Dog Roulette Leads

Dog lead roulettes are quite popular devices that have been used for walking for more than 10 years. However, there are still controversies around him - is this a convenient accessory for a pet, reliable, and does it fully comply with safety requirements? There is no consensus, so you should independently consider the pros and cons and draw your own conclusions.


Types of leads-roulettes

Roulettes are divided into two types related to the material used:

  • Cable (cord) - consists of a thin cable, at the end of which is attached a segment of a wide braid and a carbine. The band is not retracted inside the box. This type is recommended for small dogs, they are easy to fold, and they practically do not tangle. The leash quickly retracts, but if you try to retract it manually, there is a risk of damage to the palm. Cable leash tape measure for dogs
  • Tape (belt) - a wide band that is completely retracted in the box. This tape is suitable for more mobile and large dogs, although, unlike a cable, it can be tightened and twisted. In addition, if the child walks with the dog, the tape option is preferable. Dog tape tape

Roulettes are also distinguished according to the length of the leash; they vary from a half-meter to a ten-meter length. Naturally, the longer the leash, the larger the box. In cord tape measures indicate the length of the cable, that is, if it is written 5 m, then in fact it will be 5.5 m with a braid. In addition, you can find roulettes for pets of different sizes, differing in sizes of hooks and cases, the width of the tape .

This accessory produced by many manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, the line usually include several options. According to experts, both are of good quality, but usually imported products have a wider range.

What functions can lead-roulette

Such devices have high functionality, and owners should be familiar with their capabilities:

  • Roulettes compare favorably with the leads of conventional modifications in that their belt can be very quickly and easily reeled and unwound, making only one movement with your finger.
  • The cable or tape will not sag and the wearer will not need to be wrapped around the arm. In this case, the dog makes the walk as comfortable as possible, because it is given more freedom than when using a conventional leash.
  • Many modifications of modern leads roulettes domestic and foreign manufacturers have the function of a short stop. That is, they have a special button on the case, by clicking on which, you can instantly stop your four-legged friend if such a need arises. The free cable stops moving and the dog cannot move on. Such a function can be useful in a variety of situations - if the dog shows aggression, is frightened and tries to escape, ignoring the danger, shows his hunting instincts - in any case, his impulses can be interrupted.
  • Another important and convenient feature that almost all roulettes are equipped with is a long-term stop lock. It is used to fix the cable or tape of the leash on the required length for a long time, to do this, just press the button and that's it. Usually, in such devices, the blocking and unlocking mechanism is designed in such a way that it would be convenient for the owner to use it without making special efforts. Such functionality can be useful when the owner teaches his pet to one of the important basic commands "near" or in a situation requiring the dog to walk next to the owner's foot.
  • The function of the return of the dog - today, not all devices have a similar ability, however, it is becoming increasingly popular. If the dog has done something unacceptable or the owner does not want her to strive to where it should not, it is enough for him to direct the tape measure towards the dog and pull the braking mechanism. After it is necessary to pull the leash toward you and bring the dog closer until it is close to the owner and far from negative factors. On sale you can find roulette leads, which have a convenient button for this purpose.

Pros and cons of leads-roulettes

When choosing ammunition for a four-legged friend, various factors are taken into account and the advantages and disadvantages of certain devices are assessed. There are pros and cons to roulette leads. The advantages include the following:

  • Roulette - gives an excellent opportunity to walk your pet at a maximum distance and at the same time take care of its safety;
  • This leash exerts minimal pressure and tension, so it is easier for the dog to get used to it, and it quickly ceases to notice it;
  • It is convenient for the owner to be controlled with one hand, no need to take care that the leash does not fall to the ground and does not become soiled.

But owners should be aware of the disadvantages of such a device:

  • using a lead-roulette, it is much more difficult to control the behavior of his four-legged friend;
  • the rope leash does not retract the string into the body, and it has a length that does not allow the leash to be held with both hands; it is necessary to intercept it closer to the collar, as a result of which the dog is a little ahead of the owner and can pull the leash;
  • large or too mobile dogs can make sudden movements that the plastic roulette body can not withstand;
  • not suitable for use during training and training.

Considering all the nuances, it is worth considering for what purposes the accessory will be used (in training, daily runs, etc.), the size and temperament of the pet.

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Features of the leash-roulette

How to choose a dog lead for a dog?

Using this tool, you must follow certain rules in order not to harm yourself or your four-legged friend:

  • You can not take your hands on the cable, which is pulled, as it can cut the skin, and the tape - leave a serious burn.
  • It is forbidden to use a tape measure with a noose collar (jerk collar) or a tight collar, as the tape measure creates a constant tension.
  • Going for a walk, it is recommended to install a leash on a short length - no more than one and a half meters, and in poorly populated places you can lengthen to the maximum and allow your pet to run plenty.
  • You should be more careful when the dog gets into the bush - in such a situation there is a risk of entanglement of the leash.
  • If the lead-roulette is purchased for a puppy, it is worth considering that it can be used after the baby gets used to the usual adaptation - the tape measure does not give full control over the dog.
  • In terms of training, such ammunition is no different from the usual long leash.

Now you know how to use a tape measure. See how to teach a puppy to a leash .

How to choose a lead-roulette

First of all, experts recommend to pay attention to the carbine. It must correspond to the size of the dog - not to be too heavy and not to interfere with the animal during movement. This especially applies to decorative dogs. In addition, the carbine should be equipped with a swivel that allows the carbine to spin, it helps to avoid twisting the belt or tape.

If the tape measure is intended for a large dog, then you need to check the ammunition for strength - for this you should take a carbine and pull it by the loop as much as possible. This is the only way to check. It is more desirable for a representative of a giant breed to acquire a specially fortified carbine, which is not afraid of high tensions even in the cold season (metal parts often get brittle at low temperatures).

All buttons of the device must work perfectly - not to be loosened, not to stick or creak. When using them, the owner of the dog should not make special efforts. It is necessary to give preference to a product with a rubberized body, which is convenient to hold in hand. In addition, this material is less susceptible to damage from falling. Its disadvantage is that it is heavier than a body made of ordinary plastic. Also pay attention to the ergonomics of the device.

Safety loop for a leash-roulette

Safety loop for a leash-roulette

The leash-roulette has a special safety loop, which can not be used for small dogs , but when walking large individuals, it can be very useful. It will help, if the leash suddenly broke or burst - the carbine will not rebound to the person in the face, and the dog will not be able to escape.

If the owner has several pets, then in this case there is a way out - you can buy a pairing that allows you to attach several leads to the roulette and control the movement of your dogs from one device. Master's hands are released, and there is no need to hold a few leashes.

A leash-roulette - a device that may seem unusual for some dog owners and to be a great help for others. It’s all about the pet owner’s personal preferences, device quality and proper selection.

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