Medium breed dogs

Perhaps this is the largest group of breeds, which includes dogs for different purposes - hunters, riders, shepherds, companions and others. Among them you can find quite large representatives, however, a little not reaching out to large dogs, and miniature ones - not much more than small dogs. But they all have a certain charm and have their admirers. Average breeds of dogs are very popular, let's look at the most common ones.


Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

Like other shepherd's dogs, this dog has an ardently expressed guarding instinct, developed intellect and endurance. She can travel long distances, work all day, and in her spare time she can play the role of companion with pleasure.

The Australian Shepherd is an attentive, active pet with well-developed muscles, devoid of clumsiness. He has expressive eyes with a wise look - the dog understands his owner almost from half a word.

Akita Inu Akita Inu

The Japanese oldest breed, whose representatives for many centuries maintained their original appearance, and still in their homeland Akit is considered a national treasure, a symbol of a happy life and good health. Once these dogs were used for hunting, and later became available only to the nobility and were revered along with sacred animals.

Akitas had to perform various jobs, but modern dogs are more likely to be turned up as companions or watchmen.

Alaskan Kli-Kai Alaskan Kli-Kai

This is a relatively young breed, which originated only in the 70s and is a miniature copy of the Husky. Officially, it was recognized only two decades later. From the very beginning, these dogs were assigned a companion role, and they successfully cope with it.

There are several categories of cli-kaev — mini, mini, and standard — which, for the most part, differ in size. Such a pet shows friendliness to all the people of the family, but strangers are wary. This mini-husky can be easily purchased as a pet for children - they will undoubtedly find a common language and become best friends.

American Cocker Spaniel American Cocker Spaniel

Among hunting breeds, these spaniels are the smallest dogs, but not inferior to them in working qualities. Despite the charming appearance, they are not decorative pets, as they have the stamina, mobility and developed hunting instincts.

Today, however, these miles most often give birth as companions. Such a pet is happy to participate in games, loves attention and affection. With a friendly approach, the spaniel perfectly assimilates the various teams.

American Pit Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier

One of the most controversial breeds. There is an opinion that there is no more aggressive and bloodthirsty dog ​​than the American pit bull terrier , however, experts completely refute this opinion. Yes, they require early socialization and proper upbringing, and if these necessary conditions are met, the pet will grow up to be quite a peace-loving and affectionate dog.

Representatives of this breed are not for the lazy, they need daily physical exertion, and special attention should be paid to food - pit bull terriers are prone to obesity and food allergies.

American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff)

Dogs of this breed are ideal bodyguards - incredibly strong, powerful, active, physically and intellectually developed. Not surprisingly, they do an excellent job with their work. Amstaffs are often instructed to look after children; they will protect their charges from any, even the most insignificant, threats.

Such a dog requires a firm master's hand and special training, the owner must be a leader for it, otherwise you should forget about complete submission.

American Foxhound American Foxhound

Stately, compact dog with voiced, melodious barking - American Foxhound, attracting special attention. This representative of the hunting breed has a harmonious, light build, good looks and excellent qualities of a hunter.

The breed has a quick response, develops decent speed and loudly, loudly barks. However, like other hunting dogs, it is capable of showing willfulness, independence and disobedience, as a result of which some difficulties may arise in training a pet.

English bulldog English bulldog

A serious dog, which is also called "bull", in its veins flows the blood of ancient molossians and mastiffs. At home, in the United States, this dog is a symbol of many colleges and a tacit attribute of the marines.

The modern English bulldog is not an easy dog, due to selection it has lost its fighting qualities, but has retained a very severe appearance. He is phlegmatic, aristocratic, has some stubbornness, gets along well with children and other animals. Needs affection and is only suitable for content in the house.

English Cocker Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel

Another bird hunter, cheerful, very mobile and active. He loves toys very much and jealously guards them from strangers, and does not always allow them to be taken to his household. The owners in one voice say the English Cockers are very voracious dogs, so it is worth adhering to the regime and not feeding the pet from your table, no matter how he asked for a tasty morsel.

Like other spaniels, this cocker has a good-looking, long, hanging ears and a luxurious, not getting wet hair. This is a loving dog, in need of communication and affection.

English Setter English Setter

The representative of this breed is the result of a long, time-consuming selection work on the creation of an ideal pointer dog. Not only working qualities were taken into account, but also the exterior. The first setter, or as it was also called - Laverak, appeared in the late 50s of the 19th century.

The Englishman is very balanced, sociable, attached to his owners and good-natured. Such a pet can be kept in a house where there are already other animals.

Basset hound Basset hound

Very charismatic dog with an unusual appearance. Despite the apparent clumsiness, able to develop an unprecedented speed, does not require constant communication, as it is completely self-sufficient. Basset Hound is no stranger to relaxing alone, but he will welcome his masters with joy.

Due to his high intellectual abilities, the basset will not blindly fulfill any whim of the owners and first mull over the team and the way it is carried out. This is not stupidity or slowness, but a sign of great intelligence, and owners should take this feature into account when training.

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Boxer Boxer

These are muscular, physically developed dogs, which are used for service, as bodyguards and watchmen. A very popular breed, which is valued not so much for its developed fighting qualities, but for good nature. Boxers are very sensitive to younger members of the family, like to communicate with the household and often do not conflict.

Such a strong pet needs care, it does not tolerate cold, damp, drafts and needs regular physical exertion.

Bull terrier Bull terrier

Around the representatives of this breed, disputes do not subside - for some bull terriers - bloodthirsty and dangerous dogs that can tear apart the first comer, for others - loyal and affectionate pets. Where is the truth?

No, bull terriers are not killer monsters, however, they require training and education, and, given their stubbornness and self-will, sometimes the process becomes very complicated. Such a dog is not suitable for beginners, but a person with experience will undoubtedly find an approach to his four-legged friend. These dogs have a highly developed instinct of dominance, therefore it is not recommended to keep such a pet with other pets.

East Siberian Like East Siberian Like

Russian hunting breed, referring to the species of Spitz. These dogs are widespread in the territory of eastern Siberia and possess aggressiveness towards large predatory animals. However, they do not show aggression to people; they do an excellent job with guard activity, as they are very alert and alert to strangers.

If you provide the East Siberian husky with intense physical exertion, then it becomes an excellent companion who does not need to work.

Dutch Spitz (keeshond or wolfspitz) Dutch Spitz (keeshond or wolfspitz)

Like all Spitz, keeshond has a good-looking, fluffy fur coat and a cheerful disposition. Despite the fact that the dog looks like a plush toy, it is very strong and is able to guard and guard very well. In addition, such a pet will be happy to participate in games with children.

An amazing feature of the keeshond is the ability to wash like a cat's paws, which definitely causes emotion.

Dalmatian Dalmatian

Dalmatian is a lean, slender dog with an amazing spotted coat. The representative of this breed is a family dog, which is able to be friends with all members of the family, but only its owner will obey. The pet needs communication and attention, it does not like loneliness and it is difficult for it to endure the forced separation. She gets along well with children, but babies can irritate him.

The dog can be kept with other animals, but he is able to show aggression towards other dogs. It is easy to train Dalmatian, but only without the use of physical punishment and rudeness, otherwise the pet closes, becomes shy or aggressive.

Golden Retriever (Golden Retriever) Golden Retriever (Golden Retriever)

Dogs of this breed are quite common, which is not surprising. They are beautiful, friendly and loyal. Goldens were bred as a hunting breed, but are great for zootherapy sessions, they do an excellent job with the role of guide dogs, nannies.

Retrievers sensitively catch the intonation of the voice and always know whether the owner is located to communicate or it is worth coming later. Well amenable to education and training, devoid of the gene of aggression and mentally stable.

Collie (Scottish Sheepdog) Collie (Scottish Sheepdog)

Luxurious dogs with sophisticated muzzle and rich fur. Like all herding breeds, the Scots are strong, resilient, intelligent and flexible. Collies move very fast, but do not lose their grace.

Such a pet is able to establish contact with other pets, including cats, and will necessarily look after the whole family, paying particular attention to younger members. We train, it is interesting for him to study and learn new things, he loves encouragement.

Kurzhaar (German Pointer or German Pointer) Kurzhaar (German Pointer or German Pointer)

Kurzhaar is an excellent universal hunter who can also participate in sporting events and get great results. In addition, the modern dog, with the proper approach, plays the role of a companion.

Pointer needs regular intensive loads, only then he will become a gentle, docile pet - the favorite of the whole family.

Labrador retriever Labrador retriever

The most popular representatives of this breed are not inferior to the golden retriever. The Labrador Retriever is an excellent working dog, highly intelligent, loyal and dedicated. However, despite the prevalence, the history of the origin of the breed is hidden by a veil of conjectures and conjectures.

But it is known for certain that they were assistants to fishermen from the island of Newfoundland - they helped pull out nets, and often people. Labradors are obedient and devoid of aggression.

Schnauzer Schnauzer

The average of the schnauzers, but the same hyperactive and agile. On the runs he can run, jump, play with other dogs for a long time, and the owners must give the pet this opportunity. In addition, from representatives of this breed are excellent sensitive watchmen, as well as rodent fighters.

A mini-schnauzer will not be difficult to master various teams, but one should not be rude and impatient, as the dog is able to harbor resentment and revenge.

Italian greyhound Italian greyhound

A graceful, modest companion dog that is able to get along perfectly with all family members, and even in a small apartment she has enough space. Despite grace and sophistication, the Italian Greyhound is a dog, and hunting instincts are not alien to it. Such dogs are sometimes used to hunt small game, but still more often they are just pets of the family.

Italian greyhound - affectionate, good-natured and calm, they demand the same from their owners. They do not need complex care and are quite unpretentious.

Mexican hairless dog Mexican hairless dog

This exotic breed has a second, no less surprising name - xoloitzcuintle. Scientists believe that its representatives are descendants of the first dogs that appeared on the territory of the North American continent.

Once these hairless dogs warmed their owners, so they lived, most often in the bedrooms. In addition, their heat can reduce pain in arthritis, bruises and other pathologies of bones and joints. The naked dog is very clean, neat and loves children, in general - the perfect pet dog, which requires warmth, both spiritual and temperature.

Pointer Pointer

Hunting dog dog, which appeared in the UK in the 18th century. The breed was created by the French, Italian Pointing and Foxhounds. Among the hunting dogs, he is king - has a keen sense of smell, quick response and incredible speed. Sensing the game, the dog does not make noise, but stretches in a straight line, pointing with its nose to the side of the hidden bird.

Pointer is very elegant, sleek, but hardy and powerful enough. He is an excellent pet, if he is provided with the necessary load, he can get along with pets, but not with birds — the object of hunting.

Poodle Poodle

Previously, these dogs were used in the work - they pulled the wounded game out of the water, today they are companions. Common curly dog ​​with hypoallergenic coat. There are several types of poodles - dwarf, medium, standard and large (royal). The last three types and belong to the middle breeds.

Dogs have a high intellect, cheerful and good-natured disposition, are able to be friends with other pets who settled earlier in the house. The only caveat - the coat of poodles needs regular care - haircut and trimming.

Bullets Bullets

Breeding of the breed occurred in the 10th century AD, and among the herding Hungarian dogs, bullets are the best. According to the shepherds, such a pet is more than a working dog, this is a friend and a full-fledged member of the working team.

The bullet has an interesting coat of wool, prone to plexus in the thread, if the owner doesn’t cut it. Adult dogs can have real woolen harnesses. The bullets are clever and benevolent towards their family members, but mistrustful of strangers, this makes them wonderful guards and guards.

Samoyed Like Samoyed Like

Beautiful northern dog with a luxurious snow-white coat. But this is not a decorative animal, but a working husky doing various jobs. She helped her owners in everyday life, transported sleds, participated in hunting and guarded the compound.

For a long time, the Samoyeds lived side by side with a man and learned to understand him. They are obedient, hardy and docile. But, intending to have such a pet, it is worth considering that the dog needs regular, intensive training, communication and work. It is hard for separation, and therefore not suitable for people who are often absent for a long time at home.

Siberian Husky Siberian Husky

Recently, these northern dogs have gained unprecedented popularity and, for the most part, thanks to their attractive appearance - luxurious wool, harmonious addition and interesting color. In addition, the husky has a good-natured character, she is calm and balanced.

But not all owners take into account their pedigree feature. First of all, Siberian Huskies , completely unsuitable for living on a chain and accustomed to working alongside their host. They know how to hunt, but they will not bring game to the owner, and the guard from the Huskies is unlikely to succeed, since he has no aggression towards a person.

Chauchau Chauchau

Among medium-sized breeds it is difficult to find a more “silent” dog. Possessing a powerful, sharp voice, the chauchau , however, more often grumble than bark. These representatives of the oldest Chinese breed have an outstanding appearance and uneasy character.

They know how to really be offended and show their attitude to the current situation in a variety of ways, refusing to walk, not touching food or not wanting to execute commands.

Dogs of this breed are difficult to train, as they do not always see the meaning in the tasks that are given by the owner. But their undoubted advantage is cleanliness, this furry animal may well be kept in residential conditions.

Shar pei Shar pei

The oldest Chinese breed, whose members have a dignity. More than once she was on the verge of extinction, and even once came to the pages of the Guinness Book of Records, as the rarest breed. A distinctive feature of its representatives - folds on the face, giving it a serious and even harsh expression.

Shar-Pei is not recommended to start for beginners, as it requires a special approach and regular training. The dog is suitable for keeping in an apartment, cleanly, not prone to moulting and does not have a specific smell.

Airedale Airedale

Universal dog, perfectly performing work, both on land and in the water element. These curly animals can be found both at exhibitions and at competitions, they love to work, but also show off not averse.

Erdels are active, positive, they love to run on their own and with other dogs, run around with children, bark loudly and dig holes, so if you need a dog who will most of the time play the sofa cushion, then it is better to refuse to buy an Airedale Terrier. This is a great companion for morning runs, noisy games and hikes.

Medium-sized dogs can be just as pets, and perform various kinds of activities. In this group, you can pick up a four-footed comrade for a child, an active hunter, a guard or a dog for service. The most important thing is to take into account the own needs and abilities of the animal, and not just the dimensions and external data.

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