Rare breeds of dogs

According to the International Cynological Association, today there are over four hundred dog breeds. However, very little is known about some of them and it is not only difficult to meet their representatives, but even it is not always possible to find information. Naturally, rare breeds of dogs attract the attention of people who want to have unusual animals in their pets. But it is worth remembering that future owners may face a number of difficulties - ranging from the high cost of puppies, to the lack of recognition at the international level. But, if the dog really liked it, then no difficulties can stand in the way of fulfilling the dream, especially, the four-legged friends of this are worth it!


Criteria for "rarity"

What does “rare breed” of dogs mean? After all, for example, the common ancient breeds in Japan or China for a long time were not known in other countries, and when they appeared, they were considered here to be very rare. Basenji - a rare dog

Another nuance - out of 400 breeds, about 4 dozen are still not included in the list of the ICF, and we are talking about both popular and extremely rare breeds. The following breeds are considered to be known in Russia: Diver, East European Shepherd Dog, Moscow Watchdog, Russian Hunting Spaniel, but they still have not received the international standard and in other states are considered a wonder.

Surprisingly, on the world level, the Russian toy terriers are considered the rarest! But this category also included such popular dogs as pit bull terriers, Eskimo spitz, naked terriers and bulldogs. It is not surprising that such a picture can be observed in any state. But the rarest breeds were included in this rating, representatives of which are extremely small, and the price is quite high.

Tibetan Mastiff Tibetan Mastiff

This ancient breed, whose representatives lived in Tibetan monasteries, guarding the surrounding area and their inhabitants. More recently, they practically did not know anything, but even now, when the name of the breed is widely known, it is extremely difficult to meet purebred “Tibetans”.

Representatives of this breed are powerful dogs possessing excellent guard and guarding skills, and their rich coat allows dogs to live even in the most severe conditions. Today, Tibetan mastiffs are at the top of the list of the most expensive dogs, and among them the price tag is higher for puppies with red color.

Neapolitan Mastiff Neapolitan Mastiff

Another representative of mastiff-like dogs, called mastino neapolitano in their homeland. The dog has a colorful appearance, large size and is considered a rather specific pet.

He does not tolerate an inattentive, scornful attitude towards himself and keeps himself on par with the household, no less. Most often, the mastino does not get along with other pets, is wayward and stubborn. But, despite these qualities, such a pet really becomes not just a companion dog, but a real family member, with its advantages and disadvantages.

Leonberger Leonberger

An amazing breed of dogs, bred for a specific purpose - its representative was to become a symbol of the German city of the same name. Among the main requirements for the appearance of the dog was the maximum similarity with the lion, and as a result of breeding such a dog turned out.

Leonberger is a large dog, noble, beautiful, possessing magnificent fluffy wool. These dogs are used as guards, companions and family pets.

Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound

This most ancient hunting breed from Ireland has very deep roots, and its representatives are one of the biggest dogs in world dog community. Featuring a tall stature, the Irish Wolfhound has a rather elegant appearance. Its special hard wool requires special care. If we talk about character, then “Irishman” during a hunt is compared with a lion, and at home - with a meek lamb.

Slovak Chuvach Slovak Chuvach

Dogs of this breed were bred in the highlands in the territory of the former Czechoslovakia. They are excellent livestock guards. Appearing in the 17th century, the Slovak Chuvach, like many other breeds, was one step away from complete extinction.

But thanks to the dogger Antonin Grudo’s perseverance, these unique dogs were restored. From them excellent rescuers turn out, these dogs perfectly bear guard duty.

American mastiff American mastiff

These dogs are descendants of the ancient Molossians, at the international level they are still considered the mestizas of the English Mastiff. But the Americans were seriously engaged in their selection in order to get obedient, easily trained dogs, which can be maintained not only in the street, but also at home. As a result of the work, these dogs turned out to be, among other things, possessing an athletic physique.

Spanish Alano (Bulldog) Spanish Alano (Bulldog)

Large dogs with a formidable appearance, possessing incredible courage, power and attentive eyes - this is Spanish Alano. The dogs of this breed were bred in order for them to participate in the traditional Spaniards national fun - bullfight. Unlike other bulldogs, Alano are not descendants of the Molossus, but themselves are their ancestors.

Later, the dogs of this breed were used as watchmen, guards and companions. They are distinguished by excellent obedience, endurance and tremendous efficiency.

South African Boerboel South African Boerboel

This burly man comes from Africa, although the roots of the breed go to Asia, to the ancient dog-like dogs. In the Assyrian state these dogs were used as soldiers, on the battlefield they went out in special armor. Later from Burbuley turned out excellent guards. Modern dogs of this breed love their family and are happy to give their lives, guarding them.

Bergamo Sheepdog Bergamo Sheepdog

Like other sheep dogs, Bergamasco has been helping farmers to farm for more than one century. But when the standard was approved, and these dogs more and more often became exhibitors, it became clear that being a shepherd and at the same time taking high titles in various events is an incompatible thing. This is due to the amazing wool of the Bergamo shepherd, curled into a kind of dreadlocks - from the work of such wool coat deteriorates.

Bergamasko is a dog that can make decisions independently and needs sufficient physical activity.

Hungarian Sheepdog (Komondor) Hungarian Sheepdog (Komondor)

Representatives of the breed do an excellent job with the work of shepherds. Thanks to their white, rope wool, they mix up in the herd with sheep, guarding them and suddenly attacking predators trying to profit. Komondors have excellent protective qualities that are developed at the genetic level, they are intelligent, hardy and need respect.

Owners who want to have such an extraordinary pet should learn in advance how to properly care for the original Komonor wool.

Bearded Bearded Collie Bearded Bearded Collie

This is the rarest type of Scottish shepherd dog, whose representatives resemble the lap-dogs, but are larger in size. Like other collies, the beardyds for a long time did an excellent job with the shepherds.

Today, they start up as fun and active companions or family pets. The dog has a developed intellect, perfectly learns the commands and is glad to follow its owner anywhere.

Romanian shepherd dog Romanian shepherd dog

There are three types of this aboriginal shepherd breed - Bukovinian, Miorite and Carpathian. All of them appeared solely due to natural selection, without the intervention of breeders.

Representatives of each species have excellent guard and guard qualities, they do an excellent job with the shepherd's work. Despite the excellent workmanship, the dogs did not reach wide popularity, so they can be found only in their homeland, and even then not in all parts of Romania.

Karelian Bear Dog Karelian Bear Dog

Surprisingly, being one of the rarest breeds, the bear dog successfully leads in the prevalence among Russian huskies. With a compact size and a pretty appearance, bear cubs are very brave and courageous. They are taken to hunt not only small and medium game, but also on large animals.

Future owners should know that it is better to take any husky, including Karelian bear, for business purposes. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time and effort to provide the pet with the necessary physical activity.

Chinook Chinook

This is a relatively new breed of dog, which appeared in the States at the beginning of the last century, about which most people probably have not heard. But Chinooks have a set of excellent qualities that make them excellent service and watchdogs. In addition, these dogs are capable of high speed and capable of carrying huge loads.

Chinook is not a dog for an apartment, it needs space, constant work and the ability to move a lot. If he is provided with these conditions, the pet will become a friend and protector.

New Guinean singing dog New Guinean singing dog

Perhaps, among other breeds, this species can be called the least studied. Connoisseurs are still arguing about the origin of the New Guinean singing dog - some believe that this is only a subspecies of the Dingo dog, others - a completely independent breed. But most scientists agreed that these dogs are not re-feral animals, but only not fully tamed.

The breed received its name due to its ability to make sounds similar to the singing of a bird or whale. But the traditional dog "dialect" is no stranger to them - howl, barking, squealing and growling. Today, you can meet such a dog in various zoos of the world.

Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback

Representatives of this aboriginal breed are excellent hunters for ungulates and various birds. Among these rare redjbek dogs with blue fur and isabella are especially appreciated.

The presence of ridge - stripes of coat in the back area, growing against the main direction of hair growth, distinguishes them from other breeds of these dogs. The wider this comb in the dog, the higher the animal is valued, however, it should not grow on the sides.

Basenji Basenji

These dogs are also called African barking dogs, Congo-terriers or jungle dogs. Unlike other breeds that can produce original sounds, Basenji are really not able to bark. In general, dogs are by nature "silent," and their rumbling can only be heard when the animal is very excited.

According to numerous excavations, we managed to find out that dogs of this breed existed from the time of the Pharaohs and were already considered to be human defenders from negative energy and evil spirits.

Czechoslovakian wolf dog Czechoslovakian wolf dog

Man has repeatedly made attempts to get the offspring of a dog and its close relative - a wolf. But, despite the relationship, the results could not please - the dogs were wild and could not be tamed.

But the active selection work of Czech breeders still bore its fruit - the Czech wolf turned out to be an excellent service dog, equipped with the unique abilities of wild fellows. Naturally, such an animal is suitable only for experienced dog breeders and requires careful socialization.

Northern Inuit Dog Northern Inuit Dog

Breed was due to the crossing of Siberian Husky, German Shepherd and native Inuit dog. The result was quite colorful dogs, outwardly similar to wolves, but with the habits of a pet.

Representatives of this breed have not received the recognition of any major club of dog breeders, but they are included in many organizations associated with the breeding of Inuit dogs and forest dogs.

Caroline Dog (American Dingo) Caroline Dog (American Dingo)

Few people decide to have such an unusual pet, and most often representatives of this species can be found as inhabitants of zoos. It is not known for certain, but it is possible that the Karolinska dog was once tamed by man, but, like the dingo, re-run wild.

This is confirmed by the fact that individuals caught and kept in captivity do not show aggression towards a person, are rather curious and contact. However, it is worth remembering that the American dingo is still a wild animal, and there are a number of nuances that should be taken into account when taking it into the house.

Moody (Hungarian herding dog) Moody (Hungarian herding dog)

One of the oldest shepherd dogs, living side by side with a man and engaged in grazing of medium-sized cattle. The breed was quite stable, but, like many others, was on the verge of extinction after the Second World War.

But painstaking work was done to restore it. Such breeds as a border collie, Belgian shepherd dogs and cougars took part in the breeding. The infusion of fresh blood only improved both the exterior and the working qualities of the mudi.

In fact, today there are many more little-known, rare breeds of dogs than listed above. But they all have their own characteristics and individual characteristics, be it an original appearance or amazing skills. For example, how many people know about Azawakh, Saluki, Katalburun or Chongqing breeds? And no matter whether they are recognized internationally or not, this in no way detracts from their merits and does not deprive the title of “man’s best friend.”

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