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Small dogs with short paws are never left without attention. In addition to the original appearance, Scottish terriers, of course, have charisma and charm. All owners are unanimous - once you let the Scotch terrier into the house, you fall in love with this breed forever. What do these dogs deserve?


Origin of the breed

The country of origin of Scotch terriers, or in a different way, the Scottish earth dog, is the United Kingdom and the Hebrides archipelago. These dogs were used in hunting at that time - they cleverly penetrated the burrows, unearthed them and pulled the animals out. Scotch Terrier sits

Officially the breed was recognized in 1879, and then its first representative was admitted to participation in the exhibition. The standard was approved a little later, in 1883, at the same time the first club of Scottish terriers was founded by the lovers of the breed. This was the starting point for this breed, which in a short time was able to win world popularity.

Description of the breed Scotch Terrier

Scotch-terrier - a small dog with a compact body, short, strong paws. The head is small, with a long, medium-width body, but proportional to the body.

According to the standard, the representatives of the breed should have a dense complex with a heavy bone skeleton. Also, special attention is paid to the symmetry and balance of addition:

  • The muzzle in dogs is elongated, has a slight narrowing to the nose. The color of the lobe does not depend on the color, it must be black in any case. Teeth large, even, scissor bite, which is preferable, or straight. The jaw is square, powerful.
  • The eyes are small, almond-shaped, widely and deeply planted. Look shrewd. The iris is dark, best if it is black. Scotch-terrier on the tree
  • The auricles are small, erect, high, tapering, not subject to cupping. Give the dog a wary, serious look.
  • The neck is moderately short, thick, with developed muscles. The transition to the shoulders is mild. If the neck is too short, the dog looks excessively clumsy.
  • Torso shortened with the same loin, wide sides and muscular hind legs.
  • The tail is thickened at the base, tapers at the tip, is high and is in the raised position while moving, but does not lie on the back. Covered with short hair.
  • The fore and hind legs are strong, straight, with good muscle mass and parallel hock joints.

The coat of Scotch terriers is long, stiff, undercoat is short, soft. Elongated fur on the beard, limbs and abdomen is usually softer than on other parts of the body, but its fluffiness is not allowed.

Breed colors

The standard allows for three main suits:

  • monophonic black; Scotch-terrier monophonic black
  • wheat; Scotch Wheaten Terrier
  • brindle. Scotch Tiger Tiger

Often in dogs with a black or yellowish-brown color there are silvery or white inclusions.

Character traits

Scottish terriers are adorable and this very much bribes. However, they have a rather changeable character - just-played, gay dog ​​can suddenly turn into an angry, angry dog.

Another quality of these dogs, which can complicate the relationship with the host, is pathological stubbornness. In order for the pet to become more accommodating, the owner must show firmness and from the first days show the puppy who is the master of the house.

Despite their modest size, Scotch terriers have the courage and dignity. They often show willfulness, trying to go where they want, and do what they want. They cherish their space and protect it from someone else's invasion. In addition, some members of the breed have strong leadership qualities, and in this case they will show aggression towards themselves like that. Scottish Terriers

To the dog to get on well with other pets, it should be very early socialized, otherwise his innate hunting instincts will prevail. In this case, living together will become a permanent hunt. This quality should also be taken into account when walking - the dog can jerk from the spot, having seen a suitable prey.

The sensitivity of dogs is quite high, they are clearly determined by the intonation of the voice - whether the owner criticizes the actions of his pet or praises. And if the dog does not perceive his master as a leader, he will constantly test his patience.

Scotch terriers are very loyal, vigilant, therefore they are excellent watchmen. Dogs of this breed tend to choose one or two people with whom they will establish a closer relationship. Pedigree dogs do not make friends with a man who is not a member of their family. With strangers behave with restraint, trying not to be touched. nice little Scotch Terrier

Scotch Terrier is a very playful dog, adoring different games with the ball, frisbee, runs a lot at home, and during the daytime. But the minus can be called their loudness - barking these pets, oh, as they like. Small Scots are not recommended for families with small children, and for grown-up children, a pet can become an excellent companion and friend. Breeders warn - if you find a common language with Scotch-terrier, then he will become the best friend to the last day.

How to train Scotch Terrier

From the above, it is clear that the representatives of this breed are far from simple dogs. Having a small growth, they are very strong and independent, and, moreover, are not accustomed to yield even to larger congeners. They do not have to take mind and wit, so they are very well trained. But do not use physical strength and other harsh methods, Scotch Terrier will gratefully respond to kindness and a warm attitude.

The earlier to accustom a pet to the teams, the better he will master them. Training and education should begin as soon as a new member of the family crosses the threshold of the house. If the owner hesitates, then it will be necessary to exert much more effort to achieve from "scotch" obedience. Scottish Terrier (Scotch Terrier)

You need to train regularly, giving this process a lot of time. And one of the most important qualities that is recommended to develop in hunting breeds is walking on a leash. Otherwise, the pet can escape, starting to pursue "prey".

Terriers are very scanty to praise and this is worth taking advantage of in training. Experts recommend not to stint on praise, since pets can not refuse to complete the assignment, only to once again hear kind words addressed to them from the mouth of the owner. It should be taken into account that representatives of this breed are inclined to independent actions. And even being educated, the dog will decide for some time how to act in the created situation.

How to care for Scotch terrier

Scotch-terrier needs quality care, only getting it, the dog will be cheerful, healthy and look luxurious. By purchasing "Scotty", the owner should be ready to give time for daily uhodovyh procedures. And since these doggies are capricious, it is recommended to teach to hygiene from puppyhood. Scotch terriers

It will be necessary to examine eyes, ear shells, teeth and paw pads for damage and inflammation every day. The dog should regularly comb the hair using a massage brush. This will not only improve the appearance of the coat, but also enhance the blood circulation of the skin. It is important not to allow the formation of coats, which will make the procedure of combing painful.

The sexual organs and anus of the pet need to be taken care of, they should be examined and cleaned of dirt with a moist tampon. Washing a pet is often not worth it, it needs to be done when it's necessary. For a neat look of the dog's hair, it is necessary to trim, at least twice a year.

Eyes should be cleaned regularly from accumulated secretions. You can use a cotton disc moistened with warm water for this purpose. If the discharge is purulent, then the eyes can be treated with solutions of rivanol or furacilin. Scotch-terrier is lying around

It is also worth taking care of the health of the auricles, ideally they should be pink and dry. The woolen cloths that penetrate the ears must be cut, the dirt and dirt should be wiped off with a cotton disc moistened with warm water or an antiseptic solution. Soap and cotton buds are not recommended.

Puppies change their teeth from 3 to 7 months, and owners need to monitor this process, revealing when dairy begins to interfere with the growth of permanent, contact the veterinarian for their removal. Otherwise the Scotch terrier may have a bite violation. From the tartar for preventive purposes, dogs of this breed are recommended to give tomato juice. It is advisable to brush your teeth using special tools. two scotch terriers

If the claws of the pet do not stitch in a natural way, then they should be shortened with a claw. The ideal place for a Scottish terrier is the owner's room, which is engaged and cares for it. The best is a sunbed with boards, raised above the floor.


As a scotch terrier diet, dry food can be used, but this should be a high-quality, balanced premium or super premium product. An important criterion in the selection is the low content of protein components, since an excess of protein can lead to liver disease.

"Scotty" is distinguished by an excellent appetite, which means that owners need to limit the amount of food consumed by the dog. In addition, it is worthwhile to ensure that the dog does not receive food from the master's table, including from small family members. If the owner decided to feed the pet with natural products, then there are several rules for feeding dogs of this breed:

  • fatty and harmful should be necessarily excluded from the diet, since the liver is the weak spot of these dogs;
  • Raw foods are preferable, since heat treatment makes the protein difficult to digest; beautiful Scotch terrier
  • preservatives, dyes, gustatory enhancers - this is what dogs should not eat in food.

As in the case of other breeds, meat is the basis of the Scotch-terrier diet. Best suited beef with cartilaginous tissue and chicken. They are cut into small pieces and given in raw form. Stuffing is not worth it.

Additives to meat can be vegetables, cereals - buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, vegetable oils, finely chopped greens. The menu also recommends the inclusion of sour-milk products, boiled eggs, fruits, dried fruits, raw marine fish. Milk is also suitable for feeding puppies, adult dogs can add powdered milk to the porridge.

Bones, large, without sharp edges, can be given to the pet periodically, especially during teething. For the same purposes, you can purchase special products in the pet store. With natural feeding, you may need additional vitamin supplements, but they are given only after consulting with a veterinarian.

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Video about Scotch-terrier

How much does a Scotch Terrier puppy

If you are interested in the question, for how much you can buy a puppy of a Scottish terrier, then it is worth considering the options available. First of all, if the goal of acquiring a pedigree pet is pursued, it is better to buy a puppy in nurseries, bypassing bird markets and private ads. There are often suggested Métis, outwardly similar to Scotch Terriers or puppies with a pedigree, but with significant defects. The price of terriers varies between:

  • The cost of a puppy with a pedigree from titled parents from the nursery can reach 60,000 rubles. In this case, the pet will have excellent qualities, and in the future there is a chance to build an excellent exhibition career.
  • 17000-25000 rubles worth a puppy of the breed class - with excellent health, suitable for breeding, but not reaching the show class. Usually, these dogs are bought by people who do not want to put their pet in the ring.
  • The most affordable are the puppies of the pet class. They are not used for breeding because of small shortcomings, for the same reason they can not participate in exhibitions. In the rest it is healthy, strong kids. Their price is 10000-17000 rubles.

Regardless of class and cost, the pet will be an excellent friend. The Scottish Terrier is a confident, brave and independent dog. He is by no means an ornamental dog, so he requires a serious approach. Its owner, first of all, should understand and, most importantly, accept the characteristics of the nature of a four-legged friend, be able to handle it and give him enough attention. And only then the scotch terrier will become a devoted friend, loving the family and guarding it from someone else's invasion.

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