Dog from the movie "Electronics"

Often the characters of films or cartoons become animals. Children's musical film "Adventures of Electronics. Ressie - a dog from the movie "Electronics" won the hearts of boys and girls. Not surprisingly, many spectators were interested in the four-legged companion of the robot boy.

The History of the Appearance

The breed of this dog is the Airedale Terrier. Few people know that the script was based on the fantastic story of Evgeny Veltistov, one of which was called "Ressie - an elusive friend." The name of the toy dog ​​is the genius of the super-robot Electronics, turned into a robot-dog is an abbreviation that stands for Rare Electronic Perfect Dog And so on (Rassi). Why did the director choose the eardelier for the role of the electronic miracle? movie Electronic

There are several versions:

  1. In the 70s (the film was filmed in 1979) in Russia the airedale terrier became a very popular breed among dog breeders.
  2. Assistants to the director found only this dog in the toy store.
  3. The director was so subjugated by the mind, performance, artistic data and intelligence of the hairy artist, found for the role of Rassi, that other representatives of the rocks did not even want to try for a role.

In the film, the Airedale Terrier named Chingiz was shot. He was helped to cope with the responsible role of the trainer L. Ostretsova.

Thanks to the natural mind, stamina, the ability to make decisions independently in changing conditions, fearlessness and strength inherent in the breed, Airedale Terrier Chingiz brilliantly coped with the role, and after the end of filming, "Electronics" was invited to one more film "The Life and Adventures of Four Friends." In a touching film, the Airedale terrier appeared in the role of Bubrick.

See the excerpt from the movie "Electronics" with the dog:

Interesting facts about the Airedale Terrier

The most interesting facts related to the Airedale terrier - king among the terriers:

  1. The breed appeared in response to the need of hunters in a dog that could swim perfectly, hunt in the water and on the ground, dig the earth, driving out normal animals and running fast. Airedale terrier fully meets all the requirements of a universal hunter.
  2. Endurance. This feature of Airedale is colorfully portrayed by June Dutcher and Janet Johnson Framke in The New Book of the Airedaleier. The dogs drove the water rats into the water and took the otter, accustomed to the water element, by swimming around it, and sometimes diving after the prey, until it was exhausted.
  3. Fearlessness. In the book "The Hunt" (1760), Daniel describes how the Airedale Terrier alone cope with a badger or a wild cat. He enters the dark hole to the fox, tearing it apart or pulling it out. The dog boldly enters into battle even with several opponents, agility and speed forcing them to surrender.
  4. Friendliness and contactness. Erdeli get along well with children and adults. Even an adult dog quickly gets used to a new family and home.
  5. Independence in decision-making. During the competitions, popular in the XIX century. in Northern England, the Airedale Terrier had to work on both sides of the water obstacle, and since this made it difficult for the leadership, the dog had to learn to make decisions instantly.
  6. Mental stability. Erdeli is not afraid of loud sharp sounds, flashes, so they were often used as "girlfriends" dogs. During wars, the Airedale terriers served as orderlies, signalmen, miners, and demolition men. These brave warriors won the title of "tank destroyers", as they bravely rushed to the caterpillars and there they dropped their deadly cargo.
  7. Excellent sense of smell. Airedale terriers are used in geological prospecting lots to search for ore deposits, which they feel at a depth of 7-12 meters.
  8. Devotion to duty. Airedale Terrier Joe, who belonged to the colonel of the British army Richardson, at the cost of his life saved the whole battalion. The heavily wounded dog brought an important report to the headquarters and died, having handed the package. Such a feat was performed by Airedale Kashtanka, who was wounded in the head and two weeks after that maintained contact with the reserve until she died near Narofominsky, and Airedale Fry, who 33 times went with a report. The last time a deadly wounded dog delivered a packet and died from a splinter wound in the head.
  9. In Ukraine (Legedzino village) a monument was erected, perpetuating the deadly hand-to-hand fight of 150 border dogs and a regiment of German soldiers. Among the brave satellites of the border guards there were 19 Airedale terriers. Airedale

Due to these qualities, the airedale terrier has not only won admirers among writers, artists, politicians, but also the hearts of viewers who have seen the good film "Adventures of Electronics".

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