The dog stopped eating dry food

Dry food has long become a habitual meal for pets. This is primarily due to the practicality and rationality of its use. Many dog ​​owners are more convenient and more profitable to feed their pets with dry food, rather than prepare a special dish for an animal. However, it may happen that the pet does not eat his usual food. If the dog has stopped eating dry food, first of all it is necessary to find out the reason for such a change.


Reasons for refusing to "dry"

An unexpected failure of the pet from the feed can serve as a serious problem for the owners. In this case, most likely, it is necessary to resort to the help of cookery. However, dogs, as is known, are not omnivores: and if one pet likes millet porridge, then it may not be to the liking of another. The dog stopped eating dry food read article

The reasons for the strange behavior of the pet can be completely different. The problem can be connected both with the food itself, and with the physiology and health of the pet. Common reasons for the animal's abandonment of dry food include the following:

  1. Another brand of feed . Animals have a special habit of getting used to a certain kind of food. Despite the visual similarity, many dry feeds have completely different composition, taste, odor, at least, it concerns the flavorings that make up the composition. Therefore, a change in the brand of the ready-made ration, as a rule, will provoke the animal's refusal.
  2. Poor quality of feed . As you know, dogs have excellent sense of smell, so if the usual packing of dry food suddenly turns out to be unfit, the animal will immediately feel it.
  3. Dry food is boring . Although it is believed that dogs are not particularly fastidious to eat, they also sometimes need a variety. Moreover, the consumption of dry food alone can contribute to the appearance of various diseases in the animal.
  4. Stress . It's not a secret for anyone that animals, like people, are able to survive and fall into a state of stress. This can be due to both the surrounding factors that affect the nervous system of the animal, and with the physiological, occurring directly in the body of the pet. It should be noted that such a situation usually implies a complete refusal of the animal from food.
  5. Decreased physical activity . Many breeds of dogs are those animals that require physical activity. The lack of physical activity can lead to a change in the behavior of the animal, in particular, loss of appetite and the rejection of dry food.
  6. Cold or runny nose . As is known, the attraction of dry food for an animal is determined by the presence of a special nutritional odor. However, in the case of loss of smell in the pet, dry food is no longer perceived as a favorite, as a potential food.
  7. Physiological features . To the physiological characteristics can be attributed to such periods as estrus or zagul. At this time, the pet is far from eating. It is worth noting that in this case there is a general loss of appetite in the animal.

What to do and how to help the pet

Having ascertained the reason for the animal's refusal from dry food, it is possible to take any measures that help to return to the usual food or to change the diet. In general, the subsequent actions depend on the initial factors.

So, if the reason for the refusal is a new feed grade or its poor quality, then you just need to change the packaging. You can return a customary for the pet brand, be sure to check when buying a ration for compliance with quality and shelf life.

If the animal does not have enough variety, then it is recommended to abandon the usual food for a while. There are many simple recipes for dishes for pets that will taste like an animal. In addition, it is possible to dilute the "drying" with wet food or canned food having different compositions.

In the case of stress, it is necessary to eliminate the negative factors. As already mentioned, a stressful situation can contribute to both the environment and the disturbances in the animal's body. In the case of environmental factors, it is necessary to change the situation of the animal, be more sensitive, affectionate and attentive to it. If the cause of the stressful condition is unknown, then you should contact the veterinary clinic.

In the case of reduced physical activity, it is necessary to normalize the mode of the animal's day. A pet should take something, offer longer walks with various active games, trainings. But the easiest and most convenient way out of this situation can be the purchase of toys for the pet, with whom he will play in the absence of the owner of the house.

If the dog suffers from a cold or a cold, then it is recommended to give warm or hot food to your pet. This will contribute to his speedy recovery. You can also seek help from a veterinarian for prescribing special medicines for colds or runny nose.

Tips from veterinarians

Veterinary specialists on this issue have their own opinion and suggest following such recommendations:

  1. Periodically, you should resort to a variety of pet diet. Everyone knows that monotony from time to time can bore you. And in the case of animals, the consumption of dry food and can at all contribute to the development of complications such as renal or hepatic insufficiency.
  2. Sometimes it is recommended to add kefir or simply water to dry food to give moisture to the contents. The fact is that soft soaked pads of food do not cause damage to the body, in contrast to dry ones.
  3. In the case of a change in the brand of dry food, you should wait for the animal to sniff it, get used to it, or, if possible, return to the previous brand.
  4. Some dry food is produced for dogs of a certain breed or character. For example, there is a nutritional product for both sedentary and active breeds.
  5. Small breeds of dogs are not recommended to give large pads, since the large amount of food consumed at a time can contribute to indigestion.

Some owners may start to sound an alarm in the event that the pet has a decreased appetite. However, inexperienced dog owners, instead of eliminating the root cause of reduced appetite, begin to look for possible diseases in the animal. In fact, everything can be not so bad. The dog stopped eating

Naturally, the refusal to eat, in particular from dry food, does not always indicate any violations. It is possible that the pet is simply bored with monotonous food or, on the contrary, the pet is so used to its food that it will not allow deceiving it by substitution.

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