Elegant, with a proud bearing and an intelligent look - these are representatives of a fairly popular breed - a poodle. These dogs are frequent participants of exhibitions, but at the same time they remain one of the most successful pets for keeping in an apartment. What is good about a breed, and with what difficulties can the owners-beginners


History of the origin of the breed

Poodles - this is the oldest breed, the exact origin of which is known not so much. Researchers still can not agree on where these dogs originated and who their ancestors are. Some of them are sure that poodles appeared by crossing several breeds of various sizes, with long curly hair - shepherd's, barbets and watery from Portugal, and also do not deny that the hawsers, hounds and retrievers could participate. poodle

At the end of the 19th century, the appearance of the first clubs, which were organized by breeders engaged in breeding thoroughbred poodles. At the same time, pedigree standards were compiled. Since the breeding of the breed was carried out by breeders in different countries, there were several standards - in England and the United States preferred dogs with thin skeleton, in Germany - dogs with a heavier hull. However, in 1936 the official standard was adopted on the basis of the French document.

Species of rocks

In the process of selection, four types of dogs were distinguished, differing in size :

  • Great . Or else it is called a royal poodle. This is a fairly large, colorful dog, whose height at the withers is about 70 cm. Such a dog is not suitable for the role of a room toy and requires a serious approach to upbringing.
  • Medium (small) . They have the same characteristics as their royal brethren and are inferior only in growth. It is 40-45 cm, so more suitable for keeping in the apartment.
  • Dwarfish . These are more miniature representatives, the maximum growth of dogs is 35 cm. Often these dogs play the role of pets of children and women.
  • Toy poodle . These are the tiniest decorative poodles. Despite the small growth (from 22 to 28 cm), they are not inferior to the rest of the species.

Description of the Poodle

All poodles have an elegant appearance, a square format and a lean physique:

  • Head with a weakly visible occipital hump, somewhat elongated, ending in a narrow muzzle.
  • Ears with rounded ends, they are quite long and hang down. Eyes are small, but dogs have a very expressive look. The color of the iris depends on the color of the animal.
  • The neck is medium, smoothly passes into the chest, which differs in width and depth. The back is straight, the belly line is tight.
  • The extremities of the poodles are long, set straight, ending in arched, rounded paws.
  • The tail is thick in the base region, gradually narrows, has a high setting, in the normal state it is held obliquely above. Sometimes the poodle is cut off at the request of the owner. In this case, it is recommended to leave half its length.

Royal poodles have well-developed muscles and strong bones. From them, there were other varieties. In medium, dwarf and toy poodles, the skeleton is lighter and more elegant.

Color and wool cover

There are several leading shades of poodles, they include pets with dark, silvery, coffee, snow-white, apricot and scarlet wool. In addition, you can meet individuals with original colors "harlequin", sable, black with tan, etc. white poodle

Most of the breed's representatives have long curly hair, but there are also dogs with fur that is twisted into cords.

Nature of the breed

Poodles are distinguished by a sharp mind, a love for a man, loyalty to their family and mischief. That's how their owners describe their pets. Despite aristocratic becoming, poodles can fool around, play at the first opportunity. These dogs love man and always try to please him. And thanks to their high intelligence, they are quite easy to train and educate.

A pet of this breed is able to perform security functions, and when approaching strangers to housing, it will necessarily issue warning barking. Poodles find an approach to all members of the family and with everyone are affectionate and attentive. But that the dog is imbued with confidence in the new man, he needs a certain period for habituation.

Poodles are considered to be one of the smartest dogs (after all, the second place in the world dog community), this has some advantages, because he understands all such a pet with a half-word, however, he can remember the insults for a very long time.

Training and training

As already noted, the intelligence and intellectual abilities of dogs of this breed do not hold. They quickly learn the material and remember it for a long time. But, as with other, too smart pets, there can be difficulties. After all, they often direct their minds in order not to carry out the task ... Therefore, it is worthwhile to stop all manifestations of cunning at once, so that the dog understands that the number will not pass!

First of all, the dog must master a set of basic commands. They are the basis of all learning. But it is not enough that a pet knows them, even more importantly, that he obeys them implicitly in any conditions. If you have to repeat the command several times, then you need to work with the pet.

As soon as the baby has appeared in the house, it is worth to introduce him to the rules - the crumb must know what is allowed and what not to do. Of course, this will take time, but due to ingenuity, the pet quickly enough to understand the rules in the house.

Poodle quite quickly disaccustomed to bad habits - picking up garbage during walking, treats with someone else's hands, damage to property in the house and other things. If you walk your pet in time and for long periods, then it will behave more obediently and easy, and on pranks he will not have neither extra energy nor desire.

Read more about dog training .

How and what to feed the poodle

It is recommended to feed the pet twice or thrice a day, and not give him the whole daily rate of food. The amount of food depends on various factors, including the activity of the dog. As soon as the poodle begins to receive a more intensive load, for example, when preparing for an exhibition, a portion should be increased. trio of poodles

Poodles tend to recruit excess body weight, so you need to monitor the nutritional value of food and the size of the portion. The dog, which is in good physical shape, clearly sees the waist, if you look at it from above. Ribers can not be seen, but if touched, they are a little probed.

If the pet begins to swim with fat, it is necessary to increase the load and cut down the amount of food, but the dog should not starve. Feed poodles can be both natural food and production feeds, but in any case, the diet should be balanced. This is important for the quality and long life of the pet.

How to care for a poodle

Many people are attracted to this breed by the fact that its representatives do not shed, do not emit a specific odor and are hypoallergenic dogs. Naturally, such qualities make a poodle an ideal dog for keeping in an apartment. But the representatives of this breed need special care.

First of all, their curly hair - flexible and dense, needs a regular haircut . Hair has a unique structure, so they can be sheared, trimmed, trimmed. These dogs are excellent models for various experiments with haircuts, and their coat is suitable for any hairstyles. However, dogs participating in competitions do something weird is not recommended.

The breed club in America offers only 4 styles of haircuts for dogs participating in competitions. Naturally, such care for the coat requires certain expenses. To the dog looked well-groomed, he needs regular grooming - once a month and a half. But care can be facilitated by periodically shaving the coat.

But even with a short haircut, the pet still needs care. It must be cleaned with a special brush, wash regularly and trim the fur. Owners have a choice - to visit with their pet professional groomer or learn the skills of cutting a dog, and do it yourself. In the latter case, you will have to buy an electric machine, blades, good scissors, combs and brushes, trimers for claw care.

But even with professional care, the owner is not relieved from the daily combing of the dog. This will save the pet from the dead hairs and improve the condition of the skin. Often there are poodles with teary eyes, and their fur at the eyes becomes unattractive. To avoid this, you need to wipe your eyes daily with special solutions or a disc soaked in boiled water.

Teeth also need cleaning - you need to do this every 3-4 days. This will protect the dog from the formation of dental calculi, inflammation and odor from the mouth. Claws are cut to poodles not often, only when necessary. On average, this procedure is done 2 times a month. Since dogs are not always happy to undergo daily wake-up procedures and may even take offense, it is important to use encouragement, for example, treats. This will allow the pet to arrange for such activities.

Photo of the poodle red poodletwo poodlespoodles are restingvery beautiful poodleblack poodle on a beautiful backgroundpoodle with flowers

Video about the poodle

The cost of a poodle puppy

Representatives of this breed are not uncommon, so they can be purchased in almost every city. Puppy without pedigree is inexpensive - 5000-10000 rubles, of course, no one will give a guarantee in its purebredness. A puppy purchased with hands will cost an average of 17,000-18,000, provided that it is a pet with documents.

The kid from the nursery PET-class, which is suitable only to become a pet, costs about 23,000 rubles. The price of a puppy suitable for breeding can vary from 30,000 to 40,000 rubles. But the cost of the future exhibition star and an enviable producer is an order of magnitude higher - from 45,000 to 70,000 rubles.

Poodles are the smartest dogs that can be great companions, fun friends and loyal pets. At the same time they have a surprisingly aristocratic appearance, suitable for participation in exhibitions. But, acquiring such a dog, it is necessary to take into account his needs for care - you will need investments and quite a lot of time.

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