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A four-legged friend appeared in the house? It is necessary to immediately determine for him a separate place, not forgetting to inform the pet about it. And, in addition, you need to make the corner cozy and comfortable, providing a bedding for the dog, on which she will gladly rest. In addition, the litter for the dog is an islet of safety, where the pet feels calm and relaxed. What should be done for the pet's bed and what should I choose when I choose?


Criteria for selecting a litter for dogs

Litter for dogs

First of all, you should consider where the dog is kept. Various requirements are imposed on the litter for the apartment and booth. First of all, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The quality of the material from which the lounger is made for the dog . It is desirable, that it was as much as possible wear-resistant, easy in leaving and comfortable for the pet. Dogs have a property for a long time to prepare for sleep, spinning in one place, trying to pick up the litter under the claws. Not every material can withstand such treatment. If the choice fell on soft products covered with covers, it is desirable that they be removable - suitable for washing and convenient for drying. Naturally, the best cover of the litter is natural materials, especially it is important for dogs suffering from allergies .
  • The size of the litter should match the pet. Dogs, like people, have favorite poses for sleeping. If the dog prefers to sleep curled up, it is better to buy a lozenge round or oval. Well, if it is equipped with rails. For dogs that stretch during sleep, a litter in the form of a mattress will do. The size is calculated in such a way that when placing a pet on the litter there is still a little space left. If she is a dog at any rate, then most likely, the pet will ignore its sleeper.

Litter for dogs kept on the street

Litter for dogs on the street

Materials that are used for bedding dogs that live on a chain or in an enclosure, perform not only the functions of a sleeping place, but also means for maintaining order and cleanliness in an enclosure or yard. Most often used loose materials, not suitable for apartments, which have the following properties:

  • are easily accessible - they are easy to acquire, and they are inexpensive;
  • are replaced simply and quickly.

Materials for long-term use are not suitable for the street, as in such conditions it is unhygienic and causes difficulties for care. To erase, clean street litter is a laborious and ungrateful business, which may not yield the expected results. In most cases, the litter does not get the same look. Among the most common materials are the following:

  • Sawdust - suitable for covering the floor in the enclosures of adult pets. It is better to take pine or cedar. They differ in high hygroscopicity, they dry out the floor perfectly after rains. Absorbed sawdust simply sweep and fill fresh material. Comfortable in cleaning, as it is enough to remove the heavily polluted part of the litter. Complete replacement before disinfection. For puppies, it is not recommended to use them, since the kids are very active, often run and roll. In this case, the smallest particles of sawdust and their dust, rising into the air, penetrate into the eyes, ears, into the respiratory organs of dogs. Do not fit sawdust and for rocks that have a soft long hair - sawdust is hammered into the wool cover.
  • Wood chips are larger than sawdust, so its particles do not rise into the air, it does not dust. But its hygroscopic properties are lower, so the litter from the chips must be more dense. This will ensure a quality collection of moisture and warming the floor. The shavings are suitable for flooring from any material.
  • Dry sheet is an excellent chip analogue used in areas where many broadleaf trees are growing. Fallen leaves are collected, dried and used to lining the booth. It is important to take care that the leaves do not become damp during storage. A dense layer of leaves in the box will make the pet's home warm. For maintenance it is enough to add a new portion of the material, when the old litter is gone.
  • Straw is a good material for litter, unfortunately, very different in terms of availability for different areas, as in some places the price for it is quite high. Straw is lined with a thick, dense layer on the floor of the booth and acts as an absorbent - all the liquid penetrates into the lower layers and is absorbed there, the surface remains absolutely dry. Replaced litter, when moisture remains at the top of it. Straw is suitable for pets of any age and breed, is an excellent insulation.
  • Hay - also used as a litter, but inferior to the properties of straw. And, the higher the quality of hay, the worse the litter from it will turn out. Thin grass stems, when used, become rotten and rot quickly. Hay quickly absorbs moisture, permeates through and deforms. In addition, hay feces - a powerful allergen, which can cause unpleasant manifestations in the dog.

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Litter for the dog contained in the apartment

Bedding for dogs in the apartment

The most successful, in the eyes of the owner, can look like a litter of plastic - cheap, well-washed, durable. But the pet, most likely, will not agree, as comfort at such a sunbed is not enough. The dog will be more attracted by a soft, cozy litter. There are a lot of similar items on sale, in addition, the litter can be made by hand.

Several important qualities - hygiene, comfort, warmth - include combined veterinary beds, made of woven base and artificial fur. Even the most playful pet is difficult to spoil such a product, since it is difficult to chew, it is distinguished by increased wear resistance. Such bedding is suitable for washing in a machine, the liquids penetrate inside, leaving the surface dry.

On sale you can find veterinary beds in a variety of shapes and sizes. Specialists recommend having two bedding - when washing one, another one is used.

For dogs that can cope with the needs of the home (elderly, sick, puppies), reusable litter made of absorbent materials can be used.

Technologies do not stand still and today you can buy special cooling mats, the use of which is relevant in the summer. For winter on sale it is possible to find warming litter - thermocouples. The second option is very suitable for naked dogs and breeds with a poor coat. In addition, each option is convenient to use in a car or other transport.

Litter for dogs own hands

Litter for dogs own hands

If there is a desire to make a pet litter with your own hands, then this is an excellent option, which has a lot of advantages:

  • Who, no matter how master, knows the habits of his pet; at manufacturing it is possible to consider various nuances.
  • A thing made with love, and the dog is pleasant.
  • You can more accurately determine the size, so that the pet and the place is enough, and on the territory of the apartment the product is located.
  • There is an opportunity to choose a fabric, bypassing sparkling synthetics, and to give preference to more natural materials.
  • When making it, you can stick to the style of the interior and the litter will organically fit in.
  • Being guided by financial possibilities, it is possible to save, thus having provided the favorite with a convenient place.

When choosing the material, it is worth giving preference to the fabric, to which the wool does not stick, and it will stand the numerous washings. The easiest way to sew a litter is to connect two kinds of fabric. The warm, pleasant to the touch material is placed on top, more durable, hard - from below.

It is very important to avoid slippery material, which will be difficult to fix on the floor. Such a litter can be traumatic, both for the animal and for the rest of the family.

If you want the litter for the dog to be warmer and softer, you can put a sintepon, a paronol, a piece of a quilt between the layers of the fabric. As a stuffing, you can use crumpled paper, but not newspapers, since printing ink is harmful to animals. Of course, such a product can not be washed, so it is better to provide it with a removable cover.

Such litter will not suit the puppies, as they try everything on the tooth and litter, most likely, it will not withstand such an impact, and the puppy can swallow harmful materials. With your hands, you can make a more stationary sun lounger, making it a base of particle board or plywood, placing a heater and covering it with a cloth. The process is quite laborious, but the pet will appreciate such works.

By the way, the pet itself does not care, its litter is bought in a fashionable boutique, or it is made from improvised means. It is important for him to feel the care of the owner.

When littering, it is necessary to be guided by several rules:

  • It is not possible to equip a dog's place next to the radiators;
  • a pet is better to keep away from drafts;
  • it is better to place the litter in a more secluded place, since dogs sometimes want to be alone with themselves.

Comfortable bedding, located in a suitable place - that's what a four-footed friend needs. And a little more affection and attention.

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