Dog Shampoo

Our four-legged friends need regular care and care - a certain diet, vaccination , selection of individual care products. The latter is important, as the dogs have very delicate skin that requires a special approach. What kind of shampoos for dogs can be used, and what to be guided in when choosing the right product?


Why you can not wash dogs with shampoo for people

Dog Shampoo

Probably one of the first questions asked by dog ​​owners: “Is it possible to wash a dog with human shampoo?”.

The fact is that a person can take a bath and shower as much as he wants. But the pets in this regard are less fortunate. Their skin is too gentle, and the effects of chemical elements, one way or another, contained in detergents, can adversely affect the condition of the skin and coat, cause dermatitis , an allergic reaction or provoke dandruff .

That is why you should not use shampoos for people in caring for a dog, and purchase special, softer and more benign products intended for dogs.

Which dog shampoo to choose

It all depends on what you need:

  • Shampoos are available for different types of wool, or for a particular breed. This is very important, because the wrong selection can not only not improve the appearance of the wool, but also harm.
  • The usual shampoo is not always necessary for the pet, sometimes the condition of the hair and skin requires medical care.
  • Preference is better to give means with a low content of fragrances and various additives. The more natural the product, the better for the animal.
  • Usually a good shampoo for a dog is more expensive than a remedy for people, but a pet rarely takes a bath, which means it will be enough for a long time.
  • Even if after one wash you could not get an instant result, you should not switch to another tool. It should be used several times, and only then assess the condition of the pet's hair.
  • It is necessary to read all the information indicated on the label, since quite often the means have certain specific features.
  • In most cases, high-quality shampoo affects the condition of the coat after three to four applications. In this case, the wool will remain fresh and clean for up to four to five weeks, will not get tangled and roll excessively. The fragrance will also persist for a long time, and the wool will shine.

If the dog suffers from allergies, it is not necessary to independently conduct experiments on the choice of a hypoallergenic therapeutic agent. It is better to go to the veterinarian and find out the reason for this reaction.

What supplements to buy shampoo for dogs

What supplements to buy shampoo

Dogs, like people, have different skin types, they may have dandruff. All this should be the basis of the choice of detergents for dogs. Various components of the tools are able to eliminate these or other problems:

  • With dry wool and dandruff, it is better to choose a shampoo with a moisturizing effect, which includes medicinal herbs.
  • For dry skin is great remedy with oats extract.
  • If your pet has skin with hypersensitivity, and it often suffers from allergic manifestations, then you can buy aloe vera shampoo in the composition.
  • Lidocaine and hydrocortisone - the components of the shampoo that can eliminate the main manifestations of allergies - swelling and itchy sensations.
  • Dandruff can occur against the background of eczema or seborrhea, these same conditions are accompanied by increased sebum secretion. In this case, the tool will help with coal tar.
  • An effective antiseptic is tea tree oil or an extract of this plant, therefore, for skin problems, it is better to choose a shampoo with this component.
  • If the coat does not have enough silkiness and shine, then detergent with proteins and panthenol will help.

What shampoo to use before the show

Which shampoo to choose for the exhibition

An exhibition of any level is an important event for both the animal and its owner. And naturally, it requires some training.

Of course, it is best to visit the salon for dogs, to bring the pet in proper form before such an important event. But if the wool is in order and you only need to refresh it, you can buy the pet, using professional tools. The most famous brands of them:

  • Chris Christensen (USA).
  • Vellus (USA).
  • Milord (Italy).
  • Isle of Dogs (USA) - a wide range of products for problem skin and wool.
  • Pure Pows (USA) - gained their trust, as they use only natural ingredients.

Most of the funds of this level extremely carefully act without affecting the fatty layer of the skin.

Sometimes the owners use pre-show shampoos before the show - a great way to make the beloved pet's hair brighter, more saturated. But this tool can be used only in exceptional cases, in the usual life it is better to use conventional care shampoos.

My dry dog ​​shampoo and spray

One of the interesting inventions is dry shampoos and sprays. Moreover, they were invented not only for people, but also for canine representatives. In both cases, this is not a complete replacement for bathing, but only a way to quickly solve the problem of cleanliness in the wrong place for taking a bath.

If the dog gets dirty on the road, it vomited during motion sickness, or another similar situation occurred, and there will be competitions or an exhibition ahead — in this case such interesting means will be useful. They can also be used to care for a sick pet, pregnant, nursing bitch, small puppies - these are the categories of dogs that can not be bathed, but they are not insured from pollution. They also save the owners of large street and aviary dogs, which are very difficult to wash in the winter.

Dry shampoo for dogs

The disadvantage of dry products is that they cannot be used constantly, as this can not only spoil the condition of the coat, but also disrupt the activity of the sebaceous glands.

The advantages are that you do not need experience to use them. The powder is applied to the wool (you need to try to cover the dirtiest areas), then it is thoroughly rubbed, ideally the smallest particles should penetrate to the skin. After the pet's coat must be carefully combed .

Thus, dry dog ​​shampoo is applied, but there are also shampoos-sprays that are sprayed from a can. Components of the tool have an absorbent effect, absorb excess sebum, particles of dust and dirt. If the powder is combed out, then the remnants of the spray are removed with a towel.

Before using such tools you need to know a number of subtleties and nuances:

  • For pets with black and dark brown hair, powdery shampoo can leave noticeable stains;
  • If you do not completely comb out the particles, the stains may remain on the furniture and objects the dog touches.
  • There is a risk of poisoning if the dog licks itself.

The latter can be avoided if you prepare your own dry shampoo from harmless ingredients - flour (wheat, corn or oatmeal) and potato starch.

You should know that such a cleaning will not give a lasting effect. In addition, it will not be possible to completely remove particles of the product from the coat with a brush or towel. After some time, it begins, on the contrary, to attract dust and dirt to itself. That is why as soon as possible the dog should be bought with traditional liquid shampoo.

Shampoos for dogs with a healing effect

In addition to the usual means of care, there are a number of special shampoos that have the ability to eliminate certain problems:

  • Antiparasitic shampoos - are able to save the pet from such troubles as ticks ( subcutaneous and ear ) and fleas .
  • Curative shampoos with a softening effect are a salvation for pets suffering from desquamation and degreasing of the skin.
  • Means with anti-allergenic effect - relieves the symptoms of the disease, reducing irritation and itching, also suitable for dogs with overly sensitive skin.
  • If the pet has wounds, abrasions or other skin lesions on the body, then you can apply shampoos with coal tar, extracts of Aloe Vera, pine needles, tea tree. They have a strong healing and antiseptic effect, as well as used for eczema, dermatitis.
  • If the animal has eye problems, then it is better to choose shampoos with a “no tears” effect, mainly keratin, herbal extracts, peach oil, and jojoba are included in the composition.

Dogs deserve proper and complete care , so all veterinarians still recommend choosing special detergents suitable for your pet.

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