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Unfortunately, by the beginning of the century, the sky terrier was on the list of endangered breeds and is still in it. Therefore, it is extremely rare to meet these small, energetic, courageous dogs exuding confidence and strength. Yes, Skye is small, but at the same time he has the courage of a lion, he is incredibly devoted to his master, but he doesn’t take up stubbornness either. Such characteristics confirm that the representatives of this breed are extraordinary pets that should not disappear from the face of the earth, and today pedigree work to preserve skaters is gaining momentum.


Origin of breed

The breed appeared on the Isle of Skye, located in the northwest of Scotland. The first description of these dogs was found in a 16th-century book by the English scientist John Cayus, devoted to English breeds. According to legend, the skies came from the Maltese lapdogs and British terriers, but this hypothesis was refuted. Sky terrier

From the island, skyters got into the territory of England, where they gained popularity. Here they showed concern for the purity of the breed, and there was a ban on crossing these terriers with dogs of other species. These small dogs were most often found in aristocratic houses, and even Queen Victoria was carried away by their breeding.

But, unfortunately, times have changed and affected fashion, including these dogs. The number of skaters has gradually decreased until it reaches a critically small mark.

Description of the breed Skye Terrier

The purebred skyterrier is a squat doggie with a long body, which is located on strong limbs. He has a luxurious, elegant coat and an elegant head set.

Once these dogs were used as guards and hunters, today they are retrained as companion dogs. In addition, these handsome men often participate in exhibition events.

According to the standard, the height of males at the withers is 24-27 cm, a deviation of no more than 2 cm is allowed, maximum weight is 11 kg. The growth of females varies from 20 to 23 cm, the possible deviation is not more than 3 cm, they weigh a maximum of 8 kg. The movements of the skaters are light, smooth, it is not even noticeable how they sort out their paws, so it seems like dogs are floating above the ground.

According to the established standard, the skye is as follows:

  1. The head is large, somewhat elongated, the skull is strong. The forehead expanded in the neck area narrows to the muzzle, there is a groove, but it is invisible. Cheekbones with superciliary arches covered with abundant hair in the form of a falling bangs, mustache and beard.
  2. The impressive muzzle, the nose is wide and even, with small feet and dry, tight-fitting lips, pigmented in black. Strong jaws have a regular scissor bite and large, white teeth.
  3. Well developed nose , convex, coal-black or slightly light shade, dilated nostrils.
  4. The eyes of skaters are shallow, small in the shape of an oval, with dry, dark eyelids. The shade of the iris is brown, it can vary from dark to light tones. Look interested, quick-witted.
  5. Auricles of medium size, with slightly rounded tips, set high on flat cartilage. Covered with a straight, long, flowing outer hair. They can be upright - often located vertically, or hanging - they are directed downward, adjacent to the skull and cheekbones. Skyter breed description
  6. The neck is slightly elongated, has a slight bend. The withers are small, without suspension. The body is well elongated and down to earth; its length is 2 times its height. The sternum is oval, descends to the elbows, deepened.
  7. The back is flat, with well-developed muscles. Due to the elongated coat, the sides appear flat, the lumbar belt is shortened and knocked down. The croup is round in shape, with a slight slope. The ribs are curved, the line of the abdomen is slightly pulled up to the groin, creating an almost straight line.
  8. The forelimbs are straight, well muscled, short with a strong skeleton and shoulders adjacent to the body.
  9. The hind limbs are powerful, athletically folded, are parallel to each other. Hips with volumetric muscles, knee joints with a good bend, vertical metatarsus.
  10. The paws are round in shape, tightly compressed, the front ones are more voluminous than the hind ones, with strong fingers, dark claws and dense, elastic pads.
  11. The tail is medium in size, straight at the base, but toward the end it bends upward. When the dog is calm, it is lowered down, when moving it rises slightly above the line of the back. Decorated with elegant, long towels.

Colors and Wool

Skaters have an unusual double coat. The outer hair is elongated, with a smooth structure resembling goat hair. The undercoat is soft, short, falls on the forehead and covers the eyes. The longest hairs, alternating with short ones, grow along the edges of the auricles and tail, act as decoration. They do not hide the shape of the ears.

There are several colors of sky terriers, but they are all heterogeneous. Most often, individuals with reddish, gray, fawn, black, coal gray, bluish hair are found. Moreover, the shade of hair in dogs changes throughout life. For example, black puppies may appear gray by 12-18 months of age, and later the coat may become lighter or darker. Sometimes the hair on the muzzle and ears becomes darker.

These dogs acquire a permanent color by one and a half to two years. The standard allows for a small white spot on the chest.


You can buy a puppy of this breed to a family where there are grown up children who already understand how you can and how you can not handle a small pet. Sky terriers require early socialization, the sooner the baby learns that there are many other living creatures in the world, the better. This will allow the dog to grow bold, devoid of shyness, shyness and aggressiveness.

If the family decided to acquire a puppy of this breed, then its members should take into account that such a pet does not tolerate loneliness. A bored skyterrier who has nothing to do can only compare with the raging elements. He can calmly and gracefully behave if he receives at least 30 minutes a day of intense exercise.

The skies have well-developed protective qualities, so they can act not only as a companion and home decoration, but also perfectly guard the house or yard. They are aggressive towards strangers who have invaded the territory entrusted to them, be it a man or a dog. For a small beast, a sky terrier can be very dangerous, a pet can chase them for a long time, and after catching up - kill them. Sky terriers

In the open territory of this little daredevil, courage and activity can go off scale. In the room, he behaves quietly, calmly, again, if he managed to throw out excess energy on the street.

The dog gets along well with all members of the family, but be sure to choose a sole owner. Respects and understands children. This doggie can be very angry if you tease. The skyterrier is not inclined to show friendliness to everyone in a row, which once again confirms that he is an excellent watchman.

Skye is not fussy, they are polite and elegant. If necessary, the dog will certainly show his strength, courage and courage. This pet combines fearlessness and gentleness, suppleness, some individuals are overly sensitive. But for him to submit, the owner will have to face incredible obstinacy.

The best host for the sky is an energetic, active person who moves a lot and does not like to sit in one place. The pet will appreciate this and will be happy to follow him even to the ends of the world. Such a "zinger" as a four-legged friend is not suitable for weak and lazy people.

In general, the owners note that the skaters have an excellent character: they are very loyal, behave kindly and obediently. The person who turns on such a pet wonders why many people think that skye is too aggressive, vindictive and wayward.

Training and education

For beginners who do not have any experience in dog training, it may seem that sky terriers are not trained. However, this is not the case. They need a persistent, courageous and resolute teacher who does not give in to the first difficulties. Otherwise, training an eccentric and overly active dog will become a real torture for both sides.

As already noted, early socialization is important, therefore, as soon as all vaccinations are in place and quarantined, you must immediately bring your pet out. It is important for a puppy to communicate with well-bred dogs of any age who know how to behave in a "society".

Care and Health

Owners of a dog of this breed need to know how to properly care for a four-legged companion. First of all, attention is paid to his coat, claws, eyes and ears.

The pet should be combed out every 3-4 days, and during seasonal molting, this procedure should become daily. A tooth brush made of metal is best suited. With careful care, the wool will become shiny, will not roll. Sky Terrier handsome

Also, the dog periodically needs a haircut, which is not only aesthetic, but also a hygienic measure. But it is not recommended for the skaterrier to cut the hair too short; he should be recognizable as a representative of his breed. Be sure to remove the hairs that grow on the pads of the animal's paws.

Terriers are bathed every 7-10 days, using detergents - shampoo and conditioner, which have a high concentration. Such products are more expensive than regular shampoos, but they are most suitable for these dogs. After the procedure, the animal’s hair should be dampened with a towel and combed before it is completely dry, this will preserve its smoothness and well-groomed appearance.

If the owner wants to arrange a photo shoot for his pet, then it is better to do it after bathing and drying.


Sky terriers have excellent health, the life expectancy of many of them reaches 16 years. But still there are a number of diseases to which representatives of this breed have a tendency. These include the following:

  • hereditary spinal diseases, displacement of the disks is more often detected;
  • disturbances in the digestive tract - eating a large number of plants, helminthic invasions or ingestion of foreign objects into the stomach can cause ulcerative colitis;
  • dermatological diseases - the result of improper care or nutritional errors.


Skyterriers are very unpretentious in food, therefore, so that the dog does not eat harmful food, you should take care of its diet. Do not give your pet the following products:

  • sweets and flour;
  • fatty meat, especially raw pork (may contain parasite larvae);
  • leftovers from your own table;
  • smoked meats and sausages;
  • food seasoned with spices and spices.

With natural feeding, the dog needs an additional source of vitamins and minerals. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian on this issue. three skye terrier

Sky terriers are especially fond of fish and seafood, which is not typical for most dogs. But experts admit that these products can become the basis of the diet for little terriers.

Owners can also feed their pets with industrial feeds and can also choose diets containing fish components. Skye is not a glutton, it is enough to feed them twice a day. With proper feeding, the dog will be healthy and cheerful.


Representatives of this breed need constant movement, but they can live in a small apartment. An ideal place for their maintenance is a country house with a spacious adjoining territory, where the pet could run unhindered, wasting energy pounding over the edge.

If the dog lives in an apartment, then you will have to walk with him twice a day, for a long time, with games and active activities.

Skye Terrier photo Sky terriersSkyter lies with a toySkyter in the forestSkyter outdoorsSkyter liesSkyter black

Sky terrier video

Where to buy a puppy

Given the rarity of the breed and the eccentricity of its representatives, it is easy to imagine that such a puppy is expensive. You can buy a pet that does not have a pedigree for 5000-10000 rubles. Naturally, in this case there are no guarantees of purebred and animal health.

Depending on the class of the puppy, its cost can vary from 12,000 to 60,000 rubles. The price may be affected by the quality of the coat, for example, a baby whose coat is not silky or has a light nose, will be cheaper.

The offspring, which cannot participate in exhibitions and breeding, have no noticeable defects, are much cheaper and are great as a pet.

Skyterrier is a bunch of energy, a cheerful and positive baby, not without his own dignity. He demands respect for himself, likes to be at the epicenter of events and is ready to frolic for days on end. If the family lacks just such a small four-legged friend, then you should look at the puppies that are on sale and choose your pet.

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