The biggest dog breeds in the world

A big dog is a big responsibility. Practically all owners of dimensional pets know about it, and quite often they are faced with this already in practice. The group of large breeds of dogs is quite extensive and here you can meet both good-natured individuals and serious combat and guard dogs . But, in any case, the owner must know in advance that he can grow out of a funny puppy and evaluate his own capabilities.


Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd) Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd)

Today, this Turkmen breed is gaining popularity, because its representatives are excellent guards and watchmen. These are powerful, large dogs that have an intimidating look, which, in fact, corresponds to their character - it’s better not to be a stranger to others.

In the homeland of these dogs is considered a national treasure, in addition, there is a ban on the export of purebred individuals. But alabai is not only a prestigious, but also a difficult animal, requiring a firm hand and serious work on socialization and upbringing.

American Akita American Akita

Dogs of this breed are the result of crossing the Japanese Akita with larger representatives - mastiffs and German shepherd dogs. It turned out a large, proportional animal, with the appearance of their relatives from Japan.

American Akita has a balanced psyche, but it has not lost vigilance. It is used for protection, duty, as a guard, a guide. In addition, such a pet is an excellent companion - loyal, calm and often silent.

Amur husky (indana) Amur husky (indana)

A large representative of the huskies, who has all the qualities necessary for a working hunting dog. Indana is a hardy, fearless, physically developed pet, able to work even in harsh conditions. Yes, he needs intense physical exertion, but at the same time the dog is cheerful, sociable and sociable.

It is not recommended to start such a dog exclusively as a companion - the working breed is not suitable for this, and it has its own purpose.

English Mastiff (Big Pug, Old English Mastiff) English Mastiff (Big Pug, Old English Mastiff)

The English Mastiff is the largest breed of dog in the world. Once the English mastiffs were used to hunt large predators and ungulates, as guards and watchmen. Today, this dog is mainly a companion, and does not like excessive activity. He will be happy to stroll through the park, and then relax at home.

Despite the formidable look, kind and sympathetic, still shows suspicion of strangers, therefore, early socialization is required.

English Setter English Setter

The breed appeared when falconry was at its peak of popularity, dogs unmistakably found and marked bird nests. The English setters were immediately distinguished by their handsome appearance, and they are still considered the most elegant representatives of the breeds of the breeds.

Today these dogs are more often acquired as a companion and for show career. It doesn't matter if the pet is a working dog or a pet, he needs regular physical exertion. Experts do not advise getting a puppy from a working line for apartment living - their excessive activity can cause a number of problems.

Dogo Argentino (Dogo Argentino) Dogo Argentino (Dogo Argentino)

A versatile animal that is capable of performing the most varied work - a guide, a search engine, a watchman, a hunter, a rescuer, is used for police and guard duty. It was not for nothing that a monument was erected at home to this white healthy fellow, and this given that the breed appeared only in the first quarter of the 20th century. Representatives from various assignments were used to breed it, and the dog took the best qualities from each of them.

Dogo Argentino, with the right approach to education and training, becomes the favorite of the whole family - appeasable and good-natured.

Afghan Hound (Bacchmul, Afghan Greyhound) Afghan Hound (Bacchmul, Afghan Greyhound)

Spectacular dog with a sophisticated, aristocratic appearance and luxurious, long hair. At home, she was used as a guard for livestock, but already then her extremely attractive exterior was valued.

Today, Bakhmul is the property of Afghanistan and more often appears on the show ring than in its working capacity. But at the same time she is fast-footed, enduring and independent, that is, she has retained the characteristics of her ancestors.

Belgian Shepherd Belgian Shepherd

This group of several types of shepherd dogs - Groenendael, Tervuren, Lackenoie and Malinois, which, according to the International Cynological Federation, are one breed. The main distinguishing feature is the length and color of the coat.

They are considered reliable service and guard dogs, excellent shepherds, and not unreasonably. The Belgian Shepherd has high intelligence, excellent memory, is well trained, obedient and intelligent. Does not tolerate dismissive, rough handling.

Bernese Mountain Dog Bernese Mountain Dog

The oldest Swiss dog breed, once performed a shepherd and shepherd's work in the highlands. Scientists are still arguing about who was the ancestor of these beautiful, powerful dogs, but agree in opinion - the dog from Bern is a spectacular, patient animal.

Yes, modern breeders aim at breeding good-natured individuals capable of being a true friend to a person - responsive and understanding their master from a half-word.

Bloodhound Bloodhound

The dog of this breed has an enviable power and mastiffs, and a phlegmatic-melancholic snout basset-hound. This is a highly intelligent, intelligent dog, benevolent and deeply devoted to its owner.

Bloodhounds adore children, and often they have to be rescued from the naughty offspring. Softness and good humor do not allow the dogs of this breed to become effective watchmen and guards. The breed is intended for hunting, but more often acts as a companion.

Beauceron Beauceron

A rather rare breed of shepherd dogs from France, with a rich history and purebredness, did not cross Beauceron with representatives of other breeds. Initially, these stately dogs with a proud posture did the shepherd's work, but over time they became family dogs, loyal and devoted companions, and at the same time tender and careful guards and watchmen.

Such a dog will not bark idle, he is balanced and confident. As a leader, the dog will show its best qualities to please the owner, but will not tolerate rudeness and neglect.

Bullmastiff Bullmastiff

Representatives of two breeds — the bulldog and the mastiff — were used to breed the bullmastiff , and as a result of the selection work, a determined, fast, persistent dog with a bulldog grip and fearlessness was obtained.

Despite the harsh appearance, the dog is distinguished by good obedience, good nature and calmness, the dog is not inclined to show sudden aggression. However, experts recommend densely engaged in the education of this krupnyak, as in his veins still the blood of the fighting ancestors flows.

Boerboel Boerboel

A large and powerful native of South Africa, whose ancestors were used as soldiers. Later they turned into farm dogs, but did not lose their guarding and fighting qualities.

Burbuli is prone to domination and obey only the owner, but only if he was able to prove his leadership. It is recommended to start a pet of this breed only to experienced people who have a strong character and who know the characteristics of these large dogs. Dogs require daily physical exertion and are able to be stubborn. By the way, the ICF did not recognize the Burbuley as an official breed.

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East European Shepherd East European Shepherd

The breed was bred in the Soviet Union in the 30s of the last century. In breeding work used German shepherds, trying to get more hardy dogs that can work in any climatic conditions. The breeders did it, and in the 60s the standard was approved.

The East European Shepherd Dog is a large, hardy animal, infinitely loyal to its owner, performing virtually any official work. It has pronounced guarding and guard qualities, but does not show strength in vain, avoiding groundless conflicts.

Greyhound (English Greyhound) Greyhound (English Greyhound)

The oldest breed, whose history goes back over 5,000 years. Like most greyhounds , greyhounds kept aristocratic, rich houses that could afford to hunt with a pack of these sophisticated, beautiful dogs.

If the representatives of the hounds often need to hunt, then the English greyhound can not be said. A pet has enough 2-hour walking a day and a couple of longer walks a week to get enough load. Do not trust the speculation that the Greyhound is difficult to teach, they learn the program well, if you approach the process correctly.

Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound

At home, the breed is considered the property of the country, and in Great Britain its representatives serve at the royal court. Irish wolfhounds are descended from Celtic greyhounds - huge dogs, wandering with the tribes on the territory of modern European countries.

These dogs are aristocratic, but they have a harsh character. It is not recommended to train them for guard service, as the Irish are able to show excessive aggression. For its - it is a favorite and sweetheart, for others - a potential threat.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog

One of the most common breeds is a huge, massive dog with a strong boned and rich coat. It belongs to the oldest shepherd's breed, and today it successfully plays the role of a watchman and a security guard. Already at one glance at such a colossus, the attackers will lose the desire to invade the territory entrusted to the dog.

Those who want to have a Caucasian Shepherd puppy should evaluate their own strengths and future prospects;

Cane corso italiano Cane corso italiano

Italian universal dog with a developed territorial instinct, handsome and self-confident handsome. For his family, he becomes an excellent friend and shows patience with children, while keeping an eye on strangers for evaluating their behavior. So that the dog only looks after the guests and does not show aggression in situations he does not understand, it requires early socialization and education.

It is not necessary to isolate a Cane Corso puppy from society, he must master the territory and become acquainted with who is a stranger, and who is his, and how to behave. About Cane Corso can be said that he will not regret his life in order to protect his master and his family.

Komondor (Hungarian Sheepdog) Komondor (Hungarian Sheepdog)

Pretty colorful representative of the shepherd's breed, respectable. His appearance can hardly be called mediocre, as the dog has a long wool, twisted into tight tows, resembling ropes. It is somewhat similar to the lapdog, but too large, voluminous.

Modern Komondor used as guards and guards, they do an excellent job with their duties. They are beautiful shepherds, lost in a flock of sheep, suddenly attacking predators, engaged in robbery. Like other protected breeds, these giants require socialization.

Leonberger Leonberger

The breed was bred in order to become a symbol, a "calling card" of the city of the same name, and one of the requirements for the breed is related to the appearance of the dogs - they should be as close as possible to the lions. The breed has undergone many ups and downs, but breeders still managed to keep it.

Leonberger is a large, powerful animal that arouses awe and admiration. By the nature of the dog is calm, balanced. Despite the marked security qualities, he would not show aggression towards the people who came, if the owner made it clear that they were friends.

Mastino Neapolitano Mastino Neapolitano

These descendants of warlike mastiffs look impressive, which is only their big head with multiple folds and luxurious wings. Once they fought in various arenas with bulls, gladiators and other dogs, but over time their appearance and character somewhat changed.

Mastino neapolitano makes excellent guards, watchmen and bodyguards, in addition, they are no stranger to hunting. Once they went to a big game, and one such dog could deal with a large boar or a bear. Only, it seems that these dogs are slow and clumsy, at the slightest danger the dog reacts with lightning speed and causes heavy injuries with his teeth.

Moscow Watchdog Moscow Watchdog

One of the young breeds workers, obtained by crossing several breeds of different plan. St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, greyhounds, spotted hounds and Caucasian Shepherd dogs participated. We approached the work with all seriousness, and the result is worthy of attention. The dog borrowed the appearance of the St. Bernard and the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, turned out to be very agile, durable and efficient.

Despite the fact that the Moscow guard is positioned as a family dog, such an independent and large pet is not suitable for everyone and requires serious training and early education.

German dog German dog

Stately handsome, Apollo among dogs, the Great Dane is never left without attention, having appeared in a crowded place. Their ancestors were real fighters, bold and fearless, but the modern dog has a more good-natured character and is deprived of that, primitive aggression. But despite this, the owner must teach the pet "good manners", because it is quite a large animal that can cause problems.

Inexperienced dog breeders can also get such a dog, but on condition that a professional dog expert who takes into account pedigree features will take part in her education.

Newfoundland Newfoundland

Canadian breed of dogs, representatives of which differ in a balanced character, endurance and an unusually nice appearance. When looking at them there is no anxiety or fear, but only admiration.

Once Newfoundlands were great helpers for fishermen, they could even dive in icy water and reach not only the nets, but also people who got caught. By the way, and modern dogs have a weakness for water and have not lost the membranes between the fingers.

Rottweiler Rottweiler

Perhaps this is one of the most common large breeds, bred in Germany, but won fame throughout the world. What her representatives could earn it? First of all, its representatives are very clever and understanding, are amenable to training and can perform both official duties and guard, guard.

Such a hardy pet, like a rottweiler , does not require special care, however, he is able to show cunning, testing his master for "weak". The dog needs training and education, otherwise you can get a dog that will not obey.

Russian Borzoi Russian hunting sighthound

The breed received its name because of the wavy, silky coat, before it was called "dog." Like the other greyhounds, these are graceful, not devoid of aristocratic dogs, very fast, with good hunting qualities.

The stories that these are completely untrained animals with low intelligence have sunk into oblivion for a long time. In fact, the Russian Borzoi has a certain narrow specialization - they are pickling dogs, and here it is difficult for them to find equals. Naturally, the Russian Borzoi are not universal dogs that perform many functions, and it is foolish to demand the impossible from a pet.

Black Russian Terrier (Stalin's dog) Black Russian Terrier (Stalin's dog)

Black terriers are big dogs, with thick coat that covers even the eyes intended for guard service need special training, as without this they are dangerous animals.

They are considered the pride of Russian cynology, because the breed was prepared for a special mission - to participate in military operations. But when the wars were in the past, the dogs still proved useful. In addition to the army, they began to be used for agricultural work.

St. Bernard St. Bernard

The ancestors of the St. Bernards were rescue dogs who lived in monasteries in the Alps and could find people who were buried under layers of snow. Such responsible work has taught animals to act independently, according to circumstances, not to delay and not to be afraid.

Many St. Bernards consider the standard of humanity, tranquility and devotion. Despite the large size, the representatives of the breed are not aggressive, they do not just love, but adore children and understand the owner from a half-word.

Tibetan mastiff Tibetan mastiff

One of the most expensive breeds, which appeared in Tibet several thousand years ago. Due to the fact that the Tibetan monks lived in solitude, the dogs almost retained their impressive appearance, because of the bulk of the wool and large size dogs resemble lions.

This is a serious breed that requires a special approach. Tibetans are prone to domination, have powerful protective instincts and are able to show aggression even to accidentally wandering into their territory. In the house he will find a common language with all members of the family and will fiercely protect them.

French Mastiff (Dogo Bordeaux) French Mastiff (Dogo Bordeaux)

Already at one glance it becomes clear that in the family these powerful stouters had fighting dogs. Yes, they inherited a frightening appearance, but the character has undergone a lot of changes. Today it is a stolid, calm dog who loves his family. It is very difficult to endure separation, it is wary of strangers, but without any reason it will not attack.

When training, it should be borne in mind that this giant will not begin to run briskly and execute the command, he will initially consider the solution to the task given to him, and you should not be tricked to pull it.

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By large breeds they mean large dogs, perhaps the only thing that unites them, well, if you do not take into account that they are all human friends. They may be different in temperament and appearance, but this does not prevent them from faithfully and faithfully serving their master.

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