Dogs for children

A dog is a faithful being who has lived side by side with a man for a long time. Some pets do excellent work differently, others are full partners, the third ones are started to fulfill the child's desire. But how to choose a dog for children? What breeds are recommended to pay attention to?


Dog and child: the perfect combination

Naturally, the requirements for starting a dog largely depend on the child's age - a 4-5 year old kid will be happy with any fluffy lump, but the teenager will most likely tell what dog he would like to have. Parents should not blindly go on about the children, but still it is worth taking into account the wishes of the future owner. child and doggy

If the living space does not allow you to take a puppy even of medium breed, you can pay attention to compact pets - poodles, chihuahua, dachshunds, spitz, dwarf pinschers and various bolonok. These dogs are not aggressive, stress-resistant, mobile and do not require much space. In addition, they do not need complex care, except that some will have to periodically cut and comb out.

Do not think that if the house is a baby, then the pet should be necessarily a tiny size. A small child can inadvertently damage a dwarf pet. Among the middle breeds, good-natured and active, you can look at spaniels, beagles, welsh dogs, collies, terriers. But here there is one nuance - these dogs need regular mobile games and classes, which means that the child should be approached by age to provide this to his four-footed friend.

The choice of large breeds should be approached more cautiously, not all of them are suitable as a companion for games. Do not start a puppy, focusing on the popularity of the breed, for example, beautiful and proud Husky, strict Alabai, very expensive and effective Tibetan mastiffs require a firm hand and serious training. A graceful greyhounds are not so easy to learn.

What qualities should a dog have?

No matter how old the child is, his dog should not be aggressive, willful and stubborn. In addition, he is presented with a number of requirements:

  • the dog must patiently endure all the children's pranks, the maximum - the pet can "grumble" as a protest or go away; dog and child
  • the child needs a cheerful, active dog, which means that a lazy dog ​​that likes to lie by the TV on the couch will not do much;
  • give preference to better breeds that are well amenable to training, because a small master will necessarily educate and train his pet;
  • one of the main conditions is a stable psyche.

Of course, there are many requirements, both for parents and for children, but there are a lot of dog breeds, and you can always find the best dog for your own child.

Best breeds of dogs suitable for children

Dogs for children who are able to become true friends for the child:

  • Welsh corgi. Not too common breed, originally from Wales, whose representatives, according to legend, became a gift to people from fairies. Corgi have a compact size, weigh up to 12 kg, are active, sweet and faithful. Differ unpretentiousness in food, cleanliness, in addition, they do not require complex care. Welsh Corgi
  • Pygmy poodle. This dog has long topped the lists of the most highly intelligent breeds, has a hippo-allergenic wool that practically does not shed. Poodles love to play and perform various tasks, understand the master with a half-word and do not be obstinate. In special care the pet's fur needs, which requires regular haircuts. Pygmy poodle
  • Pug. Little Chinese dogs with a funny appearance, positive and smart, Pugs have been gaining popularity recently. They have served as favorites of families since ancient times, but then they were more often inhabited in imperial chambers, and today - in children's rooms. Pug
  • Labrador retriever. If you need a bigger pet, then a labrador retriever is a great option! These dogs keep playful all their lives, catch the intonations of the owner and his mood. They are always near, but they are not obtrusive. Such a pet will very quickly find a language with his small master. Labrador retriever
  • Beagle. Small dogs of hunting breed, differ ingenuity and irrepressible energy. It is possible to keep such a pet in a small apartment. Even a child can train a beagle, but with such a noisy brotherhood, silence and tranquility in the house will have to be forgotten. The beagles are well developed hunter instincts, which should be taken into account when walking - the pet can run away after running animals. cute beagle
  • American Cocker Spaniel. This cute and good-natured dog of the hunting breed almost immediately becomes a favorite of all members of the family. He is flexible, playful and hardy, so children can run and jump with him for hours, and the dog will be happy about it. American Cocker Spaniel
  • Newfoundland. Canadian giants, possessing luxurious wool, complaisant character and poise. Under the supervision of such a dog, the child will be safe. But when choosing it should be borne in mind that the pet will take a lot of space. It is best to keep Newfoundland in a private home. Newfoundland
  • German Shepherd. A puppy of this service breed is best for a school-age child, who will be able to deal with such a clever dog that requires regular exercise. As a result, they will become inseparable friends, will spend a lot of time on the air. And besides - the German is an excellent bodyguard. German Shepherd
  • Collie. The Scottish Shepherd is a beautiful, hardy dog, not aggressive, requiring active pursuits. It easily absorbs even complex teams, so it will be an excellent companion for a teenage child. Collie care is required standard, but with regular long combing of wool, especially during periods of seasonal moults. Collie
  • St. Bernard. If the family decided to have a large pet, so that the child had an impressive guard and protector, then the best dog than St. Bernard is difficult to find. He is phlegmatic, does not pay attention to small irritants, but at the same time he keeps a watchful eye on the child and is always ready to help. Of course, such a large pet needs space and one more nuance: the St. Bernards have been strengthened by salivation, and the saliva can flow quite abundantly. St. Bernard

A dog in the house is undoubtedly a hassle and additional expenses. But the child learns to take care of his friend less, assumes a certain responsibility, naturally, because of his age. And one more important nuance - he acquires a faithful, devoted friend, which will be remembered with warmth all his life.

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