How many times a day to feed the dog

A person who first took a puppy, a number of quite natural questions arise, and one of them concerns the nutrition of a new member of the family. First of all, how many times a day do you need to feed the dog at different life stages? Everything depends on a number of factors - the age of the pet, its activity, physiological characteristics, dimensions and other things. It is necessary to determine the diet of a pet and follow the recommendations of a specialist.


Number of feeding dogs of different ages

There is a general net of the number of dog feedings, starting with the puppy's age and until full growing, when the dog is fully formed:

  • from 1 to 2 months - six-time feeding, with mandatory night meals;
  • from 2 to 4 months - meals are five times a day, gradually the baby is weaned from the night meals, for this the last feeding should be as late as possible, and the first - early;
  • from 4 to 5 months - four meals a day;
  • from 5 months to 6 months - feed the baby 2 times densely - in the morning and evening, and 2 times - less abundantly, gradually canceling one day's snack;
  • with half a year (in small breeds) and from 7-9 months (representatives of large and giant breeds), pets are transferred to an adult diet - 2 meals a day.

Some adult dogs leading a sedentary lifestyle can only be fed once - in the morning, but be sure to observe the feeding time. However, experts still advise to divide the daily portion of food into 2 doses.

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How to determine the required portion

If the dog eats ready-made dry rations, then it is not difficult to determine a single portion. It is enough to study the information indicated on the packaging, where the required amount of food is usually prescribed, in accordance with the age and weight of the pet. Then calculate the daily rate, focusing on the weight of the dog's body, and divide it into 2 doses. the little dog eats from a pink bowl

But what if the dog eats natural food? Usually the basis of the ration is porridge with meat and vegetable ingredients, the daily portion of which is also determined by the weight of the animal. Usually it is 60-70 grams of food per kilogram of mass. For example, if the weight of the pet is 10 kg, then per day it should receive 600-700 grams of porridge. Naturally, these are only averaged indicators, not taking into account the characteristics of the dog.

How to understand if the food is enough for the dog

Of course, the general recommendations should be listened to, but do not forget about the individuality of each dog. If the dog, eating food, does not leave the bowl and carefully lick it, then, most likely, he does not have enough food and should increase his portion a little.

If the food remains in the bowl, then do not wait for the pet to return and finish eating, it is recommended to remove it before the next feeding. If this happens all the time, then you need to reduce the amount of a single portion. When can I increase the portion?

  • If the dog is waiting for the offspring or feeding the puppies.
  • When the dog gets a heavy load - before the competition, the exhibition, works a lot, etc.
  • During periods of intensive growth - in different breeds it occurs at different ages.
  • If the dog has suffered the disease and needs to be restored.
  • In winter, if the pet is on the street.

It is worth paying attention to the behavior of the pet, and in addition, consider whether he is inclined to obesity. In this case, do not get too addicted.

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What should be the feeding regime?

For the dog - her health and organization, it is very important to comply with the feeding regime. There are several rules that must be followed, regardless of the age and breed of the dog:

  • To receive food the dog must be in a strictly designated place for this and at the same time - this will allow the dog to develop a conditioned reflex and discipline the pet. Also it is necessary to take care of the stand, especially it is important for puppies and adult dogs of large and giant breeds.
  • If there is an intense load, then it is not necessary to feed the dog before it. After all, the digestive tract of the animal is arranged in such a way that the dog should rest after a meal.
  • You can not feed the dog before walking. It is advisable that after eating, an hour and a half passed.
  • Do not give the pet food immediately after it received a lot of stress. It is necessary that he rested.

In addition, it is desirable for the owner to familiarize himself in advance with the "black list" of food, which should not be included in the dog's diet. In most cases, these are products that should not be given to dogs of any breeds, including mongrel - sweets, sausages, smoked products, dishes with spices and marinades, baked goods.

But some recommendations are of an individual nature. For example, representatives of breeds with flattened muzzle is not recommended to give soups. Or else - ordinary milk is not given to adult dogs, as there is a risk of diarrhea, but pugs need it at any age - this product helps them get rid of heartburn. Therefore, acquiring a dog, it is worth consulting with the breeder about the features of feeding this particular breed. cute doggie with a stone

Another rule is that the dog should have round-the-clock access to clean drinking water. This is especially important when eating dry diets. Four-legged friends need compulsory upbringing, which means that the owner should be as organized as possible. You can not give the dog food outside the established schedule or start periodically to treat him from his own table. Otherwise, the whole regime will be violated, and the dog will quickly find the weak point of its owner and quickly turn into a beggar.

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  1. in the morning I give the stuffed milk porridge with a little salt and sah.peska in the evening with meat and vegetables and add a little of pasta from durum wheat. Although I know that it would be desirable on the contrary-in the evening porridge and in the morning porridge and in the evening vegetables with meat.

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