Service breeds of dogs

Dogs gradually occupy various niches in human life, some accompany on the hunt, others are meant to be a companion, and still others carry a serious service. Naturally, certain requirements are imposed on the latter, they provide training, and not every dog ​​can be called official. What obligate service breeds of dogs, and which breeds are the best in this business?


Peculiarities of keeping a service breed dog

Considering the representative of the official breed as a pet, you should take into account - most of them grow quite large, and some simply giant dogs. Such an animal will need enough space. many evil dogs

Another important nuance is that such dogs need compulsory upbringing and training, and certain breeds need early socialization, so you will have to study regularly and take a long time with your pet to take long walks. When work takes up most of the time and it is not even on your family, it is not recommended to start such a demanding pet.

If you miss the moment, you can get a large, uncontrolled beast, which represents a serious threat to others. Owners should not forget about their responsibility.

If the dog enters the family only as a pet, then it will be enough to go with him a general course of training, but for a certain specialization additional classes will be required and it is necessary to carry them out with professional dog trainers. In any case, it is desirable to have experience in dealing with such dogs, or to receive advice from people who know.

For large-sized, mobile dogs a balanced diet with a high content of animal protein is required, which means that most of the diet should consist of meat or high-quality food. In addition, they eat more than medium-sized pets, and you need to be financially prepared for this. Giving the dog waste from its own table is prohibited. service dogs

The truth is that often in unskillful hands such dogs become unruly, aggressive, vicious. And often they find themselves in shelters, as the owners are not able to correct their behavior and cope with significantly grown animals. Therefore, before you take a cute toddler into the house, you must evaluate your strength.

Well, if there are conditions, opportunities and experience, then you should look at the breeds that have all the necessary qualities. Consider which breeds fall into this category.

German Shepherd German shepherd dog lies

It is not for nothing that this breed heads the service lists - for a long time its representatives are at the peak of popularity, they are smart, quick-witted, and well-trained. When such a pet appears in the house, he quickly becomes a member of the family, who only, perhaps, does not know how to talk.

Once a shepherd's dog, the German Shepherd dog acquired qualities such as endurance, high performance, ability to make decisions. A subsequent selection improved service performance, making them almost perfect.

In the police and guard service, their ability to attack and immobilize an intruder with lightning speed is especially appreciated. In addition, these are excellent watchmen, guards, guides, shepherds and companions. You can keep a German in an open-air cage as well as in an apartment, but it should be noted that they molt quite heavily.

Rottweiler Rottweiler lies

These thoroughbred representatives are considered not the most appeasable pets, however, most rottweilers completely deny this opinion. It all depends primarily on the environment and education. These dogs are inferior to some service dogs in size, but not in bravery and speed of reaction. The attacker has virtually no chance to escape from such a pursuer.

Rottweilers have well developed fighting qualities, so they need mandatory early socialization and upbringing. In training, special attention must be paid to discipline - the dog must execute commands from the first time. When training, it is impossible to be nervous, shouting, be anxious, otherwise the dog will feel weak. The owner must be strict, collected and fair.

Feature of Rottweilers - a dog can have only one owner, which she will perceive as a leader. The rest of the family members of the dog will be treated exactly and in certain situations may not even pay attention to them. But if the puppy grows with the child, they often become best friends. If you seriously approach the training, then from such a pet you get an excellent bodyguard.

Doberman two dobermans

In contrast to the robust Rottweiler, this German dog has a more elegant physique. Already during the creation of the breed it was assumed that its representatives would do a great job as a policeman, a rescuer, a bodyguard. And from the dogs used in breeding activities, they took all the necessary qualities - a compact, muscular physique, balance, courage, quick response and anger.

Since Dobermans have natural aggression, they require hard upbringing and education, it will take you to start socializing your pet from puppyhood. Despite this feature, Dobermans make excellent companions, friendly and balanced, they are good for children.

Plant such a pet is recommended for people leading an active lifestyle. The dog will be happy to accompany the owner on jogging and participate in sports activities.

Giant Schnauzer beautiful giant schnauzer

Among schnauzers, rizeny are the largest representatives of the group. These are strong, big dogs, muscular, with a body of a rectangular format. They perfectly serve, guard and are companion dogs. They are often taken to work in customs, police, airports. Thanks to a sharp instinct, dogs are able to quickly detect narcotic substances, smuggling and illegal immigrants.

Giant schnauzers are active, they need regular physical exertion. If you do not give your pet the opportunity to frolic and move a lot without a leash, his physical form and emotional mood will worsen. When acquiring such a puppy, you should understand that he will have to pay a lot of time and effort.

Among service breeds, rizeny are most sensitive and affectionate, they need to communicate with family, caress and attention. Such a pet will not hide its joy when meeting and sadness, parting. But it is impossible to call dogs obsessive, they sensitively catch the mood of the owner and know when to approach and caress.

For the maintenance of a Giant Schnauzer, a private house with a local area, where the pet will be given freedom of movement, is perfect. An open-air cage or chain categorically does not suit them, such conditions will contribute to the wild.

Black Russian Terrier (Stalin's dog) Black Russian Terrier (Stalin's dog)

Breed bred in the 40s. 20 in. for a special mission - serving at secret military sites. Of course, such pets should have a set of serious qualities - high intelligence, excellent physical shape, decisiveness, increased efficiency and the ability to work in any, even the most severe, conditions.

As a result of breeding activities, turned out strong, large, muscular, alert and quite hardy dog. Black terriers were entrusted with the protection of strategically important objects. Today, representatives of this breed are in great demand in various fields - excellent watchmen, guards, bodyguards, they do a wonderful job with sports standards and often shine at exhibitions. Black terriers have long been recognized outside of Russia.

Buying a puppy of this curly breed, you should immediately take into account that it will grow from a giant up to 72 cm at the withers. And males are more powerful and larger than bitches. The dog is agile, balanced, but can be stubborn. Therefore, it requires a strong hand, such a pet is not recommended for beginners. Natural aggression, focused on the person, requires compulsory education and early socialization. In some cases, the help of a dog handler is required.

St. Bernard St. Bernard

One of the largest dogs used for various services. St. Bernard is amenable to education and training, therefore, to use force and a hard approach is not necessary. Such a pet requires respectful attitude and will not tolerate injustice and sharpness.

During the training, it should be borne in mind that the phlegmatic dog pre-thinks about how best to perform the task, and should not be rushed. The puppy is best taught in the game, so you don’t have to “push” it and force it; otherwise, you can ruin the relationship with your four-legged friend.

Best of all St. Bernard manifest themselves in search and rescue activities. Despite the huge size, characterized by mobility and endurance, and the harsh appearance does not indicate anger and aggressiveness - St. Bernards are friendly and good-natured. The reaction of these giants is lightning, despite their certain composure and sluggishness.

Saint Bernard is acquired as a watchman, companion and nanny, they are able to accompany people with disabilities. Pet requires regular long walking and sufficient load, however, given the heavy weight, not recommended overly intensive classes. Instead of an active game, it's better to offer your favorite a walk.

Saint Bernard is suitable for living in the private sector, because it is a large and colorful animal, but you can not limit its communication with the family, the dog really needs it.

Belgian Shepherd Belgian Shepherd

Perhaps, among the athletes, the Belgians have no equal, they are happy to be on the training ground for hours and learn the most complex techniques. Dogs of this breed are successfully used for service - they possess all the necessary qualities for this. Being originally shepherds, the dogs were able to change the line of their work, but did not lose their acquired skills.

Being engaged with such a pet should be taken into account - he will not tolerate rude, careless attitude and physical impact. Having made only one mistake, the owner can turn productive work into an endless struggle with a dog with a neurasthenic character.

Belgians are intelligent, intellectually developed and obedient dogs, able to quickly understand and understand the task. They have territorial and protective instincts in their blood, which make dogs excellent watchmen and guards.

It is recommended to take a Belgian Shepherd puppy when there is experience in raising and training. The owner must act strictly, but not arbitrarily. Timely socialization is important and it is imperative to complete a general training course, and it is better to negotiate with your pet than to use rudeness and harshness.

Such a pet can be kept as a companion, but do not forget about the strong sense of dominance of these dogs. The owner will have to become a leader with unquestioned authority, only in this way will the dog accept him and submit.

Cane corso italiano Cane corso italiano

Giant of Italian origin with a very formidable appearance. But among Cane Corso, advantages are not only dimensions and appearance - they are very strong and smart. Naturally, such an extraordinary pet needs early education and training. It should be as early as possible to bring it to crowded places in order to fully socialize.

To treat the return of commands to this dog should be extremely serious - out-of-place “fas!” Can be fatal for the abuser. Experts warn that the owners take on a great responsibility, plant such a pet. Cane Corso make excellent guards, fighters, hunters for large animals. Also, representatives of the breed are often involved in the police and investigative service.

In order for the pet to be in excellent physical shape, it requires frequent runs, classes and training. If you properly raise a dog, then it will turn out to be a fearless, balanced dog, not showing aggression when this is not required. Maintain a Corso dog in such a way that it can communicate with family members and move freely.

German boxer German boxer

The breed of service dogs bred in Germany today in the USA is among the ten most popular dogs of this category. This collected, lean, muscular dog was created to assimilate the team, to show their intelligence and speed of reaction. From 3 months on, this puppy of this breed is able to perform simple tasks, gradually enriching the stock of skills.

In German boxers a lot of energy and activity, with such a pet you will not get bored. Among service breeds, they are considered the most playful dogs, and this quality they retain for life. Such a pet can be made for an older child - they will definitely be able to establish communication.

Boxers are distinguished by loyalty and friendliness to all members of the family, but are completely subordinate only to the owner. To strangers who came to visit with the owners, not aggressive, not afraid, but only watchfully. Pet straightforward, will not be cunning and evade duties, so working with him is very easy and pleasant.

It is not necessary to acquire a boxer while living in an apartment; private ownership is considered the best option for him. The dog does not require complex care, it is enough to periodically care for the hair, brushing it out.

Newfoundland Newfoundland

Canadian breed of dog, which has its origin from the ancient Molossians. Large dogs with long, thick hair, are well trained in training, have excellent memory and intelligence. Due to the fact that the Newfoundlands always seek to please their master, their upbringing and training should not cause difficulties.

Dogs of this breed are used for service and give birth as companions. But, having decided to have such a pet, it should be borne in mind that it will take a long time for active walking and active training. Such a four-legged friend will be happy to accompany the owner during jogging, training, hiking. Dogs are ready to travel long distances without fatigue.

Newfoundlands are devoid of aggression, friendly, restrained and contact. The best place to stay will be a big house where the pet will be able to move freely around the local area.

The long hair of such a dog requires regular combing, especially during the molting. But thanks to the water-repellent coating, it practically does not get dirty - you will often not need to bathe the dog. However, the Newfoundlands are very fond of water and will never refuse to plunge - it is better not to forget about this particular dog.

A service dog is more than an animal, such dogs often save lives, come to the rescue, and without thinking about danger. Many of them were awarded orders and medals for all sorts of feats, but they do them not for the sake of glory. But such a difficult pet requires a special approach - its natural data should be developed, restraining some impulses. The owner must be for the dog a real leader, uncompromising, but kind.

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