Sharpei - an amazing ancient breed, which retained its identity and appearance. Yes, they can not be confused with any other dog , and they have another character - it's by no means a gift ... However, more recently the shar pei were in the Guinness Book of Records, and not because of their uniqueness, but their rarity. Today, the breed has gained considerable popularity around the world.


Origin of the breed

As with other breeds that have a centuries-old history, the origin of Shar Pei is not clear. Archaeologists on the site of the ruins of the imperial palaces of the Chinese Han dynasty found a lot of statuettes and images of dogs, very similar to the ancestors of modern breeds. puppy of shar pei

Experts believe that the shar pei peasants used to be kept by the peasants for protection and hunting. But in one, far from perfect moment, lovers of violent amusements drew attention to dogs, and for a while they became fighting dogs. At that time, their aggressive attitude towards other animals was greatly encouraged.

There are two versions of who became the ancestor of this breed. According to one of them, these were smooth-haired chow-chow (these two breeds have one feature that distinguishes them from other dogs - the language of blue), on the other - mastiffs.

Description of the appearance of the breed of shar pei

The appearance of shar pei evokes different emotions in people, because it is quite original. The main feature of these dogs is numerous folds, especially in the muzzle area. It seems that their short fur looks like a velor, but this is just an illusion. The coat of these dogs is pretty tough. Shar pei's appearance

Not all people, seeing Shar peya for the first time, can believe that they were once used for fighting, however, even their skin "to grow" reminds about it. She really once protected dogs from serious damage. For a language of dark purple, lavender color, shar pei is sometimes called "dog that licked the sky."

If we talk about the standard of this exotic breed, then its representatives are referred to losopodobnyh dogs, which have a small size:

  • The growth of dogs varies from 44 to 51 cm, weight - from 18 to 35 kg. The average life expectancy is 10 years.
  • The head of the shar pei is massive, with a large number of folds and a wide flat skull. The nose of the nose is large, black. The mouth is black and blue. Jaws are powerful, with a scissor bite. Eyes small, almond shaped with dark iris. The ears are small, fleshy.
  • The neck is strong, powerful, of medium length. The body is compact, strong, muscular. In puppies, the whole body is covered with folds, but in adult individuals they are preserved only in the region of the head and neck.
  • Thorax is deep, of decent width. The back is shortened, passes into a strong loin.
  • The tail is thick, thrown back. The fore and hind legs are strong, with good muscles.

Sharpei colors

According to the 2005 RKF standard, the following colors of dogs of this breed are allowed:

  • The black. Dominates among the representatives of this breed, but the purity of this color is a rather rare phenomenon. More often, wool has a low tide - olive, dark brown, brownish, less often - blue-black. black shar pei
  • Deer. He is referred to the oldest colors, as the name of the breed is translated as "a dog with sandy wool". There are several variations - golden and sandy hues, but without a red ebb. Deer of Shar pei
  • Red. It is often found in dogs of this breed. The palette of this color is quite wide - from light-reddish tones to intensely red. The most fashionable today are dogs with a wool of mahogany shade - bright, juicy color. Red
  • Red deer. In fact, the dogs of this suit have a woolly covering of a light red, unsaturated tone. It is more reddish than deer, it is allowed "diversity", that is, whiteness in some areas. Red deer shar pei
  • Cream. It varies from milky to caramel. Sometimes light dogs are mistakenly called white, but, in the representatives of this breed, this color is unacceptable. Mandatory are the mask and blackness around the nose. Cream Shar pei
  • Sable. The scientific name of this suit sounds like "zoned gray", the wool of dogs has a gray spray, which comes over the muzzle and slightly on the limbs. Sable Shar Pei
  • Blue. The shades range from smoky gray to dark gray tones. This color is weakened in black. Blue Shar pei
  • Isabellum. A complex shade, cream-pink with a bluish or grayish tint. There is a gray mask in the area of ​​the muzzle. Isabella Shar pei
  • Chocolate. The palette is rich - from milk chocolate to "bitter shades." Chocolate Shar pei
  • Apricot. Derived from deer, a complex shade of golden-reddish, characterized by warmth. Apricot Shar pei
  • Purple. Refers to rare colors, varies from chocolate shade with pink halftone to warm pinkish-blue and silvery-pink with a haze of tones. From the chocolate suits it is distinguished by the presence of a "blue" raid on the muzzle. Purple shar pei

Nature of the breed

Sharpei have a rather complex character. It is especially surprised by the combination of high intelligence, good-will with distrust and even arrogance towards strangers. This makes the dogs beautiful, incorruptible guards, devoid of blind aggression.

Most dogs of this breed are very attached to their owners, are friends with children and suffer their pranks. In modern Sharpei, morals have changed, and their natural "anger" manifests itself only in times of danger. Most often this happens if the dog provokes another snooty dog.

Sharpay is a great dog for the family and a great companion. Despite its modest dimensions, it is capable of protecting both itself and man. In addition, the Chinese doggie is a real intellectual, unobtrusive and quiet. beautiful photo of shar pei

He is not averse to always be with his family and feels good on trips. If people often travel and do not plan to take a dog with them, then they should not start a pet like that. Such a disparaging attitude necessarily adversely affect the character of the shar pei.

Buying a puppy of this breed, it is worth forgetting about his fighting life. It is impossible to provoke aggression against other creatures, as it will lead to nothing good.

What does bribe in these dogs? Of course, their appearance is expensive, but still it's not in it. Sharpei quickly learns new information, they are communicative and understandable. And, besides, they are excellent psychologists and quickly "trample down" the path to the heart of a person.

Training of the breed of shar pei

Purebred representatives tend to dominate, and they are quite independent. This can be a problem in education and training. Sharpei needs a master with strong nerves and strong spirit, otherwise the dog will quickly seize the initiative. little shar pei

From the very first days it is important to show the puppy who is the master in the house, only by accepting this as a given, the dog will obey and obey. Sharpei are stubborn, and, as the owners say, "they can include a stupid", in this case, the owner should be smarter and wiser. With the right approach, the dog quickly learns the basic principles of living in the house, does not spoil things and gets used to the street.

To facilitate the learning process will help a number of professional recommendations:

  • Teaching the baby should be as soon as he got into the house, and the general course of training should start with the pet from 3 months.
  • For shar pei, early socialization is important, that is, the puppy needs to be introduced to other people, pets, to change routes of walks, etc.
  • When teaching the owner to be reserved - aggressive behavior and shouting are unacceptable.
  • The dog must learn the basic set of commands, this will greatly facilitate further training and comfortable coexistence.
  • You can not allow outsiders to educate a dog.

If Sharpei is not educated, he can grow up aggressive and self-willed. It is almost impossible to re-educate an adult dog.

How to care for sharie

Representatives of this breed do not require complex care. It should be periodically combed out with a brush to get rid of dead hair and improve the blood circulation of the skin. Special attention should be paid, perhaps, to the ear conchs of dogs. Owners need to be careful when bathing a pet and do not wash your head, since the water that gets into your ears immediately contributes to the development of various diseases, which is not observed in other dogs. This is due to the fact that shar pei have thin auditory canals. shar pei

Bathing dogs of this breed every month, during the procedure you can use a rubber brush to speed up the process of replacing wool. The skin of Shar Pei is quite sensitive, so it is worth using special detergents. It is necessary to carefully wash all the wrinkles in the animal, and after drying them with a hair dryer. This will save the pet from the risk of skin irritation.

Sharpeyans need a significant physical load, but for this dog should be taken out for long walks. The more a dog spends energy on the street, the calmer he will behave at home. muzzle shar pei

These dogs are very sensitive to direct sunlight, and in the heat their head can overheat, so walk the dog better in the morning and evening hours, when the sun is not so active. To colds they are more used than to the heat, but ideal for them are moderate climatic conditions.

How to feed a shar pei

There may be problems, since shar pei often suffer from food allergy. Therefore, future owners should be ready for such a turn. Save on food in this case will not work, feeding dogs with waste from their own table is prohibited. Also, you can not feed the shar pei exclusively with raw products.

If the owner does not have time to prepare food for the dog every day, then it is possible to prepare homemade canned food by the type of "stew." It should be a balanced meal of meat, with the inclusion of cereals, vegetables. You can also cook a dish from by-products. But it's important to find out if the ingredients cause an allergy. A strong allergen is chicken meat, a prohibited product - pork. shar pei sleeping

You can also feed the shariea with ready-made food, but only by selecting the most suitable, preferably hypoallergenic - premium, super-premium or holistic class. It is recommended to purchase dry granules and canned food of one brand and mix them in one portion. But to feed the dog with an exceptionally damp product is not worth it, it will negatively affect the condition of the dog's teeth.

The same applies to dry granules - in their pure form they provoke abrasion of the enamel. Another nuance - rations of economy class for eating shar pei are not suitable for many reasons and are capable of causing significant health problems.

Experts warn - feeding shar pei requires a serious approach and significant financial costs, so it is worth to assess their capabilities before this folded pet appears in the house.

Photos sharieja wonderful shar peishar pei istwo shar peinice little shariebeautiful shar peipuppy of shar pei

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How much does a Shar Pei puppy cost?

Despite the specificity of the dogs of this breed in terms of character and feeding, interest in them has only increased over the years. Naturally, many people are interested in the question of the cost of shar pei puppies. Of course, it is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, since the price depends on many factors:

  • 5500-10000 rubles - a puppy with hands that does not have a pedigree, of course, there is always a risk of buying a "mestizo", in addition, the likelihood of acquiring a sick animal or having a deviation in the psyche increases;
  • 11000-14000 rubles - a puppy of the pet class, having minor deviations from the standard, not affecting his health and appearance, but not allowing the dog to participate in knitting and exhibitions;
  • 20000-35000 rubles - a breed class, a dog, full in all senses, capable of reproducing a full-fledged offspring, but at the exhibitions there will not be enough "to miss the stars";
  • more than 35,000 rubles - show-class, in this case it is possible to determine the puppy's belonging to this class only by the half-year, when the dog will have a change of teeth, and it will form. The younger offspring can only be treated conditionally in this class.

When purchasing a shar pei puppy, it is important to determine for what purposes it is needed. If only as a pet, then you can buy a pet-class pet. In other cases, you will have to spend much more money. But in any case, the pet will require good care and nutrition.

Sharpei is a serious dog in a funny guise, and he is by no means a toy, not a decorative dog. Taking into the house of a glorious butuz with folds, it is important not to forget that without education and upbringing, a self-willed animal capable of terrorizing the whole district can grow out of it. To get sharieja is recommended to the people having experience of the reference with dogs and not forgetting about the responsibility.

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