Dogs of the mestizo

Mixed dogs are a cross between different breeds or thoroughbreds with mongrel dogs, in the exterior of which there are clearly traced signs of one or both parents. Mestizos or half-bloods are not mongrels, some are designer or author breed groups and cost a lot of money.


History of origin

Interbreed outbreeding is the breeding of dogs of different breeds in order to obtain new qualities, both workers and exteriors. The history of Métis has more than 14 centuries. As soon as a man began to breed thoroughbred dogs with certain qualities, half-bloods then appeared.

They arose when breeders needed to "pour in" fresh blood, to achieve the appearance of certain traits of character, appearance, to get rid of pedigree diseases. Among the most unusual mestizos can be called:

  • Pomski - Pomeranian Spitz + Husky; noises
  • pitskie - pitbul + husky; pitskys
  • Golden-Siberian rehaski - gold retriever + husky; golden-Siberian rehaski
  • pork - that poodle + corgi; pork
  • chow-chow -chow-chow + German shepherd; chow-chow
  • crochet - schnauzer + poodle; cords
  • bulldog - English Bulldog + German Shepherd; bulldog
  • bigler -beagle + german shepherd. bivariate

To list known mestizos it is possible still long. Along with the half-breeds derived by man, there are half-bloods created by nature itself. With random crossing, it is impossible to determine the result of mating.

Description of the breed dog mestizo

The appearance of dogs-mestizos is determined by a mixture of features of both thoroughbred parents. In spontaneous hybrids, there are often features of ancient dogs - standing ears , strong straight limbs of medium length, twisted into a donut tail . If you can not identify the features of the parents, the half-breed is called a mongrel.


The colors of Métis are varied. They can inherit the distinctive features of one of the parents or a mixture of both colors. So, for example, the musings can have both red color inherent in the Pomeranian Spitz, and a dark mask on the face is a characteristic feature of the Husky.

Metis, deduced for the sake of obtaining an unusual color, are silvery labradors. Their unusual color was obtained by crossing a labrador and a Weimaraner.

The metis from the crossing of the dachshund and the Dalmatian is the Toltimin, has a color characteristic of the Dalmatian at the ex-terrier of the dachshund. Horgi - husky + corgi coloring and a characteristic mask took from the husky, and the length and structure of the wool from corgi.


Half-bloods are considered balanced, sociable, non-aggressive - they received the best character traits from their pedigreed parents. However, this rule does not always work. Metis of dwarf breeds are hysterical, cowardly or too aggressive. The hybrids of guard dogs can manifest themselves as difficult to control, too independent, stubborn.

With professional outbreeding, not only the exterior, but also character traits, working qualities are taken into account. For example, the bladstors, obtained as a result of crossing the Moscow guard and bloodhound, combine the best character traits of both breeds. They are excellent and loyal guards, possessing a great sense and endurance, high intelligence and ability to train. Dogs of mestizo read article

Horgi - friendly, intelligent and obedient. Toltmins, as a rule, are kind and sympathetic, but sometimes their character does not show the best qualities of parents - stubbornness, lack of intelligence. Pitsky, in spite of his loyalty to the master, friendliness and reliability, are excessively self-willed.

But all minor shortcomings of the nature of hybrids can be corrected by professional upbringing.


The main part of the Métis is good at training. Among them there are even agility and dog freestyle stars. If training and education are started at the earliest age, then half-breeds can achieve results that exceed the original breeds. Knowing the peculiarities of parents, a professional cynologist can develop the necessary qualities in a puppy.

Care and health

Mestizos are not demanding to care if they are not hybrids with long hair. It is enough to bathe them as the wool is contaminated, monitor the presence of bloodsucking parasites, periodically examine the ears and eyes, remove plaque.

To shear claws is recommended to dogs, which in certain conditions of the contents can not do this naturally - by grinding when walking about a hard surface.

Diseases of the breed

As a rule, hybrids are not prone to diseases inherent in the breeds of parents. They are less likely than in thoroughbred dogs, allergic reactions, higher immunity, longer life expectancy.

But this does not exclude the possibility of diseases of rabies, plague and other diseases of dogs. Therefore Métis, as well as pedigreed puppies, must be vaccinated in a timely manner, regularly examined and fed properly.


Half-bloods are not whimsical in eating, but this does not mean that they can be fed with leftovers from the owners table - dogs do not tolerate spices, spices, spicy and fatty foods. The pet's diet should be tailored to its age, size and physical activity. Labrador + Husky

To ensure that the puppy can grow rapidly and form properly, its diet should contain proteins (30-40%), carbohydrates to ensure energy processes, vitamins and dietary fiber.

If the mestiz eat natural food, then it is supplemented with special vitamin-mineral supplements. When feeding with ready-made feeds, there is no such need, but the dog should always have plenty of fresh clean water.


Many mestizos are displayed for maintenance outside the home. This does not apply to decorative rocks. Hybridization with native breeds allows dogs to well tolerate the climate of the region, quickly adapt to changing conditions.

If a half-brother is acquired for living in a city apartment, he needs regular walks, outdoor games, certain physical activity. However, there are hybrids that are less demanding for walking. They go to the cat's tray or on the hygiene diaper.

However, each dog needs his own bed, bowls for food and water. Puppies for development and games are special toys.

Photos of Métis Alaskan Malamute + Husky + German ShepherdChow Chow + HuskiesBulldog + DalmatianCorgi + sheltieGolden retriever + poodleCorgi + Husky

Video about minis

Where to buy a puppy

Before acquiring a puppy-mestizo, you should determine the set of qualities, traits or appearance that you would like to get. When acquiring "with hands" it's hard to predict what will grow out of a funny baby. With hybrids, the formulas worked out for pedigreed puppies do not work.

In order to correctly choose a puppy-mestizo, there are many tests with which the specialist-zoopsychologist can determine the propensities, the nature, the talents inherent in nature. The result will tell if the dog will be able to get along with future masters.

In order not to get a "bear instead of a hamster", you should contact the nurseries, which are professionally engaged in breeding mestizos. If the puppy is purchased from private breeders, they should provide all information about the parents, from which hybrid line the puppy and possible characteristics of the character are received.

Puppies Métis are much cheaper than thoroughbred, often they can be taken for free. But this does not apply to designer and author's breeds, the popularity of which is growing rapidly, which is reflected in the price. In our country there are not so many nurseries engaged in professional breeding of decorative mestizo, but they are.

Despite the fact that half-bloods are not recognized by international associations, they are gaining more and more admirers. The stars of cinema, stage, political figures, secular lionesses do not hesitate to get cute, obedient, unusual, and sometimes simply shocking, mestizos.

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