Why a dog drinks a lot of water

Dog owners usually monitor their pets, paying attention to their well-being and mood. Naturally, any change is alarming, for example, if the dog drinks a lot. Why does a dog drink a lot of water? In some cases, this symptom refers to the usual physiological properties of the body, in others it is a serious symptom of the disease. When should I sound the alarm?


What norms exist

Almost everyone knows that, ideally, he should drink 2-2.5 liters of water. But, far from all fulfill this norm. The same goes for dogs, but their standard daily fluid intake is 50 mg per kilogram of weight.

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Of course, various factors affect the amount drunk - pet activity, type of food, age, and other individual characteristics. Since dry diets contain very little moisture, the animals that eat them drink much more than those who eat natural food.

When a dog is thirsty but not sick

There are a number of situations when a dog begins to drink more than usual, and this is considered quite normal. Thirst may occur due to the following factors:

  • in the hot season;
  • if there is a difficult environmental situation;
  • during operation of heating appliances and radiators - pets living in an apartment may be thirsty in winter due to dry air;
  • estrus - the most unpredictable period during which the behavior of the animal can change; if the dog drinks, but there are no other signs of the disease, do not worry;
  • carrying and feeding offspring - the amount of blood in the body increases and more water is required; the same is needed to produce the necessary amount of milk;
  • anesthesia - postoperative thirst always occurs, because water removes toxins and narcotic substances from the body that contain anesthetics;
  • when transferring from natural food to production rations, the dog begins to replenish the water balance, since earlier it received up to 80% of water from food.

Taking medications can also cause a similar condition. Diuretics, hormones, and anticonvulsants cause an increase in urination, and as a result, thirst arises. In this case, it is important to check the dog to find out if the drugs have led to the development of renal failure.

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Pathological causes of thirst

What ailments lead to the fact that the dog begins to drink more than usual and how to recognize them? Specialists distinguish between the primary form of thirst and the secondary. In the first case, the dog drinks a large amount of water, but does not feel thirsty. This condition is often psychogenic in nature and is called polydipsia. This phenomenon does not occur so often, and its treatment is to eliminate the causes of such behavior.

In most cases, the animal begins to drink a lot to compensate for the lack of fluid in the body. And this is the secondary form that the following diseases and pathological conditions can cause:

  • diabetes (sugar or non-sugar type) - in this case, the dog often urinates and eats a lot;
  • renal failure - the dog rarely urinates, becomes lethargic and sleeps a lot;
  • chronic hypercortisonemia (Cushing's syndrome) - with a progressive form, obvious symptoms of the disease appear, but torpid or protracted may be accompanied by blurred signs.
  • pyometra - an affliction of bitches, in which the dog becomes lethargic, the abdomen grows in size, as if swollen, and in later stages, blood-purulent discharge from the loop appears;
  • intoxication - in case of poisoning, the dog begins to consume a lot of fluid, in addition, there are a number of other signs - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • pyroplasmosis is a protozoan disease in which, in addition to thirst, a bloody admixture appears in the urine, the dog often lies and refuses to eat;
  • viral hepatitis - a serious disease, accompanied by fever, diarrhea, vomiting, urine acquires a red-brownish tint.

Most diseases are accompanied by a number of symptoms that are hard to miss. And even if the dog has become sad, often lies or sleeps and consumes a lot of water - just in case, show it to the veterinarian.

Pet is concerned about constant thirst - what to do

First of all, you should observe the behavior of the pet and try to exclude all the reasons that can cause increased thirst:

  • if the condition is caused by the operation of heating devices - use air humidifiers or put water containers in the rooms;
  • remove salted foods from the diet;
  • if the dog is outdoors in the heat, provide a place with a shadow, etc.

If it is not possible to identify the natural cause, and the pet's behavior changes and alarming symptoms appear, then you should visit a veterinary clinic in the near future. This is extremely important, since most ailments are deadly to the animal. The specialist will prescribe tests, examine the animal and find out what led to increased thirst. shepherd drinks water

The dog drinks a lot when she is hot, she carries puppies or eats dry food ... However, a strong thirst is not always so harmless and can signal serious violations in the body. The owner is required attention to his four-legged friend and timely action.

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