additives, for example, rosemary extract, which is an effective antioxidant.

Super-premium feed

An even better product, in the lines of which you can find food, which does not include cereals at all. In this case, manufacturers are focusing on the predatory nature of dogs, because their body is better absorbed by animal proteins than plant. Soy and corn are not digested at all by the gastrointestinal tract of animals, so they are not in the diets.

The diets are divided into many subgroups, so here you can find food for pregnant and nursing bitches, neutered pets, dogs receiving high physical activity and other categories. In addition, even feeds for individual breeds are produced, which greatly facilitates the choice.

The composition of the product includes ingredients of good quality, and the diet itself is as balanced as possible and does not require an additional source of vitamins and trace elements.

Feeding holistics

These diets refer to the new generation feeds and appeared on the Russian market quite recently. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are made of products suitable for feeding not only animals but also humans.

These products differ in their natural composition and taste, since they are not burdened with additional components, such as cereals, soybeans and other. The composition can detect meat, and with a mandatory indication of its type, the croup allows the addition of buckwheat or rice.

Such feed should contain at least 10 natural additives that make up the deficiency of necessary nutrients, including polyunsaturated fats of Omega-3 and 6, in the animal's body. Antioxidants are also necessary.

Forages of this class do not include subproducts of doubtful origin, sugars, low-quality protein components, cellulose and others.

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Rating of dry dog ​​food with prices

To determine the choice of dry food for your pet, it is worth to assess the available ratings of rations of various classes.


  • Acana Pappi Heart Breed is a Canadian product intended for feeding puppies of large breeds - sennenhunds, husky , labradors, etc. A bag of 17 kg costs from 6700 to 7000 rubles.
  • Orien Edalte is another product from Canada. A bag of 13 kg is worth about 7000-7500 rubles.
  • Grandorf is a Belgian diet. Packing in 12 kg - the price is from 4500 to 4800 rubles.
  • Go! nycherl holistik Daily Defense is a Canadian producer's food, hypoallergenic. For a bag with a weight of 11.35 kg, the buyer will give 3100-3500 rubles.
  • Nou Fresh Grain Free Large Breed Adult Recipe is the country of Canada, a ration for large breeds. The package 11.35 costs 4500-5000 rubles.

Premium class:

  • Eakanuba Edalte Dry Doug Food Phour Large is the American producer's food. A bag of 15 kg costs from 4800 to 5200 rubles.
  • Brit Care Care Adult Large Breed - English feed, was approved by the British Veterinary Association. A bag weighing 18 kg can be purchased for 5000-5500 rubles.
  • Alamo Holistic Adult Dog Large (super-premium class). The cost of 12 kg of feed 3500-3800 rubles.
  • Belkando Junior Maxi (super-premium class) for puppies of large and giant breeds. The cost of 15 kg of feed is 5000-5500 rubles.
  • Hill`s Canine Adult Advanced Fitness (premium class with improved quality) for medium and large dogs. The price for a 12 kilogram package is 3500-3900 rubles.


  • Royal Canin Maxi Adult 26 (premium class with improved quality). The weight of the bag is 15 kg, the cost is 3700-4000 rubles.
  • Hill`s Canine Adult Advanced Fitness - for medium and large dogs. A pack of 12 kg is from 3500-3900 rubles.
  • Almo Adult Dog Large - Italian food. The cost of the bag is 12 kg 3500-3800 rubles.

Reviews of owners about dry food for large dogs

Many owners, nursing their large-sized pets with special dry food, are very happy that they refused the natural kind of feeding.

Nikolay Uskov: We have two dogs - a golden retriever and a jack russel terrier, both allergic, so we had to suffer a choice of food. Approached only American Taste Of The Wild, which contains bison meat. No allergy, hair loss and itch, everything is fine. Tried and mix, just did not cause unpleasant symptoms.

Elizaveta Kurochkina: Royal canin is a wonderful food. My dog ​​from cheap food of the economy class had serious problems with digestion. The veterinarian recommended to try a new feed Royal canin, thanks to which we with such problems as gases, frustration, belching goodbye. In addition, my Rottweiler loves him very much, and her bowl is always empty.

Evgeni Kulikov: I am a breeder of German shepherds and at the beginning of my life I tried different types of feeding - naturalka and combined, as well as forage of various classes. But, in the end, I realized, it is the most profitable for me and better for my pets, this is a premium food. I buy several bags of 15-18 kg at once, it turns out not very expensive, but the expense is economical. In addition, all my pets can boast of excellent health, as evidenced by their blossoming appearance.

Each owner must decide for himself how and what to feed his dog, but he must first think about the health of his pet.

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