Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is the most serious and large of the Schnauzer family. This breed with a rich history, its representatives have amazing abilities and rather formidable appearance. They can be both service dogs and family companions. What are the characteristics of the breed and what should the future owners know.


History of the breed

The history of this breed is estimated for many centuries, however, researchers have not been able to fully trace all its segments. But it is known that the ancestors of modern schnauzers were bred in the southern part of Germany, as well as on Austrian and Swiss lands. Here they were ordinary farm animals, which were used for a variety of needs. They were assistants to pastoralists in the Alps - guarded, accompanied by loads and drove the cattle. It is assumed that previously they were used as shepherd dogs risen-schnauzer with a red collar

The exact origin of these dogs is still shrouded in mystery, and it is not clear whether there is a genealogical unity between the Riesen and the Mittels . It is also unclear what breeds are the ancestors of the Risen Schnauzers, but everything indicates their close relationship with the pinschers. At the end of the 19th century, when breeders began to intentionally breed Risenschnauzer, the breed was practically formed.

Description of breed rizenschnauzer

Giant schnauzers have quite outstanding data. They are strong, bold, differ endurance and assertiveness. Thanks to the inherent distrust of the stranger and the speed of movement, the representatives of this breed are successfully used as service dogs. Also they are well kept both in nurseries, and in apartment conditions.

Dogs have developed backbone and dry, well-developed muscles. Skin is elastic, tightly fitting, which does not crease and does not hang. The disadvantages include light or rough build, high paws or too low, too, are not welcome.

The growth of males varies in the range of 65-70 cm, the female - 60-65 cm. The sexual dimorphism is clearly expressed in the Risenschnauzers - the larger males, their muscular corset is better developed, the well-defined withers, the broad chest, and if the ratio of body parts is more massive head. Bitches are more elegant and light. The standard describes the breed as follows:

  • Reesenschnauts possess a long, proportional head, which does not have a sharp but clearly marked transition from the frontal area to the muzzle. The head has a rectangular shape, no matter from which side to look at it. Beard also plays a role in appearance - it emphasizes the clarity of forms, otherwise it is a disadvantage.
  • The hillock on the back of the dog stands out prominently. The muzzle is massive, the jaws are strong, with dry, tightly fitting, pigmented lips, prominent large lobe of the nose. The eyes are small, close to each other, the iris has a dark color. Look attentive, to strangers - cautious. The owners say that in the eyes you can find out what mood the pet has.
  • Ears until recently docked , in this case they stand a short distance, giving the dog a more formidable look. However, today this procedure is not mandatory, and more often there are risen schnauzers with triangular, drooping ears.
  • The neck has a developed musculature, it is powerful and long, with a high transition to the body, making the whole face of the animal very aristocratic. The thorax is wide, with good muscles.
  • The limbs are straight, the foreheads are slightly longer than the hind legs. The tail is most often in the puppies of the Risenschnauzer, it is stopped before the first two vertebrae. Although today it is not mandatory.

Coat and coat

The body of the Risenschnauzer is covered with a two-layered wool coat with a dense undercoat and an upper layer consisting of springy, hard hairs. They fit tightly to each other and slightly curl at the tips. In the region of the back, the fur is shorter, it is more straight, and on the extremities it is elongated. The dog has a distinct mustache, beard and thick eyebrows.

Reesenschnauts practically do not shed, but they need a trimming - removal of dead hairs. There are two types of colors:

  • coal-black - a few white hairs are allowed; coal-black risen-schnauzer
  • "Pepper and salt" - gray-silvery tones - from light to steel. Such individuals have an undercoat of a gray hue, and the mask on the muzzle is somewhat darker. silver schnauzer

The standard establishes certain requirements for the coat, the lack of rigidity is considered insufficient, undue waviness of the wool. Also its length and sufficient overgrowth on the head and extremities is important.

Character of the Reesen Schnauzer

According to the official qualities of representatives of this breed can be compared with German shepherds. They have high intelligence and are easy to train. From these dogs are excellent guards, companions, while with such a pet it will clearly not be bored. They are extremely active and energetic. Specialists confirm that the riesen are temperamentally more choleric.

The instincts of the hunter are well developed in the Risenschnauts, the owners should know about this. After seeing a small animal walking, the pet can begin to "hunt". Therefore, it is necessary to take out the dog only under supervision - no samovygulov, and you need to monitor constantly. Often the Rizen run away and are lost.

The largest representatives of schnauzers are excellent companions. They have a very strong connection with their master and are devoted to him endlessly. Having a colorful appearance, Rizen likes to show off before others, being in the center of attention for him is an important matter.

It may seem that dogs with such formidable appearance and dimensions are not the best option for families with children. But not in this case. Giant Schnauzers find a common language with younger family members, and many allow their small owners. For babies they are able to become an excellent nanny, and for older children - a tireless friend for games and fun.

Dogs of this breed can be kept with other pets, but it is best if they grow up together. In this case, there is often a strong friendship and affection. It is worth noting that the Riesen are suspicious of strangers, however, they will not show aggression without a reason. They can bark, but only if it is necessary.

Pets are overly brave and always ready to intercede, but you can not say that they act foolhardy. Before acting, Rizen will necessarily assess the situation and think. But all of the above qualities belong to pets who have passed through early socialization, and are properly brought up. Without proper approach, the dog can grow up with behavioral vices - aggressiveness, nervousness, cowardice. In addition, thoroughbred representatives are often very stubborn.

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Care and maintenance of the Risenschnauzer

Hard coat of the representatives of this breed needs regular care . It is recommended to comb it with a brush with rigid, wire bristles. Several times a year the pet needs a trimming or manual plucking of dead wool. In this case, the owner has two options - to master this technique and do it yourself, or to entrust the event to a professional.

As for the rest of the care, everything is traditional here - it is necessary to regularly inspect the ears and clean them from dirt with a cotton pad, and also cut the claws as necessary. It does not matter whether the dog lives in an enclosure or in an apartment, he needs regular walks.

Often, the owners of the Risenschnauzer, who live in a private house, consider that it is enough for their pet to walk around the site. Yes, there are breeds that really do have enough of this, but not in the case of the Risenschnauzer. They need the maximum physical load, that a walk along the fence is unlikely to provide.

Even more unnecessary energy accumulates the dog, who spent all day in the apartment, waiting for the return of the owner. Naturally, she needs to spill it out. If there is no possibility or desire to spend every day 2-3 hours for a walk with your pet, then experts do not recommend starting a dog of this breed.

Purchasing a Risenschnauzer puppy, it is worth adjusting to regular quality care and long walks. With the right approach, the pet will be very grateful and will show all his qualities - the guard, the defender and the companion.

Features of breeding of Sesame Schnauzers

At the dawn of the formation of the breed, the dogs bore the name of hairless pinschers, the breeding of which led to the appearance of Risenschnauzer. When there was a steady consolidation of the quality of the breed, they began to knit dogs only inside it. Particular attention was paid to the health and mental state of dogs used in breeding. Thanks to this attention from the breeders, the Risen Schnauzer has excellent health and a stable psyche. beautiful rizenschnauzer

The bitches begin to knit not earlier than the third or fourth estrus. This is due to the slower development of representatives of large breeds. Experts do not recommend to reduce the dog earlier, since this negatively affects not only her health, but also the well-being and development of the offspring.

How to train a dog of this breed

To make a perfect companion out of a pet, and the dog got on well with others, he needs a compulsory early education aimed at acquiring skills of correct behavior. Training and training of the Risenschnauzer is not an easy task, because, despite the high intelligence and positive qualities, there are a number of nuances.

First of all, it is important to start the socialization of the pet as early as possible, literally from the very first days of the appearance of the puppy in the house. This will allow you to take his natural guarding instincts in check. The puppy must understand that not everyone who does not belong to his family is an enemy. In addition, the correction of the hunting desire of the Risenschnauzer needs correction. Males have a tendency to manifest domination and often try to measure their strength with other large dogs.

It is very important when training to consider the sensitivity of dogs of this breed. They need a fair attitude and do not tolerate the use of physical influences. Otherwise, education and training can be significantly complicated. The master should be tactful, but not without rigor and perseverance. Naturally, for such an approach, the owner must have some experience or seek help from professionals.

Risenschnauzer feeding

Dogs of this breed are not too choosy in food, among its representatives are rarely found individuals suffering from food allergies. But if you still got such a pet, then the diet can pick up only a veterinarian, since without a diet in most cases is not complete. But, even if you have a pet with no health problems and no appetite, you should not forget - the better the food, the longer the pet will live and look better.

Reesenschnauts love to eat, they have an excellent metabolism. The nutritional value of the diet depends on the physical and emotional load the dog receives. Feeds containing a large number of protein and fat components are suitable for active pets who perform service, play sports, participate in show performances, and regularly accompany their owners during horseback or bicycle rides.

Dogs that are kept in street conditions need to enrich the diet with fats in winter. To the owner even before the pet gets to the house, it is necessary to be defined, than it will feed a dog. For their nutrition, you can buy ready-made diets that contain everything you need. Of course, not all experts believe that products that have been deep processed are the best option for feeding the animal. But if there is no time to prepare food, then it is best to buy premium and super premium foods that are of high quality.

If there is an opportunity to buy and prepare independently, then feeding with natural products for Riesen is also suitable. Meat and by-products should prevail in their diet. Additional components are cereals, dairy products, eggs. Also useful for dogs are vegetables and some fruits.

Of course, every veterinarian will say that you should not give your pet food from your table. Smoked, spicy, salted and pickled products will adversely affect the health of the dog. Also under the ban fall sweets, fatty and fried foods. As a treat you can use lean cheeses, boiled lung or heart, dry biscuits. In the pet store you can buy special dog food from natural veins, dried pork ears, bull tails and so on. They can be used for training.

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Video about the Risenschnacher

How much does the Risenschnauzer puppy cost?

Purchasing a puppy dog ​​that grows more than average size, you should take into account the alleged responsibility. It is important that the pet possess a stable psyche, and this quality can be provided only by experienced breeders who have a good reputation.

Naturally, the price of a puppy depends on many factors and, first of all, compliance with the standard and the number of titles of parents. The starting price of a puppy with a pedigree is 20,000 rubles. If you need a pet that is suitable for participation in exhibitions, you will have to pay more - in this case, the cost will vary from 45,000 to 55,000 rubles.

Today, less and less often you can meet on the street these beautiful, proud dogs. But none of the breed's representatives can walk along the street and not attract the attention of others. The gena Schnauzer is beautiful, bold and faithful. But the complaisant it will only be with proper education, and it is worth considering, going for a new four-legged friend.

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