Rickets in dogs

Deficiency of useful components can adversely affect the health of the animal, for example, with a lack of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, the risk of developing rickets increases. A similar state arises also in the event that these elements are not absorbed by the body. Rickets in dogs are a common occurrence. Despite the fact that the disease is not fatal, it can severely undermine health by making a healthy, beautiful dog, a disabled dog with serious physical disabilities. What is required of the owner so that his pet does not encounter this disease?


How is the disease manifested?

An animal's organism is a complex well-coordinated system, and the loss of even one link can lead to serious violations. Therefore, rickets can develop even if there is a deficit of only one component. Rickets in dogs read article

No matter how much you give the dog calcium and phosphorus, without vitamin D, the pathology will develop, since without it calcium can not be absorbed. In turn, without the necessary amount of phosphorus, one can expect a violation of the vitamin-mineral balance.

Unfortunately, at an early stage it is rather difficult to diagnose pathology. Usually it is found when there are already obvious signs of a violation:

  • the pet becomes sluggish, apathetic, gets tired even after a short walk;
  • the dog begins to stoop;
  • the joints of the limbs become knotty, the muscles are flabby;
  • the dog stands and moves on the half-bent paws;
  • there may be disturbances in the activity of the nervous system and internal organs;
  • on the ribs there are characteristic rachitic rosary beads - thickenings on the site where they connect with the cartilaginous tissue;
  • the pet ceases to grow and develop, the bones of the paws become soft, brittle;
  • teeth grow slowly, change with a lag;
  • pathological changes affect the tissues of the heart, liver.

To guard against the strange predilections of the pet, for example, it can eat land, feces, stones, inedible objects. Since rickets can lead to irreversible processes, early diagnostics and timely treatment are important.


The most effective results can be achieved if therapy is administered to a pet who has not reached the age of one year, when it is still possible to influence the processes of bone formation. If it was possible to detect the pathology at an early stage, then the correction of the situation can be corrected nutrition. For this, the following is done:

  • the veterinarian appoints a special food enriched with vitamin and mineral components;
  • with natural feeding it is recommended to give the fish fish oil, as well as supplements with calcium and vitamin D;
  • be sure that the dog regularly ate meat in its raw form, cottage cheese, egg yolk, milk, cereals.

To stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D, a quadruple patient is recommended to undergo an irradiation course with quartz. Initially, the procedure lasts no more than 3 minutes, gradually increasing the time until the duration is 20 minutes. After 8-10 weeks, the veterinarian can appoint a repeat exercise.

The owner is advised to walk his pet more often in the sun, but exclude any active customs duties. If the dog can not fully move, then it is possible to alleviate its condition with the help of massage and salt wiping, greatly speeding up the metabolic processes.

As a rule, all of the above applies to the treatment of puppies. Pathological changes in the body of an adult dog are not subject to correction, since its bone skeleton is fully formed. In this case, the doctor can recommend a set of exercises that promote the formation of muscles, which helps the skeleton withstand the load.

The pet is prescribed special nutritional supplements that normalize the vitamin and mineral balance. In addition, immunostimulating drugs, homeopathic remedies, can be included in therapy.


To prevent the development of rickets in an animal is quite simple. To do this, it is necessary to provide the pet with a full, balanced food. Special attention should be paid to pregnant and nursing females, who need the most in vitamins and minerals. It depends not only on the health of the mother, but also on the future offspring. If the litter is plentiful and the bitch does not have enough milk for everyone, it is important to provide the kids with quality lure.

The second difficult stage is the transfer of puppies from mother's milk to ordinary food or industrial rations. The menu should consist of useful, nutritious products. And choosing a dry food, you should give preference to premium and super premium brands. rickets

Modern ready-made fodders contain all the necessary mineral substances, in accordance with daily norms. With natural feeding the pet will have to give additional complexes and vitamin top dressing, on this issue it is worth consulting with a veterinarian.


Rickets is not life threatening, but without treatment leads to disability of the dog. Pet, previously performing any work - guard, guard, hunter, etc., with this disease can not perform it.

Pathology can lead to deformation of the bones of the chest, pelvis, hip joints. The last change affects the gait of the pet, it begins to limp. Deformation of pelvic bones - a serious condition that complicates childbirth.

The most dangerous consequence of rickets is the change in the bones of the sternum. If the disease is in a neglected stage, then when you touch the ribs the dog will experience severe pain. In addition, deformed bones of the chest are easily injured.

Most diseases are easier to prevent than cure, and this applies to rickets 100%. With proper care and good nutrition this pathology arises extremely rarely.

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