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Shih Tzu - amazingly beautiful dogs, luxurious and cute. However, the first impression is deceptive, since these dogs, despite their decorativeness, have courage and their own merits. What is known about the representatives of this breed, and what should future owners be warned about?


Breed origin

Around the history of this ancient breed, supposedly originating in Tibet, hovers a lot of speculation and myths. According to Buddhist legends, a dog with a similar appearance was a companion of the Buddha himself and accompanied him wherever he went. But if her owner was in danger, she reincarnated into a fierce lion and rushed to the defense of the prince. cute shih-tzu

Until now, experts argue about the place of origin of Shih Tzu dogs, but other versions have no confirmed facts, so they are not seriously considered. Secrets are shrouded by who is the ancestor of these amazing animals. Studies have shown that shih tzu DNA is slightly different from wolfish. This shih-tzu cult began in 1653, when the Chinese emperor received several dogs of this breed as a gift from the Tibetan Dalai Lama. Almost immediately, they became a symbol of imperial power.

Description of the Shih Tzu breed

Naturally, such a difficult origin also affected the appearance of dogs. From them and blows nobility, and their delicacy betrays their "royal" roots. The representatives of this breed have a rather pronounced pedigree trait - males are larger than females in size, they are more muscular and strong. The constitution in dogs is dry, the bone and muscular corset is well developed. The height of the dogs is from 23 to 28 cm, the weight varies from 4.5 to 8.5 cm.

The main advantage of shih-tzu is a luxurious coat with a dense, developed undercoat. Thanks to him, the dog looks like a chrysanthemum:

  • The head is rounded, with a wide skull and a sharp transition from the frontal part to the muzzle. The eyes are large, round, set wide apart, covered with a falling tuft. The color of their iris depends on the color. Muzzle square format, shortened, does not have wrinkles, with a thick mustache and beard.
  • Auricles are wide, long, hanging down. Due to the long coat it is difficult to estimate their size. shih tzu in nature
  • The body is stretched, the body is rectangular, strong. Thorax deep, lowered between the front paws. The back is straight, goes into a strong, convex waist. The croup has developed musculature.
  • Tail abundantly covered with hair, set high, located on the back.
  • Limbs are shortish, with developed muscles, strong bones and rounded legs with fleshy pads.
  • The coat is long, thick, but not curly, the standard allows only a slight waviness.

Shih Tzu dog colors

There are no strict boundaries and restrictions, any color of wool is allowed. But multicolored individuals with divergent white petals of strands in the area of ​​the muzzle and at the end of the tail are more appreciated.

The nature of the breed

The main character trait of the Shih Tzu, striking, is their mannerism. When meeting with a stranger, the dog expresses disbelief immediately and it seems that he treats him haughtily. But, as the owners say, the first impression is not quite accurate. Shih Tzu love to bathe in attention and very hard going through a scornful attitude to his own person. But at the same time they are quite delicate and do not have the habit of imposing themselves on family members if they see that they are busy. They can wait, but their wait must be rewarded. shih tzu puppy

When acquiring a puppy of a given breed, owners must take into account the “narcissism” of its representatives. But at the same time, shih-tzu make excellent companions, family dogs. With proper education, they are very appeasable pets. Representatives of this breed can be called long-livers, if you take good care of a dog, it will live 17-19 years. These dogs are very easy to find a common language with all members of the family. Yes, and they calmly get along with other pets. Even the cat is not able to cause aggression in these peace-loving animals.

But due to naivety and the need for attention, they do not have protective qualities, and will not protect property and their owners. In addition, shi-tzu are not able to endure bullying, and even small children are not allowed to be careless. Therefore, if there are kids in the house, then you should not make a pet of this breed. shih tzu runs

But older children will find in the face, more precisely, attractive face, this doggie is an excellent companion for games and fun. Shih Tzu are notable for their cheerfulness and curiosity. Especially these signs appear in dogs up to a year. But even later they do not become lethargic or lazy. In addition, it is possible for older people to acquire such a pet, as shih tzu are able to lift their spirits, and they do it unobtrusively. They are moderately active and feel changes in the mood of the owner.

Shih Tzu training

Shih-tzu have a difficult character, so they need timely training and education. And if you create the right conditions, and the dog will be able to perceive the training as a game, he can easily learn the various commands.

Without training, the pet will become capricious, indulged, uncontrollable. Another disadvantage of Shih Tzu bad manners is their loudness and agility, the dog will often bark loudly. Since in ancient times they did the shepherd's work, then their qualities may manifest themselves - it is not surprising if the pet starts to grab the household with his teeth by the legs, as well as growl and howl while no one is at home. Raised as a Shih Tzu will not bark over nothing and allow yourself such pampering. shih tzu thought

To be engaged in raising a puppy is necessary from the first days. And if there is an opportunity, it is better to get the advice of a specialist who knows how to handle this particular breed. It is important that the owner was able to prove his leadership and during the trainings was collected, calm and did not forget about justice. You should not jump from one to another, raise your voice and try to break the psyche of the dog.

Any problems can be eliminated by proper upbringing and not without the intelligence of the pet. Shi-tzu respond well to human speech, have an excellent memory, however, to teach such a dog circus tricks and force to obey without obedience, is unlikely to succeed - this will prevent their pride and self-esteem. Shi-tzu are not watchmen, guards, and even more so not service dogs, so a course should be chosen according to their specificity — they are companions.

How to care for Shih Tzu

When purchasing a puppy, you should consider the origin of the breed. A new family member will need a comfortable pad or cottage where the dog could rest. If you compare shih-tzu with other long-haired breeds, you can not call them too demanding to care. They are distinguished by mobility, but do not require long runs, they can more than throw out their energy playing with households. And if necessary, the pet can be accustomed to the tray, these dogs are very clean.

These are excellent dogs for indoor maintenance and the lack of a specific smell can be called a bonus. Another thing - their coat is thick and long. To make the dog look well-groomed, it is necessary to regularly wash and scratch the wool, otherwise it will lose its luster, silkiness and begin to stray into the mats. The long hair of dogs gives free rein to the imagination, and the owners can make different hairstyles using hair accessories - elastic bands, hairpins, clips and ribbons. pretty shih tzu

For bathing you should use only special, preferably professional products - shampoos, conditioners, sprays. Puppies are washed a couple of times a month, adult dogs - 4-5 times a year. After the procedure, it is recommended to wet the pet with a towel and use a hair dryer to dry the wool.

If the pet is not a member of various shows and exhibitions, then it can be cut short. Of course, this decision will deprive the dog of the kind of royal dog, but it will make it more fun. Moreover, in this case, grooming will be the easiest, as is the case with short-haired breeds.

In addition, the eyes and ears of a dog need to be cared for. Also, the pet should be trimmed claws as needed. The teeth of the dogs of this breed should be cleaned daily, as pedigree representatives often diagnose periodontitis. In order for the dog to become accustomed to such hygienic procedures and calmly endure them, it is necessary to teach him to them from puppyhood. shih tzu lying around

In favor of these care manipulations, we can say that they will positively affect the health of the pet. After all, due to the fact that the ears of the Shih Tzu are hanging and at the same time pressed to the head, they are not ventilated, which means that there is a high risk of developing inflammation - otitis. In addition, owners should know how to measure body temperature in dogs.

Pet feeding

When choosing a diet for a small four-legged friend, you should consider the tendency of the representatives of this breed to obesity. So, the fat in the menu should be less. In addition, you should not pamper your pet with food from your table, firstly, it is harmful, and secondly, naturally unpretentious dogs become more selective in their food, which makes feeding difficult.

The easiest way to feed any dog ​​is dry ready-made rations. In this case, you do not need to cook, and food is stored for a long time. As for the brand, it is best to consult on this issue with Shih Tzu breeders. If this is not possible, then select the brand premium and super premium category. In the lines of the same feed there is always a species for dwarf and small breeds, containing everything necessary for such dogs. Also, some manufacturers have a separate feed for shih-tzu. luxury shih tzu

In addition, you can include in the diet of canned food, but you should give preference to the same brand as the dry granules. Calculating the norm, looking at the table indicated on the package, you should take into account that here usually indicates the daily volume and it should be divided into several parts, depending on the number of feedings. As a rule, adult Shih Tzu are fed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

Natural feeding is another option that modern dog owners are increasingly choosing. And for chrysanthemum dogs, you can make a balanced diet, because in such food there are no preservatives, flavors and other chemical additives.

Like other dogs, in shih-tzu meat is the basis of the diet. By the way, for representatives of this breed is preferable product in its raw form. But, to eliminate the risks of infestation by parasites, experts still recommend boiling it or pouring boiling water on it a little. milaha shih tzu

It is best to feed beef, lean parts and offal (liver, rumen, heart, etc.) for feeding Shih Tzu. You can also give boiled turkey and rabbit meat. But with chicken, you need to be careful, as in many dogs it causes an allergic reaction. The meat portion of the daily ration should be 60-70%. In addition, the menu should include fish - lean sea, boiled and always cleaned of bones.

Milk is not very suitable for adult dogs, but fermented milk products and cottage cheese must be present. You can cook porridge in broths - rice, buckwheat, hercules, while cooking them well. After adding the meat and some vegetable oil. The source of fiber is vegetables - boiled, steamed and raw. A useful supplement is meat and bone meal, you can also include fish oil and kelp.

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How much can you buy a shih tzu puppy?

If you decide to buy a shih tzu puppy, then naturally, you are interested in the question of its value:

  • Over 5000-10000 thousand you can buy a lovely, undocumented. Naturally, this is not a reason to abandon the four-legged friend, but there is a risk of acquiring a hybrids or a puppy with the disease.
  • Pet-class puppy, which is not suitable for exhibitions and breeding, but will be an excellent companion, will cost from 12,000 to 25,000 rubles.
  • Breed class kids, without brilliant data, but meeting the standard and suitable for breeding work, cost from 30,000 rubles.
  • If you want a four-legged comrade who can shine in the show and take prizes, then you have to pay much more - the price run is huge - from 45,000 to 200,000, depending on the qualities of the puppy itself and the titularity of its parents.

Shih Tzu - was once the favorite of Chinese emperors, today is an excellent companion and family dog. Naturally, his royal past influenced the character - he loves and respects himself and demands the same from those around him.

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