Why does the dog cough as if choking

The pet barks gritty or hoarsely, can whimper, sneeze funny and this is quite normal behavior for a four-legged friend. But if he has a cough, the owner may be wary. In fact, a similar body reaction in these animals is not so rare and can be caused by a variety of reasons. Why does the dog cough, as if choking, and how can I help my pet?


Why does the dog cough

If the dog, apart from eating, begins to cough, trying to burp, then there is necessarily a factor that provokes such behavior. First of all, it can be any disease accompanied by a cough, for example:

  1. Colds, SARS, ARI . Despite the stronger immunity, in comparison with humans, dogs can catch a cold - having bathed in cold water, sitting in a draft after water procedures, after a long walk in frosty weather. The common cold can be of a viral or bacterial origin. With a disease, a dog can sore throat, bother tickling and coughing - a completely natural reaction to this condition.
  2. Adenovirus . If the dog tries to clear his throat, as if something is stuck in his throat, then there is a chance that he has contracted adenovirus. That cough is a symptom of the initial stage of development of this contagious viral disease. Also, the infection is accompanied by fever, profuse discharge from the nose, eyes, and vomiting. The pet becomes lethargic, refuses food, his breathing becomes heavy, labored.
  3. Allergy Dogs, like humans, quite often suffer from all kinds of allergic manifestations - seasonal allergies, food, a reaction can occur when taking medications or getting chemicals on the skin and mucous membranes. Often the cause of this condition is feeding the pet with poor-quality food or changing the usual diet. Whatever causes the allergy, it manifests itself in the form of itching, rash, the dog can cough, sneeze, eyes begin to “sour” and watery.
  4. Helminthic invasion . A painful, suffocating cough may occur due to the defeat of the animal by worms. There is an opinion that parasitic worms live exclusively in the intestines, but experts refute it. Worm larvae “travel” throughout the body along with the bloodstream and can enter various organs, including the lungs. In this case, the dog coughs and he has signs of bronchitis or pneumonia. With severe helminthic invasion, worms can enter the esophagus, the dog begins to feel attacks of suffocation.
  5. Cardiac pathology . The presence of a choking cough can be a sign of heart failure. It is also often a sign of an increase in the heart muscle, which presses on the trachea. A signal is sent to the brain that the trachea is under pressure, as if it were a foreign body, and coughing in this case is a natural way to remove it.

Other triggering factors

In addition to infections and diseases, cough causes other reasons:

  1. Discomfort due to wearing a collar. If the dog begins to cough only during the walk, you should pay attention to the pet's collar. It is possible that he squeezes her, causing discomfort. According to the norms, there should be a place between the coat and the accessory where two fingers can enter. Often, young individuals who have not mastered the command "next!", Excessively playfully pull on the leash, thereby causing signs of strangulation. A puppy can be trained pretty quickly in proper walking behavior. If adult dog training is required, then special devices can be used: a jerk chain, a dragging collar or a parfors.
  2. Or maybe the pet choked? Many dogs are not very legible and are able to swallow not only a sharp bone, but also not quite edible things. If the pet coughs up to vomit and can’t get rid of the stuck item, you can let it chew the bread crust. Did not help? So, you should seek veterinary help.

Watch the dog coughing as if choking:

What to do if the dog coughs

In some cases, the pet manages to cope with the cough on its own - if it chokes, or there is a reverse sneezing inherent in almost all dogs that have a shortened muzzle and decorative crumbs. Often, long-haired animals cough up belts of wool that are swallowed during hygienic procedures.

It is also not difficult to solve the problem with a squeezing leash or a dog rushing forward, provoking strangulation on its own. However, if this manifestation is caused by a disease, then veterinary care is indispensable. The specialist prescribes individual therapy, which will save the dog from all unpleasant manifestations, including coughing.

Timely administration of anthelmintic drugs will be an excellent prevention of helminthic invasion, and taking care of proper, high-quality nutrition can save the dog from manifestations of food allergies. Why does the dog cough as if choking

Also, do not forget that dogs can catch a cold, which means that it is important to protect your pet from drafts, bathing in cold ponds and long walks in cold weather. Owners of scanty hair or completely naked should be worn according to the weather.

Coughing in animals is the body’s reaction to a variety of conditions, both pathological and quite natural. The owner should watch the pet and try to find out the reason. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always contact a professional.

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