Pointers are representatives of the oldest hunting breed of Great Britain. These dogs are distinguished by elegant appearance, refined manners, which are combined with physical strength and endurance. It was the Pointers that became an example of how to become strings in the posture, having sensed the approach of prey. What do you need to know about Pointer to choose him as a pet?


History of the origin of the breed

As early as the end of the 17th century, the first mention of how English hunters used two breeds at the same time appeared - the pointer discovered game, and the greyhound - intercepted the initiative and acted further. When, at the beginning of the next century, aristocrats joined the hunt for birds, the pointers turned out to be the best girlfriend dogs.


In the formation of the breed participated various hunds - blood, gray and fox. According to some data from those times, the dog turned out to be aggressive and even dangerous. To eliminate these qualities, selection work was conducted to cross pointers with peace-loving setters. And as a result, the dogs retained excellent hunting properties, but became much more accommodating and more affectionate. Today the breed is finally formed and pointerov can be found all over the world.

Description of breed pointer

According to standard data, the growth of males of this breed varies within the range of 57-65 cm, the female - 54-63 cm, weight 19-30 kg. Such external data are accepted by the standard:

  • Pointers have a large head , with a wide, slightly squashed skull between the ears. In the region of the nose, there is a small groove that divides the skull into 2 halves.
  • Muzzle wide, blunt at the end, can be straight or turned up. Eyes small, alive, intelligent. Most often there are individuals with dark eyes, but their shade depends on the color of the coat.
  • Ears highly set, triangular, with dangling rounded tips.
  • The back of the pointer is strong, slightly sloping, which passes into a powerful, slightly convex loin. Croup has a weak bevel to the base of the tail.
  • Hind legs in the representatives of this breed are strong, with well developed muscles, allow dogs to push off strongly during movement. In general, the extremities of the pointer are characterized by long hips and legs, as well as pronounced articulations. Paws oval, with compressed fingers, pads thick, thick.
  • On the forepaws of dogs, dewclaws are most often removed.


The coat of the pointer is short, dense, well adhering to the body. In the region of the head, ears and anterior part of the limbs, it is somewhat shorter than in the rest of the trunk. two pointer

There are different colors of pointers - one-color: with black, coffee, red and pale hair; two-color: piebald with black, coffee, red or yellow wool. In two-colored dogs against the background of white wool, there may be the presence of carp and large spots of the same shade.

Character of representatives of breed pointer

Pointeers have developed intelligence, everyone understands and is easy to learn, especially if it concerns the development of hunting abilities. In normal conditions - at home, the pet behaves calmly, you can even say phlegmatically. However, it changes in the process of playing, practicing or hunting. The pointer has its leadership qualities and a sense of rivalry in the blood, because these properties were cultivated in the selection process, so that the dogs sought victory and did not suffer defeat.

The dog always aspires to move forward, especially if it is properly brought up . And we are talking not only about physical development, but also about the intellectual. Pointers are very convenient companions, they sensitively capture the mood of the owner, always show devotion, but do not get bored. Like other hunting breeds, these dogs have aggression in their character, but it manifests itself exclusively within the working framework.

Pets are obedient, they have steel endurance, but at the same time they are independent and somewhat self-willed. And one more quality of pointer is self-confidence. Dogs are quite sociable, true diplomats, so they always try to avoid conflicts. But the British have no guarding instinct, so they are not suitable as watchmen.

If such a pet has got into the house, then he will try to establish relations not only with the owner, but also with all members of the family. He is always ready to execute commands. Despite the leadership, pointers get along well with other dogs and even cats. But in the latter case it is possible, if the felines do not show harmfulness and try to dominate, the dogs themselves will not start fighting with them.

Contain the same birds with these hunters is not worth it, because they can hardly overcome the instinct. Dogs treat children well, and sometimes even cope with the role of nurse. They show patience during incompetent and even rude games with kids.

Strangers meet dogs without special enthusiasm, but with restraint, to friends they respond with affability. Pets guard the house, but their only response is to alert owners about the invasion. But they will not be torn into battle, for this they lack aggression. In any case, in order to raise a guard, it is necessary to go through a special course with the dog, which will help correct the correct behavior at the moment of danger.

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Pointer training

Begin the process of educating Pointer is necessary from the first days of finding him in a new home. If the dog is not trained, then it may not be nice to people who come to the house. Therefore, such zeal is important to stop. Thanks to natural curiosity and intelligence, it will be easy to train a pet , it will easily master teams and tricks. beautiful pointer

And you can teach both at home and in professional schools. In the latter case it is important to select an instructor who can work with this group of dogs, because hunting dogs have their own characteristics in character and behavior. With pointer, it is advisable to attend individual lessons with the instructor, of course, they are expensive, but more effective than working in a group.

In no case should not neglect the general course of training, because this is the basis for the next stages of the educational process. After its development, it will be possible to choose a narrower focus. If you plan to get a real hunting dog, then you should apply to special clubs that are focused on this type of activity.

Pointer is a hunter, an excellent companion, and, if necessary, a watchman, but before buying a puppy, it is worth talking to the owners of such a dog in order to find out all the nuances in advance. It is better to know in advance whether such a dog suits the rhythm of life and character.

How to care for a pointer

In care Pointers are unpretentious. Their short coat should be treated with a brush or velvet cloth every 3-4 days. In addition to cleaning, this procedure is an excellent massage for the skin and gives the pet pleasure. Weak place of the breed - dermatological diseases, so you should often inspect the skin for signs of skin ailments. At the first symptoms it is important to consult a doctor immediately.

Like other four-legged pets, pointer need protection from external parasites. Lice, mites , withers and other insects can cause prolonged diseases. However, when choosing preventive or curative remedies, one should be careful, so they can cause allergies. It is better to give preference to drugs, which contain natural components.

Claws need to cut off the dogs - this procedure is rarely required in the summer, more often in the winter. The ear shells are closed at the pointer, so you need to periodically look into them, and clean them only once or twice a month. Pets of this breed do not need frequent bathing, wash them only when it is necessary. Pollution can be removed with a damp cloth, less often rinsed with water without detergents, and shampoos should be applied every 10-12 months.

Pointers require daily physical activity, so when you keep a pet in the apartment you have to walk with it every day for a long time. If there is no time for such a walk, then it is worth giving up such an active dog in favor of a less demanding breed in this regard. It would be ideal to keep them in a private house, where there is a large fenced area. Running as long as you like, the dog will always be in great shape and good mood. Pointer is an excellent companion for jogging, cycling, rollerblading and other sports activities and entertainment.

How and what to feed the Pointer

In the diet of dogs of this class should contain a large amount of food, which is a source of protein. And the animal component, which is contained in the meat, should prevail. Feed the dog can be raw low-fat lamb, chicken, beef. It is also allowed to give offal, but not more than 2 times a week and only in a boiled form.

But the stuffing pointers are better not to treat, because their body is not able to absorb it well. Sea fish is suitable for feeding a dog , but it must be boiled, cleaned of bones. Also in the dog menu you can include cereals - rice, buckwheat, oatmeal. Fiber is also necessary, so you can grind some fruit or vegetable and treat your pet. If there is a refusal, then you can mix with another, more attractive for the pet food.

Boiled eggs should be offered to Pointer at least 5 times a week, the same applies to fermented milk products. Offer a pet food from your table is strictly prohibited, because it can harm the dog's body. If the owner prefers to feed the dog with ready-made diets, then this should be a high-end product suitable for active dogs.

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Photo pointer brown pointerpointer lieswhite-brown pointerpointers play in the snowpuppy pointerone pointer in the field

Video about pointer

How much does the puppy cost?

To date, this breed has become widespread, including in the territory of Russia. Here there are quite well-known nurseries, so there will be no difficulties in acquiring a pet.

The cost of a puppy with a pedigree averages 30,000 rubles. Of course, on the Internet you can buy and cheaper, but will it meet all the requirements for the breed? For the soul, such a pet is suitable, but for hunting it is unlikely.

Pointer is handsome, self-confident, very aristocratic, but not so straightforward as it seems, and requires a special approach. Also do not forget about his activity. If you dreamed of such a dog, then you can safely go in search of his four-legged friend!

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