The Prague rider

In Russia there are not so many Czech rathes, or in another way, Prague rats, and many do not even know about the existence of this breed. In addition, these kids are often confused with toy terriers, pinchers and chihuahua. What kind of dogs are hidden under this funny name, a Prague wolf, and what are they remarkable about?


Origin of the breed

The name of the breed is a Prague rat or rattle ("rat"), associated with the appointment of these small, but very mobile and active doggies. Even in the Middle Ages, they performed cat's work - they caught and frightened off rodents, who not only spoiled food, but also carried most dangerous pathologies and infections. The native land of the breed is the Czech Republic. The Prague rider

The story of the origin of the Prague frogs is shrouded in myths and legends, and historians have found out for certain that there were only funny animals in Europe somewhere in the middle of the Middle Ages.

According to one of the legends, it was the rats who became the salvation during the invasion of rodents into medieval cities. They could get into any gap and bite rats that were slightly smaller than the hunters themselves. Another legend says that these dogs performed a different role - they tried the dishes of their eminent owners to make sure that the food was not poisoned.

Even the Czech king was often found in drinking establishments with a ratchet on his hands. Naturally, this positively influenced the popularity of the breed, and its representatives appeared in the most famous houses of the state.

Description of the breed

Dogs of this breed have a modest size, a harmonious physique, they are active and fearless. Ratliki, without hesitation, rush at the enemy, and in the home, these are cute and very friendly creatures.

According to standard data, the weight of the rats must not exceed 2600 g, the maximum growth at the withers is 23 cm. Due to these parameters the breed is considered to be the smallest, so their chihuahua counterparts can weigh up to 3 kg, but there are no restrictions on growth.

In the standard, you can find the following description of these tiny dogs:

  1. The head is small, pear-shaped, the forehead harmoniously convex, with a well-defined dividing furrow. Occipital pronounced, rounded. If you look from above, then the forehead has the shape of a square, only a slight elongation from the occipital area to the nose can be allowed, but it should not exceed 3% of the width.
  2. In the area of ​​the muzzle and forehead there are no skin folds, the muscles of the cheeks and cheekbones are "dry", the superciliary arches are well defined, but not convex. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is pronounced. Muzzle dulled, U-shaped, with a smooth back of the nose.
  3. Lips are dry, tight, fit tightly, the upper ones cover the lower ones and incisors a bit. The evaluation of the maxillary apparatus according to the standard is carried out without taking into account the first small molars - premolars. Preferably, if the dog has a complete set, and the incisors are located on parallel lines. The norm is only the correct scissor bite. Jaws are strong, well developed.
  4. The nose of the nose is small, intensely black in color, characterized by high sensitivity and mobility.
  5. Eyes with dry, tightly fitting eyelids, are straight, widely spaced, slight protuberance is allowed. The color is desirable dark brown, close to black, but it must match the color.
  6. The auricles are proportional, widely spaced, there is a small angle of delivery. They have rigid cartilaginous tissue, it is allowed, but it is undesirable that the tips of the ears fall forward. Prague rattle breed description
  7. The body is practically square, females are allowed a certain elongation of the format, which is determined by the childbearing function. Neck of decent length, there is a perfectly noticeable, oblong bend.
  8. The withers of the frogs are not expressed, it is at the level of the lumbar region, the back is straight, well muscled. The depth of the sternum is almost half the height at the withers. Loins flattened, but strong, the croup has bevel, elongated, with a tightened, groin line. Together with the chest they create an elegant bend.
  9. The supply is slightly wider than the extreme lines of the trunk. Shoulders have developed muscles, fit tightly to the body, elbows are pressed against the chest.
  10. The hind legs are parallel to each other, their muscular mass is larger than the forelegs, they can also be longer or drawn beyond the crooked line. Paws collected in a strong lump, with vaulted fingers and curled, pigmented black in color, claws.
  11. The tail is docked, shortened, which is a natural feature, or has a natural length. When the dog is calm, it is located low, while moving or when the animal shows interest, the tail rises above the spine line or can create a semicircle above the back.


There are four breed colors:

  • brown with tan; brown with tan
  • black with tan; The Prague black-tailed rat with tans
  • yellow-red; The Prague fugitive costs
  • bluish with tan.

There are two types of frogs, based on the texture of the wool: smooth-haired and medium-wool.


First of all, the owners note that these dogs get excellent companions. The pet behaves unobtrusively, but at the same time he is very mobile, inquisitive and energetic. A fugitive adores all family members, showing special favor to children. But to unfamiliar kids can be wary.

If the owner is depressed or something upset, then the dog will not impose his society, pestering or ingratiating to look into the eyes. The pet will behave delicately, with understanding and participation. He will take care of his own affairs, and quite vigorously, but periodically will approach or look towards the owner. Such fussiness usually helps a person to get distracted from heavy thoughts and get out of depression.

The rats are extraordinarily intelligent and adventurous, because once they were smart riders who could deceive even the most cunning and nimble rodent. In everyday life, these dogs behave calmly and silently, like to be near the owner. Due to the compact size, the owner can take his pet everywhere, especially since the dog is excellent in transporting.

You can keep a rattle with other pets, but only if the animals do not aspire to become leaders. Cats are most often respected by a dog who behaves like a true aristocrat, does not croon before family members and is self-confident.

Although representatives of this breed were once rodent hunters, if you introduce the puppy to a rabbit or a guinea pig, he will not treat the animal as a prey.

Owners of the fugitive should be aware that these little dogs are prone to domination and will show their leadership qualities in relation to people and other pets. Of course, such zeal can be funny, but if you do not stop trying, then problems can not be avoided. A dog can display disobedience to the owner and excessive aggression towards other animals that exceed them in size.


These funny dogs are very temperamental, and they have a pretty strong nervous system that distinguishes them from other decorative dogs with an unstable, hysterical disposition. Similar qualities make the ringleaders of excellent companions and allow them to teach different teams. Pesica sensitive to the mood changes of the owner, susceptible to praise, encouragement and punishment, which greatly facilitates the training process.

Many breeders believe that the ratkiks behave like representatives of large breeds, and not as dwarf dogs. They possess excellent dexterity, quick reaction, ingenuity. Faced with difficulty, the pet will not be capricious and retreat from the intended goal, which is often observed when training small dogs. Prague brown-eyed rat with tan marks

You can teach the pet from the first days of his appearance in the house. If the owner does not have the necessary knowledge and skills, then you can always seek help from professionals. The rats are very capable pupils, and if you approach this question correctly, they are able to perform even complex tricks and commands, and do it the first time.

With such a pet, you can safely go to the OKD courses. Ratliki successfully compete in agility, offending, coursing competitions and can perform follow-up work.

Care and health

Prague's rats do not require particularly complex care. Their fur should be combed a couple of times a week, using a rubber or silicone glove. To bathe a doggie often does not follow, it is recommended to do it as necessary.

Given the activity and restlessness of the dog, it is not difficult to guess that for health and perfect well-being, he needs long walks with active games and activities. Ratlik ready to run for hours, jumping, having fun.

In cold weather, the pet must be insulated before walking, wearing a blanket, overalls or a suit with a heater. Also you can buy a pet two pairs of warm boots.

If the dog walked through puddles or wet grass, then upon returning home, she needs to wash her paws with clean water and a rag, removing the dirt, and then wipe with a dry towel, removing excess moisture. Little frogs can cope with diaper needs and are accustomed to the tray, but because of the need for long walks, they should always be taken out to the street.

Also, standard care includes examining and cleaning teeth, ear shells, pet eyes. When claws grow, they need to be cut using a special claw.

It is important to vaccinate the pet in a timely manner, as puppies have weak immunity and are often infected with viral infections. In addition, do not forget about the regular prevention of helminthic invasions and treatment from external parasites - fleas, ticks, etc. With good care, the life expectancy of Prague rats reaches 14 years and even longer.


Experts believe that the representatives of this breed have practically no significant health problems. Most often these crumbs reveal the following pathologies:

  • dental and gum disease - the rats often form tartar, which is accompanied by an unpleasant odor from the mouth, in addition, it can lead to a serious periodontal inflammation - it is possible to avoid such disorders if you regularly brush your teeth and take it to the veterinary clinic for the procedure of removing deposits . If the milk teeth do not drop out in time, then their removal is required;
  • fractures - often the frogs are injured by metacarpals and the forearm region;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system - not a rare pathology is the dislocation of the calyx calyx, experts have found out that this defect is innate and is inherited;
  • problems in the work of the gastrointestinal tract - the cause of the violation is overeating, so the owner should carefully monitor what and how much is consumed by his pet;
  • catarrhal diseases - the representatives of this breed do not have a warm fur coat protecting animals from wind and low temperatures, so if you do not wear clothes in frost, they can catch a very quick cold.

Most of the pathologies that suffer from ratki, can be prevented if properly to care for his four-legged friend.


Like most dog breeders, owners of frogs have a choice, to feed the dog with natural food, or to give preference to ready-made diets. In the first case, the pet will necessarily require additional sources of vitamins and minerals. Prague wildlife rider

An animal's diet should consist of:

  • meat - lean beef, chicken, rabbit and turkey;
  • fish - it is better to give sea, pre-cooked and peeled from bones;
  • vegetables - they are given both in raw and boiled form, can be crushed and filled with a small amount of vegetable oil;
  • macaroni products from durum wheat;
  • cereals - you can cook buckwheat, rice and oatmeal.

Natural feeding is ideal, but it is extremely difficult to calculate the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the pet daily. In this case, the veterinarian will need help.

When feeding dry granules, it is necessary to select a diet from premium and super premium products, since they are made of quality ingredients with observance of proportions. In addition, in this case it is easier to determine the necessary portion of food and there is an opportunity to select a menu based on the individual characteristics of the pet.

With natural feeding it is more difficult not to overfeed a pet, because because of excellent appetite, the rats are able to eat much more food than is required. Considering the size of the dog and its physical activity, it is fed two or three times a day, without fail following the established regime.


Ratlikov is considered a very specific dog: they are completely unfit for living in street conditions, but their activity and mobility requires regular exercise and exercise.

Because of the modest size, the rats can perfectly live even in a small apartment. But the room must be secured, removing the wires, unstable objects, blocking the cracks, which can penetrate the miniature doggie.

Litter, house or mattress should be located away from drafts and heaters. It is necessary to allocate a separate place where the bowls of a dog will constantly stand.

Photo of the Prague rider Prague Champion ChampionThe Prague rider is a beautiful photoThe Prague fugitive runsLittle Prague riderPrague wolf beautyPrague rat with a beautiful collar

Video about Prague rats

Where to buy a puppy

The acquisition of a puppy is an important issue, especially when it comes to dogs of such a rare breed as the Prague rats. First of all, the future owner must decide for what purposes he needs a pet.

If the plans to visit with your pet various exhibition events and use in breeding, it is important to purchase a puppy in the nursery or from experienced breeders who can guarantee that the baby meets the requirements of the standard. In Moscow there is a nursery Ratlik blues, in which you can buy a thoroughbred puppy http://ratlik.org/.

In this case, also an important aspect is a good heredity, and if there is an opportunity, it is worth looking at moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers of a puppy. In the pedigree there should not be "gaps" - their presence suggests that dogs of unknown origin were taken in breeding. Prague rat with a toy

If the pet is purchased only as a pet, then the main criterion is his health. Usually this category includes puppies belonging to the pet class, which because of minor defects can not participate in exhibitions and are not allowed to breed. The price of such offspring is much lower, but the puppies do not have serious defects.

Acquiring a doggie from random breeders, a person risks acquiring a representative of another breed, a half-breed or a pretty, "thoroughbred" mongrel. In addition, no one will give any guarantee that the baby is not sick and does not have any genetic abnormalities.

The Prague rat is a tiny bold little dog that will fit perfectly even into a large family with children and other animals. However, this is not a sofa option and you will have to walk with your baby regularly and for a long time.

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