The smallest breeds of dogs in the world

Funny and serious, loudly barking and silent, timid and very bold, fluffy and smooth-haired - different dogs, which are united by one - compact size. There are many small breeds of dogs, some act as pets, while others have working qualities. What little dogs are more popular, and how do they bribe their future owners? It is worth considering the most common breeds.


Affenpinscher Affenpinscher

The muzzle of this amusing little dog looks like a monkey or a grimace of an imp. In this case, the dog is very positive and cheerful. There is some similarity of the affenpinscher with griffins, but these two breeds still differ from each other.

In ancient times these little dogs performed an important function - they exterminated rodents, today they are considered to be decorative breeds , and they are mainly companions. The nature of affenpinchers is not sugar. Sometimes pets show harmfulness and stubbornness, but at the same time they remain the favorites of the family. The maximum growth of representatives of the breed reaches 28 cm, they weigh up to 4.5 kg.

Beaver Yorkshire Terrier Beaver Yorkshire Terrier

Representatives of this young breed are abbreviated as Beaver Yorks. They are cute pets, who are distinguished by activity, playfulness and mobility. Dogs are so balanced that they calmly tolerate any hygiene procedures. They can be trained by using a game form.

Beaver-yorkies are great mods and it's not surprising, because they have a long, silky fur that allows you to make different hairstyles. Wool also requires special care, which future owners are better to know in advance. The height of the dogs is 24-27 cm, they weigh up to 3.5 kg.

Bichon Frize Bichon Frize

The homeland of these little curly dogs is France. The unusual name of the breed is translated as "curly lapdog". Outwardly they resemble a soft toy with a snow-white fur coat. Bichons appreciate attention, affection and kindness. And their curiosity and desire to learn can easily master even the circus program.

They approach people with an active, purposeful, loving to travel - such a pet will be happy to make a company. At the withers the bishons reach 29 cm, and the weight varies from 2.5 to 5.5 kg.

Brussels Griffon Brussels Griffon

Brussels griffons are naughty babies, funny appearance and bright character allow them to be not only pets, but also practically family members. Such a pet can be planted if the house already has animals, they also get along well with young children and show amazing patience and endurance.

Their main qualities are kindness and devotion, they like communication very much and are not averse to being an object of general attention. Start such a pet can people who have not previously had a pet as a dog. The growth of these babies reaches 28 cm, and the griffons weigh no more than 4.5 kg.

Italian Bolognese Italian Bolognese

This little snow-white toy dog ​​has literally angelic patience. Maltese lapdog can be very easily trained in various tricks, and its intelligence allows you to master even a complex program. Taking this amazing creature into the house, a person gets an excellent companion, which only requires - attention and special care for the coat.

Bolonka can be established as a friend for the child, they will definitely find a common language. Also such a pet can accompany his master almost everywhere - both on trips and for publication. The height of the dogs does not exceed 30 cm, and the maximum weight is 4 kg.

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier

Perhaps one of the most common breeds. Many secular lionesses appear with yorkies at secular receptions. Once they were used to combat rodents, today they are purely decorative pets. About these dogs you can say that they are very loyal, affectionate and positive. They feel great both in the apartment conditions and in the country houses.

This baby is very easy to train, especially if you conduct classes in a game form. Yorkies are devoid of aggression and get along well with other animals. Yorkshire terriers do not weigh more than 3.2 kg, and the growth at the withers does not exceed 23 cm.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Like all spaniels, gentlemen have a pleasant, disposed appearance and a very complaisant character, but they do not lose their dignity. The latter is not surprising, because once the dogs of this breed were pets of royalty.

Modern Englishmen consider the representatives of this breed to be "anti-stress" dogs that can create comfort. And till now, with the Dutch and English royal court, it is the cavalier-king who is kept.

Such doggies are not guards or watchmen, but they are real companions who can languish without communication. The dogs of this breed weigh no more than 6.5 kg, and their growth reaches a maximum of 27 cm.

Rabbit Dachshund Rabbit Dachshund

This is the smallest of the dachshunds, however, having the same hunting instincts and skills, as with larger brethren. This pet is not out of the ordinary for a passing cat, mouse, bird, or an excellent burrow from domestic blankets.

The rabbit dachshund is an excessively mobile, active animal, which often shows character, so the future owner should be aware that it is necessary to approach this child very seriously.

The pet will be incredibly devoted to its owner, and a long separation can cause irreparable psychological trauma. The growth of rabbit dachshunds is 17 cm or less, and the weight does not exceed 5 kg.

Papillon Papillon

The official name of the breed is more complex - the continental toy spaniel, and in French means "butterfly". Despite the presence of the word "spaniel" in the title, the papillions are not hunting dogs, and their funny appearance confirms this once again. Yes, there really were spaniels in their family, but apart from some external characteristics, they did not particularly affect the working qualities.

This dog is worth starting up for the soul, she knows how to listen, with joy participates in joint activities and is good-natured towards everyone around. But a butterfly dog ​​is a thunderstorm for rats and mice, so the benefits can be enormous. Growth at the withers reaches 28 cm, weighs papillons up to 4.5 kg.

Pekingese Pekingese

A representative of the ancient Chinese breed, which for a long time lived at the court of the emperor and was a sacred person, which could not but affect the character. These compact long-haired dogs have self-confidence, independence, which makes learning and upbringing somewhat difficult. However, knowing the characteristics of the breed, it's easy to find an approach.

Pekeses are unobtrusive and will not require attention, nevertheless, they do not mind swim in the rays of glory. With younger family members get along, but they will not tolerate bullying and neglect. Dogs weigh from 3.2 to 6.5 kg, and the height at the withers does not exceed 23 cm.

Pomeranian Spitz Pomeranian Spitz

Like all Spitz, Pomeranian has a pretty appearance and a rich, fluffy coat. If you need a small bell in the house, which will notify you about the expected and unexpected visitors, then you can safely get a puppy of Pomeranian Spitz. This pet will not let you get bored, and if the house has children, it will successfully join a small, noisy company.

Representatives of this breed is not recommended to start the elderly, since the Spitz requires not only constant attention, but also activity. In addition, their rich coat requires special care. The growth of oranges is only 20-22 cm, and the weight is not more than 3 kg.

Petit Brabanson (Brabant Griffon) Petit Brabanson (Brabant Griffon)

Excellent companion dogs are from Belgium with a very expressive face. The owner only needs to look at the pet once, in order to understand in which mood he is in.

Representatives of this breed are very good-natured, playful and find a common language with almost everyone, including the rest of the domestic animals. Pesik very fond of affection, gives in to training and with the right approach can perform even complex tricks. The growth of such babies is a maximum of 22 cm, weight - 4,5-6 kg.

Russian toy terrier Russian toy terrier

The breed is relatively new, its appearance is associated with fashion on dwarf dogs. And until now, ladies have a weakness for these cute graceful doggies on their thin legs - compact and good-natured. Toy Terrier will make the company in any journey, do not require complex care and plenty of space.

Despite the modest size, these are bold dogs, who will necessarily rush to the defense of their master. But they are rather compliant, obedient and not conflict. An important aspect is compulsory communication with your pet. Weigh the toy terriers to 3 kg, and the height at the withers reaches 25 cm.

That fox terrier That fox terrier

A representative from America, who, although not very popular, deserves attention. This little doggie would like to lie on the couch with his master, go camping with him and take part in joint games. Toy Terrier is very easy to learn, especially if for certain achievements and successes he will hear praise in his address, not conflict and good-natured.

Finds a common language even with cats, and at the same time rather fearless. With such pets, you can safely go to sports competitions - they show excellent results. The growth of fox terriers is not higher than 25 cm at the withers, and the weight does not exceed 3.5 kg.

Chihuahua Chihuahua

Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dogs in the world. Their homeland is Mexico. These are really tame pets that can be literally worn in a clutch or pocket, well, but how can you leave this amazing tiny creature unattended, alone?

But their toy appearance is deceptive, the Chihuahuas , in case of danger, can show their teeth and, without thinking about the size of the enemy, rush into the attack. But, in general, these are good-natured pets who are capable of disposing to themselves not even dog lovers. The children of this breed can have an increase of 15 cm, but some individuals reach and 23 cm, the weight varies from 0.5 kg to 5.5 kg.

Shih Tzu Shih Tzu

A native of Tibet, the Shih Tzu almost completely preserved the pristine appearance of those ancient dogs that lived on the territory of the monasteries. They are also called chrysanthemum dogs for their luxurious, silky wool. In those distant times, these beautiful dogs were carrying a good watchdog, giving voice at the sight of the impending danger. Today, they do not need such actions.

Representatives of this breed are intelligent, beautiful and have their own dignity. They like to meet guests and participate in social conversations. Yes, they need attention and care for their luxurious fur coat. And yes, shih-tzu are not very mobile - they like to lie around at home rather than running and jumping on the street.

Japanese pygmy pomeranian Japanese pygmy pomeranian

This miniature doggie with a harmonious appearance and funny muzzle touches. But in his genes there is a guardian instinct, and such a pet is very alert, and often aggressive to outsiders.

Like all Spitz, this kid is well trained and even able to show excellent results in competitions. The growth of the Japanese spitz can reach 39 cm, the weight varies from 4.5 to 10 kg.

Japanese Hin Japanese Hin

This is an oriental, handsome man with a luxurious coat and smart, slightly bulging eyes. He is friendly towards people and other animals, he does not like conflicts and disagreements. Such a pet does not like to sit in one place, participates in all domestic affairs and is not averse to frolic in nature.

It is vitally important for him to be in the family circle, and loneliness for such a pet will be a real torture. In growth Japanese chinas do not exceed 25 cm, and in weight - 4 kg.

Representatives of small breeds are different dogs, possessing charisma. Some are true home-siters, while others are unable to sit still for a minute. Therefore, choosing a representative of one or another small breed, it is necessary to take into account their features, and then a small dog will become a real friend and an excellent companion.

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