The most beautiful breeds of dogs

If you ask the opinion of dog breeders, in most cases, the most beautiful dog is their pet, and this judgment is correct, because friends are not appreciated for their external data, heads or long legs. A friend is a faithful, faithful companion who will support in grief, substitute a breast for bullets in case of danger and sincerely share joy. And dogs perfectly fit this description, it's no wonder they are called "best" friends of man.

Representatives of some breeds really are the owners of a more attractive appearance. Of course, the canons of beauty are changing, and if only yesterday a huge, stately German dog was considered the most beautiful dog, today, more often smaller individuals of the canine world fall into this category. But, in any case, completely different representatives can get to the category "the most beautiful breeds of dogs".


Pomeranian Spitz Pomeranian Spitz

This decorative doggie looks like a very nice toy, which you want to take on the handles and do not let go. He does not have a special position, or a proud posture, but in his own way is beautiful. Most dogs of this breed, native to German Pomerania, are compact in size and ideally suited as pets.

This is an excellent option for families with children, because a tireless "pomeranian" is able to spend days in games and games. His funny appearance is deceptive - the oranges are cunning, they are intelligent and need compulsory education and training, otherwise the kid can grow self-willed and even periodically display aggression.

But, for the happiness of the owners, the representatives of this breed are perfectly trained, not only mastering basic skills, but also more complex teams. Not recommended as a pet for beginners. The Pomeranian Spitz is a small, but "loud" dog that likes to bark. People who live near this neighborhood may not like it. He is somewhat selfish, but he gets along well with other pets.

There may be difficulties during the training of the pet to the toilet, but it is important for the owner to have patience and not to back down. In the end, the pomeranian submit and everything is normalized. High temperatures and humidity are harmful to dogs of this breed, as they can cause a heat stroke that can kill a baby. It is important to protect the pet from prolonged exposure to heat and know the rules of first aid if the situation does arise.

Long-haired collies Long-haired collies

Not so long ago, this beautiful, graceful dog with a luxurious fur coat and elegant, aristocratic face could be found in almost every yard. Today, the popularity of the breed has significantly decreased, however, this did not affect the charm and charm of its representatives.

Like all sheep-dogs, the "Scots" once engaged in grazing, protecting cattle and doing other work, which made them hardy, strong and intelligent dogs. Collies are able to make their own decisions, so the owner should become a pet for the leader, whose teams are "not discussed".

The ancestors of the collie, as they themselves, for centuries lived side by side with the man, they are devoted to their family, obedient and rather compliant. They are perfectly trained, striking with their wits and abilities. Collies are not completely watchmen, but to come strangers for a long time eyeing, and in case of danger are able to show aggression.

There are several varieties of Scottish shepherds - with short, stiff and long hair. All of them have excellent working qualities and character, but the most beautiful of them are still long-haired collies - with a rich collar and stripes, amazing colors and proportional build. But future owners should consider - a wool cover of this type requires more painstaking and careful care.

Husky Husky

They have a peculiar appearance inherent in the majority of native northern breeds - malamutes, huskies, Samoyed dogs, and it is difficult to identify which of them is more beautiful. But if you take into account the popularity, the Huskies outstrip the rest. The scientists managed to find out that the ancestors of this breed are the first dogs that appeared on the earth, and they existed almost 32,000 years ago!

Husks have really beautiful appearance, a special article and a magnificent color. But at the same time they remain working dogs, and in no case are decorative. In their homeland, in the harsh land, they carried out and continue to carry out important work - they carry people and cargoes and, unlike the Laikas, are not hunters.

Taking such a pet in the house, the owner should remember the features of the husky - the pet barks rarely, but more often uses for talking howling, and, it sounds like a wolf. The dog needs daily exercise, otherwise, it can foul. In addition, these northern friends are very freedom-loving, and if they are given the opportunity to escape, they will sooner or later do so.

Huskies are better kept on the street in the enclosure, but giving the opportunity to run around in the local area. Such a pet is not afraid of any frost, but they suffer a heat worse - they need a place where they could hide from it in the summer. Plus of representatives of breed is absence of a smell of "dog". It is recommended to start such dogs with active people, who do not inherently sit in one place.

Afghan hound Afghan hound

It's a beauty from the Middle East, whose ancestors lived here thousands of years ago. Images of such elegant dogs were found on rocks, during archaeological excavations in Egypt. The Afghan hounds have wool of surprising beauty, it gives the dogs a majestic, aristocratic look. In addition, dogs have an elegant, refined head, long limbs and a balanced physique.

Yes, the "Afghans" are magnificent, but they can not be called complaisant pets. Beginners who try to train such a dog, in most cases, fail, being sure that the stupid dog is incapable of mastering the program. However, experts point out another problem - the lack of a proper approach.

Such a dog is devoted to its owner, knows how to have other members of the family. But it is very difficult for her to find a common language with children, she does not like and can be afraid of sharp sounds and sudden aggressive actions. To the surrounding "Afghan" is friendly, without alertness, so it does not work out as a watchman or guard.

The representatives of the breed mature for a long, truly mature dog becomes only 3-3.5 years old. Therefore, earlier to demand a balanced, calm behavior from the pet should not be.

Golden retriever Golden retriever

Dogs are not only with golden hair, but also with a "golden" character. From such a pet you get a patient nanny, an excellent companion and a wonderful friend. Retrievers have high intelligence, according to research results, they rank among the top five in this indicator. These dogs can be adjusted to the mood of the owner, feeling all the changes. The main desire of the dog is to please his beloved master, to please him.

The breed is quite popular, because its representatives are beautiful, flexible, smart and kind. Such a pet can be taken into the house with other animals, children. The dog will not show leadership qualities, but for the child it will become an excellent companion for joint games. One nuance - they need constant communication, do not like to remain alone.

Retrievers are not in conflict, but they can engage other dogs if a critical situation arises. In most cases, the advantage is on their side, as these dogs have good physical data. Purchasing a puppy of this breed, it is worth knowing that the pet will not become a watchman or a guard, since the retrievers are too trusting and good-natured to others.

Leonberger Leonberger

These dogs of impressive size were brought out for specific purposes - the dog should become a symbol of the city of the same name - Leonberg, whose name translates as "the city of a lion". Given such requirements, the main requirement does not cause surprise - the dog should resemble the lion as much as possible.

As a result of the selection work, a large, powerful dog with a luxurious coat and proportional physique turned out. The first time he saw a leonberger, a person experiences mixed feelings - fear and admiration. But with the closest acquaintance, the first sensation quickly passes, because the representatives of this breed are by nature not aggressive.

With the proper education of the Leonberger, gentle, patient nannies are obtained, which will protect their ward from any trouble. In addition, it is a very calm, phlegmatic pet, able to maintain composure, even when everyone around is panicking.

He is good at training, not inclined to stubbornness and not shy of difficulties. Residents of Leonberg are rightfully proud of this animal, and here an exhibition of dogs of this breed is held annually.

Bernese Mountain Dog Bernese Mountain Dog

Representatives of this breed for a long time acted as shepherd dogs, they are perfectly adapted to severe climatic conditions and have an independent character. And even earlier their ancestors - the dace-shaped molosses, participated in battles - clad in armor, they bravely fought side by side with the soldiers.

Their descendants are more peaceful, but they took all important qualities from their ancestors. In the training of the sennenhund there will be no difficulties if you approach the process "wisely". It is important to remember that a pet can get bored with a monotonous program or take offense at an unfair punishment. And having established contact with the pet, the owner can hope for excellent results.

The main decoration of the dog is a woolly covering - medium long, thick, with a bright, memorable color - tricolor. Due to the color of the Bernese Mountain Dog coat, it is difficult to confuse with the dogs of other breeds.

In addition, the Bernes look like real aristocrats, despite their large size, they are not devoid of elegance. These dogs are strong, balanced and reasonable. They are able to make decisions even in critical situations, and their vigilance makes them excellent guards and watchmen.

Deciding to get such a pet, the future owner should think about whether he will be able to provide the dog with "work", since Bernu is vital to be in demand. This is not a decorative doggy for a sofa and funny tricks. Another nuance - the dogs of this breed are very difficult to tolerate separation from the owner, and abandoned Bern often often need psychological support.

German Shepherd German Shepherd

Representatives of this breed are included in a variety of ratings: "Best service breeds", "Most popular dogs", "The smartest dogs", etc. And indeed, "Germans" have long been at the peak of popularity and most often used for official purposes. But do not forget about their extraordinary appearance.

The German Shepherd is a manly dog, from which he blows by force. However, it does not cause fear or horror. Most often there are individuals with a black cap and a dark muzzle and saddle, however, the standard allows dogs with a monochrome black coat or a zoned, so-called "wolf" color.

But, regardless of the color of the coat, all the "Germans" have a harmonious physique, an expressive muzzle and an open, attentive look. It is about this pet dream of many boys, and growing up, take a puppy "German".

Representatives of this breed are universal - their high learning ability allows you to literally "make" a pet dog with a certain set of skills. The dog will become not just a pet, but a real devoted friend, protector, guard. In case of danger, he will not hesitate, and without hesitation, give his life for the members of his family. Due to the excellent physical form, "German", in most cases, comes out victorious from the bout.

Excellent coping with various jobs - at the customs, border, police stations, as bodyguards and guides, representatives of this breed also get excellent companions and family dogs. The pet perfectly coexists with all households and other animals, but it is desirable that he was brought up and passed the course of early socialization.

"German" is, first of all, a shepherd, which means that he will perceive the family as a herd. He will keep a watchful eye on his younger members, taking care of their safety. But representatives of such breeds, accustomed to live with a man for centuries, work with him side by side, it is very difficult to experience parting and do not like loneliness. Going on a hike or a trip, it is better to take a pet with him - he will not give trouble and he will get a lot of fun.

Dobermann Dobermann

A stately, slender, handsome dog with a serious appearance is a Doberman, a dog that never goes unnoticed and causes admiration of others. His attentive gaze watches what is happening, and it seems that he is about to intervene in the situation. However, a well-bred dog of this breed has an endurance and will not become a serious aggressor.

Doberman - service breed dogs that perfectly "work" on the trail, also their sensitive scent helps to identify chemical and toxic substances. In addition, the representatives of this breed are excellent guards and watchmen. Buying a Doberman puppy, a person receives not only a working dog, but also a faithful friend, with a high intellect and a desire to learn.

Secrets and conjectures are still circulating around the breed, supported by the fact that selection work on it has not been documented. The breeding of the breed was undertaken by a man far from dog breeding - Friedrich Luis Dobermann, who needed a four-legged partner.

He was collecting taxes and other deductions, and residents at all times did not long to give their "blood" to the treasury. And if you carry out this activity in the company with a "serious" dog, then the objection will be much less.

Organizing the process, Doberman took up hard work, and among professionals, his idea seemed amateurish. However, the result surpassed all expectations - the breed, which later was named after its author, met all the requirements. The dogs turned out to be big, menacing and angry, they immediately received the nickname "spies" among the townspeople.

Initially, its representatives were quite aggressive, but the subsequent work with the breed somewhat smoothed this quality. However, the modern Doberman requires early socialization, training and a strong hand.

Maltese Maltese

Among the bolonok this variety stands out as a long, snow-white fur coat, the dogs have a pretty face with beady eyes. Puppies are "Maltese" adorable and resemble a soft toy, but what should the future owners know by acquiring such a likable?

The long coat of dogs is an exclusively decorative element, it does not protect the pet from the cold. In addition, it is not recommended to breed this dog in a family with young children, since a miniature pet is not suitable for active games with screams and possible physical influences.

BOLONKS perfectly understand the commands, but they are not particularly eager to fulfill them, showing obstinacy. For a fruitful work they need a certain attitude. To change this behavior, the owner will need to closely deal with the education of the dog, showing who is the master of the house.

Maltese is getting along well with other pets, including cats. However, the dog can strive for domination and be jealous. She will choose one master for herself and will be immensely loyal to him, but she will also be attached to the household. This crumb does not like to be alone, she is bored and frustrated.

The pedigree Maltese lapdog can be attributed to the longevity, the breed's representatives quite often live to the advanced 18 years. This is how much this small, fluffy four-legged friend can be side by side, of course, with proper care. But the owners should not forget that, in addition to the basic procedures, special attention deserves their silky, luxurious fur. It should be regularly combed, and the pet itself should be constantly bathed and dried.

The statistics show that there are over 400,000 breeds, and despite the fact that some of them inevitably disappear, the total number of them is still increasing. People do not stop breeding, getting dogs that meet modern requirements.

Is it possible to distinguish among them 10, 20, 30 or even 100 of the most beautiful? After all, every animal has special qualities, charm and appearance. And the owners of one of the breed's representatives believe that it is their dog that is more beautiful, smarter and more charming than the rest, at first glance, the same dogs.

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