Large and powerful - rottweilers not without reason cause respect, and their fighting appearance often inspires fear. However, throughout the history of the breed, these dogs were close to the person, helped him and lived side by side. This helped them to find a balanced character and develop them and so good physical qualities. Today, the Rottweiler is a great companion, watchman and service dog, but the dog needs compulsory education and socialization.


Breed origin

There are a number of sources confirming that the dogs of the Roman legionaries were the ancestors of the Rottweilers. They guarded the livestock of warriors, which was used for food and followed the troops. The dogs of the time looked like today's rottweilers and neapolitan mastiffs, which are considered to be their close relatives. Rottweiler

The history of the breed itself is associated with the German city of Rottweil, thanks to which it received its name. In this city, the most famous cattle fairs were held, and dogs were bred to help farmers in this difficult task.

Pets drove cattle into herds, watched the animals lagging behind, knocked arrogance from overly aggressive bulls and carried money in a special department in a collar. However, when the cattle were shipped by rail, the drivers lost their relevance. But the police were betting on these hardy, intelligent dogs, and the next round of popularity of the Rottweiler breed began.

Description breed Rottweiler

The Rottweiler has an average, balanced constitution - neither heavy nor fry. The growth of males is 61-68 cm, bitches slightly lower - 56-63 cm. The weight of a yat is a dog within 42-50 kg. The standard prescribes this pet appearance:

  • The head is medium in size, with a well defined occipital protuberance, the ears are set wide apart. The muzzle is slightly narrowed, ending in a wide lobe with dilated round nostrils. Color lobes, lips and eye rims - black. In thoroughbred representatives clearly defined cheekbones, underlined color.
  • Ears of medium size, triangular in shape, most often stop them. If not, then they hang down, reaching the middle of the cheekbones.
  • Rottweiler neck muscular, strong. The back is straight, turning into a well-defined lumbar belt. The croup is extended, of medium length.
  • The tail is thick, long, in a calm state hanging down, but, according to the breed characteristics, it is necessary to stop it .
  • The fore and hind limbs are set wide and straight, they form a strong base. The elbows are pressed to the body, the pasterns are well developed, the paws are tightly assembled.

Coat and color

There is only one color of rottweilers - black wool with tan. Tanning spots are located on the cheekbones, eyes, throat, paws and perineum, they should be symmetrical. The standard does not allow the presence of even small white specks. Rottweiler stands sideways

The coat in dogs is coarse, the undercoat is dense and thick. Such protection allows you to keep them on the street, the pet does not freeze in the winter. According to the standard, the wool should be of medium length, lie flat, the undercoat should not be visible.


Due to the fact that rottweilers have always been surrounded by people, they can boast a good adaptability. Such pets fit well into the owner's life rhythm, quickly memorize his habits and react sensitively to the emotional state. The Rottweiler is a serious, balanced dog, and physical development allows him to be confident and calm in any situation.

If the dog is raised properly, he will not waste his own resources on unreasonable aggression. But he is ready 24 hours a day to protect his own family, housing and the surrounding territory. Given the innate protective instinct, it is necessary as soon as possible to teach the pet to see the differences between the real danger and everyday situations. In this case, early socialization plays a huge role.

If a rottweiler is started by a person with no experience, or he is not engaged in raising his four-legged friend, then the dog may grow aggressive, rude and be dangerous to others and his own family. Rottweiler is devoted to the owner and love, and good relations are always reciprocated.

Since the breed was bred to help man, these dogs are used to being always there and helping when necessary. They do not tolerate loneliness and are very worried if they do not pay attention. A well-mannered Rottweiler can be a real member of the family, he does not tolerate quarrels and swearing, therefore he acts as a conciliator.

Dogs of this breed get along well with children, especially if they grow up together. They are also loyal to the new members, but still it is worth being careful with the little children. This dog is strong and temperamental, therefore it is not always able to timely distinguish between deliberate rudeness and inept play. Owners should not leave small children and a dog alone and always monitor their communication. From the Rottweiler we have a cheerful, convivial dog, but it is not suitable as a nurse.

Also attention requires communication pet with strangers, whether it be guests or people passing by on the street. Rottweilers are not aggressors, especially if they are properly raised and socialized, they will not rush at people without a reason. But it is recommended to put a muzzle on your pet before visiting crowded places.

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How is the training conducted?

Since representatives of this breed are distinguished by masculinity and self-reliance, they need a master with the same qualities. A person without experience is unlikely to be able to cope with the pet's temperament, and the dog will become dominant in this relationship. The owner of a Rottweiler must be persistent and strict. Rottweiler on a beautiful background

Teaching discipline to your pet is necessary from the first days of his appearance in the house. But to be rude with a dog is impossible in any case, since such an attitude will make it aggressive.

Rottweilers have a good nutritional response, and experts recommend using this feature in the period of education and training. Any success should be rewarded with a small piece of goodness or laconic praise. Do not be too admired, the main thing is to speak sincerely.

Often, purebred dogs show a special affection for one person of the family, who is more engaged and cared for. To fix this, care should be distributed among all family members by setting a timetable for queuing, feeding and other activities. Such an approach will make the pet understand that everyone loves and appreciates him, and the owners will ease the process of raising and socializing the pet.

Rottweiler spoil is strictly not recommended. If you do not follow the feeding regime, give the dog various harmful products, the pet will gain excess weight and become addicted to begging.

Dog care

Rottweiler does not require special conditions of detention. In the apartment the pet must be equipped with a bed of suitable size , away from heating devices and drafts. Outside he needs a booth lined with straw or other suitable material.

Rottweilers are well tolerated by the cold, which is not the case with the heat, so it is recommended to take this into account, equipping the territory for it in the yard. Caring for the teeth of a pet is to regularly treat it to a large brain bone. This will help protect the dog from the formation of tartar and bad smell from the mouth.

During teething in a puppy should pay attention to the position of the ears of your pet. They can hang out or form an undesirable fold. If this happens, you should consult with a veterinarian, he will tell you what to do in this case.

You also need to regularly inspect the auricles for plaque and inflammation, but they need to be cleaned carefully with a cotton swab. The eyes also need attention, but they need only be examined and for any, even a slight change (redness, increased tearing, etc.), you should contact a specialist.

The rottweiler coat is quite easy to clean. To make the wool shine and look good, you only need to brush it once or twice a week with a special brush - a rubber glove, a squeegee or a metal comb will do. It is advisable to teach your pet to a similar procedure from puppyhood, and then he not only will not resist, but also enjoy the manipulation. During seasonal moulting, wool will need to be combed daily.

If you do not pay enough attention to the coat, the dog may receive abundant dandruff , especially when it sheds heavily. Rottweilers do not need frequent washing, this can be done a couple of times a year and with heavy pollution.

In dogs, often on hard ground, claws are grinded naturally, in other cases they must be trimmed . Since rottweilers are not big fans of a pedicure, they can aggressively treat such a procedure. In this case, you may need to apply for professional services in a veterinary clinic. This can be avoided if you file them or trim them gently when the pet is still a puppy and after the procedure it is good to encourage it.

It is also important to take care of timely vaccination of the dog, pasture worms and treatment from external parasites. Rottweilers can not be attributed to the long-livers, they live about 10 years. However, there are cases of a longer life - 13 or even 15 years. Naturally, care , conditions of maintenance and proper feeding of the pet play an important role here. The elderly pet needs more attentive care, diet correction and regular visits to the veterinary clinic.

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How to feed a rottweiler

Dog owners have two options for how to feed their pet - natural food or industrial feed. But, whatever the owner may choose, the food must be complete and of high quality. In the first case, the diet should consist mostly of meat and offal. It is necessary to include boiled eggs, lean sea fish, cheese, dairy products - cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir in the menu of the dog. These are essential ingredients that are sources of protein. Rottweiler lies

Pet carbohydrates should be obtained from cereals. Ideal rice and buckwheat porridge, boiled in water or vegetable, meat broth. But it is better to refuse from pearl barley, because its body absorbs the dog badly. Fiber is another essential ingredient; its sources are vegetables. They are recommended to give the dog raw, but they should be no more than a quarter of the daily diet.

There are a number of products that are not desirable for a rottweiler. This list includes the following:

  • Milk - can cause indigestion and disorders of the digestive system.
  • Legumes are heavy food for dogs. To digest them, the digestive tract spends a lot of juice and time. Able to cause bloating and flatulence.
  • Potatoes - a source of starchy substances that are undesirable for the dog's body.
  • Sweets - sugar, above all, hits the animal's sight.
  • Tubular bones - the stomach of the animal can not digest, in addition, they can cause damage to the walls of the stomach and intestines.

If the owner prefers dry rations, then it should be food that is rich in nutrients necessary for the active life of the dog and good health. Naturally, this option saves time on cooking, which is important for busy people.

But it should be borne in mind that high-quality food is not cheap, and budget rations do not meet the requirements for a balanced diet. To feed a large dog with food production waste, which, in essence, is cheap food, not only not humanely, but even criminal. This is depriving a dog of a long and healthy life.

Since rottweilers rarely suffer from food allergies, it is easy to pick up food. It is worth taking into account premium rations and super premium classes suitable for large breeds.

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What is the cost of puppies

This breed, despite the fact that it has become less popular in recent years, is still not rare. Therefore, to buy a puppy is not difficult. But before the acquisition is to determine the purpose of the pet and select it from the appropriate class:

  • Pet class This is a guard dog, as they say, "for the soul." Representatives of this class have minor deviations that do not allow their use in breeding and exhibitions. However, they do not affect the working qualities of the animal. The cost of puppies in this category range from 12,000 to 18,000 rubles.
  • Breed class. Puppies of this class are usually acquired for future breeding. The initial price of such a pet is 20,000 rubles, but it can be significantly higher if the parents of the baby have high show scores. The offspring of titled dogs costs from 60,000 to 90,000 rubles.
  • Show class. These are puppies with excellent characteristics, future stars of exhibitions and enviable manufacturers. Naturally, their price is much higher - from 150,000 to 600,000 rubles.

As with other large breeds, experts do not recommend buying a puppy from random vendors who do not have a clue about proper breeding and culling of offspring. In this case, there is a risk to get not only a half-breed or a puppy with health problems, but also a mentally unstable individual, such a pet can create significant problems.

The Rottweiler is the perfect guard who can protect the owner at any time. He is jealous of the protected area, and attackers do not have a chance to get past. But, starting such a powerful and serious pet, first of all, it is worth thinking about his upbringing and socialization so that the dog becomes a member of the family, and not its threat.

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