A dog is afraid of people: why and what to do

Dogs are complex creatures that have their own character, characteristics, temperament, some pets are good-natured, others are wary, but, in most cases, this behavior does not go beyond the accepted. Some behavioral defects are corrected, other animals can not get rid of, just the owners adjust, accepting the pet the way he is. But there are atypical situations, when the animal behaves not quite properly. For example, a dog is afraid of people ... A man's friend, living for many millennia, side by side with people, and suddenly such a reaction. How to behave to the owners and how can you help a four-footed friend?


Why does an animal react to people like that?

A dog is afraid of people

The reasons for this reaction can be of a different nature. Among the main ones, one can single out the following:

  • Fear is often due to abuse. This can happen if the dog was taken not by professional responsible breeders or dog lovers, but by so-called "divorcees". In this case, the spirit of profit prevails, and animals are often kept in harsh conditions and are often punished. Similar is possible in conditions of nurseries for stray dogs, and when an ill-bred dog was taken into a family and did not justify the hopes of new owners.
  • Absence of socialization - the dog is kept locked up, does not see strangers. If up to three months there was no adaptation process, it is possible that later the pet will be afraid of all the unknown, including strangers.
  • Weakness of the nervous system - often in the litter appears one puppy, who behaves differently than others, more wary. Even a rustling can scare him, and from loud sounds the kid can be hammered into a corner and even describe himself. This behavior is more often associated with a weak nervous system. Such a dog all his life will be pursued by various phobias and the master will have to work hard to turn the shy dog ​​into a more daring dog.

In addition to the above, there are also idiopathic, that is, with obscure origin, fears. In this case, the dog is afraid of something specific - tall people, crying kids, men with a beard, etc. This can also happen inside the family, when one of the members of the family begins to cause fear in the pet.

Of course, if you know the cause of the origin of fear, it will be easier to correct the behavior of the animal. In this case, it is necessary to exert some efforts, to treat with understanding and patience.

The dog was frightened

In dogs, the fear of people arises when they do not believe in a person or are insecure about their own abilities. In this situation, the animal feels a threat in the face of bipeds and should be disbelieved in this.

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What to do with a passive reaction

It looks like this: the dog is running away without looking back from the person who caused her fear. What does the owner usually do? In the first case, he calls the pet, which does not work, and then catches up and punishes for insubordination. In the second, after catching an animal, it shows pity, starts feeling sorry for the pet and calming down. What to say, both options are erroneous, if the dog is punished, she begins to fear even the owner, if you regret, then assume that she behaves correctly and sees that the owner supports her.

The correct actions should look different:

  • It is necessary to give the dog to retire to a safe distance.
  • If the dog does not intend to stop, then you should call, but without using the command "To me", it's better to call a nickname or other phrases, for example, "Stop!".
  • Approach the dog should only after the animal stopped moving. Do it calmly, without fuss and running.
  • You need to make sure that the dog is not afraid, go behind and fasten the leash. You can pet a pet, but without showing excessive trepidation and pity.
  • Then the command "Near" and the distraction of the pet by the game, simple tasks follows.

It is important that the owner should be kind and calm. A dog should not feel anxious or insecure about the owner.

In most cases, a passive reaction indicates that the dog is not sure of its own strength. Therefore, the owner should show an example that there is nothing to worry about and fear. After all, dogs are prone to copying the behavior of a person who is considered a leader. Maybe the dog will not stop being afraid, but will move away from the dangerous object, and not run away.

How to behave in aggressive behavior

In this situation, the owner tries to catch up with the pet and grab for the collar, shouting while barking an embittered and frightened animal. And after the dog waits for a bashing ... And who in this situation behaves inadequately? Of course, the owner. By his behavior he once again proves that the danger is not mythical, and that the main method in combating fear is the use of physical force.

Why the dog is afraid of people

If the dog not only binds but also uses teeth, it is necessary to turn to an experienced cynologist and make an appointment for training. An aggressive animal should not be among people.

If the dog only growls and barks, you should confidently approach and pull it off the collar, giving the command "Quiet!". If this does not help, you should clasp your pet's sternum with your knees, and keep it up until the person who caused the aggression goes away. Then it is necessary to plant the animal nearby, and say in a strict voice "Good!". To praise, iron, pity, calm can not. Then the dog needs to give a few simple commands.

Specialists recommend first of all to accustom the pet to two important teams - "Quiet", according to which the dog should stop barking, and "Fu!". And also will help intensive socialization, frequent walking, kind attitude and understanding of his four-legged friend.

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