Dog Dandruff

When combing a dog every day, it is not difficult to notice the scales that have appeared, which are scattered in a white loose from the fur coat of a pet. This not only spoils the look of the dog, it looks unkempt, but is also a signal to the owner to act. After all, dandruff in dogs reflects internal problems in the body. The reasons for its occurrence are varied, so no need to guess: it will pass, it will not pass, you should act. The most important thing is to determine the root cause of dandruff in dogs. This can help the vet. So why does a dog get dandruff?


The main causes of dandruff

Dog Dandruff

The condition of the skin always reflects the internal state of the dog's body. The natural process for the skin is the death of the upper layer of cells and their constant renewal. But the process takes place in such a way that it is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. But when mass peeling begins, which is difficult not to notice, you should take a closer look at the animal: perhaps it is unhealthy.

Consider the main reasons leading to increased shedding of dead skin particles:

  1. One of the minor reasons that you can fix yourself is overdried air in the room. Often in the winter in the room the air is warm and dry. This is facilitated by radiators that heat the room. Warming the air, they dry it. This leads to respiratory problems in dogs, in addition, the skin of the beloved pet suffers. Hence the massive peeling, so frightening the owners and making the fur unaesthetic. Solve this problem is necessary. From this, it will be easier for the person to breathe, and the dog's skin will acquire an original healthy appearance.
  2. Another circumstance leads to dandruff - inadequate nutrition of the animal. If the pet's diet lacks the necessary vitamins , macro- and microelements, this leads to a deterioration of the state of health in general, and of the skin in particular. From here and white scurf, skin-tight skin. It interferes with air exchange, pores become clogged, which sometimes even leads to hair loss. Some dog owners buy dog ​​food and believe that problems with the diet should not be. This is absolutely wrong. For example, cheap food contains all sorts of flavors and dyes that cause food allergies , which can be the unwitting culprit in dandruff.
  3. Dandruff appears in some breeds during molting. This is a temporary phenomenon, so you should not worry too much. Carefully comb out your pet , and the skin will be updated fairly quickly.
  4. Some dogs are very susceptible to the world around them. Therefore, the transferred stress can also adversely affect their health. And it can also cause increased peeling of the skin and the appearance of dandruff. Try not to bring the animal to stressful situations, it does not deserve it.
  5. Sometimes water flowing from a tap or taken on the ground can lead to health problems. For themselves, people have learned to boil it, so why should an animal drink raw water? Water collected in areas with unfavorable environmental conditions, leads to a deterioration in the health of the pet, the skin reacts to it instantly: dandruff appears, worms may become a surprise worse. So we give water to the animal as to your child: bottled or boiled.
  6. Parasites that appear on the dog’s skin cause itchy skin. She begins to itch, hence the increase in the amount of dandruff. Coming from a walk, make it a rule to check the animal for the presence of ticks and other parasites. This is especially important in the spring and summer days, when the blood-sucking insects are activated and are engaged in the search for animals, which could be perfectly arranged. Ticks not only cause dandruff, but can also cause more serious diseases that can even lead to death. Therefore, do not let the animals go for a walk on the high grass in the park, and after the walk carefully comb them out and inspect them.
  7. Some owners overdo it with a pet wash . This can cause various skin problems , dandruff is one of them. The dog's coat does not need to be washed weekly, the less often this procedure is performed, the better. With constant bathing, natural fat is washed off the skin, it becomes dry. And if you consider that shampoo is an additional aggressive factor, then the consequences can be sad.
  8. Hormonal problems in the body always go outside, dandruff appears, the dog loses hair. Therefore, if the dandruff appeared in large quantities and it is not possible to eliminate it, visit the veterinary clinic. Diseases such as diabetes or eczema can only be detected by a doctor after laboratory tests.

Dog Dandruff Treatment

Dog Dandruff Treatment

The first thing to do when mass dandruff appears is to visit a veterinarian. Only after a series of studies can a correct diagnosis be made and the cause of the appearance of trouble on the skin can be identified.

If special deviations in the pet's health are not revealed, one should look for the cause in the external environment. The dandruff that appeared in winter caused by dry air is treated as follows.

A humidifier is installed in the room; you can additionally hang up wet towels or sheets on radiators. In addition, when combing pet skin moisturize special means. Brush for combing selected on the basis of their parameters of wool. It is necessary that it has a massage effect, then when combing the microcirculation of blood will improve, the skin will be renewed faster, and dandruff will disappear after a while.

If the pet eats store food, try to buy not a series of economy class. Cheap food undermines the health of the dog, which affects the condition of its fur coat. And the best option is to switch to feeding with natural meat products. This will improve the appearance of the dog. Her coat will be shiny and silky, and there will be no trace of dandruff.

Caring for animals should be properly . Frequent bathing dogs are contraindicated. If the animal gets dirty while walking, the paws are washed in warm water, but the body, back and stomach are rubbed with a damp cloth. This is enough not to upset the balance. Then dandruff will not appear.

If hair mites were found, then the work will be added a little. To do this, you will need to clean up all the things that the animal dealt with: mats, bedding . And if he sleeps on the bed of the owner, then the bedding of the owner. The brushes with which the animal is combed are also treated with boiling water. If the pet has toys, they are also subjected to disinfectant measures.

When skin problems are the cause of dandruff, you can try shampoos that have a healing effect (for example, Nizoral or Seborin). After water procedures, the dog is soaked with a towel or wrapped in it. But the use of a hair dryer for drying wool leads to a deterioration of the skin and coat, so it should be abandoned.

Preventive actions

Prevention consists in proper care of the animal. Try to provide your pet with comfortable living conditions. Special attention should be paid to the diet. If you can not buy premium food, then transfer the animal to a natural diet. In addition, you can add vitamin complexes to the diet.

A dog, like a man, needs love and care. She needs as much attention as the rest of the family. Careful attitude, attentive care and care for the pet will avoid the appearance of not only dandruff, but also other serious diseases.

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