Pampers for dogs

Disposable diapers, and millions of parents of babies will agree with this, a very convenient invention that greatly facilitates life. But this product is also actively used for the hygiene of sick people and moreover, they have found their application and for the care of pets.

The dog underwent surgery and can not get up? There was a need to transport a puppy, who is not yet able to control the physiological processes? Yes, there are few situations when a four-legged friend needs a diaper. And, naturally, when choosing pampers for dogs, a lot of questions arise.


When you might need a diaper

Pampers for dogs

Until recently, the news about the appearance of diapers for dogs caused people only a smile or bewilderment. Naturally, then followed the question: "Why is the pet this accessory?". However, very soon diapers became quite commonplace, especially since it is difficult not to assess their convenience for the tail and for the owner. Of course, we are talking about using them in certain situations:

  1. Postoperative period. After surgery, the dog may for some time lose control over urination. Also, the owner of the animal often receives a veterinarian's recommendation not to take the pet out on the street for the first time. If the dog can walk into the tray - fine! And if not, or the size of the dog does not allow it? Then they will come to the rescue diapers.
  2. Old age. Having lived all his life in the family, the dog, unfortunately, is much earlier than the person is approaching the vital sunset. And this period in all animals, as actually in humans, takes place in different ways. One of the health problems for many old dogs is enuresis - urinary incontinence. And this, moreover, that does not please the owners, and often the most "embarrassed" old man makes us very worried. Again, you can use diapers to avoid trouble.
  3. Estrus. Even very clean females can still mess things up, so it is advisable to put a pampers on the dog too. And on the heights he will protect the "bride" from unnecessarily quick knights.
  4. Travels. If during a trip by private car you can stop and walk a four-legged friend, then in an airplane, a train such an opportunity is not available. Some pets agree to endure for a long time, but puppies, elderly or dogs with health problems are unlikely to do this.

Dimensions of diapers for dogs

Dimensions of diapers for dogs

Going to a veterinary pharmacy or a pet store for diapers (only here you need to purchase accessories for pets), you can only know the breed of the pet. One of the important criteria is the size of the product:

  • Small - diapers for the crumbs, yorks, toy terriers, chihuahua , Pomeranian spitz , etc.
  • Medium - diapers for pets of a slightly larger size - Pekingese, dwarf poodles, bishops, etc.
  • Large - large - for representatives of medium breeds - cocci, French bulldogs , welsh corgi, etc.
  • Extra - large - large diapers suitable for collies, husky , pit bulls and other dogs of similar size.
  • 2 Extra-large - thanks to such diapers, large, and even giant, pets will not remain without the means of hygiene. These are mastiffs, dalmatians, Alaskan malamutes.

Today it is not difficult to get diapers for dogs, but to persuade your pet to try it on may cause some difficulties.

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How to accustom a dog to diapers

Even if purely out of curiosity, a four-legged companion will allow himself to be clothed in a diaper, then it will not take him much time to remove it. How can you make a dog give obediently a new "clothes"?

How to accustom a dog to diapers

Initially, you need to buy 2-3 items and look at the behavior of the pet. In addition, this will determine whether the diaper is fit in size. The easiest way is for owners of dogs, who are used to walking in clothes. They are less frustrated, quickly agree to fitting and do not tear off a diaper. After surgery or seriously ill patients, all manipulations with themselves are tolerated, courageously and calmly.

In other cases, the instruction may take more time, but if the diaper is comfortable, then the dog will quickly become accustomed to it. For the most resilient, you can apply the following tactics:

  • The dressing process can be accompanied by conversations that distract the pet from the actions of the host.
  • Dressing his pet, you must immediately start the game or offer something tasty, to distract the dog from the affairs of the daily.
  • It is better to start training with short-term, 15-20-minute tests, gradually increasing the duration of wearing the diaper.
  • If the dog does not forget about its new accessory for a minute and always tries to tear it off, then it is possible to initially dress it under the usual clothes.

It is very important in the process of teaching to maintain patience and not forget to praise the pet.

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Nappy for dogs own hands

If there was a need for a diaper for a dog, and that was not at hand, then a similar product can be built with your own hands. This will require: a diaper for the child, a regular stapler, a needle with a thread.

Pampers for a dog with their own hands is made from a diaper for a child

Pampers for the dog with their own hands is made from a diaper for a child

Important recommendation : for a dog of small or medium size, a baby diaper for a baby from 2.5 to 5 kg is suitable. If the pet is larger, then the product will need a larger size.

The algorithm is as follows:

  • It is necessary to cut the elastic bands that are on the sides of the product.
  • From cut parts you need to cut off Velcro.
  • Stapler attach velcro to the top and bottom of the diaper.
  • Make it all so that the edges of the brackets are well bent and placed on the outside, to avoid scratching the delicate skin of the pet.
  • The diaper is ready - you can try it on.

It is even easier for large dogs to build a diaper. It will be necessary to cut a hole in which it is easy to push the tail of a pet when dressing. To filler does not fall out, the edges can be slightly swept. And all, you can immediately put on a diaper.

Dogs are one of the most devoted animals, ready sometimes to give life for their family. And, of course, they deserve due care and comfort, especially at a difficult time for them.

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