Petit-brrabanson is a breed of dogs that has a large number of names. So, for example, it is also called the Brabant Griffon. The breed is named after a mythical winged creature. In translation from the French "griffon" - a hairless. Belgium gave the world three kinds of griffons, among them the Brabant little one.


History of the breed

Belgian griffons can not boast of a centuries-old history and roots that go back to ancient times. Petit-brabanson has a little more than 100 years. In the XIX century in Belgium, the breed was brought out, which is represented by 3 types of dogs - coarse-wooled Belgian and Brussels Griffons and short-haired Brabasson. Petit-Brabansons

The researchers suggest that the progenitors of the Brabanson birds are the German affenpinscher and the poochs from Belgium. The breeds are distinguished by their small size, stiff hair and are excellent rat-catchers.

Petit-brabanson bravely fought with rodents in port warehouses, stables and houses of the poor. But in the XIX century, cute amusing creatures were interested in aristocrats and turned a brave baby into a "salon" toy.

The ladies liked not only the almost human expression on the face of the pet, but also the important fact that the griffon practically does not shed and leaves the wool on expensive dresses.

The great admirer of griffons was Queen of Belgium Maria Henrietta. She strongly promoted and promoted the breed, supported the holding of annual exhibitions. It was thanks to her efforts that the first representatives of the breed were included in the Tribal Book of St. Hubert (1883).

Pampering significantly worsened the working properties of the babies. In addition, wishing to improve the decorative appearance of the griffon, it was crossed with a large number of rocks. The Second World War led to a reduction in the number of Belgian griffins. Today it is a rare and expensive breed of dogs.

Description of the breed

The first breed standard was approved in 1904, then it was changed several times and refined - September 1963 and May 2003. According to the latest standard, the appearance of the Brabanson bird should meet the following parameters:

  1. The skull is wide, round with a domed cranial part. The head is covered with a short stiff coat. On the muzzle there are no decorating hair, forming a beard, a mustache and eyebrows.
  2. The stop is pronounced. The muzzle is very short, in comparison with the rest of the skull. The nose is upturned with a black large lobe and open nostrils. The mirror is at the same level as the eyes. In profile, the mirror of the nose, forehead, chin are located in the same plane.
  3. Jaws with a pronounced bite - the teeth of the bottom go beyond the upper row. The incisors are arranged vertically. Mouth tightly closed. It is unacceptable for a dog to have a visible tongue or teeth. The chin is large, prominent, protruding. Lips dry, tightly fitting to the teeth, pigmented in black. The upper lip should not hang over the lower lip.
  4. Eyes large, not strongly convex, widely spaced. Iris is dark in color. It is advisable that the eyes can not be seen with a direct look. The eyelids are edged in black, the eyelashes are long and black. Petit-brabanson description of the breed
  5. The ears are small, high-set, half-standing, hanging forward on cartilages. Earlier the ears were stopped in the form of pointed standing triangles. Now more and more dogs with natural ears.
  6. The body is sturdy, square with a broad and deep chest. The back is straight, strong, muscular, short with a convex withers. The length of the shoulder-scapular joint to the ischial tuber should correspond to the height at the withers. A slight inclination to the tail is allowed.
  7. The limbs are of medium length, straight, parallel. Paws are oval, small, compact with black claws and pads.
  8. The tail is long enough, sometimes it stops at 2/3. In its natural form, saber-shaped, highly set. The tip is directed towards the back, but do not touch it or twist it.

A square, strong, well muscled body is crowned by a large round head. It is the disparity in the size of the head and trunk that gives an amusing look to this creature. The height of the baby Griffon varies from 25 to 16 cm, and the weight - up to 4 kg, although there are also instances of 6 kg.

Color and coat

The coat is short - the length of the psovin is 2 cm on average. The shirt is shiny, tightly fitting to the body. The straight line is straight.

Color is also varied, which confirms the abundance of rocks that participated in the creation of the breed. The following colors of wool cover are allowed:

  • the black; lovely black dog
  • deer; Petit Brabanson Reindeer
  • black and tan; Petit-brrabanson black and tan
  • Black with woolly reddish hues (mix). Petit-broabanson black-red

Puppies of coarse-grained griffons can be born with a dark color, and after the first trimming the color changes. In the presence of scorpions, their color should be saturated, stable. Spots are located on the limbs:

  • front - from the metatarsus to the wrist;
  • rear - from the metatarsus to the hock.

Tanning is allowed on the inside of the extremities, on the chest, around the ears and in the prianal area. On the muzzle can be a mask. The presence of white spots and hair on the chest is not welcome.

Character traits

The character of the Brabanson is independent, proud, which is not combined with the toy appearance. To his masters the dog is extremely attached and treats with great tenderness. Thanks to the expressive face, the emotions of the dog are obvious and human in variety. The dog sharply feels the mood of the owner and behaves appropriately.

A kind, peaceful and very clever griffon is an excellent companion. He gets on well with all members of the family, but has a special love for the owner. The dog is not intrusive in the manifestation of his feelings, and although the braban son does not tolerate loneliness, he does not bother pestering, begging for attention and affection.

The kid will never upset the owner, will try to please him, share problems or joy. However, despite the funny toy appearance, the Brabanson birds are fearless and bold guards. Not without reason the medieval coachmen took along on their way little fellow travelers who bravely guarded the carriages from thieves and robbers.

Despite the lack of aggression, there is no timidity in the nature of the dog. Both features are undesirable in the breed. They get on well with other pets, without losing their own dignity. The dog has a balanced nervous system and adequately responds to the proposed circumstances.

An amazing feature of the nature of the "brawler" is his perfectly developed sense of humor, the lack of revenge and vindictiveness. The dog will understand jokes and will not harbor resentment at unsuccessful jokes.

"Little dog to the death of a puppy" - this is about braabansona. He is playful, restless and funny from puppy to old. The active participant in childish games, the kid in them is tireless and inventive.

A high degree of attachment to the family does not allow leaving a small griffon in a dog hotel or with unfamiliar people. It is better to take a dog with him on a trip and travel. She will gladly absorb new impressions and enjoy the company of his dear family.

Rules of upbringing and dressing

The training of the baby Brabanson is not difficult even for an inexperienced educator. Thanks to the mind, excellent memory, the dog easily remembers the commands and learns even the meaning of the words. But the dog will not react to rudeness and desire to "break" the character. In his training, trust, mutual understanding and respect are important.

Each team should be supported by a promotion for proper execution. The researchers believe that the intellectual development of the dog meets the level of a three-year-old child, so the action and the investigation must be understandable. Petit-brrabanson with a ball

If the griffon owner is engaged in upbringing, then he does not need to assert his authority - he is already at the top of the hierarchical ladder. Therefore, patience, tolerance and kindness are needed from him. The desire to please will lead to a quick and precise execution of tasks.

When educating a dog, it should be remembered that this is still a predator, and the manifestations of aggression, the desire to bite or attack should be immediately suppressed, so that the uncontrollable beast does not grow up. Dogs participate in agility.

Care and health

Bird-Brabanson requires minimal care, and loyalty and unconditional trust to the master facilitates the conduct of all, even the most unpleasant, procedures. Short hair of the baby does not require trimming, as a "coat" of his two brothers. Once a day, clean it with a special brush to give it a shine coat, clean it of dust and dead hairs.

It is necessary to wash the dog only if it is heavily soiled, using dog shampoos for the procedure. Dogs are prone to colds, so during the winter they can not be bathed, and after washing, the hair must be dried with a hairdryer.

Nursing requires the ears and teeth of the baby. They need to be cleaned once in 1-2 weeks. To claws do not crack and do not crumble, they need to be shortened with a claw. Expressive big eyes of the Brabanson birds also require care. They need to be inspected and wiped with a soft napkin or hygienic disc moistened with warm boiled water.

Of course, the kid is not a service dog or a hunting dog that requires high physical activity, but to keep the dog's muscles always in good shape, you need to walk it 1-2 times a day. Curious and sociable doggies can suffer from meeting with large dogs or transport. To avoid risks, it is recommended to walk with a dog, keeping it on a leash.

Another feature of griffonchikov is their irrepressible desire to "try for a tooth". During the walk, he will be happy to pick up the "yummy" from the asphalt. The muzzle is not always able to protect the animal from poisoning or trauma, therefore from an early age it is necessary to accustom the dog to prohibiting commands and to demand precise execution of them.

Diseases of the breed

With proper care, Brabansons can live more than 14 years. They are dogs with good health, but they also have genetic diseases. The characteristic structure of the skull determines the pathology of the eyes:

  • cataract;
  • loss of the eyeball;
  • retinal detachment.

In addition, children are prone to colds, and they often have bronchitis and other pathologies of the respiratory system.

Features of feeding

Feeding poultry-brabanson should pay much attention, as the dogs love to eat and are prone to overeating and obesity. It is necessary to control not only the amount of food, but also the number of feedings. Toddlers are fed 4-5 times a day, and adult dogs - 2-3 times. Petit-braabanson lies

The usual diet - meat, cereals, fruits and vegetables, sour-milk products. At 2 months, the griffon can be varied with cartilage and raw bones except for chicken and pork.

When feeding with prepared feeds, you need to purchase good quality products for active small dogs. To form a correct posture in griffonchikov you need to use for feeding special bowls with adjustable height to change it as the pet grows.

Dog content

Pesic is great for keeping in a city apartment. He will not be "wobbling" on the floor of the wool, he is neat and does not bark unnecessarily. The dog does not require high physical exertion and can be accustomed to walking in the tray or on the diaper. But neglecting walks and games is not worth it.

Griffons show a natural tendency to protect the territory, so the dog is incredulous to outsiders, and the barking bark will warn of their approach. High sensitivity to the emotional background in the family requires considering this factor when deciding to purchase a poultry -brabancon puppy. Dark, closed, hysterical or brawlers should not start this empath.

A merry, playful dog should have his own toys. Do not interfere and educational toys to meet the intellectual needs of the dog. The baby should have an individual cozy sleeping place in a quiet and warm corner.

But kids love to sleep in the bed of the owners. Therefore, the brabanons are begging beneath the blanket, but do not overdo it if they feel that the host is against or displeased. The main condition for the happiness and longevity of the dog is the love of the family. Without response feelings the dog simply "gets bored" and can refuse food and water.

Photo of Bird Bird Petit-broabanson muzzlePetit-Brabanson at seaPetit-brabanson funnyPetit-brabanson in naturePetit-brabanson a beautiful dogPetit-brabanson runs

Video about Brabasson Birds

Where to buy a puppy

Puppies braabansona in our country are quite rare. They can be purchased in nurseries. Dogs came to Russia from the USA only in 1993. The first "guests" became the ancestors of the breed in the nursery "Nevsky Hobbit" (St. Petersburg). In just 5 years, the number of Brabansons was 85 individuals.

The cost of puppies is quite high and is 600-1500 dollars. The price depends on the severity of the breed characteristics. In Moscow, you can buy puppies of poultry-brabanson in nurseries:

  • "Maryland" - http://merilend-bonpari.ru/;
  • "Grand Defense Rus-S" - https://www.gd-rus.ru/;
  • "Griffon Attack" - http://www.griffons-attack.ru/about_us.html.

In Kiev, small Brabant Griffon puppies can be bought in:

  • Kennel "Hearts of Three" - http://mops.kiev.ua/griffon/;
  • Cattery "Golden pack" -http: //goldenpack.at.ua/load/pti_brabanson/pti_brabanson/pti_brabanson/;
  • "From the legend of the bearded" - http://www.griffon.kiev.ua/.

Petit-brabansons are considered the most lovely dogs of our time. Deciding to buy such a thoroughbred pet, you should know that he will become a best friend, a devoted and intelligent companion to a person of any age.

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