The dog does not eat anything. What to do

In many families, dogs become true family members and any, even the most insignificant, pet health problems cause real panic. But what if the dog does not eat anything? What can cause this behavior, and in what cases do you really need to worry?

The dog does not eat anything. What to do


The main reasons for the dog's refusal to eat

The answer to the question why the dog does not eat anything is the following:

  1. Often, this behavior is associated with a change in feed , which the dog simply does not seem edible. In the case of natural feeding, one unusual ingredient is enough for the animal to refuse to eat. For example, among the usual vegetables suddenly appeared eggplant, possessing a sharp scent, the pet immediately finds an unknown object and will ignore the whole serving.
  2. Another common reason is additional lure between meals. If the dog gets tidbits from the master's table, it is only natural that her own food will seem less tasty to her. Yes, and the appetite of such a gesture can easily be interrupted.
  3. Poor food quality , the presence of excess salt or spices can also spoil your appetite. It is necessary to check if the food has deteriorated.
  4. Sometimes the reason for not eating can be covered in the mouth - pain from a broken tooth, infection of the gums and the sky, or other diseases, greatly complicate the acceptance of food.
  5. Infectious ailments that affect the ears, also deprive the appetite of the pet, because they are the causes of allergic manifestations , including food components. And, in addition, provoke pain syndrome.
  6. Pain can also be accompanied by other ailments, which can lead to a lack of appetite. Usually, these conditions are accompanied by additional symptoms :
  • the pet trembles;
  • it is difficult for him to breathe;
  • hounds his back;
  • markedly reduced the activity of the animal, it often lies on its side;
  • if you touch the dog, it can snap;
  • the dog sleeps longer than usual.

If the condition of the pet has significantly worsened, the appearance has acquired signs of soreness and depression, then this may be a sign of a serious illness . Especially it should be worried if the dog's condition has not improved after missing one or two feedings, and on the paddock the pet is sluggish, showing no interest in the surroundings.

Among diseases, refusal of food most often accompanied by stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers, as well as kidney disease. If the refusal of food is accompanied by vomiting, foamy secretions from the mouth, then, most likely, the pet poisoned. It is necessary to immediately rinse the stomach and give drugs-enterosorbents, for example, activated charcoal.

The dog does not want to eat what to do

Naturally, it is not necessary to build guesses on your own that led to such a state of the animal, it is clear that the blame was the disease. An early address to a doctor or a call to a specialist at home will help to clarify the situation.

A frequent cause of lack of appetite is helminthic invasion. The pet can feel nausea, diarrhea , vomiting , and often helminth particles can be seen in feces or in the pet's fur at the anus. In this case, degelmentization can correct the situation.

If the dog does not eat for several days, without any other signs of illness, you can also visit a veterinarian. If this is an isolated case, then you should not worry. Most often the person himself provokes such behavior of the dog when he does not observe the feeding regime or during the day treats the animal with goodies.

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When a dog's refusal to eat is considered the norm

  • Like a person, a dog has life situations when she does not want to eat, and such a phenomenon is quite natural. For example, in bitches a decrease in appetite, or its complete absence, may accompany estrus . At this time, the animal can feel bad, or acutely respond to sexual urge. At the end of the dog returns to the usual diet.
  • The same happens with males during the period of sexual hunting . They become irritated, they can provoke fights, they are tied up with any good female and can live without food for a long time at her doorstep.
  • Puppies, most often large breeds, in some periods of growth , suddenly begin to eat a lot, constantly feeling hunger, this behavior is then replaced by complete indifference to food.
  • Teething teeth in babies can disturb a pet, giving an unpleasant sensation. Naturally, in this case, the crumb does not need food at all.
  • Operative intervention, more precisely used anesthesia , can for a few days deprive the animal of appetite. This is for the better, since after surgery, the first time is not recommended.
  • In dogs, the appetite decreases during the heat , and also when vitamin supplements are added to the food. Especially fastidious pets can refuse any products, which they consider insufficiently tasty.

The dog hunts

The dog does not eat what to do

A person who starts a dog takes full responsibility for her behavior, well-being and nutrition. Providing quality food is one of the main tasks of the owner of a four-legged friend. But what to do if all the conditions of feeding are met, but the animal refuses to eat? Here are a few ways to influence his behavior:

  • Skipping feeding . This is the most effective way to return the pet back to normal. But you do not need to make common mistakes among dog lovers, offering her something more tasty instead of the usual food. The food should be exactly the one that the pet refused. Usually two passes are enough to make the dog's appetite wake up.
  • Reduction of portion . If the dog does not always eat up the entire contents of the bowl, then it can talk about too much food. In the next feeding, you can put the feed a quarter less than usual and see how the dog will behave.
  • Perhaps the proposed food does not meet the needs of the dog . It is necessary to take this issue more seriously if it was not done before. It is necessary to learn about the features of feeding a particular breed. For example, Japanese Khatiko-Akita-Inu can not do without fish in the diet, pugs need to be given raw bones, and some breeds, with a tendency to stomach diseases, need to include a beef scar rich in enzymes useful for digestion. Perhaps, the dog lacks something important, which is the reason for refusing the food offered to him.
  • Active walks are required . Fresh air, exercise stressfully affect the dog's appetite. Taking an animal, a different inventory, a treat for encouraging the executed teams - and jogging for a walk. You can offer a pet to play, learn a new command or repeat already worked. After this, the dog for ears will not be pulled from the bowl.
  • If the minutes for 10-15 before eating give the animal a pair of salty kilt or capelin , then you can cause him to eat.
  • Perhaps the dog just fed up the monotonous food . You can slightly diversify the diet, replacing the usual cereal with another, for example, instead of rice to give buckwheat, or to mix several types of cereals at the same time. But you can change not only porridge, but also types of meat. Beef can be alternated with lamb, horse meat, periodically replacing with boiled by-products or fish. Vegetables can be offered to the dog not only boiled, but in raw form.

In general, by trial and error, you can not damage the health of the pet, choose a more successful diet, which will taste the pet.

What can not be done

Having become agitated for the state of a four-legged friend, the owner can act recklessly in a hurry. Which is unacceptable in the case when the dog refuses to eat:

  • Under no circumstances should you force a dog to eat by applying physical strength. Sometimes the owners, not finding another option, begin to "poke" the animal into a bowl. This attitude is unacceptable.
  • You can not try to improve the situation by treating the dog various kinds of delicious food. First, it will further strengthen the reluctance of the pet to eat the usual food. Secondly, it will have a detrimental effect on the health of the pet.
  • In no case should you leave food for the night or all day in the hope that the dog will think better and eat. If this is possible with food, then ordinary food can just get spoiled.

In any situation, a person should remember that a dog is also a living being that can experience, experience stress , joy and other emotions that can distract it from everything else, including food intake.

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