Companion dogs

Until recently, people started dogs only for a specific purpose - to use the pet as a guard, watchman, assistant in the hunt. These animals were indispensable as sled dogs, they worked at the fronts, grazed flocks ... Of course, today these four-legged comrades are used in various activities, but more often a person acquires a puppy only as a friend. Certain skills are not required of a dog, it is enough that she accompanies a person, knows how to get along with him in the same house and understands him perfectly. Which breeds meet such requests better than others and fall under the category of companion dogs?

Mutts Mutts

Do not miss this largest group of dogs - animals obtained through natural selection. Mestizo dogs have good health, long-livers are often found among them, and if you take such a pet from a shelter or from the street, he will feel gratitude all his life, showing it in every possible way.

But, of course, a surprise may await future owners - quite large individuals often grow out of a tiny lump. Moreover, if you need a pet as a companion, then it is better to choose a puppy from a room, albeit not purebred, dog, and not from a yard guard with a serious disposition.

Thoroughbred dogs

The leader among the thoroughbred companions is most often the following representatives of the canine.

Labrador retriever Labrador retriever

The breed has earned worldwide popularity as a companion and family dog ​​due to its unique qualities. This is one of the rare cases when, being originally a hunting gun dog, a representative of the working breed was quite successfully retrained. Since the dogs helped the owner to extract the black game from the reservoirs, the retriever is distinguished by a special love for water.

Future owners should be aware of the features of these dogs:

  • the pet needs long, active walking;
  • the puppy can be taken to a family with children - they will surely get along, only peace will have to be forgotten - joint games will be long and positive;
  • such a dog is not suitable if the owners often leave the house - the retriever needs to communicate and a long separation will negatively affect his character.

Golden retriever Golden retriever

This beauty can often be seen on TV screens, and, indeed, the goldens are distinguished by their beautiful, photogenic appearance. Unlike labradors, they have a longer coat with a golden hue. Like labradors, among the ancestors of the Goldens, you can find water spaniels and representatives of other breeds that are in close contact with water. Which explains their passion for swimming.

Such a pet has a calm temperament, and it perfectly adapts to the rhythm of the owner's life. Its main task is to be close to the owner, to support and protect. Large families with small children and other animals can start a dog of this breed, the dog is able to get along with everyone.

In addition to companions, guide dogs and rescuers are obtained from such dogs, naturally, if they undergo special training. However, starting a golden retriever as a security guard or watchman is not worth it - he is deprived of aggression towards a person and meets strangers without caution.

Pomeranian Spitz Pomeranian Spitz

These funny kids with toy looks are great companions. Their compact size allows you to keep your baby, even in a small apartment. The innate curiosity of the “Oranges” does not allow them to stand aside, when something happens in the house, they are cheerful, active and inquisitive.

“Pomeranians” love their master so much that they can be jealous, but nevertheless they get along well with all household members, including pets. It is not difficult for a pet to travel with its owner, he tolerates trips well and does not worry too much while being in a carrying bag.

Service breeds

Among companion dogs, specialists especially distinguish representatives of service breeds. Such a pet can not only please the owner at home, but also help in the work.

German Shepherd German Shepherd

It rightfully bears the title of the most popular breed in the world and it is difficult to find a more versatile dog. “Germans” are able to master a variety of skills, the only exception is hunting. It is possible to keep such a pet both in street and apartment conditions; it will protect both family members and the territory and property.

In addition, such a shepherd can be the "eyes" of a person, performing the work of a guide. German shepherds have long been successfully used by various security services.

Belgian shepherd dog Belgian shepherd dog

Perhaps, in many qualities, it is not inferior to the "German", but cannot boast of such popularity. Representatives of this breed are well trained, love outdoor activities and are strongly attached to the owner.

You can educate and train a Belgian shepherd puppy from the first days of his appearance in the house, and even a teenage child who does not have special knowledge can train. But owners should consider that it is possible to live comfortably with such a dog if the dog is raised and has mastered at least basic skills.

Rottweiler Rottweiler

Another “serious” companion, the dog, who once successfully guarded the money of the butchers received from sales, as well as the “product” itself. Rottweilers - large dogs with a harsh appearance, a kind of strong, muscular and stocky.

The pet is suitable for keeping with other animals, and also gets along well with children. However, like other representatives of the service breeds, it needs compulsory training, education and early socialization. A cute and affectionate dog with household members can turn into a fierce beast in a split second if there is a danger, so it can not be called a decorative dog.

Doberman Doberman

Another representative of this type, like the Rottweilers, is from Germany. Dogs were bred as bodyguards to help tax collectors do their hard work. Tall, muscular, with an attentive, incredulous look, Dobermans are capable of causing fear.

They really have excellent guard and security qualities, which does not prevent them from being wonderful companions - complaisant and understanding. In addition, they do not require complicated care. Again, do not forget that training and a strong arm are required here.

Herding breeds

Shepherd breeds live close to humans even longer than official breeds, moreover, they perform a variety of work. They were used as guards and shepherds, draft animals, guards, watchmen and even nannies. Today, their direct duties are required much less often, however, most breeds did not disappear from the face of the earth, but were re-trained as companions and family dogs.

Collie (scottish shepherd) Collie (scottish shepherd)

This breed can be found in various ratings regarding beauty, high intelligence or other qualities. There are several pedigree types: long-haired, wire-haired and short-haired collies. They are all smart, handsome and suitable for living with a person, however, the most spectacular of them are individuals with long, luxurious hair.

The collie puppy is playful, positive and active, however, dogs of this breed retain these qualities for life. Such a pet should be made active by people, since it needs regular physical activity and long walks.

Sheltie Sheltie

Charming dogs are often confused with collies, however, despite their striking resemblance, they are not direct relatives. Shelters are a great option for people who want to buy a Scottish Shepherd dog, but do not have the conditions to keep a large enough dog or time for long walks.

Representatives of this breed have high intelligence, they learn commands from the first try, they not only understand the owner, but capture his mood. These small dogs are a great option for a child who dreams of a four-legged friend.

Border Collie Border Collie

Most dog breeders unanimously recognized the representatives of this breed as the most intelligent dogs. For a long time they acted as shepherd dogs on the English-Scottish border, which is why the breed was called "border" - the border.

Borders cannot be called handsome, and at first glance it may seem that their appearance is very simple. But their advantages are not in this - the dogs have high intelligence, allowing them to learn the most complex program and be the perfect companion. The dog is able to keep an eye on everyone in the house, taking care of each member.

Aussie Aussie

A rather rare breed of shepherd dogs is the Australian Shepherd, however, it is increasingly attracting the attention of dog breeders. Individuals with a luxurious blue merle color and sky-blue eyes are especially valued. Aussi is distinguished from other shepherd dogs by a more delicate manner of work, it does not bite the wards, but uses a piercing look and a special stance.

Such a pet is always happy to serve the owner and is able to work day and night. Therefore, the owner should provide the pet with an increased load so that he does not get bored.

Welsh Corgi Welsh Corgi

Compared to other dogs grazing, Welsh Corgi look like real little ones. However, at one time they coped with such a difficult task, biting cattle by the legs in order to direct them in the right direction, and deftly dodging hooves. This made the representatives of the breed adroit, strong, smart and tireless.

Welsh Corgi is a real bunch of energy that radiates positive emotions and joy. In the company of children, such a doggie can become a real ringleader, restless and extremely active.

In the modern world, allergies become a real misfortune and sometimes even small children are disturbed, and quite often its manifestations are associated with pets. But there are dogs that are not prone to molting and are less likely to provoke an allergic reaction. Most of the representatives of such breeds are quite suitable as companions and family dogs.

Russian toy terrier Russian toy terrier

In the world community, the breed is considered rare, however, at home - in Russia, these miniature dogs can be found quite often. They are a pocket option, elegant, affectionate, with a clear voice. Pets love their family, attention and communication very much.

You can start such a doggie, having a modest in size housing, but you should take care of the safety of a little four-legged friend, both indoors and outside.

American toy terrier American toy terrier

Representatives of this dwarf breed were used to breed the Russian variety of Toya, however, in Russia they are not so common. Dogs have a modest size, but are quite cocky, owners should carefully monitor their toy during walking.

The dog is very playful, likes to spend time with the owner and especially with the younger members of the family. Toichiki perfectly assimilate various sports programs and successfully perform at competitions. So, to call them sofa dogs will not work.

Miniature pinscher Miniature pinscher

The smallest of the pinchers (a dwarf variety), however, is not devoid of official qualities. It boasts good health, a stable psyche and good learning.

This dog can be wound up as a pet for a child. Subsequently, they become best friends, and even a baby can cope with the training of the miniature pinscher. Moreover, the dog is able to learn even a complex program, and her alertness to strangers makes her an excellent guard - small, but nimble.

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier

Given the growing interest in miniature breeds, it is not surprising that the popularity of York is constantly growing, because these dogs have a lot of positive qualities. Kids do not fade, have a pretty appearance and long, silky hair.

Of course, dogs require careful care, especially when it comes to pets participating in exhibitions. But they are so affectionate, gentle and loyal that the owners literally fall in love with their charming wards and do not regret that they gave preference to such a crumb.

Poodle Poodle

Among the most intelligent dogs, this breed is necessarily among the five and most often occupies one of the first lines. There are several pedigree types, each of which has curly wool, but is characterized by different dimensions.

It’s hard not to notice a royal poodle on the street, especially since these dogs are often prepared for exhibitions and make original haircuts for them. Smaller representatives - small and dwarf, are more common and play the role of pets.

The smallest ones are toy poodles, they are miniature in size and are a pocket option. All of them do not cause allergies, but their coat requires special care - trimming. Poodles often act as circus actors, they are able to do real miracles, mastering the most difficult tricks.

Cavalier king charles spaniel Cavalier king charles spaniel

Possessing the attractive appearance of a spaniel, the gentleman is deprived of pronounced hunting instincts, which makes him an excellent companion. These "English" are very noble, have a sense of dignity, charm and a share of aristocracy. You should not be surprised, because they once lived in the royal chambers, which left an imprint on their characteristic features.

The pet is very delicate and does not impose its society, but is not averse to playing and getting a portion of affection when the owner is comfortable. Doggie is very calm, gets along with children and other animals, completely devoid of aggression towards anyone.

American spaniel American spaniel

The dog, which is an excellent hunter, but at home it literally changes - it becomes calm, obedient and quickly adapts to any conditions. The spaniel is suitable for large, noisy families, with children and other pets, however, it is worth considering that a bird and a small animal will provoke a pet to hunt.

The dog can be kept as a pet, without going on hunting, but then it should be provided with alternative activities - training on the site, nature trips, morning jogging and other entertainment.

Dalmatian Dalmatian

Slender, spotty dogs, which can often be seen on TV screens. They are aristocratic, but can be willful, require a special approach to training and education. These are not just companions, but pets, able to protect the owner and property, to be rescuers.

Among the 400 breeds of dogs there are many representatives who are able to be companions, friends and pets of a person. This should be considered when choosing a puppy. For example, many hunting dogs cannot do without professional activity, northern native breeds are too freedom-loving and require increased loads, and fighting dogs need a professional approach.

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